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PAG Audit lauds IIM Shillong leadership

Innovation in thinking and practice need not necessarily be only in terms of technological advancement, management or strategic practices, but innovation in sustaining human relationship towards ensuring increased output is also equally important.
This was witnessed today at IIM Shillong wherein small gift tokens were presented to all outsourced housekeeping, gardening, guest house and security staff by Shri Andrew Langstieh, Principal Accountant General (Audit) in the presence of Prof AK Dutta Director IIM Shillong and other Officers of the Institute.
In his short address, Mr. Langstieh lauded the efforts of the Institute in making a difference to the lives of people who normally are a forgotten lot especially in government offices. “In all my years of service today is the most pleasant one, to be able to share such an experience. It is this kind of a humane effort through able leadership, I am sure, that has ensured IIM Shillong to be where it is today. The harmonious and caring relationship amply visible and is perhaps the reason why everyone at IIM Shillong seem to really work with a smile” he remarked.
While many may even resort to thinking that such endeavours are a misuse of government funds, what many may not know is the method in which such things are made possible in IIM S. With a sincere endeavour and vision to make a difference to the lives of the under privileged and economically backward serving the interest of the Institute, the Director of the Institute himself ensures that a good percentage of consultancy fee he receives is converted into an endowment for the outsourced staff which they in turn access in dire times to meet emergent health and other needs.
Prof AK Dutta while speaking with a great tinge of emotion recollected how from the very initial phase itself that the outsourced staff provided uncomplaining service in spite of the immense work that they had to shoulder at the time, and have continued to do so, thereby lifting the image of the institute. “The first thing that a visitor to IIM Shillong notices is the cleanliness, and service, and indeed we must remain grateful to those who help in providing such an ambience, for it is these little things that have propelled the Institute to quickly becoming a recognized Centre for Excellence (in all spheres) and an environment-friendly set up.”
A Christmas cake was jointly cut by Mr. Langstieh and Prof Dutta during the occasion.
It may be mentioned that Prof Dutta is known to have at many times personally inquired about the welfare of the outsourced staff of the Institute in particular, and has been known to take quick steps to ensure corrective measures to ease their worries.

IIM S CEDNER produces 26 budding entrepreneurs of NER

The Centre for Development of the North eastern Region (CEDNER) under the aegis of IIM Shillong has organized the Certificate Distribution Ceremony of the six month Certificate Course on “Developing Managerial Skills for Entrepreneurs” on 19th December 2011 at the Institutes’ auditorium. The course is one of its kind organized by any IIM for the youth population, in collaboration with the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER), Govt. of India. The six-month course was inaugurated by the then Union Minister of DoNER, GOI in July 2011. The main purpose of organizing the course was to develop the various types of management skills among the existing and future entrepreneurs of the region so that they can contribute to the overall development of the North Eastern Region keeping in line with the NER-Vision document 2020.
The course had drawn participation from almost all North Eastern States. The curriculum of the course included field work and field visits and also live interaction with many leading Entrepreneurs from the North East, over and above the regular Interactions with the Faculty members of Institute.
The certificate distribution ceremony of the course was presided over by Mr. S. Sridhar, former Chairman and Managing Director of Central Bank of India and National Housing Bank. In his address to the outgoing successful candidates he insisted that entrepreneurs need to be techno savvy besides being innovative in all their ventures. Further he advised hard work and an uncompromising ethical their approach. He further appreciated the efforts of IIM Shillong under the leadership of Prof AK Dutta whom he considers “‘a hardworking man with a combination of experiences,” in organizing such courses for development of entrepreneurship of this region since entrepreneurial initiatives are lagging behind in comparison to some of the developed states of the Country.
Prof Ashoke K. Dutta, Director of IIM Shillong while congratulating the successful candidates stressed that to become a good entrepreneur one should first be a good human being and urged the participants to remain steadfast in their commitment to make a difference to the region, and carrying out the message to others as ambassadors of the institute.
Prof. Keya Sengupta, the Course Director had earlier given the overview of the entire Course in a nutshell and expressed her confidence that the training undergone in last six-months by the participants will enable most of them to become successful entrepreneurs of the region. She had also announced the commencement of second 6-month course on entrepreneurship by February 2012, the advertisement for which has already come out in all the leading news papers of the North Eastern States. The aspirants can also get full details about the second course from the website of the Institute.
The participants have expressed their gratitude to CEDNER of IIM Shillong for their unique and invaluable learning experiences during the course of 6-months training at IIM Shillong.

Innovative IIM program on sustaianable Airport infrastructure concludes

The Indian .Civil Aviation Sector is undergoing a major overhaul. Major policy changes are taking place because of a shift in the mindset of the government from considering air travel as elitist to making it available to the common man. This has led to the liberalization of air travel services. The entry of low cost carriers is expected to cause a sharp increase in air traffic by eliminating the price premium of past years. As per analysts there would be 10- 20% growth in traffic in the next 5-10 years. The airports in India are inadequate for handling this increase in traffic.
There has been a lot of debate over the rationale of privatization of airports. Both critics and proponents of privatization argued their own ways. However, the failure of the Government in airport infrastructure has largely driven privatization. Further, privatization also brings in much needed capital and the efficiency introduced by market forces. Under this circumstances Indian Institute of management Shillong has offered a six month long IIM certificate course on sustainable Airport infrastructure building and project management ( SAIPM) for 35 officers and air warriors of Indian Air Force at their Head Quarters of eastern air Command through EAC Chapter of IIM-S . The chapter was inaugurated on April 21, 2011 by Air Marshal KK Nohwar, PVSM,VM AOC- IN-C, in the presence of Prof.S.Shajahan, Dean ( Planning and Research ) and Program chair –SAIPM.
To list the name of few ranking officers in IAF, Air MarshalPankaj Aneja , Air Cmde Arun Kumar Barrik and 9 Group Captains, 22 Wing Commanders.SAIPM focuses on bringing people from the aviation sector together to learn how to make their airport project ideas and ventures, organizations and the world more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable, therefore generating, and regenerating the natural, social, human, manufacturing and financial capital for both short and long term prosperity.
The program includes coursework and project ( real time ) mode with airport infrastructure in the existing locations. To name few projects which came up during this process include assessment of facilities required to develop Umroi ( Barapani) Airport as modern airport, greenfield airport for Shillong,creation of infrastructure for medium lift helicopters in defense, techno economic feasibility study for development of brown field helicopter at upper Shillong are mind blogging. “This will be forwarded to State and Central Governments, Indian Air force for implementation with due recommendation from IIM Shillong shortly” says the Professor Shajahan, the program architect and Chair. Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL) has supported the practical training to civil aviation and terminal operation in Terminal III in Delhi Airport .
The valedictory function and give away of SAIPM certificate to the participants were held at IIM Shillong on December 04, 2011. Mr. SK Misra ex- Chairman Indian ordinance factory was the chief guest. Air Vice Marshall Pankaj Aneja was the topper among the officers by scoring 96% in the overall evaluation followed by Wing Cmdr. Vikramsinh D Gorpade ( 2nd rank with 94%) and Air Cmde Arun kumar Barik ,Wing Cmdr. Charles A Thomas ,Mr. SK Mishra ( 3rd rank with 92%)

NRHM Capitalise on IIM Shillong Expertise

IIM Shillong in association with National Rural Health Mission and Dept of Health services, Govt of Meghalaya is offering the practice oriented 30 days intensive training to the medical officers in the area of healthcare and hospital management systems under the sustainability platform . The programme kicked off with felicitation from IIM Faculty, resource persons and Officers on November 15,2011. This is the first time NRHM has entrusted the job of devising the patient friendly and socially proactive modern healthcare systems through the expertise of Indian Institute of Management in the country.
The focus of this course is to prepare participants with a deeper understanding of the social and business consideration necessary for more successful management of healthcare infrastructure projects in the state of Meghalaya under NRHM.
SHCMS focuses on bringing people together to learn how to make their healthcare projects and ventures, organizations and the world more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable, therefore generating, and regenerating the natural, social, human and financial capital for both short and long term prosperity.
IIM Shillong agreed in principle to train 500 doctors of Meghalaya state health services over a period of three years. Initially three batches were allotted with a limited capacity of 20 officers each . The first batch starts on November 15,2011 and end their training on December 14, 2011.
The training is supported from the leading doctors from most reputed hospital network Dr. Debashis Roy and Dr. Tanmoy Dass ( Apollo Gleneage, Kolkata , Dr. Manish Mehrtra ( Military Hospital , Shillong), Dr. Rashna Dass ( Head , Pediatrcis , NEIGRIMS ) and Dr. Santa Sing ( Dean , NEIGRIMS), Dr.Jeet Patwari ( NEMCARE, Gauhati). The programme chair is Prof. Shajahan who has already designed and delivered 8 six month long IIM certificate programmes for corporates , Air Force officers, Indian Army and Assam Rifle officers, local youth and entrepreneurs successfully since August 2008.
The hall mark of the programme includes preparation of improvement plan of the leading hospitals and primary health centres ( nearly 15) by the participants after attending two week practice oriented case study based lectures in IIM Shillong through Field visit and by undertaking healthcare research by the doctors of Meghalaya state health services. It is hoped that Government will take up their proposals seriously and invest required infrastructure after listening their class presentations in IIM Shillong as a part of this programme.

Marathon for Blood Donation Awareness

Meghalaya Aids Control Society conducted a marathon on 12th November 2011, in association with the Meghalaya State Blood Transfusion Council and the Licensed Blood Banks of East Khasi Hills for creating awareness about Voluntary Blood Donation. The marathon was a part of the National Voluntary Blood Donation Month that is being conducted from 15th October 2011 to 15th November 2011.This year’s theme is “Donate Blood and Save Four Lives” which stresses on the importance of regular blood donation by eligible donors to facilitate blood collection to meet state requirements. It received participation of 141 candidates from various organizations and institutions in Shillong. The students of IIM Shillong showed an enthusiastic response, with 35 students from the first and second year batches running the Marathon in support of the awareness campaign.
The runners assembled at the Fire Brigade ground for registration at 7 am .They were provided with T-shirts and caps carrying the message of blood donation. The race started at about 8:15 am and participants covered a distance of about 5 km passing through several key points like Don Bosco Square, St. Anthony’s college with checkpoints at All India Radio, Ward’s lake and Little Blossom School, Oakland and finally ended at the Pasteur Institute Campus, where the participants were served with refreshments. An awareness programme was conducted at the same venue where the importance of voluntary blood donation was highlighted. Some key aspects of safe blood donation, unscrupulous blood sellers and catastrophic consequences of blood shortage were brought to focus. The occasion was graced by Shri D.P Wahlang (IAS), Commissioner & Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Department Government of Meghalaya who was the chief guest. The proceedings were conducted by Dr. A Das, Director, Directorate of Health and Family (MI).The special invitees on this occasion were Shri K.W Marbaniang (IAS) and Shri M.R Synrem (IAS) from the Government of Meghalaya Health and Family welfare department. Dr. E. Lyngskor, Project Director, Meghalaya Aids Control Society gave the welcome address and Dr. Hughbert Dkhar Pathologist & I/C Blood Bank Nazareth Hospital, Shillong gave the presentation on “Safe and Voluntary Blood Donation”. The function was concluded with the vote of thanks by Dr. W.F Dkhar, Deputy Director (Blood Safety), Meghalaya Aids Control Society, Shillong.

Sus-Con 2011 kicks off

The most awaited 2nd International Conference on Sustainability: People, Planet and Prosperity kicks off from today at IIM Shillong, Mayurbhanj Complex for a 3 day event from 9th-11th November, 2011.As the world is passing through economic turmoil, IIM Shillong has taken the initiative to think it through- how to live and let others live a healthy and prosperous life without damaging our environment or straining the future of our generations.
The Chief Guest for the occasion is Shri Sanjib K Bezbaroa, Vice President, Corporate Environment Health and Safety of ITC Limited an exemplary leader in the corporate sector. Guest of Honor, Dr. Hasit Joshipura, Vice President and Managing Director of GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd. And many other eminent scholars like Padmabushan Dr. M.N. Buch, Chairman, Board of Governors, ABIIITM, Gwalior; Professor Sushil, Founder President, GIFT and Professor IIT Delhi; Professor Vasanthi, IIM Bangalore; Professor Subhash Datta, director BIILM,Delhi;Professor Subhash Sharma, Dean IBA Bangalore; Professor B.K.Tiwari, NEHU; Professor M.N.Panth, NERIST, Arunachal Pradesh; Ms Sujata Sen, Director British Council; Acharya Saumendranath Brahmahachary, Deogarh; Prof Ranjan Mitter, IIM Calcutta.
This year special attention has been paid on research and development. Out of 119 papers received, only 15 have been selected for publication and an equal number have been allowed to present their ideas and work. Altogether, 30 research papers will be presented at the conference in six parallel sessions.
This is the second International Conference on Sustainability initiated by IIM Shillong and is considered to be the culmination of collective wisdom under the leadership of Professor Swapan K Majumdar, Chair , SusCon 2011, IIM Shillong.
This conference reinforces IIM Shillong’s commitment to research and development on Sustainable livelihood for the current and future generations. This conference the views on sustainability from multiple angles, covering several dimensions beyond the boundaries of individual lifecycle of the self, the organization and the planet at large. The conference will span its focus o global perspectives, national priorities and regional challenges of the North East.

IIM S Initiates Unified Thinking On Sports Development

IIM Shillong through the Centre for Development of North Eastern Region (CEDNER) organized a half day Stakeholders Discussion on "Effective Sports Management: A Catalyst for Performance" in the institute campus on November 04, 2011. Key office bearers from all the Sports Associations in Meghalaya participated in the discussion.
Welcoming the participants, Prof. Ashoke K Dutta, Director of IIM Shillong, highlighted this event as a part of the institute’s ongoing concern for the development of the North East as already initiated under its Centre for Development of North Eastern Region (CEDNER).He proposed a business model for Sports development and management for gainful employment generation in the state of Meghalaya.
During the introductory remark, Prof AK Dutta enunciated the progress of sporting activities in Meghalaya while observing that despite the abundance of talent available there was still much room for professionalizing various fields and disciplines of sporting activities, stressing on the need of elements such as responsibilities and mandate, structure and organization, processes and information, and performance assessment and accountability to be realized as an interactive and interconnected system within the different organizations.
The highlight of the discussion was a live video conference with Prof Douglas Michele Turco of Drexel University, USA, an expert in the field of sports management and research and development who spoke on Sport Research and Development as a winning proposition. Incidentally, Prof Turco has been involved with the Commonwealth Games, US Open Golf Championship, FIFA World Cup, ICC Cricket World Cup and a host of other global sporting events.
Prof. Turco has been associated with IIM Shillong’s pioneering initiative on Sports Management and has made several visits to the North East before. In his presentation he highlighted the importance of collaborative academic research in this regard identifying multiple research areas like Market Research, Feasibility Studies etc through tie ups between sports associations and academic institutions. "This way the sports manager gets much better equipped to assess market potential and develop new products and services."
Prof. Turco was highly optimistic about the potential of Sports assets in the North East and suggested development of off- mainstream sports events for the North East in due consideration of her bountiful natural resources. This was followed by an engaging online discussion between him and the participants covering multiple levels of the associations from the grass root to the top.
Attended by leaders of various sporting federations and associations of Meghalaya, the one day meet was well appreciated for providing thought provoking dimensions towards sports and the possible research and developmental aspects, which could boost the functioning of the different sporting bodies.
Mr. Joe Marwein and Ian Khongmen of the Meghalaya Swimming Association felt, "that IIM Shillong must continue taking the agenda forward. While we know that there are problems, IIM Shillong can share its expertise through its on ground commitment to help make a difference."
Mr. Naba Bhattacharya, representing the Meghalaya Cricket Association and who was actively involved in roping the participants opined, "It is time various bodies meet regularly and come up with a unified solutions to a unified problems. It is nice to know that we can bank upon the IIM to look for expert advice, and bring in a palpable change in the scenario of sports development".
Mr. Lorenzo Warjri of the Meghalaya Judo Association while lauding the initiative taken by IIM Shillong observed that "though short, the program was full of learning. We need to remain committed and IIM S can be the driving force."
The session concluded with identification of the role of IIM Shillong in this venture by way of exploring future possibilities of imparting training to the members of the associations around areas like skills enhancement, funds mobilization and management, and event management. The session was conducted by Prof. Sanjoy Mukherjee of IIM Shillong.

Golf Cup Season 4 ends in Style

Yet again, battle lines have been drawn on the greens. The Season 4 of IIM Shillong Golf Cup held on 8th and 9th of October started on a high note on early Saturday morning and ended with a similar feeling of elation and jubilation on Sunday afternoon. This season, around 150 golfers participated in the tournament making it a grand and remarkable success story.
IIM Shillong Golf Cup is an annual event which aims to bring the corporates and the students of premier B-schools of the country on the same platform to play the game of Golf, thus facilitating an occasion for them to interact with the corporate leaders. ‘Green Jacket’, the two–day golf workshop organised for the B-school students saw enthusiastic participation from premier B-schools across India. These participants not only got an opportunity to learn the corporate sport from renowned tutors, but also availed a chance to interact with some of the best minds of the country. The participating B Schools included IIM Rohtak, IIM Shillong, XLRI Jamshedpur, Welingkar Institute of Management, SRCC and IIT Kharagpur.
The event spanned over two days and the Green Jacket workshop was conducted on 8th October, followed by the Open Tournament for B-schools as well as Corporates on 9th October. This was the most outstanding episode of the event where the current leaders and the future leaders came together to battle on the picturesque greens of the Gleneagles of the East. The tournament was played in the ‘Stroke Play’ as well as the Stableford format in the 18-hole Shillong Golf Course, which is one of the oldest Golf Courses in the world besides being the largest in Asia. Also, the natural and the lush green sceneries of Shillong city added charm and beauty to the event.
Golf Cup Season 4 teed off with Shri A.L. Hek, Minister IT GAD & Water Resources, Government of Meghalaya inaugurating the event in the esteemed presence of Director, IIM Shillong, Prof Ashoke K Dutta. Incidentally, Shri Hek is also the President of ‘Shillong Golfer’s Association’ and has ‘Single Handicap’. Students from various premier B-schools participated in the ‘Green Jacket’ workshop on 8th October and equipped themselves with the requisites for playing part in the Open tournament on 9th October. The event beheld the excitement and the unique learning experience of the B-school students after participating in the Open tournament and networking with the corporates.
The IIM Shillong team was supported by HQ 101 area, Assam Rifles, Eastern Air Command and BSF in their endeavours. ‘Times of India’, besides being the Title Sponsor of the event, also covers the entire event extensively. OIL India, SBI, SM Autokrafts (Volkswagen Dealer, Guwahati), Mahindra Holidays and UB Group are the co-sponsors of the star event.
The concluding ceremony saw the launch of the September Issue of Markathon, the monthly Marketing magazine of IIM Shillong. The magazine has gained enormous popularity amongst students of premier B Schools and Corporates and has the online subscriber base touching 4000. Markathon features the latest in the world of Marketing as well as interviews of eminent personalities such as David Aaker(Brand Consultant), Dinesh Keskar (President, Boeing India), Ms. Nadia Chauhan (Joint Managing Director and CMO, Parle Agro), Prof. Jagmohan S. Raju (Chairperson, Marketing Department, Wharton) and Prof. Sunil Gupta (Head of Marketing Department, Harvard Business School) amongst others. To celebrate the Season 4 of IIM Shillong Golf Cup, Markathon has come up with a sports themed edition for its September issue. The cover story discusses various facets of sports marketing. The Vartalaap section features an interview of the very famous Harsha Bhogle.
The prize distribution ceremony held on 9th October after the Open tournament was chaired by Chief Guest- Air Marshal S Varthaman AVSM, VM, VSM AOC-in-C Eastern Air Command and Guest of Honour - Lt. Gen. V K Narula SM GOC, HQ 101 Area. Mr. Isad Ali won the award for the ‘Best Golfer’ in the 0-11 handicap category (Best Gross) and Mr. Antony Hek in the Stableford category, Air Vice Marshal S Sharma won in the 12-18 handicap category (Best Nett) and Wing Commander N Verma in Stableford category. Mr Girish Das won in the 19-24 category (best net) and Mr. J R Negi in the Stableford category. ‘Straightest Drive’ was awarded to Lt. Col R Venkatesh and ‘Longest Drive’ was awarded to Mr. Sanjeev Jaiswal. Ms D Passah won the ‘Best Lady Golfer’. She was awarded by Rudy Marak, Miss Shillong 2011 who was crowned last evening. The entire team including the Chairman of Shillong Fashion Society Mr. Aldous Mawlong was present for the ceremony. The ‘Best Budding Golfer Award’ was awarded to Mr. Gobinda Goswami Jena, MHRM IIT Kharagpur from the among the workshop participants. The ceremony was followed by a finale luncheon organized at the IIM campus for all participants and guests.
Needless to say, the credit of organizing and hosting this mega event of IIM Shillong Golf Cup Season 4 goes to the student fraternity of the Institute. It is with the great commitment and planning of the students that the event witnessed resounding success and etched the flagship event of the Institute as an exemplar for effortless organisation and planning. The students are grateful to the administration of the IIM Shillong for their unparalleled support and backing.
Thus, the Season-4 of IIM Shillong Golf Cup concluded in style inscribing yet another story of success in the Institute’s pages.

Round Table Discussion with North East States’ Representatives

To address the issue of low employability rate of north east youth, the Indian Institute of Management Shillong in collaboration with HCL Infosystems Ltd. organized a Round Table Discussion with the North East States’ Representatives on the 21st September 2011 at Brahmaputra Ashok Hotel, Guwahati. Bureaucrats, academicians, industrialists, and other government officials attended the programme. The presence of the representatives from all the seven states of north east, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura had added value to the programme. Prof Ashoke K. Dutta, Director, IIM Shillong gave the welcome address, followed by a speech by the President and COO of HCL Infosystems Ltd., Shri. J. V. Ramamurthy. The Chairman BOG, IIM Shillong, Shri. R. N. Datta who was present in the programme also addressed the house. The discussion was presided by Shri. R. P. Agarwal, Chairman, IIT Delhi Board of Governors and Ex. Secretary of MHRD, Government of India.
Prof. Ashoke Dutta in his inaugural speech welcomed the representatives of the seven states of north east and all the guests. He expressed his deep concern over the low employability rate. He admitted that India has an advantage in demography but the fact is that though there is an addition to the working population, not many of the youth that come into the work force are adequately prepared to shoulder the responsibility that the industry wants them to shoulder. Here, lies the need for a debate on whether we look at the structural changes at the policy level, or whether we need to add concept to the finishing schools, or to extend the scope of the apprenticeship act that is already in existence. Hence, there are various methods of intervention that are needed to ensure that the available resources that come into the workforce are prepared to handle the responsibility given to them by the prospective employers, he said. He also informed the participants that IIM Shillong under CEDNER had ran many courses in the recent past in improving the skills of the north east youth. He emphasized that an action plan will be formulated in preparing and grooming youth of north east after the programme. Shri. R.P Agarwal in his opening speech said that ICT can play a major role in connecting N E Region with the mainland. He also mentioned that north east is the rainbow of the country with eight colours and hence its population should be converted from liability to economic and social asset. Shri. J. V. Ramamurthy revealed HCL’s commitment in enabling the youth of north east to be employable. Confidently, he informed the house that HCL could be a catalyst in bringing technology to the youth and be a transforming agent as well with all its technological devices.
All the states’ representatives had put forward their ideas, observations and suggestions in the course of discussion. Shri. P. K. Chowdhury, Addl. Chief Secretary, Government of Assam emphasized the need to identify the skill gap and to address it accordingly. P. C. Bora of IIT Guwahati expressed his concern over the high drop – out rate in north east and the low quality education imparted. Shri. K. N. Kumar, IAS, Commisioner & Secretary, Rural Development and Fisheries, Government of Meghalaya informed the gathering that the state has instituted the Meghalaya State Employment Promotion Council headed by the Chief Minister. He also expressed his concern over the huge loss of water resource flowing to Brahmaputra and Bangladesh. The Special Secretary, Labour Employment & Industrial Training, Government of Mizoram, Shri. N. Kumar, IAS, mentioned in his speech that the present curriculum is outdated and needs redesigning. The confidence level, vocabulary and communication skills are very low in spite of the fact that Mizoram is having the highest literacy rate in the region at 94%. Ms. Iyreish Khumallambam, Consultant to the Manipur Skill Development Society (MSDS) expressed the need to identify the areas of interest and the talents that the youths have, and to train them accordingly. She also added that a specific strategy or an approach is required in this regard. She also informed the house that Manipur has its core competencies in hospitality and fashion and that HCL can come forward in contributing to these sectors. Shri. Yekuto Awami, the Deputy Director, Employment & Craftsmen Training, Government of Nagaland mentioned that Nagaland is the first state in north east to take up the issue of employability whole heartedly by the launching of the Korean Nagaland Project under the headship of Chief Minister. Hundreds of youths have been trained so far and many of them have been sent to Korea. He too felt the need to redesign the existing traditional curriculum. Shri. Debashish Das, Principal, ITI, Government of Tripura informed the participants that a skill - gap study has been undertaken by Tripura government. He expressed his desire to see the youth of Tripura not only in government sector and agriculture but in other sectors as well. He ended by saying that rubber, tea, and bamboo industries are blooming in Tripura at present. Others who spoke in the Session were Smt. Neeraj Raj Kumar. IAS, Shri. R. Joshi, Shri. Mrinal Talukdar, Fr. Joseph Nellanatt, Shri. Amlan Burauh, Shri. Ratnadip Choudhury, Shri. R. M. Sonawal, and Prof S. Shahjahan.
The Ex. Secretary, NEC. Shri Falguni Rajkumar, IAS, had come out with innovative ideas and strategies in enhancing employability. He requested the HCL Infosystems Ltd. to set up bases of BPO and KPO in north east, thereby retaining the youth in the region itself. The programme ended with the concluding remarks from the Chairman, stressing the need of an immediate resolution and action plan. He agreed that HCL alone cannot do everything and hence a need of all stakeholders coming together. Prof. Natalie West Kharkongor, the programme coordinator expressed her gratitude to all the participants for the positive response. She appealed to the participants to cooperate with IIM Shillong and HCL Infosystems Ltd. in the future in order to increase the employability rate in particular, and to enhance the growth of the north east states in general.

IIM Shillong and WBNUJS Sign Historic MoU

In what can be looked at as a new dimension in higher education, IIM Shillong and the National University of Juridical Science, West Bengal today have formally sealed the agreement to start a Post Graduate Executive Diploma in Business Management and Law (PGexDBL) in the presence of the Chief Minister of Meghalaya Dr. Mukul Sangma, and Shri Rathindra Nath Datta, Chairman Board of Governors RGIIMS.
Both the Institutes were represented by Prof AK Dutta founding Director IIM Shillong and Prof Dr. M P Singh Vice Chancellor WBNUJS respectively.
The philosophy of the program is centered around preparing participants to earn a professional qualification in Business Management and Law by virtue of gaining in depth understanding of various concepts in the area. The program as such would also aim at helping participants to understand the latest developments and best practices.
The two institutions will be jointly responsible for the publication and protection of the intellectual property of collaboration.
Speaking to newsmen during the occasion, Dr. Sangma exhorted academic institutions to reinvent learning by adopting an innovative approach and congratulated the two institutions on the collaborative pact.
While combined Business Management and Law studies has proved to be a great success in the western world such as in Germany, there is yet to be such kind of unique initiative in India. “This course will come handy for judicial officers and managers. We can only hope that there are a good number of takers of this opportunity," remarked Prof Dutta post signing of the MoU.
The program which is scheduled to commence later this year would be of a 15 month duration.
Meghalaya Chief Minister Dr. Mukul Sangma also took time off to meet with students of IIM Shillong over an interaction and jointly released its HR Club’s magazine titled Together at the Institute campus in the presence of faculty members and officers

HR Club of IIM Shillong

We take great pride in announcing the launch of our bimonthly magazine "TogetHR". After the momentous release of the first issue of TogetHR by Dr. Mukul Sangma, Chief Minister, Meghalaya on September 19, 2011, we hereby present the same to all of you.
This magazine caters to the needs of not only the HR professionals but all the budding managers and leaders who want to see their employees grow, prosper and contribute positively to their organizations. Through this magazine, we attempt to bring together a group of likeminded professionals and use each other’s intellect and creativity to enhance the quality of contributions and explore new ideas surfacing in this domain.
Talent is the scarcest resource for any organization these days. The cover story of this edition is based on this burning topic of Talent Management and some of its latest trends that senior managers and HR Heads are paying attention to. Through this first issue, we have tried to provide an insight into various facets of HR through our articles on Employee Branding, Compensation and Benefits, e- Recruiting and laws w.r.t. HR. We would like to extend heartfelt thanks to Jitesh Pradeep Patel and Sourojit Ghose of IIM Shillong for making their contributions towards this issue.
We are also thankful to Mr. Ajit Kumar, Director, Human Resources, Philips Healthcare for sharing his insights on some of the practices being followed at Philips Healthcare.
For all the HR enthusiasts, here is an opportunity to try your hands at this edition’s crossword in the "Contest with the Best!" section and win cash prize worth Rs. 500. We would also like to call for articles for our next issue, the last date for submission being October 31st, 2011. The best entry would be awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 1000. For details regarding the submission, kindly refer the "Announcement" section of the magazine.
We at Team usHR would be looking forward to contributions and feedback from all of you to make this initiative a fruitful one.

IIM Shillong and Self Development: The success mantra

The Indian Institute of Management Shillong lays utmost importance in the holistic development of its candidates. To this effect, it has conducted Personality Development Programs (PDP), salsa workshops and cultural events from the very start. These programs help in honing the analytical and the creative skills of participants. This time the institute decided to go an extra mile by exposing the participants to another unique course; a Six day seminar on ‘Vedanta and the art of self-management’, which was delivered by Swamiji L. Ramaswamy. Swamiji has devoted over five years to intense study and research of the Vedanta philosophy (knowledge of life and living) under the guidance of his guru, Swami Parthasarathy, at the Vedanta Academy near Pune, India. He has engaged himself to a full-time propagation of knowledge through study classes and discussion groups on Vedanta. He has also made presentations at leading educational institutions like IIT Kharagpur, IISWBM, Kolkata and to corporate houses like TISCO, Jamshedpur, CESC & Patton, and Kolkata.
Swamiji began the program by discussing the relevance of understanding and conquering stress which is severely rampant across every domain of human experience. He pointed out that although the quality of the worldly life has improved, thanks to science and technology, the happiness quotient is being pounded by disturbances and depression. He said “Vedanta is the science of the internal world of humans. It is also the most ignored facet of management, the management of the self which has been neglected to the point of fault”. He then detailed the audience on what Vedanta essentially was, its origin, and its role in gaining mastery over one’s self and consequently combating stress.
What ensued was the split up of the human constitution into mind, intellect and the real self and that we operate on these faculties from “womb to the tomb”. He then pointed out that the mind is primarily responsible for all the well-being of a person and that the intellect is the tool to control this great powerhouse that we possess. “The mind lives either in the past or in the future, it is rarely in the present. As you are here, in this seminar, your mind might wander into domains of relationships, of studies and other areas of natural interests”. He was quick to retort “by saying so, I have unnecessarily reminded you of today’s cricket match”.
By bringing in pockets of wit and relatable examples, Swamiji held the audience in rapt attention. He discussed from various topics ranging from Anger Management, keeping a check on your Ego to the most simple but at the same time difficult question – “Who am I?” The floor was always open to questions and the number of hands that went up was something that any professor would love to see. The whole program ended with intensely thought provoking discussions whose memories would still linger in the minds of the audience.

IIM Shillong And National Stock Exchange To Collaborate

Bringing to live a leadership quest since inception, IIM Shillong is set to become one of the few elite Management Institute in the country to establish a Financial Simulation Laboratory at its campus.
This is the outcome of a strategic partnership build up between IIM Shillong represented by its Director Prof AK Dutta and the National Stock Exchange represented by Mr. GC Sharma, Head Financial Education School & Universities, NSE India Ltd.
"It is my understanding that this collaboration will not only also attract global students for financial markets, but also develop highly specialized skills for students. More importantly we are looking at increasing excellent career prospects and a hugely improved earning capacity," stated Prof Dutta.
The collaboration would also include Certificate Courses under Management Development Programs in the areas of Financial Valuation and Modeling, Derivative Trading Strategies, Financial Engineering, Equity Research, and others apart from jointly offering relevant courses in the PG program.
Expressing his happiness, Mr. GC Sharma said, "We are happy to get this opportunity to collaborate with IIM Shillong, which is well known for doing things innovatively. This surely is a move in the right direction, and would facilitate quality management education in the area of Finance."
The formalities would be completed in the near future.

IIM Shillong and NEC Venture to create Robust Tourism In NER

With the formal inauguration of the 6 month certificate course in Tourism and Hospitality Management, IIM Shillong with the assistance of NEC sponsorship is moving an inch closer towards developing quality human resource, which will help project the NER as a vibrant tourist destination.
Present during the inauguration as Chief Guest, Shri Paban Singh Ghatowar, Minister of DONER and Chairman NEC lauded the efforts of the Institute underlying his satisfaction to see its thorough development into an Institute with such high standards within a short span of time. "The credit goes to the Director and the inspired team working with him. It is a befitting reply to those who considered an IIM in a place like Shillong impossible. IIM Shillong has definitely proved that it is not the place that matters but the determination and application of developed methods of management and technology that matter."
Expressing happiness over the ability of NEC to involve IIM Shillong in organizing such types of relevant courses, Shri Ghatowar stated that Tourism in NER has the potential to emerge as a huge industry in the region and therefore the human resource developed through such courses with quality will in turn be able manage and run the same.
Shri Ghatowar committed to ensure that the vital developmental sectors of the region will be given due attention and appealed to the youth of northeast to take full advantage of such opportunities which will ensure the development of a better region for the generations to come. "The North East Region Vision 2020 document advocates that a structural transformation in the economy can only take place by creating and enhancing the multiple dimensional capacities that are linked to the human resource requirements for expanding the primary, manufacturing and the service sectors."
Providing the gist of the course, Prof DK Agrawal Program Chairman said that the initiative was the result of an earlier skill mapping project he had undertaken wherein the innate talent of the youth of NER was realized and felt that capitalizing on this could bring about change in the Tourism and Hospitality sector. "The primary objective is to enhance visibility of NER, and we are fortunate to have been given the opportunity by NEC." he said.
It may be mentioned that the 26 participants have been selected through a rigorous selection process held in Dimapur, Shillong, Imphal and other places, and more importantly are domiciles of their respective states. Assam has the highest number of participants with 12, Meghalaya with 7, Manipur with 3, and Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland bagging 2 seats each in this one of a kind collaboration between IIM Shillong and the North Eastern Council which is the project sponsor.
Speaking on behalf of NEC, Its Secretary MR. UK Sangma gave a perspective on the venture explaining that "the crying need of the hour is to have an integrated Tourism circuit for the entire region." To comprehensively understand the tourism potential and requirements of the region, NEC had earlier initiated the North eastern States Tourism forum and commissioned TCS with the job of developing a Comprehensive Tourism Master Plan, the broad structure of which has been accepted by the central Tourism Ministry. "Once the infrastructure is created, adequate qualified and skilled manpower will also become a requirement, and hence this initiative," he observed.
Earlier during the introductory address, IIM Shillong Director Prof AK Dutta while thanking the support of NEC and the Ministry of DONER commended the efforts and hardwork of faculty members in striving to bring in schemes by which the Institute can impart its expertise towards positive developments.
"Our innovative strategies and contribution to society is being recognized," remarked Prof Dutta while announcing the Innovation Leadership Award and Innovation in Building Academic & Industry Interface Award won by the Institute last week in a glittering gathering at Suntec Singapore under the aegis of the Asia’s Best B-School Awards ceremony regarded throughout Asia as highly prestigious.

IIM Shillong Wins Multiple Awards: ASIA’S BEST B-SCHOOL AWARDS 2011

The CMO Asia Awards are first of its kind accolades recognizing Business Schools, Professors from the greatest B-Schools of Asia, Corporate Organizations, Chief Marketing Officers, and HR Professionals who have shown leadership in their respective fields combined with consistent innovation.
This year Indian Institute of Management Shillong was awarded two awards at the award ceremony held at SUNTEC Singapore on 22nd July 2011. IIM Shillong was nominated in two categories and won the award in both the categories, namely Innovation in Building Academic & Industry Interface and the Innovation Leadership Award.
The Asian B School Awards are regarded as the most prestigious awards constituted by the industry and the academic world. The Jury for the same included eminent personalities like Bhaskar Chatterjee – Secretary to the Government of India, Department of Public Enterprises Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises and Saugata Mitra – Chief People Officer and Group Head HR, Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable Pvt. Ltd amongst others.
The CMO Asia is dedicated to high level knowledge exchange through thought leadership and peer networking amongst decision makers across industry segments in Asia. The event is recognized for a professional cause to enable sharing of knowledge and expertise.
CMO Council USA is their Strategic Partner, whereas The Wall Street Journal is the Official Business Newspaper and is supported by Marketing Institute of Singapore.
As such the award ceremony was conducted by Fun & Joy at work in association with CMO Asia, with participation of B-Schools from around 29 countries including Australia, Hongkong, Singapore, UAE etc. The best B Schools in Asia and people of Asian origin were awarded. The award ceremony was held amongst a galaxy of luminaries from the world of education and corporate.
IIM Shillong, the seventh IIM in India had started a Golf Tournament since its inception as a platform for academic industry interface and these efforts of the institute have received its due recognition.
The Institute is known to have tread unknown paths in the field of management education under the able and dynamic leadership of its founder Director Prof AK Dutta. A part of the initiatives have been centered around the urge to be relevant to the region and its people in their development process. With this objective in mind the Institute established the Centre for Development for the North East Region (CEDNER) which has been carrying out many programs for the skill development of the youth of the region so that the benefit of a Centre of Excellence operating in the region is capitalized upon by its people. The award Innovation Leadership Award is recognition of its effort in this direction.
Leading Through Innovation a Business Today special B-School Compendium earlier this year sums up the path breaking efforts that this Institute has made in the field of Management Education.

HCL President addresses IIM Shillong

J V Ramamurthy, President and COO of HCL Info Systems addressed IIM Shillong students in the Campus auditorium, in which he focussed on the spirit of risk taking by the young minds of today. Briefing about HCL as how it started from a 4 bit microprocessor in 1976 to its current position he commented that HCL is India’s largest distribution and retail network after Unilever and ITC. Taking a lead towards a sustainable future HCL is the first IT Company in India to have gone for ISO14001 certification. It is the second largest ICT Company in terms of India facing revenue. Expanding the horizons HCL has done three acquisitions in Middle East in the last year. Pioneering innovation HCL is very much into cloud computing (or in simpler terms using multiple server computers via a digital network, as though they were one computer),and e-Governance where it has successfully completed projects for NREGA and e-Municipality. In homeland securities turf HCL has successfully completed the Indira Gandhi International Airport (T-3) online securities and is currently taking the homeland security of Hyderabad Airport. It has its R&D centre at Jaipur and Pondicherry. HCL features within the top five green companies in the world.
HCL salutes the prowess of Indian mind, said Mr Ramamurthy. He gave example of Shri Rajender Singh of Rajasthan, as to how he has been able to take water out of the desert just by using a stick. He inspired the IIM S student community to think big and bring innovation from the execution of the project to marketing and supporting it nationally. Appraising the gathering on HCL policies he focussed on how HCL fosters innovation and entrepreneurship. 90% of the HCL talent does not fail at the first place, further commenting that the rest fail because of uncontrollable factors for which the employees are not crucified. They are given ample chances to prove their mettle. This way HCL has maintained a culture of trust and is able to create entrepreneurs within the organisation itself.
The talk was followed by open discussion where students examined the various aspects of industry and the future scenarios directly with the organizational President himself.
After the session, Director, Prof AK Dutta hosted the esteemed guest and his colleagues for high tea.
It may be mentioned that Mr. Ramamurthy was accompanied by Ms. Ambika Khurana, Chief of Corporate Planning and other officials of HCL.

Leadership is an art says Prof Dutta, Director IIM Shillong

The inauguration of the program Zen and Art of Executive Leadership, a two day residential program conducted by IIM Shillong was yesterday held at the Mayurbhanj Palace Complex in the presence of Prof AK Dutta Director and other senior faculty members of the Institute.
While delivering the inaugural address Prof Dutta highlighted the commitment of IIM Shillong in executive development and spoke about the various styles of Leadership, mentioning how IIM Shillong was started within 90 days using it as an example to portray the necessary determination and goal setting initiative that many a time comes with being a leader. He further commented, “I am sure the participants will come out feeling much more confident in their quest to become leaders in their respective organizations, and am sure you will pick up quality learning given the Program Director’s and his team’s varied experience. ”
The Program Director, Prof SK Majumdar while addressing the participants also strongly observed the importance and meaning of lifelong learning. He further summarized the immediate course objective in terms of “Increasing one’s influence as a leader, and developing effective leadership traits and behaviors.” In addition the course aims at bringing about learning on emergence of leadership, dynamic and creative thinking, effective time management and team building, leading different followers, transforming followers’ attitudes, belief and values and recognizing and avoiding the practice of dysfunctional leadership.
Some of the participants enrolled for the program while thanking the organizers also revealed their eagerness to realize personal strengths possessed and development needs necessary to be an effective leader all the while looking forward to a new leadership role in terms of knowing what to do and how to get performance results from followers and most importantly develop greater confidence—both at individual and institutional level in order to increase opportunities for professional development and personal transformation.

IIM Shillong Inaugurates Fourth PGP Batch

The Indian Institute of Management Shillong (IIMS) held its fourth formal induction of students to its Post Graduate Program at its Mayurbhanj Palace Complex. 106 students from across India were administered the oath of integrity and discipline during the occasion. Apart from the annual Convocation ceremony, commencement of a PGP batch is looked upon as one of the most important events of the Institute and this was apparent from the grandeur of the overall program.
"Having seen what the Director of this Institute (Prof AK Dutta) has done and achieved in such a short time, I am sure nobody else would have been able to achieve," was the opening remark of Prof DP Agrawal, Chairman UPSC who was present as Chief Guest. This was met by a thunderous applause in unison by the audience.
During his pulsating speech, Prof Agrawal further commented that it is time that the youth learn to think afresh and take up challenging roles. He opined that candidates have made the right choice by becoming part of the IIMS fraternity as it would provide them an opportunity to have a comprehensive understanding of the nuances related to developing a set up and also in fostering partnership in the process.
Commending the intelligent use of IT infrastructure by the Institute, he beckoned other Institutions to follow in this footstep while reminding that it should also be used judiciously. While concluding, he exhorted the Institute to continue working towards inclusive growth and strive at ways and means to provide models of efficiency for sectors like agriculture etc.
Also present during the occasion was Mr. Sunil Mitra former Finance Secretary Government of India who during his speech stressed upon the importance of leadership linking it to solitude stating that "The two terms are dichotomous – solitude implies being alone with yourself while leadership necessitates the presence of others – who are to be led." He further called for considering the amazing deficit in leadership that the world is witnessing today, across Governments – mass movements threaten North African countries with potential to spread rapidly through the Arab world; across Corporations that threaten to manipulate established principles of governance; across professional institutions that are shying away from well laid down canons of propriety towards narrow concerns of individual avarice. The inspiration for students was to assume leadership roles by innovating in every sector.
Prof AK Dutta founder Director of the Institute while addressing the gathering reminded the new batch of students of the philosophical foundations of the Institute and commented on the equal importance of catering to the needs of the local communities in tandem with the quest to achieve the mark of a center of excellence in management education. "Students of IIMS must not be afraid to take firm decisions and experiment, and thus innovate."
The formal pledge was administered by Prof DK Agrawal, PGP Chairmanfollowed by the national Anthem.
Apart from dignitaries, the function was attended by PGP participants, faculty members, media representatives, officers & staff, and parents of new participants.

Sustainable Waste Management at IIM Shillong

The Indian Institute of Management, Shillong has once again proved that it aims at creating world class management professionals, who are aware about their responsibilities towards the environment and society. Inspired by the Director, Prof. AK Dutta, the members of the ECoBiZ Club, IIM Shillong have come up with a noble initiative. The students have placed bamboo made bins at various places in the campus. There is a three-fold objective behind procuring these bins. First, it would address the problems of waste disposal in the IIM Campus. Secondly, unlike the plastic containers these would be environmentally friendly. In addition, these bins would promote the cultivation and usage of bamboo which is found in large quantities in the North East.
Currently ten bins have been placed in the campus and there are plans to increase this number based on feasibility and requirement. The bins have been designed by the members of the ECoBiZ Club using indigenous contraptions and have been manufactured by the Meghalaya Handloom and Handicraft Development Corporation. The Faculty Coordinator of the Club Dr. Natalie West Kharkongor expressed her admiration for the Club, which has worked in accordance with its vision of environmental awareness and social welfare. Earlier this month, the Club had contributed to community welfare by donating clothes to ‘Mercy Home’, a place for the underprivileged elderly. ‘Bethany society’ another reputed NGO of Meghalaya , received a generous donation of old books from the Club members and is using it to prepare braille material for blind children.

Community Welfare and Social Service- ECoBiZ Club leads the way

Social service is an integral part of management education. The ECoBiZ club of IIM Shillong has followed this principle in letter and spirit. On the 2nd of July 2011, the office bearers of the Club visited "Mercy Home", a charitable society that looks after the underprivileged old people. The Club talked to the inmates about their concerns and learnt about their feelings at this juncture of life. The Club also donated clothes, quilts and pillows to the Organization which is managed by a Christian missionary. The sisters at the missionary were very happy and appreciated the efforts of the students of IIM Shillong towards community welfare. They expressed their desire for coordinating with IIM Shillong for many such philanthropic activities in future. Mercy Home currently houses around 40 inmates and is the one among the several charitable organizations run by the missionaries.
Apart from this noble initiative, the ECoBiZ Club has also helped bring about a difference in the lives of several blind children. The Club has donated a number of old books to the Bethany society, who would recycle and convert them into braille material. The Club through its activities aims to follow the principle of social inclusiveness.

IIM Shillong Launches NER Sensitive Course

The Indian Institute of Management Shillong through its Centre for Development of NER (CEDNER) launched a six month Certificate Course on Developing Managerial Skills for Entrepreneurs at its Mayurbhanj Palace Complex on Saturday under the course Directorship of Prof Keya Sengupta who presented an overview of the Course.
Prof AK Dutta during his welcome address remarked that CEDNER is an evolvement built upon the spirit of Innovation and Service. "We have pioneered I am proud to say, and been consistent in our efforts to bring about alleviation of poverty with an inclusive notion of growth and development within the host region, and CEDNER today has become a sought after entity by various stakeholders in the NER simply because of its committed stance and efforts aimed at responding to the local needs."
While speaking at the occasion, Shri BK Handique, Union Minister of DONER Govt. of India who was present as Chief Guest during the inauguration program lauded the efforts of CEDNER under the visionary leadership of Prof AK Dutta, founder Director IIM Shillong and hoped that the Institute with a well known brand operating through the northeastern region of India would continue to inspire a change in the mindset and the overall approach of the youth towards enhancing their managerial skills and entrepreneurial aptitude. "It is heartening to see that apart from its commitment to provide quality education, IIM Shillong is also trying to find solutions to issues which concern the society."
Shri Vincent Pala, Minister of State for Water Resources, Govt. of India who was present as Guest of Honour during the occasion welcomed the initiative and urged the students and youth of the region to take full advantage of such courses for the betterment of the region.
The Centre for Development of North Eastern Region (CEDNER) formerly known as The Accelerated Learning Centre (ALC), of the Indian Institute of Management Shillong has been constituted right from the inception of the Institute and is involved in organizing both short term and long term programmes relevant to the local community and society of the state and the region. The members of the local community who may otherwise have limited opportunities for getting the latest exposure to training for skill development is provided with such opportunities by the Institute. The objective of the Institute is to respond to the local needs and make the facilities of the Institute available for the training of the local talented youths of the region.
The Centre is known for offering a unique prospect for the young entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, business executives and officers of the region to avail of the opportunities of training in skill development in various phases of their business and entrepreneurial activity. The Centre has already offered a series of such practice oriented management courses.
In all, thirty students from the entire NER have been selected for the course after a thorough screening process. Ideally, the program is the first of its kind wherein the Institute has achieved a symbiotic tie up with Ministry of DONER, and by looking at the social commitment of CEDNER it looks likely that the Ministry of DONER will continue to support this Centre through IIM Shillong at a bigger scale to meet its well defined operational goals for developing the region.
Past programmes carried out under CEDNER are Effective Judicial Administration for the Judges under the Administrative control of the Guwahati High Court, Certificate Course on Health and Hospital Management, Management Program for Local Entrepreneurs and Promoters of Entrepreneurial Activities. The Institute has worked with the traffic department of the Police to work on Traffic Management in Shillong, with the MTDC to improve Turnover and Profitability and MCCL to improve productivity. The Institute continued to offer Computer Literacy programme for all outsourced and contractual staff and their families aimed at spreading computer literacy. Besides these, Faculty Development Workshops have been conducted at the Royal Group in Guwahati and BBIS in Kolkata.

A Tribute to Tagore

As a Tribute to Rabindranath Tagore on his 150th Birth Anniversary, the documentary titled Rabindranath by Satyajit Ray was screened on June 22, 2011 at the Institute’s Auditorium. Students, Faculty and Staff of the Institute attended the function.

Faculty Workshop on Case Method

The workshop was designed at the request of Prof Ashoke Dutta, Director. It was conducted as a part of faculty development activities of IIM Ahmedabad.
Following were the objectives for the workshop:
To develop participants’ understanding of the Case Method as a pedagogical tool facilitating students’ learning rather than teaching by the faculty members; To build participants’ capabilities to use cases in management courses; To design case based courses; To delineate the academic, administrative and infrastructure requirements for case writing and provide support to the participants in case writing; To discuss the nature of support facilities for successful and sustained use of case method in the programmes on management education .
Facilitators for the workshop were Profs. Jahar Saha, Abhinanadan Jain and Mukund Dixit all from IIM A.

IIM Shillong celebrates Tagore’s 150th Birth Anniversary

Keeping up with spirit of commemoration worldwide, IIM Shillong celebrated the 150th Birth Anniversary of India’s most loved and prolific literary figure Rabindranath Tagore at its Mayurbhanj Palace Complex through a formal gathering.
Noted Rabindra Sangeet exponent John Gilbert Soanes performed a number of favourites like Purano Shiye Diner Kotha and Shedin Dujone on the auspicious occasion in the company of his daughter Zareen Nongrum. To mark the occasion, Prof Keya Sengupta Director Incharge RGIIMS quoted lines from Tagore’s poems during her introductory address, while Prof Sanjoy Mukherjee’s note titled A Tribute with Blood Oleanders from the Pinewoods was read out. Prof Swapan Kumar Majumdar added to the enormity of the occasion through his talk titled Rabindranath Tagore on Education drawing correlation behind the philosophy of Tagore in the context of Management Education. During the occasion, a garland was placed on the portrait of Rabindranath Tagore by Prof Helen Giri who was present as a Special Guest during the occasion.
Shri KM Deb also shared his views on Tagore and reminded the gathering of the wits of this great thought leader.
The function was attended by Faculty members, Officers and staff of the Institute along with family members and special invitees.

5 Day MDP on Finance for Medical Professionals

The recently conducted Management Development Program on "Finance for Medical Professionals" was brought to a close on 26th April 2011 at the Mayurbhanj Palace Complex of IIM Shillong. The five day program specially designed to provide assorted input in the area of accounting, costing, and financial management coupled with the underlying concepts and methodology ensuring a reasonable understanding of crucial parameters in the financial and investment decision making process was attended by a good number of medical professionals at all levels, and from various functional areas.
The inputs through the program were aimed at providing a basis for creative executives to channelize their thinking in appropriate directions, besides, enhancing knowledge. The skills acquired would then be effectively utilized in their day to day work promoting the quality of business decisions.
Speaking at the Valedictory function, Dr. W. Kharshiing, President of the Indian Medical Association, Meghalaya thanked the Program Coordinators for the initiative and remarked that similar programs of such nature should be held in the future. “A huge portion of the battle has been won through this program, and the remaining, I think, can be won through a program on marketing for medical professionals, since marketing in a professional manner is also becoming an important aspect of medical care.”
Dr. Daljit Singh Sethi, Secretary, Indian Medical Association opined that the medical practitioners in Shillong are facing peculiar issues with reference to buying of medical equipments and its maintenance and these issues need to be addressed by the IIM Shillong in the forthcoming programs. Dr. Bhattacharyya, HOD, Anesthesia, NEIGRIHMS categorically mentioned that these kinds of programs are important for the post graduate students of NEGRIHMS as most of them are embarking into their professional career and knowledge of finance is essential.
Other dignitaries who attended and graced the program were Dr. D.K. Agarwal, Dean Academics, IIM Shillong and Shri. R.C. Saxena, Chief Administrative Officer, and Prof. S.K. Majumdar, MDP Chairman. The program coordinators were Dr. P. Saravanan and Dr. N. Sivasankaran under the overall guidance of Prof AK Dutta, Director IIM Shillong.

IIMS Second Annual Convocation

IIM Shillong held its Second convocation on 28th March 2010 at its campus in Shillong. Dr. S. K. Chaturvedi, CMD,Power Grid Corporation India Limited was the Chief Guest.Total of 66 participants were awarded the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM).Apart from the chief guest, the ceremony was also graced by the Special Guest, Mr. Vishal Verma, General Partner, Edgewood Ventures, LLC. USA., Shri. R.N Datta , Chairman RGIIMS, Prof A.K.Dutta , Director RGIIMS and the members of the Board of Governors of RGIIMS.
Delivering his convocation address, Dr. S. K. Chaturvedi said, "....I am indeed delighted to be here today to witness firsthand the growth of this Institute within a span of two and half years. It is incredible, to say the least, that this Institute has attained the status of a Centre of Excellence, and has made such an impact in this beautiful Northeastern region of our country. When I received the invitation for this function, the first thing that struck me was the unique work that this institution has been doing. I am deeply impressed.Let me first congratulate the students who have earned the Post Graduate diploma and those who have been awarded special recognition through other medals, as you inch even closer towards becoming Corporate Managers. "You represent the best talent in the country", and will be "the standard bearers of your alma mater". I also want to commend your families and learned teachers who have worked hard to support you, and the leadership that made your learning memorable.
He also said that ..."IIM Shillong has been emerging as a leader in the field of management education in India. It is firm in its belief that future managers need not necessarily be born but can be trained. It is noteworthy to mention here the farsightedness and positivity of the Institute in creating a niche for itself as one of the most tech savvy campuses in the country. Information technology has led to lowering of costs and the dramatic shortening of geographical distances. New communication technologies have facilitated the diffusion of new production technologies at low cost, allowing faster and cheaper movements of goods and services. Advances in telecommunications have helped to lower the costs of communication while the emergence of global computer networks has drastically reduced economic significance of geography. At the same time, systematic automation and rationalization of processes and activities, together with wider and easier dissemination of information has contributed immensely in making more qualitative decisions which is the need of the hour. Therefore, dear students, I am sure you will realize the impact of your learning through such a campus in the years to come."
In his concluding address towards the Students who are passing out, Dr. S. K. Chaturvedi said,..."You are the creme de la creme of Indian talent! The world awaits your great contributions and the differences you will make in the lives you touch from this day forward. As you ponder your next move in moments of understandable self doubt and insecurity, I urge you to have the courage and self confidence to choose to immerse yourselves into questions and issues that truly matter. I encourage you to choose risk, dare to fail greatly, because only in that way will you ever achieve greatly. Our country needs you, particularly in these times to bring innovative solutions to some of the major problems facing us in the fields of energy, the environment and health care, both here and globally. And what you achieve can indeed make the profoundest difference."
Earlier during the day, Shri Rathindra Nath Dutta, Founding Chairman of Governing Board of RGIIM, in his address said, "....I express my deep gratitude to the MHRD and the State Government for their enabling and unstinted support - and to the Director, Academics and Staff for their untiring efforts as the Institute continues its journey. ....And to you – our students – let me tell you how proud I feel for all of you today - as I behold you in your hats and gowns. Convocation is a defining moment in the life of the Institute and in each of your respective lives – a milestone successfully achieved and crossed in the journey of light and excellence. I heartily congratulate the second batch passing out and wish each of you a successful and gratifying career and life ahead."
He also went on to tell the students...Fate has decreed that you are embarking into your careers in this 21st century which is already being dubbed as the “Asian Century” – the century which will see the Asian countries reaching their peaks of glory. In particular, India is poised to reap its demographic dividend and technical excellence. If things go right, as they should, good management can catapult the nation to very high levels of development. The window, someone said, is the next forty years – and that will span your working life. You will be participating in the transformation and contributing to the success. This is bound to increase the speed in your lives. But while doing so, do remember what Mahatma Gandhi said – "there is more to life than simply increasing its speed".
Delivering his Academic Report, Prof Ashoke K Dutta, the Founder Director of the Institute said,"...Let me begin by stating that Leadership here is built around the spirit of Innovation and Service. This core belief is what distinguishes the success of IIM Shillong. We have pioneered I am proud to say, and been consistent in our efforts to bring about alleviation of poverty with an inclusive notion of growth and development within the host region. IIM Shillong has brought to reality the concept of setting up the Centre for Development of the North Eastern Region, which today has become a sought after entity by various stakeholders in the NER simply because of its committed stance and efforts aimed at responding to the local needs. Apart from its commitment to education, the institute also aims at trying to find solutions to issues which concern the society.
.....A few examples of the programmes carried out this year under the CEDNER initiative are Effective Judicial Administration for the Judges under the Administrative control of the Guwahati High Court, Certificate Course On Health and Hospital Management, Management Program for Local Entrepreneurs and Promoters of Entrepreneurial Activities. The Institute has worked with the traffic department of the Police to work on Traffic Management in Shillong, with the MTDC to improve Turnover and Profitability and MCC to improve productivity. The Institute continued to offer Computer Literacy programme for all outsourced and contractual staff and their families aimed at spreading computer literacy. Besides Faculty Development Workshops have been conducted at the Royal Group in Guwahati and further planned at BBIS in Kolkata....I am happy to announce that DONER has supported our attempts to strengthen CEDNER by awarding us a prestigious project of Developing Managerial Skill for Entrepreneurs. We have also received offers from some of the NE States to set up extension centres of CEDNER in their states. "
He also said that..."Driven by a passion not only to produce brilliant MBA graduates but also to contribute to the needs of society in general, the Institute tries hard to adhere to its key motto which is Sustainable Development. In this regard, IIM Shillong inaugurated the first Annual International Conference on ‘Sustainability: Management & Beyond’ on the 8th of December 2010. The inauguration ceremony saw the participation of eminent personalities which included the Chief Guest Padma Vibhushan Shri Sunderlal Bahuguna, a noted Indian environmentalist and Chipko Movement leader, and Dr. Paul Srivastava, Director, David O' Brien Centre for Sustainable Enterprise, Concordia University. Participation witnessed a cross section of intellectuals, social activists and thought leaders from various parts of the world. The event marks the beginning of an approach from IIM Shillong to create space for exploration of alternative sources of learning beyond structured curriculum. This is and has always been the main objective of the Institute."
In his concluding address towards the Students, he said...."I would like to congratulate each and every one of the Diploma holders on their success and achievements. Let me assure you that the knowledge you have gained here at IIM Shillong is a precious gift that you should cherish. You have gone through trials and tribulations in your quest for knowledge here at the Institute and now you are reaping the fruits of success. As you move on to new chapters of your lives, remember to hold your heads high and to treasure and put to good use the knowledge and wisdom we have tried to inculcate in you. You may encounter many obstacles as you face the new world but, to quote Paul J. Meyer, you should “Construct your Determination with Sustained Effort, Controlled Attention, and Concentrated Energy, opportunities never come to those who wait... they are captured by those who dare to attack.” However I feel I must add, that as you attack those opportunities remember that it should never be at the cost of your fellow human beings. You are the custodians of the nation’s future; remember your duty and responsibility towards your fellow citizens, and importantly towards your country. "

EXIM Bank Officials Visit IIMS Knowledge Center

On his first visit to IIM Shillong, the Executive Director of Export Import Bank, Mr. Phabhakar Dalal accompanied by Mr. T.V.Rao , General Manager and Mr Shonly Liting , Regional Head, North Eastern Region visited the library and had a first-hand experience about the technological initiative and automation of the library. Thereafter, he had an interaction with selected faculty members in the faculty lounge where a presentation was given to him about the technological initiative to convert logistical issues to opportunities. The visiting guest was very much impressed with the kind of developments and achievements that the Institute is making. He also assured continuing support from EXIM Bank in the enrichment of our library by sending various research publications of EXIM Bank for the benefit of the faculty and the students.

Sandip Patel Pays A Sporting Visit

It was a special Valentine’s Day treat for the IIM Shillong family as one of India’s well known member of the 1983 World Cup winning team and current Director (Operations) of National Cricket Academy Mr. Sandip Patel visited the Institute along with Dr. Kinjal Suratwala, Head Sports Science & Coach Education, NCA. Received by senior officials of the Institute, the entourage showed complete appreciation for the leadership of the Institute which has taken "IIM Shillong to be at par with older IIMs."
Ideally, the visit marked the beginning of what could become a fruitful and a win-win relationship for the Institute, NCA, the BCCI and the cricketing bodies functioning in the State.
Mr. Naba Bhattacharya, Honorary Secretary of the Meghalaya Cricket Association, Mr. Andrews, Joint Honorary Secretary, MCA and Mr. Gideon, Honorary Secretary of the Shillong District Cricket Association were amongst others in company.

Six day Training Programme on Managing Family Businesses

A six day Training Programme has been organized by Prof D.K.Agarwal under Centre for Development of North Eastern Region (CEDNER) on "Managing Family Businesses" from 14th February to 19th February 2011. The program was attended by 10 participants.

IIM Shillong Honoured At The Star News NationalB-School Awards Ceremony

Adding to the already existing feathers in its cap, IIM Shillong recently received yet another accolade, this time being honoured with B-School with Industry Related Curriculum in Information Technology in a grand ceremony held at the Taj Lands End, Mumbai on 12th February, 2011.
The awards, which apparently, are well researched and chosen by an independent jury and a panel of professionals who believe in nurturing talent and in recognizing the best of the best is in recognition of leadership, development, marketing an institute and industry interface of Business schools.
The honour was handed by Saugata Mitra, Chief People Officer & Group Head HR, Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd.and Satyakki Bhattacharya, Director – HR, MCCS (India) Pvt. Ltd, Star News in the presence of eminent personalities in the field of academics and luminaries from the Corporate world.
Incidentally, Star News is the leading News Channel of the country and this is for the first time that the group has come up with the endeavor of recognizing the efforts and work of B-schools across the country.

IIM Shillong launches its online Placement Portal

IIM Shillong officially launched its on-line placement portal on the 11th of February, 2011 on the institute website. The inaugural launch was done by Shri I. P. Barooah, Chairman and Managing Director of NEEPCO Ltd.
IIM Shillong a pioneer in IT Infrastructure Implementation
Right from its inception IIM Shillong has taken the lead in implementing best in class IT infrastructure. It is the first centrally funded institute to have implemented the campus ERP solution, it is one of the first institutes to have initiated a completely paperless admission system, it is the first institute to web cast its convocation, one of the first to have fully automated smart card based network printing solution and also to have an on line Knowledge portal which has a rich database, access to top journals and online issue and renewal of books.
Launch of the online Placement Portal
With the launch of the on-line placement portal IIM Shillong has taken yet another step in its pioneering efforts in having a comprehensive IT infrastructure which acts as a great enabler in the education system and administration processes. The inauguration was graced by the presence of the Director of IIM Shillong, Prof A K Dutta; Prof Basav Roy Choudhury, the IT- In charge of the institute and Prof S. Shahjahan Dean Planning & Research, IIM Shillong. Prof A K Dutta appreciated the efforts of the student members of the IT Committee and Placement Cell who took the lead in establishing the placement portal. He also reiterated the institute’s aim of being a pioneer in IT infrastructure and stated how a sound IT infrastructure has helped the institute in having smooth administrative processes and has also aided in the education system.
Shri I. P. Barooah, the Chairman and MD of NEEPCO in his address also appreciated IIM Shillong’s leading role in IT Infrastructure implementation which has become a benchmark for many other organizations. He also called on for a stronger relationship between IIM Shillong and NEEPCO and said that IIM Shillong can play a great role in up lifting the North Eastern region. Shri Barooah entered the name of his organization and his e-mail address on the placement portal and with that NEEPCO became the first Organization to be registered on IIM Shillong’s placement portal.
Objective and features of the online Placement Portal
The objective of the placement portal is to streamline the complete placement process by enabling corporate registration and facilitating online communication through a dedicated medium on the institute website. The primary features that the portal offers are: Online registration by corporate as recruiters; Profile update by corporate at any time; Student profile search by registered corporate from the database; Submitting details about their interest in recruitment from IIM Shillong including uploading of Job Description files and Generation of placement status report by Placement Cell. The link to the portal is: http://www.iimshillong.in/placement/iimsadvantage.aspx With its multiple features and functionalities the portal will be a great step ahead for the institute in augmenting its strong and efficient IT infrastructure.

Tata Administrative Services (TAS) completes IIMS Campus Assessment

Tata Administrative Services (TAS) is one of the prestigious Indian organizations and is a symbol of quality and professionalism for the Tata Group of companies. TAS, also among the top ten recruiters among premier Indian B-Schools is the training ground of some of the best minds in the country and has over the years produced many a leader who has made both the Tata Group and the country proud with their Leadership Prowess. “Leadership with Trust” the theme that runs through the Tata family is ingrained into every ‘TAS Manager’ as they move through the structured learning curve before they reach the top brass of one of the Tata Group of companies.
TAS recruits talent only from select B-schools like the oldest three Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) and a few other B-schools of national repute. This year, as part of their campus assessment exercise, TAS had visited IIM Shillong to assess its credentials and its students’ abilities. The two day visit was a special occasion for the IIM Shillong fraternity with two leading personalities from the Tata Group in campus. Mr Rahul Krishna, the head of TAS & Mr Radha Nair, Vice President, Talent Acquisitions, and Tata Services had a packed schedule assessing IIM Shillong on various parameters. The busy first day started post lunch with the guided tour of the campus by the Placement Committee, which was followed by interaction with various members of the faculty in campus.
Mr Radha Nair then had an interactive session with PGP second years where they discussed on expectations from business leaders. This was immediately followed by a TAS presentation by Mr Rahul Krishna which saw huge participation from both batches. Mr Rahul Krishna’s talk about Tata group, its values, and its uniqueness saw a spell bound audience. Mr Krishna also enlightened the crowd on TAS, its recruitment process and career prospects through flash presentations and live examples. The subtle humour throughout the largely informative address ensured a keen audience throughout. The day concluded with high tea and informal discussion of both the batches with Mr Rahul Krishna. Mr Krishna also spent some time interacting with the students over dinner at the Hostel Mess.
The Second day began with the various student committees & clubs presenting their activities and events to Mr Nair & Mr Krishna. This session was part of the assessment of the student body and its activities and was highly appreciated by the team. It was also beneficial for the students as they took inputs and feedback from the experienced guests. Mr Nair also had an interaction on HR practices at Tata with a group of HR enthusiasts. Mr Krishna also had an informal discussion with students interested in HRM on possible career paths.
Along with the campus assessment visit, TAS had also come to campus to conduct the prestigious TBLA event for the first time at IIM Shillong. Post Lunch, the shortlisted teams took part in the contest which was again jointly judged by Mr Rahul Krishna & Mr Indriyajit Sethi, Vice President, Strategy – Tata Sons. The event saw some interesting business ideas for Tata group to venture into, with the campus winning team of four members all set to take part in the national finals.
On the whole, after close to one and a half days of interaction, presentations and discussion, the guests from TAS were really happy with their visit and assessment and if everything goes well they should be in campus pretty soon to rope into their ranks some of the best talent from IIM Shillong.

Two Day Faculty Workshop conducted by Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Management(SAFIM)

A two-day workshop on "Management by Consciousness" was conducted by SAFIM for faculty members of IIM Shillong during 9thand 10th February, 2011. It covered topics likeRelevance of Consciousness in Today’s Business: Concept of Integral Management,Understanding Integral Education andUnderstanding Consciousness and Self. The aim of the workshopwas to help the faculty members to understand and develop theirspiritual self and incorporate these understandings to deal better in their day-to day activities and professional life.The faculty members actively participated in the various games and activities, case discussions and exercises and gained new perspectives from this workshop.

IIM Shillong team wins GIRC East Zone Finals

Global Investment Research Challenge (GIRC) is a competition organized by CFA institute, Virginia every year in which student teams from the top area business schools write an equity research report on an assigned company (as per zone - North, East, West and South in India).
One winning team from each zone advances to compete in the National Finals, the winner of which competes in Asia Pacific Regional Investment Research Challenge. The competition will culminate with the 5th Annual Global Investment Research Challenge, to be held in United States, consisting of the winners of the regional finals held in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America.
Team IIM Shillong (Hitesh Gulati,Sakshi Sharma,Sumit Bagla,Sumit Kedia,Veena Sankaran) has won the East Zone Finals in India and will now be competing for National Finals in Mumbai. The other teams in the East Zone were IIM Calcutta, XLRI Jamshedpur and IIFT Kolkata.

The 62nd Republic Day – An Opportunity For Learning Amidst Celebrations

In sync with the rest of India, the 62nd Republic Day was observed at the Institute campus in the presence of the Director, Faculty Members, Officers, Staff and Students of IIM Shillong. The flag hoisting ceremony by the Director was followed by a heartfelt address by him wherein he encouraged all young friends to become more sensitive to the problems of the country wherein equity and sensitivity are becoming more and more of an urgent requirement. In his words, "We, as an individual, and an Institute must learn to work for true betterment of those who are underprivileged and in many ways deprived for no fault of theirs."
The celebration ended with a get-together of all present on the day.

SUSCON International Conference begins at IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong inaugurated the first Annual International Conference on ‘Sustainability: Management & Beyond’ today. The inauguration ceremony saw the participation of eminent personalities which included the Chief Guest Padma Vibhushan Shri. Sunderlal Bahuguna, a noted environmentalist and Chipko Movement leader, and Dr. Paul Srivastava , Director, David O' Brien Centre for Sustainable Enterprise, Concordia University. The conference is witnessing participation of intellectuals, social activists and thought leaders from various parts of the world.
In his welcome address, Prof. Ashoke K Dutta, founding Director IIM Shillong spoke about his vision with respect to this conference becoming an annual event. SusCon Chair, Prof. Majumdar took the vision a step further by wanting to mark the start of a movement in sustainability in India.
Shri Sunderlal Bahuguna in his inspiring address reminded the audience of the age old maxim: “Earth has enough to satisfy everyone’s need but not enough to satisfy everyone’s greed”. Disparity still exists among the rich and the poor and between those in power and the common man. According to him each human must strive to leave the world better than what had been inherited. He suggested simple solutions like afforestation, planting trees on social occasions and renewable energy. It is our prerogative to preserve resources like Iron - prevent their pollution and over consumption for sustainable growth. A simple formula for achieving this is following the channel of transmitting thoughts from “Head to heart to hands” thereby putting ones vision into practice.
Paul Srivastava, an IIM Calcutta alumnus, talked about the current environmental issues and how businesses can contribute to protect Mother Nature. He has been a follower of Sunderlal Bahuguna’s work since his college days and as founder of sustainability in IIM Shillong was happy that such an initiative has seen the light of the day.
The conference would not have been possible without the sponsors - North Eastern Council (NEC), NEEPCO, Coal India, Meghalaya Tourism Development Corporation(MTDC) and Tata McGraw Hil Ltd.
A sincere effort towards the theme of sustainability was initiated by providing Jute bags to all the participants of the conference. Sus-Con in the coming two days will provide a multi-disciplinary platform for thinkers, academics, business leaders, government officials, civil society groups and grass root activists to initiate an on-going dialogue on sustainability. It marks the beginning of a revolutionary approach from IIM Shillong to create space for exploration of alternative sources of learning beyond structured curriculum. Leveraging the unique assets and expertise of IIM Shillong as a hub of sustainability in business, the Conference will ensure a balanced distribution of emphasis on global perspectives, national priorities and regional issues for harmonious development of the individual, the organization and the planet at large. In the idyllic setting of Shillong, the mood and spirit of this starting chapter of Sus-Con is that of a retreat for self-renewal and collective revitalization.

18th Business School Affaire & Dewang Mehta Business School Awards

Business School with Best Academic Input (Syllabus) in Information Technology :
Indian Institute of Management, Shillong

Best Teacher in Operations Management :
Prof. Swapan Kumar Majumdar,MDP Chairman,Indian Institute of Management, Shillong

Best Teacher in Logistics : Prof. D. K. Agrawal. Dean (Academics) & Chairman – PGP, Indian Institute of Management, Shillong

Best Placement Brochure Contest Results-3rd Place : Indian Institute of Management, Shillong

Best Student In Management Award-9th Place : Sumit Rana, Indian Institute of Management, Shillong

  • PGP Paticipant Achievements

    Arnab Saha & Karthik Krishnamoorthy : Runners up in 'Maven' - The B-Plan at “Xpressions 2010” conducted by Constrat-The Strategy and Consulting consortium of XIMB and Cognizant

    Bhavya Agrawal, Divisha Agrawal & Nagendra Singh : Runners up in'War of Wits' - The HR Flagship event at "Ensemble 2010" conducted by XLRI Jamshedpur and Murugappa Group

    Ila Mishra & Pradeep MS : Runners up in 'Vault' - The Banking Simulation Game at "Backwaters v2.10" conducted by IIM K and Industry Masters

    Bhavit Sharma & Hitesh Gulati : Their Research Paper was selected at the International Applied Business Research Conference in Hawaii, USA

IIM Shillong Signs MOU With Virginia Commonwealth University School Of Business, Usa

Agreeing to cooperate in a broad range of educational activities for the mutual benefit of the students, faculty, staff, institutions, states, and nations the newly signed MOU between the Institute and Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business, USA (VCU-SB) represented by Prof AK Dutta, founding Director IIM Shillong and Mr. Ed Grier, Dean VCU –SB formalizes activities in the line of Student Exchange Programs, Faculty Exchange Opportunities, and Research Collaboration.
In particular, the two institutions will collaborate to meet the demand for developing international professionals who can successfully manage in the new global economy by taking advantage of the education resources of the respective at both institutions.

IIM Shillong Golf Cup Season 3

Yet again, battle lines have been drawn on the green. The third season of the IIM Shillong Golf Cup which was held on the 6th and 7th November, saw participation from more than 150 golfers, including corporates and B-schools from India and abroad. The star attraction of the event was Mr. Mir Ranjan Negi, the former Indian hockey team goalkeeper, whose life also inspired the movie ‘Chak De India’.
It is a one-of-its-kind tournament conducted completely by the student fraternity of a B-school. This global event aims to bring the corporates and B-school participants together by providing them a common platform for interaction. The IIM Shillong Golf Cup also includes a Golf certification Workshop- the ‘Green Jacket’ thattakes ahead the goal of promoting the sport among budding managers at B-Schools across India.
The event spanned across two days with the B-school Tournament on 6th November followed by the Open Tournament with B-schools as well as Corporates battling it out on the green on the 7th. The tournament was played in the ‘Stableford’ format in the 18-hole Shillong Golf Course, which is one of the oldest Golf Courses in the world apart from being the largest in Asia.
The tournament was teed off on Saturday by the Chief Secretary, Government of Meghalaya, W M S Pariat and the Director, IIM Shillong, Prof Ashoke K Dutta. Students from IIM Ahmedabad, FMS, MDI, IIFT, NITIE Mumbai and Delhi School of Economics participated in the Green Jacket Workshop as well as the Tournament that was conducted simultaneously. Season 3 of the IIM Shillong Golf Cup went global with the participation of German delegates from the Hamburg Media School. Dignitaries from Assam Rifles and Air Force also competed in the tournament. Mir Ranjan Negi of ‘Chak De’ fame teed off the tournament on Sunday. It was an intense battle among renowned golfers from across the country.
The event concluded with the Prize Distribution Ceremony. Shri Madan B Lokur, the Chief Justice Guwahati High Court was the Honourable Chief Guest. The ‘IIM Shillong Golf Cup Trophy’ was won by Rommel Majumdar from Brihans Maharashtra College of Commerce and Mr. Vicky Lyngdoh won the award for the ‘Best Golfer’ in the 0-12 handicap category. Ms Suzie Syiem won the ‘Best Lady Golfer’. The Best International B School Trophy was won by Hamburg Media School. The ‘Best Budding Golfer Award’ and ‘Green Jacket’, sponsored by Royal Group of Institutions, Guwahati, was awarded to Mr. Narendra Jha, FMS Delhi among the workshop participants. The prize distribution ceremony was followed by a grand luncheon at the IIM Shillong Campus.
The Title Sponsor of this edition was the Times of India Group and the associate sponsors were Oil India Ltd and State Bank of India. Khadim’s, Signature, Kingfisher, Alpine Hotels and Himat Singka Group were among the other partners.
The 2 day tournament saw as much enthusiasm from the organizers as the golfers, with the students of IIM Shillong putting in weeks of planning and coordination giving them a hands-on experience of what lies in store the future corporate world.

Bharatnatyam recital

On 5th November, The cultural committee of IIM Shillong organized the Bharatnatyam recital by Ms. Geeta Chandran. Ms. Geeta Chandran is a 2007 Padma Shri awardee. She is a renowned artist who has synthesized the knowledge she received from her Gurus to imprint Bharatanatyam with her personal vision of the dance. In her dance presentations, Geeta Chandran skilfully weaves abstract notions of joy, beauty, values, aspirations, myth and spirituality. She has represented the country on the global platform like World Hindi Conference in New York and at the India-60 celebrations at the Lincoln Centre. She is the Founder-President of Natya-Vriksha, an organization devoted to promoting Bharatanatyam, and has designed a holistic style of teaching the classical dance which engages young learners.

Student Exchange Programme

The Memorandum of Understanding between the IIM Shillong and the Hamburg Media School, Germany, was made operational with a Student Exchange Programme. Under this a 16 member team consisting of full time MBA and Executive MBA Students led by Hamburg Media School International Programmes Officer Mr Nils, arrived in Shillong on 31.10.2010.
The Exchange students were enrolled for a 2 credit course of 40 credit hours entitled : India and Media (Strategy) : Perspectives and Prospects under Professor Sanjeeb Kakoty. The course began on 1st November and concluded on 7.11.2010 with their final project presentations.
The course offered a comprehensive understanding of the Indian Media Scene with perspectives from history and culture, economic and social developments as well as global influences. Guest Lectures were delivered by a number of eminent media experts and professionals which included Prof A.K.Dutta, Abhijit Dasgupta, Asish Bhatnagar, Patricia Mukhim, Sanjay Sharma, Manas Choudhury, Mrinal Talukdar, Ted Angshuman Dey, and Abhijan Nandi. While Prof Keya Sengupta and Prof Sanjoy Mukherjee of the IIM, Shillong, also delivered lectures.
Apart from the rigorous class room schedule, visits to the Don Bosco Museum and the Mawphlang Sacred Forests were organised to enhance the teaching –learning experience. Participation in the IIM Shillong Annual Golf Cup, and the Hamburg Media School walking away with the award for International B School Participation caused cheer for the German Students.
The Exchange students were interviewed by AIR, Shillong and a couple of Television Channels and they also addressed a Press Conference at the Shillong Press Club.

IIM Shillong Conducts Fx Options Program At Mumbai

IIM Shillong initiated program on Foreign Exchange Options titled Pricing, Hedging and Applying Exotics and Structured Products was yesterday inaugurated at the World Trade Centre, Mumbai in the presence of the Institute’s founding Director Prof AK Dutta and Shri David Sinate of EXIM Bank of India.
The objective of this workshop is to develop a solid understanding of the current exotic currency derivatives used in international treasury management. "This will give participants the mathematical and practical background necessary to deal with all the products on the market given the current trend where Foreign Exchange options and exotics are becoming increasingly commonplace in today’s capital markets," remarked Prof Dutta.
Participants of this program include dealers, traders, market makers, risk managers, academicians, financial engineers, quantitative analysts, researchers and others who deal with foreign exchange. The program is witnessing full strength participant representation from the Reserve Bank of India, Central Bank of India, EXIM Bank, Andhra Bank, United Bank of India, BNP Paribas, Coal India, Power Grid, IFMR and others.
The 3 day program is led by Professor Uwe Wystup, known worldwide as an extremely experienced practitioner in the field of foreign exchange options. A senior academic and a highly engaging trainer, Prof Wystup is also the founder and Managing Director of MathFinance AG, a global team of financial engineers providing consulting and software for FX options desks. Incidentally, Uwe is also a visiting professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh.
It may be mentioned that this highly advanced three day program concluded on 13 October 2010.

Dance Workshop in IIM Shillong sees enthusiastic Participation

The Cultural Committee of IIM Shillong organised a 10 day long Salsa and Contemporary (Hip-Hop) Dance workshop for the students of the institute which saw enthusiastic participation from both the batches. From 4th to 15th Oct the participants were tutored by Briz Singh of Briz Dance Academy, Guwahati. The sessions were an hour and a half long and were conducted in the evening after classes. Briz who has been in this profession for over 7 years now, has been trained by many International and National Choreographers like Chyhen, Ronnie, Christy Blyther, Sandip Soparkar and Tarique Khan for Jazz, Pilates and Salsa. He has conducted dance workshops in almost every important city of the North East and has choreographed the Opening ceremony of Senior National Badminton Championship. His style of teaching was very innovative one as he would practically demonstrate the steps and he even made the learning process more fun by giving a chance to the participants to improvise.
Salsa which is a Cuban dance form has various styles of which the New York style was taught to the students. Salsa is gaining importance nowadays due to its catchy music and beautiful moves. 46 students participated in Salsa while Hip-Hop saw participation from 42 students. Students were very passionate about the workshop and believed that it helped in the overall development of personality. A participant of Salsa workshop was of the opinion that salsa, being a form of ‘ballroom dance’ would be of help in his professional career as well. Another participant of Contemporary workshop felt that apart from providing enjoyment and fun, dance keeps one healthy and fit. She also said that dance acts as a stress buster.
IIM S also conducts Personality Development Programs every week for the first year students with a motive of developing their overall personality. These programs have various events which test the interpersonal skills, spontaneity of decision making, analytical skills, theatrical skill and group effectiveness of the participants. The dance workshop gave an opportunity for those who were new to the dance forms to learn the new dance forms; for those who had had exposure to it before it was a chance to further hone their dancing skills.

Faculty Development Programme for Royal Group of Institutions

The first phase of the Faculty Development Programme (FDP) for the Royal Group of Institutions of Guwahati is inaugurated by the Director of RGIIM Shillong -Prof. A. K. Dutta on 1st October 2010. The programme is being conducted by a group of faculty members from the IIM Shillong under the guidance of the Director. While part of the programme is conducted at IIM Shillong the most of the technical programme is delivered at Royal Group of Institutions.

Sparsh @ IIMB

Aishwarya and V Chaithanya Vijayan won the first prize in Sparsh on 01/10/10, an event for mobilizing management aptitude to help non-government organizations. There were two case studies given out of which we chose an organisation known as ToeHold to observe the critical problems faced by it. All entries had to analyse these problems and present their analysis and recommendation to these institutions.Out of all entries, three teams were chosen for the final round which was to be held during Vista at IIM Bangalore. Apart from Aishwarya and V Chaithanya, there were two other finalists, one team from IIM B and the other from Great Lakes Institute of Management.
ToeHold Artisans Collaborative (TAC) is a dream project of catapulting the artisans from the shadows to the thresholds of global footwear fashion. It has been conceptualized and implemented through the synergistic efforts of the Central Leather Research Institute which has provided the design and technical inputs, ASCENT created the road maps to entrepreneurial initiatives and market linkages and National Leather Development Program which has supported this.
On October 1, they were all given a chance to interact with the representative of ToeHold and ASCENT, Ms.MadhuraChatrapathy. She is both a Social and a Business Entrepreneur. Based on our interaction, we were required to give an implementable solution. On October 3, Team Vulcans-Aishwarya V Chaithanya Vijayan gave their final presentation in front of a three member jury.

Health And Hospital Management Programme

A certificate course for (Six Months) on Health and Hospital Management was organized at RGIIM, Shillong as a part of the institute commitment to the social obligation to North East under the aegis of CEDNER .
The course curriculum was developed in consultation with the management professionals of RGIIM,Shillong ; keeping in view the challenges in Health Care Services so as to equip the Hospitals professionals and operational efficiency and recourse utilisastion.
The Syllabus was comprehensive by taking a Cue from the post Graduates Programes in the discipline conducted at Apex institutions like , A.I.I.M.S ,P.G.I Chandigardh etc.
It was tailor- made to suit the working hospitals professionals as a part time course with classes in the evening consisting of one project work seminar, case studies and interactive lectures. Eighty (80) sessions were conducted during the six months (120hrs of lecture discussion; project work; case studies; seminar and field visit (120hrs).
The project work was assign to the candidates from their own work situation.
At the end of the course evaluation was made with a Objective Type Multiple Choice Questions. Based on the evaluation of the project and the test the candidates were issued Certificate from the RGIIM, Shillong.
Forty (40) participants applied for admission through a newspaper advertisement and RGIIM Website . Only Thirty (30) candidates were admitted on the basis of their qualifications and availability for the classes as schedule.
The valedictory and distribution of the certificate was held on 21st Sep, 2010. Mr. Conrad Sangma Leader of Opposition Meghalaya Legislative Assembly presided over the function and the Director RGIIM Prof. A.K Dutta distributed the certificate in presence of the faculty and limited number of invited guest at RGIIM auditorium.

15th Know India Programme 2010

September 16, 2010 will now be marked as one of the most important days in the archive of events of the most prominent Centers of Learning present in the Northeast of India - the IIM Shillong, which witnessed the visit of 29 students from across 9 countries of the world, namely Australia, Canada, Fiji, Israel, Iran, Malaysia, South Africa, Trinidad, and the UK currently touring India as part of the 15th Know India Program 2010 representing their countries and institutes as ambassadors.
On arrival at the Mayurbhanj Palace Campus of the Institute, the participants were welcomed by Dr. Keya Sengupta, Dr. D.K. Agarwal, PGP Chairman and Lt. Col Mathew Thomas, Chief Administrative Officer of the Institute. This was immediately followed by a crisp presentation by Dr. Basav Roychoudhury, Head of the IT Department to acquaint the participants about the Institute’s endeavours and achievements since coming into existence two and a half years back.
The participants were visibly impressed by the knowledge that IIM Shillong ‘walks the talk, ’ or rather practices what it preaches by means of ensuring minimal use of paper and other types of consumables towards attaining Sustainability in its sphere of day to day operations. What the participants also found interesting is the Go Green Concept related to its upcoming permanent campus to be established at Umsawli, Mawdiangdiang. It is understood that the upcoming campus would have water harvesting, green buildings, water recycling, green belt development, solar panels for electricity generation, mulching to generate manure for campus beautification, and is currently working towards Green Campus Certification.
It is a well known fact that IIM Shillong has been unique in its setup from the perspective of Sustainable Development being its core thrust area.
The participants were also taken for a round of visiting the current campus and enjoyed the visit through interaction with members of the Student Council, PR Committee and other student formations.
It may be mentioned that the IIM Shillong has been chosen for the visit as an important landmark and prestigious Institution located in the region. The 15th Know India Programme is the initiative of the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Government of India working in tandem with the office of the Confederation of Indian Industry, Assam.

NICT 2010, Guwahati

Speaking at a technical session of e-Learning: The next in the ICT-enabled-Education, the director of IIM Shillong Prof Ashoke K Dutta said information and communication technology had revolutionised the world and transcended national and international boundaries.
"And e-Learning can change the entire concept of learning, acquiring and enriching our knowledge. IIM Shillong is working on a comprehensive project to enable its faculty members to share knowledge and expertise with other institutes of the Country. India is faced with an insufficient number of teachers and e-learning would help in pooling resources and expertise of other teachers for knowledge sharing to compensate the inadequate number of facult" Prof Ashoke K Dutta said.
Appreciating the Telegraph for organizing an event like NICT, Prof Ashoke K Dutta said e-learning would help in effective implementation of the recently enforced Right to Education Act. He, however said a prejudiced mindset and reluctance to embrace change might prove as one of the major hassles in effective execution of e-Learning.

Release Of Second Anniversary Edition Of Niveshak, IIM Shillong’s Finance Magazine And Second Edition Of Symphony, The Annual Magazine Of IIM Shillong

On the 2nd of September, 2010 IIM Shillong had a distinguished guest on its campus who in his three and a half hour long stay made a strong impact on everyone. The guest was the illustrious General Joginder Jaswant Singh who served as Chief of Army staff from January 2005 to September 2007 and was the first Sikh Chief of the Army. He is currently the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh.
General Singh along with his wife Mrs. Anupama Singh on arrival to the Institute were greeted by Prof. Ashoke K. Dutta, Director IIM Shillong. An Auditorium packed with an audience comprising students, faculty and staff members of IIM Shillong extended a warm welcome to their guests. Prof Dutta took the opportunity to formally introduce the guest to the audience. " A human being with a human heart" is how Prof. Dutta described him and welcomed "one of the greatest leaders" of the country. Prof. Dutta in his speech also expressed concern about the North East not getting due media attention for the good work being done in the region. He also talked about IIM Shillong’s thrust on sustainable development and it being the first institute in the country to have a course specially designed to educate students about sustainability, amongst other feats achieved, such as being the first to have a live web cast of its Convocation, besides other initiatives in which the institute has been a pioneer.
Talk on Leadership by General J.J. Singh
General Singh with his experience of heading the army provided a deep insight on Leadership Skills. He began his speech by talking about the importance of the North East, and said that within a thousand kilometer radius of Shillong there would be around 7 countries and it is a strategically important place.
"IIM Shillong has been a trendsetter", he said. The institute has charted its own unique path to success, he said and believes that calculated risk is not a gamble and to distinguish oneself one has to take well planned risks in life. Talking about Leadership in the Army, he said that in the army stakes are very high with national honour and human lives being involved. While many companies would be happy to be the second best, in the army the only option is to be the winner. Thus, one should strive to win and win comprehensively rather than by a small margin. “If your cause is just and path is righteous, you shall succeed” is the General’s belief.

Field visit to East Swalkuchi Water supply scheme at Kamrup District, Assam

Prof. A. K. Dutta, Director RGIIMS visited the sample water supply scheme and total sanitation project sites at East Swalkuchi in Kamrup District of Assam along with Prof. T. K. Giri and Prof. B. Roychoudhury in order to explore the feasibility of the consultancy projects with the CCDU of Public Health Engineering Department, Govt. of Assam and the UNICEF. The field visit was organized by the PHE Department, Govt of Assam.
After the field visit in the first half a meeting was convened in the UNICEF Guwahati office with the representative of PHED, UNICEF and IIT, Guwahati regarding various issues on consultation process in the North Eastern States and the possible role of IIM Shillong.

Workshop On Training Need Assessment In Watsan Sector

Prof A.K. Dutta, Director RGIIMS addressed the inauguration function of the 2-days State level Workshop on “Training Need Assessment” on 23rd August 2010 at Betkuchi CCDU Auditorium organized by the Public Health Engineering Department, Govt. of Assam in collaboration with UNICEF.
The programme was attended by about 60 members comprising of Executive Engineers, SDOs, Zonal Coordinators, District Coordinators and NGOs of the State working in the field of Water and Sanitation Management. Addressing the august gathering the Director has stressed on Attitudinal Changes, Self management and Change management in developing Professionalism in the sector and highlighted the strength of IIM Shillong in this regards. The Director has also clarified the Institutes role in social responsibilities in the North Eastern Region on Sustainable Community Development during the question answer hour of a technical session. Later on Prof. T. K. Giri has facilitated in running the Training Need Assessment Exercise for both the days on behalf of the IIM Shillong as requested.

Pearson Education: MyLabs Demo

On 27th July 2010, representative of Pearson Education gave a presentation on their online education portal – MyLabs. The online education portal comprises of ebooks of all books of Pearson Publications, excluding the low price editions. It also provides question banks and faculty resources which can accordingly be customized. There are separate portal for individual functional areas. The portal can be used to set up online examinations for the students. There are facilities also for students to take mock test to evaluate their preparedness for any given area.

Round Table Meet on Improvement of Traffic System in Shillong City

The Centre for Development of North Eastern Region (CEDNER) of Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management Shillong has organized a Round Table Meet on “Improving Traffic System in the Shillong City” at its Institute premises during 23rd July 2010 i.e Friday between 14.00hrs.- 17.30 hrs in response to a request to the Govt of Meghalaya Traffic Department under the overall guidance of Prof. Ashoke K. Dutta, the Founder Director of the Institute.
Altogether 38 participants from various Govt Departments viz.Traffic, Police, Transport, Municipal Board, Urban Affairs, PWD, Housing, Planning, Environment, Pollution Control Board, Tourism, and Civil Society Organisations, Rangbahshnong, have actively participated and contributed their valuable input to the discussion in order to come out with the possible solutions and action points.
The programme was started with the opening remarks by Prof. Swapan K. Majumdar followed by a brief introduction about CEDNER by Prof. Keya Sengupta. After an introduction and objectives of the Programme by Prof. T. K. Giri, Mrs. Claudia Lyngwa,IPS the DSP City Police, Govt. of Meghalaya made a technical presentation on “Traffic System on Shillong City – the existing status” and focused on various specific problems. A team of 10 PGP Participants (2009-11) of IIM Shillong led by Abra Mahener Reddy made a Case Study presentation on Sustainable Traffic System in Shillong based on their representative sample survey. In the post tea session the thematic discussion on various burning issues on how the lead problems of Shillong Traffic System can be solved was discussed in details and the necessity of formation of alternative pressure groups was felt to amend and implement the various policy issues. The thematic discussion session was moderated by Prof. Sanjeeb Kakoty. The programme came to an end with the formal vote of thanks by Prof. Natalie West Kharkongor.
The Programme was coordinated jointly by Prof. T. K. Giri and Prof. Natalie West Kharkongor on behalf of the Institute.

Spic Macay : Santoor & Tabla Vadan

Every year, the students of IIM Shillong have been organizing various cultural activities showcasing the diversity and richness of the cultures and traditions present in India. This year, in the same spirit, the institute held a SPIC MACAY event – Santoor and Tabla Vadan at the IIM Shillong Auditorium on 13th July, 2010. There were two renowned maestros who visited the campus for the event-Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya and Pandit Subhankar Banerjee.
Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya is one of the world's preeminent virtuosos of the santoor. Coming from a family of musicians, he has received training from Pandit Shivkumar Sharma and Pandit Ravi Shankar. Pandit Bhattacharya has recorded and played both solo compositions and jugalbandis with instruments like shehnai and bansuri. Stylistically, Pt. Bhattacharya differs from many other santoor players in his varying use of tones and timbres. He is regularly featured in the Doverlane Music Conference in Kolkata and has already played twice in Royal Albert Hall, London. His album ‘Nomad Christmas’ was nominated for the Grammy.
Pandit Subhankar Banerjee is one of the very famous players of Tabla. At the age of five, the musical wonder kid was placed under the tutelage of Shri Swapan Shiva, celebrated artiste and teacher of Farukhabad Gharana. He received awards in his early age from celebrities like Satyajit Ray, Pandit Ravi Shankar and the President of India. He joined Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasiya to play with the symphony orchestra in London and in Paris. He was invited by Prince Charles to perform in London with John McCain and Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia. He was the only Indian percussionist to be invited in Tokyo to compose an orchestra with famous musicians from five other Asian countries for the best known festival in Japan, “Asian Fantasy Concert”.
The chief guest for the event was Brigadier Gyan S. Puri. He has a keen ear for music and also plays several key and wind instruments. The event was also graced by officers from the army.
The event witnessed an enthusiastic crowd from among the participants of IIM Shillong. People experienced some enriching and beautiful music at the concert and this captivating performance was followed by the felicitation of artists by the Chief Guest. The musical evening was the first of its kind in this academic year and was the perfect start for many more to come.

Workshop on Culture Building for Performance management for International Hospital, Guwahati

The Director of RGIIMS, Prof A K Dutta, Prof S S Sarkar, Prof R Dwivedi and Prof S Purbey conducted the Workshop on “Culture Building for Performance Management” , 10th Jujy 2010 .
Doctors along-with senior administrative staffs of the Hospital participated in the programme. Chairman of the Assam Hospitals, renowned industrialist and social figure Mr. Chelliah along-with the Executive director of International Hospital Dr. Tanmoy Das also actively participated in the workshop.

Inauguration ceremony of PGP Class 2010-12, IIM Shillong

The third batch of the post graduate program of IIM Shillong was inaugurated on 5th July,2010. The inauguration ceremony was presided over by the Director, Prof. A.K.Dutta. The PGP chairman, Prof. D.K. Agarwal along with other members of the faculty and staff were also present.
Prof. Dutta gave a speech welcoming the new class of 94 students and also spoke about how IIM Shillong has managed to create a brand name for itself in a short span with its state of the art infrastructure & dedicated faculty. The PGP Chairman also gave a welcoming note as did the other faculty members.
Each of the students of the new batch then introduced themselves. The senior batch students also gave their introduction and shared with their junior participants their experiences of the past one year at IIM Shillong.

Management Refresher’s Programme

Centre for Development of North Eastern Region(CEDNER),is organizing the First Management Refresher Programme at IIMS. The Programme which began on 31st May,2010 will continue till 11th June and is attended by participants from all over the country. The participants who have already done their MBA from different Institutes and Universities of the country, have gathered here to acquaint themselves with the latest developments in management studies in this Two Weeks Programme.

WipeOut : A drive against computer illiteracy

IIM Shillong in its short but eventful stint of existence has endeavoured to meaningfully contribute from the perspective of Corporate Social Responsibility, thanks to the dynamic and ever evolving leadership under its Director, Prof Ashoke Dutta.
In its most recent and unprecedented move, the Institute, perhaps, becomes the first of its kind to initiate and offer a Computer Literacy Program for all outsourced and contractual staff working within its ambit, aimed at wiping out computer illiteracy amongst fourth grade staff and security personnel so that they may gainfully contribute to the already established tech-savvy campus.
Basic handling of computers, the ability to negotiate and come to terms with the ever developing nature of work given the technological strength that the Institute boasts of and providing each one with an opportunity to merge within the realm of sophisticated machinery and technology, IIM Shillong through its IT Department has set apart a special module and time to enhance the abilities of such workers to confidently come to terms with the probable future demand of work.
From creating their own respective bio-data, incorporating basic data entry, and learning to type-in leave or other kinds of requisitions that fall under their work profile, the outsourced and contractual employees are fast gaining a strong foothold in the world of computer application.
The best part is that all of this is gained free of cost, with the only motive being to help contribute in this fast paced, competitive and ever increasing challenge of facing a world where gaining employment is directly proportional to being able to handle the computer – even if it is in the most basic form.
In the recent past, the Institute has also initiated various other programs aimed at uplifting the professional profiles of the youth of the state and the region as a whole under its CSR efforts.

Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness

A tailor-made training programme on “Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness” for the senior officials of All India Radio and Doordarshan was organized by RGIIM Shillong during April 26-30, 2010. Altogether 33 participants across different parts of the country participated in the programme. The programme was inaugurated on 26th of April, 2010 where Padmashree Patricia Mukhim, the editor of the Shillong Times was the Chief Guest. Prof. Ashoke K Dutta delivered the introductory address.
In his address, Prof. Dutta shared his experience with the participants and also briefed them about the achievements of IIM Shillong. The Chief Guest Padmashree Mukhimh highlighted about the importance of management education in day to day activities, laying emphasis on its relevance both in private and public sector. There were different sessions on various aspects of management which were dealt with by the faculty members of RGIIM. Emphasis was given on strengthening the soft skills to make the participants effective managers. The valedictory session was addressed by Sri M.Jayarath, Chief Engineer, North East Zone, AIR & Doordarshan. The participants expressed their satisfaction at the valedictory session on the contents and delivery of the programme.

Team Enventure's Presentation

IIM Shillong’s team Enventure, after its stupendous run across B school campuses for its business plan, presented its business idea to Meghalaya government officials on 10th April 2010. High power officials from Meghalaya state electricity department, Meghalaya state non-conventional energy department, Forest department and others including Chief Secretary and Principal Secretary of Meghalaya were present in the presentation and scrutinized the plan. Also present in the presentation were Professor Natalie West Kharkongor and Professor Tapas Kumar Giri from IIM Shillong.
The team comprising of Neeraj Sharma and Hari Krishnan reiterated the need for energy for socio-economic development of state. The team presented its business idea of setting up of “1.25MW biomass gasifier based power generation system” and also its plan to lift people out of poverty in Meghalaya state. Meghalaya state currently has 55% people living below poverty line and industrial development is plagued majorly because of inadequate and irregular power supplies.
The government officials after clarifying their queries asked the Enventure team to submit the business proposal to the Meghalaya state planning department. The state officials appreciated the team and IIM Shillong for their efforts and initiatives towards state development.

First Annual Convoaction : PGP Class of 2010

IIM Shillong held its First convocation on 3rd April 2010 at its campus in Shillong. Hon’ble Union Minister for Finance Shri Pranab Mukherjee graced the occasion as the Chief Guest . It was a proud moment for everyone at the Institute as this was the first batch of students graduating out of this institute. Total of 63 participants were awarded the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). To mark this occasion, there was a First Day Cover cancellation done by Department of Posts, India. Apart from the chief guest Shri Pranab Mukherjee, the ceremony was also graced by Guests of honor Dr. D D Lapang, Chief Minister, Meghalaya and Shri S. Sridhar, Chariman and Managing Director, Central Bank of India.
Delivering his convocation address, Shri Pranab Mukherjee said , "...It is heartening to note that the seventh IIM of the country has marked itself out by its unconventional thinking and innovative ideas. Right from the very start the RGIIM has tried to develop and provide and educational framework that would have Sustainable Management education as the core trust area. Sustainablity as the core of management education is something that is fast catching up, and the RGIIM has certainly showed the way. Moreover, the need to alleviate poverty and to ensure that the benefits of growth and development percolate down to every section of society represents a huge challenge. To meet this challenge successfully would require a paradigm shift in the thought process. It would require the courage to innovate, courage to experiment and above all the courage to accept failures. The decision of the RGIIM to set up a Centre for Development of the North Eastern region represents one such step. This centre seeks to ensure that local communities imbibe the best management practices and become partners in India’s economic growth and success story. I also commend the Institute for its stress on research and development activities. Research combined with extension activities can help in nation building by facilitating the benefits of sound technical to reach more people.
He also said that..."The impact of management educational on students should be holistic in nature and should lead to all round developments. I am happy to note that this Institute is not only imparting the management education but also involving students in strategic sports activity. The initiative of hosting IIM Shillong Golf Cup is and innovative way to train the budding business manager for future challenges. This concept of connecting corporate and academia through sports would create a platform for future managers to understand the complexities, strategic and innovation involved in running a business as well as in creating a business. I am sure that the sense of entrepreneurship developed during the stay in beautiful campus would see emergence of new class of entrepreneur."
Earlier during the day, Shri Rathindra Nath Dutta, Founding Chairman of Governing Board of RGIIM, in his address said, "...This, indeed, is a historic occasion. This is the last for the IIMs which had to build from scratch, reinventing the entire wheel, and that too within a record time. An IIM with a difference - with a core interest in sustainability. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to all who made this possible in particular the Hon’ble Chief Minister and his team, the bureaucrats and the MHRD for their unstinted supports the Director for his pioneering efforts – his faculty and staff and to all of you, my young friends, who chose to come here to this nascent Institute up in these beautiful hills – in preference to facilities available in mega cities- to be a part of the nation building process as the Government plays catalyst in creating opportunities for learning across the country."
...He also went on to tell the students..."But remember, success is a journey, not a destination. You have lit a lamp here and as you take the lamp out into the world, keep in mind that the purpose of the lamp is not just to illuminate itself but to spread lights all around. The best lamp is the one which lights other lamps".
Delivering his Academic Report, Prof Ashoke K Dutta, the Founder Director of the Institute said,"... We think and dream big! In the course of the next few years we shall certainly establish ourselves as Institute of international repute."
The Indian institute of management Shillong, the 7th and the first IIM in the Northeast took a revolutionary step to set up a centre for the development of the region where it is located. Alleviation of poverty of the suffering millions with an inclusive notion of growth and development is an area of key concerns for us and our emphasis on Values and Ethics is our USP. There is a saying, though somewhat clichéd, which aptly sums up the philosophy of our institution. It says: “Do not go where the path leads. Rather, go where there is no path and leave a trail.”
He also said that..."We have tried to develop a sense of value, where understanding and tolerance are important, and not allow narrow sectarianism to fuel conflicts. We have to live up to the challenge that we are facing today, the effacing of confidence and strength of character, mental and moral decay and erosion of traditional discipline."
The diplomas were handed over to 63 succressful graduates by Prof Ashoke K Dutta . Four different medals were awarded to the following students by the Hon’ble Union Finance Minister:
Shri Rathindranath Datta - Gold Medal For Standing First Is Awarded To Shri Aditya Prakash Gore For Securing The Highest CGPA Among All The Students Of The Batch Receiving The Diploma.
The Institute’s Medal For Standing Second, Is Awarded To Shri Mayank Arora For Securing The Second Highest CGPA Among All The Students Of The Batch Receiving The Diploma.
Shri Prof. Ashoke K. Dutta Gold Medal Awarded To Shri Ashutosh C Dikshit For The Best All-Round Performance By A Student In Terms Of General Proficiency Including Character, Conduct, Excellence In Academic Performance, Extra-Curricular Activities And Social Service.
The Institute’s Medal For Positive Contribution To Campus Life Is Awarded To Shri P A Ramnarayanan For The Most Significant Positive Contribution By A Student To Campus Life.
"The First Day Cover Cancellation was done by Shri Pranab Mukherjee in the presence of Chief Post Master General, North East Region, and Chief General Manager, PLI."

Workshop for the North-Eastern Region on Advances in Image and Document Processing

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Shillong and Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Unit (CVPRU) of Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) Kolkata joined hands to organize a 5-day workshop for the North Eastern Region on Advances in Image and Document Processing at the IIM Shillong Campus from 16th to 20th March, 2010. This workshop was targeted at Faculty members, researchers, practicing engineers with background in Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Information Technology and related areas. Participants to this workshop came from all over the north eastern region.
While inaugurating the workshop, Prof Ashoke K Dutta, Director IIM Shillong emphasized on the importance of this area in various spheres. He pointed out that the technology has come a long way since Xerox Corporation started photocopiers, as wherein now, a lot of document and image processing functions are required on a day to day basis, in this age of electronic documentation. Prof B B Chaudhuri, Head, CVPRU, ISI Kolkata introduced the workshop which had sessions on the areas of Visual Cognition, Recent Trends in Document Image Analysis, Machine authentication of security paper documents, Assessment of Image and Video Quality, Statistics in Web-mining, Handwriting Analysis, Information Retrieval and Performance Evaluation.
Dr Basav Roychoudhury from IIM Shillong, who was the convener of the workshop, welcomed the initiative of Government of India in funding such workshops for the north eastern region to spread information on cutting edge research in various areas to the faculty and researchers in the region, which in the long run, would be able to build up a good research culture in the educational institutions of the region.

Leadership and Change Managemen

A One-day workshop for Senior Officials of North East Postal Circle was organized on March 13th, 2010 at RGIIM, Shillong. The programme was conducted with a focus on “Leadership and Change Management”. Participants include Additional Post Master General, Executive Engineer, Medical Officers, Accounts Officers etc. Altogether 25 participants interacted with the faculty members on various issues like communication for effective leadership, understanding self for change management, change management process etc.
The programme, an event in itself was well appreciated given the response and feedback by participants.

Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness for Directors of Postal Services

A workshop for Directors of Postal Services on “Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness” was organized during March 6-7 2010 at RGIIM, Shillong. Altogether 20 participants belonging to the Indian Postal Service cadre participated in the programme. It was a national level programme and the spread included participants from Jammu, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kochi, Portblair etc. Dr. Uday Balakrishnan, Member, Postal Services Board along with Prof Ashoke K Dutta, Director, RGIIM Shillong set the pace of the workshop in the inaugural session on March 6, 2010. Other senior officials from India Post included Shri S. K. Sinha, CGM(PLI), PLI Directorate, New Delhi, Mr. A. N. D. Kachari, CPMG (NE Circle), Mr. Manojit Kumar, CPMG (Assam) who interacted with the participants during the workshop.
The workshop aimed at fine-tuning the participants’ mind for the changed scenario and to prepare themselves for facing the future. The programme being at the behest of the PLI Directorate, New Delhi, the workshop had a special focus on postal life insurance. Prof. Ashoke K Dutta had 2-day long interaction with the learned participants on various issues of effective management. The participants shared their fond experience and learning outcomes of the workshop in the valedictory session.

WagonR Think Big Challenge

New Delhi, Neeraj Sharma, a member of infrastructure cell at IIM-Shillong, has won the WagonR Think Big Challenge, an initiative to give people a platform to present their ideas before industry stalwarts.
Sharma, proposed setting-up a 1.25 mw biomass gasifier-based renewable power generation system in the acute power-deficient industrial area of Byrnihat in Meghalaya, using biomass waste generated by industries in the region.
He was handed the keys to a WagonR car and a cheque for Rs 10 lakh as prize by actor R Madhavan at a ceremony held on March 5 in Delhi.
Other finalists were Vineet Devaiah from Lucknow, Sidharth Srivastava from Mumbai and Ananda Sendhil from Cochin — all three had won the zonal rounds of the challenge.

Tree Plantation held on RGIIMS Permanent Campus

On the initiative of the Director ,RGIIMS, the Tree Plantation was held on the Permanent Campus on 27/02/2010.The Ceremony was attended by the Director, Faculty Members, Officers, Administrative Staff and all the Students of the Institute. Altogether 73 (Seventy three) trees were planted on that day. The Tree Plantation was followed by a lunch at NEIGRIHMS Guest House hosted by the Director on account of the auspicious occasion.

Quality of Medical Care in Health Care Organizations Programme

In tandem with the launch of National Rural Health Mission (NHRM) to bring about quality improvement in the Health Care delivery system in India, the IIM Shillong, in regarding its social commitment had organized a two day MDP for medical doctors and hospital professionals to apprise them of issues relating to Quality of Medical Care in Health Care organizations on the 25th and 26th February, 2010.
During the inaugural session, Prof AK Dutta welcomed the dignitaries, participants and other guests to the programme and highlighted the achievements of IIM Shillong and its commitment to the society in which it operates. The Director expressed his exuberance and delight in view of the overwhelming response to the programme.
Broad areas deliberated upon during the two day long programme included Quality Issues in Health Care, Medical Audit as a tool towards quality improvement, Medical Records and Electronic Medical Record System, and Public Relation Strategy for improved patient satisfaction.
The programme as such laid special emphasis on Northeastern states where the presence of weak public health indicators and health infrastructure has been realized. Though changes can be seen in the facilities provided by the health establishment particularly in the rural sector, and the incentive based newer schemes in the public health sector which serve as great motivation to the patients and health workers, the key success factor is the sustainability, which needs to be ensured to make it a successful venture in the long run.
The programme was made interesting in that the specialists were asked specific questions, wherein they gave a short comment followed by an open discussion on tele-medicine for quality improvement in health care, citing the experiences from Shree Citra Institute of Medical Sciences, Trivandrum, Medical Audit and its conceptual framework, Patient Satisfaction Survey as an ongoing quality management strategy in the hospital, and public relation in the hospital as a quality assurance tool.
Incidentally, the list of specialists in the panel included Dr. U.C. Sharma Vice Chancellor, Srimanta Sankaradeva University of Health Sciences, Dr. M.E. Yeolakar, Director, NEIGHRIMS Shillong, Brigadier A P Mohanty VSM, Commandant Military Hospital Shillong, Dr. Dr. (Prof) R. K. Sarma, former Director NEIGHRIMS and former Medical Superintendent AIIMS, New Delhi amongst other distinguished guests and panelists.
Interestingly, as a follow up to the programme, IIM Shillong will be conducting a six months part time certificate course on “Hospital Management Programme for Doctors and Health Professionals,” which will commence in early April, however, the registration for the same is already underway. The eligibility criteria and other details for the course have already been advertised and may be obtained from the Institute website.

IIM Shillong Holds Leadership Management Program For NGO Leaders

What are the Strengths? What are your Weaknesses? Where are the Opportunities? And where are the Threats? Some of only a few questions that leaders of NGOs were faced with during the one day Leadership Development & Management Program for NGO Leaders conducted by the Indian Institute of Management Shillong at its campus on 09 February 2010.
Persisting with its efforts in boosting capacity building of the society it works in towards international standards, IIM Shillong is known to have proficiently launched various programs, “structured so as to be socially relevant and contribute to the growth of this region through what it does best, teach management and the techniques and thought that go with it, all of this falling under the gambit of its CSR efforts,” were Prof Dutta’s remarks during the inaugural session.
Utilizing the experience, vision, and dynamic leadership of its Director Prof AK Dutta the Institute has not only advocated but practiced Sustainable Development. What is more interesting is the sharing of knowledge base on this critical aspect of overall development and progress, which otherwise, faces the brunt of being lost in the quagmire of formalities and other implications related to being able to secure such knowledge from premiere Institutes of Excellence like the IIMs.
The program on the day kick started with a welcome note and briefing on the initiatives, vision and goal of the Centre for Development of NER (CEDNER) by its Chairperson Prof Keya Sengupta followed by an interactive panel discussion wherein the Institute had roped in social activist and founder President ICARE, Mr. Toki Blah, Mr Naba Bhattacharjee, columnist and activist, Col Indranil Biswas of Exotic Echoes to open the forum for discussion as experts , headed by Prof Natalie Kharkongor overall Program Coordinator.
The program was structured around the fact that development is a process of positive change quantitatively and qualitatively. In essence, development is about people and the way they live and every society and community must initiate its own development process. In this aspect, NGOs have shown an increased role especially in dealing with specific issues like environment, health, employment, human rights, and the like.
In the words of Mr. Blah, “it is important to understand Leadership, a universal issue, through historical perspective.” “How are we as leaders influenced…for leaders are endowed with power and correct use of it is the onus and responsibility that cannot be shirked.”
Col Indranil Biswas stressed on diversity and added that the marketing element is important for generating surplus towards long term sustenance. On the other hand Mr. Naba Bhattacharjee provided valuable input on how NGOs are directly or indirectly linked to governance, and therefore need to be sensitive and must introspect and exchange ideas, “and also have methods of self appraisal to understand where they really stand as an organization.” Questions raised by participants on the difference between Operational and Campaign NGOs were also ably replied by Mr. Bhattacharjee.
In conclusion, the program dwelled at large on the challenges and difficulty of being an effective leader as it involves setting the right goals, communicating ideas, and delivering results. A leader must be able to prudently influence and inspire others to execute a plan. Organizations and individuals respond to well – articulated visions that are strategic, persuasive and measurable.
It is for this reason that the Institute had identified a programme on Leadership and Management, to improve leadership and management capability among the leaders of the NGOs. The programme also aimed at serving as a platform in building inter-group relationships and network to advance the welfare of the people via improved negotiation techniques.
Delivering a world – class system will rely upon confident leaders who can deliver excellence in their own institutions and can work with other leaders to provide the best possible services to all people at large and the youths in particular. Taking this as a background, the Course covered areas such as Self Awareness, Interpersonal Communication, Effective Communication, and Leadership Concepts which definitely help reinvent oneself as a leader and build working relationships while effectively achieving the goals.
The program witnessed 22 leaders from a cross section of NGOs like the FKJGP, KSU, WKHSU, RBYF, Lympung Ki Seng Kynthei, RS Lyngdoh Training Society, KRIPA Foundation, New Hope Centre, Tuber Kasturba Gandhi Gram Seva Kendra, RAWA, Bosco Reach Out, Meghalaya Rural Development Society, North East Network, and a host of others.
Prof Rohit Dwivedi and Prof S. S. Sarkar were amongst others who shared valuable input during the sessions throughout the day.

Workshop on Consulting Skill Developments

Mr Mahesh Narayan,Manager Analytics at Hewlett-Packard, Bangalorehad conducted a workshop on “Consulting Skill Development” as a part of an audit course organized by Prof. A K Dutta and Prof. S K Prusty. The workshop had eleven participants both from PGP students as well as from faculty community. The theme of the workshop was on managing consulting projects, strategic analysis of industries and firms, client-consultant communication, etc. The sixteen hours of rigorous process started at 12PM of 6 Feb and ended at 8PM on the next day. The workshop went on with vibrant lectures, discussions, and class-room role-plays.

Workshop on Consulting Skill Developments

Dr Zahid Gangjee, CEO, Zahid Gangjee and Associates had conducted a workshop on Consulting Skill Development as a part of an audit course organized by Prof. A K Dutta and Prof. S K Prusty. The workshop had eight participants both from PGP students as well as faculty community. The theme of the workshop was on ‘developing yourself a consultant’. The workshop started at 10AM with Dr Zahid Gangjee with a warm welcome from the participants. The workshop went on with vibrant lectures, discussions, and class-room simulation. The workshop ended at 8PM with a vote of thanks by Prof. A K Dutta.
Dr. Zahid H. Gangjee started his own Organisation & H.R. Consultancy in August 1995. His clients include leading multi-national and family owned corporations in India and abroad. He and his Associates specialize in helping organizations, groups & individuals manage change in all its aspects.

IIM Shillong Operationalizes Exim Bank Knowledge Centre

The fully automated EXIM Bank Knowledge Centre at RGIIM Shillong was formally brought into operation on the 10th December, 2009, therein beginning a new journey in the field of Technology with the implementation of the VTLS Virtua Integrated Library Management System and RFID Library Management System.
The VTLS VIRTUA Integrated Library System is not only a standards-based, fully integrated, flexible and open system, but is all this and more. With advanced features such as FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records), Update Notifications through SDI (Selective Dissemination of Information), User Reviews & Ratings, and support for mobile computing, Virtua sets a new standard of excellence for the library world. Providing full multilingual support and leveraging a solid Oracle™ foundation, Virtua is designed for libraries like the Knowledge Centre at IIM Shillong which is said to expect more than what meets the eye.
This Integrated Library System (ILS) completely fulfills requirements of the EXIM BANK Knowledge Centre. Due to its flexibility, it allows for creation of custom profiles for the library and staff user, and controls access to more than 600 functions throughout the system. It is engineered for the robustness and ease of use that library patrons and staff demand. In a nutshell, Virtua allows setting of the rules and parameters that work best for the library.
Moreover, Virtua provides integrated functionality that includes OPAC, cataloging, acquisitions, serials, circulation and reporting. Other components include FRBR, Consortium Databases, Union Catalogs, SDI, Open URL, Vector iPortal and a lot more. With our fully integrated, single-client approach, switching from one module to another is now as seamless as a keystroke or a click of the mouse.
Searching for books, which can be a cumbersome task given the colossal number, is now simplified by using a handheld sensor for physical search or through a database search on the computer, which can zero in on any requisition in quick time. Time loss and efficient output is therefore assured.
In addition, the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM allows users to issue and return books without bothering the staff in the circulation counter, or requiring their physical presence as such. Books are RFID tagged for this purpose and users registered as members of the library get a RFID user card.The users use the card and the Self Issue Kiosk to issue. To return, they use the card and the Return Kiosk (Drop Box).The drop box is placed in such a way that the users can access it 24 hours even if the library is closed. The system provides security to the books, for this a 2 panel gate antenna is placed at the entrance; the gate detects books that are not issued. The system makes stock verification an easier job, a job that takes months to complete, it can be done within a few hours. For this, a handheld sensor reader can be used for searching any book desired from the shelves.
It may be mentioned that the setting up of the EXIM Bank Knowledge Centre is attributed to the innovative thinking and leadership of Prof AK Dutta the founding director of the Institute, whereas the implementation process has been carried out by HCL Infosystems Ltd.

IIM Shillong – Golf Cup Season 2
B-Schools & Corporate Houses test their mettle on the golf course

IIM Shillong organized Season II of the IIM Shillong Golf Cup at the Shillong Golf Course, Asia’s oldest 18 hole course, on 5th and 6th December 2009. The tournament boasted of students from 9 major B-schools including IIM A, IIM L, IIM C, ISB, FMS & XIMB and 50 leading corporate houses like ONGC, Goodricke Group Ltd, Apeejay Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers & Vodafone. Over 150 golfers tested their golfing skills during the tournament. Times of India, were the Title Sponsors, apart from ONGC, Apeejay Group and Goodricke Tea partnering the event.
Prof. A.K. Dutta, Director IIM Shillong in the presence of the Chief Guest Lt. Gen. K.S. Yadava, AVSM SM VSM DG Assam Rifles, and Amitabh Bhattarcharya – VP Times of India Eastern Region, spoke about using golf to bring corporate and academia together. The tournament ewas divided into three categories and Lt Col Ujjaal Singh represented the IIM Shillong took the top honours in the B-School Championships. In the Corporate Category, Mr A.K Behra from Container Corporation claimed the Trophy. Mrs. D Passah was awarded as the Best Lady Golfer of the Tournament. Meanwhile, Lt Col D.S Teotia, Col. UC Hazarika and Lt Gen K.S Yadava were awarded special prized for the Longest drive, the Closest to pin and the Straightest Drive respectively.
In the handicap events, Mr. Sanjeev Jaiswal , bagged the winner award in the 0-9 category, while Mr. Prithvi Raj, IG-BSF bagged the runner up prize. Meanwhile the winner’s prize in the 10-18 category was claimed by Lt. Col. DS Teatia and runner up trophy was bagged by Mr. Robin Fernandes.
IIM Shillong golf cup has also introduced the concept of the ‘Green Jacket’ - a golf workshop, which is an innovation in sustainability- the key theme of IIM Shillong. Here, B-School Students got a comprehensive training from professional golf trainers. Thus, the IIM Shillong Golf Cup is building bridges between all stakeholders in the business world.

Masterplan 2009
Team Enventure from IIM Shillong wins Masterplan ’09 at IIM Ahmedabad

Team Enventure (comprised of Mentor & Guide: Prof. Swapan Kr. Majumdar, Team Representative: Neeraj Sharma and Team Member: Hari Krishnan G) from IIM Shillong won the prestigious Masterplan’09 competition organized by the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, on the 28th November 2009.
Masterplan is a showcase event of IIM Ahmedabad’s annual management summit called “Confluence”. This year the summit was held on the 27th, 28th, and 29st of November 2009.
In the words of IIM Ahmedabad:
“The ever-increasing competition, along with its unique structure, gives Masterplan the image of a giant amongst contemporary events and competitions. Envisaged in 2005 as a competition for aspiring managers with an entrepreneurial drive, it has evolved to remain relevant in the changing business environment. Each year the stakes get higher, the challenges increase and every aspect of business strategy and knowledge is put to test.
The objective of Masterplan is to spur innovation and encourage ideas that are scalable to larger contexts. The event also seeks to develop awareness and understanding of the applicability of different management techniques in a modern enterprise and stresses the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the plan befitting such an event.”
The Masterplan’09 competition consisted of the following gruelling rounds:

  • Submission of executive summaries along with a presentation of the Business Plans from across India’s top B-Schools
  • After evaluation , top 41 Teams were shortlisted after this phase for submitting a detailed Business Plan
  • The business plans were evaluated by IIM Ahmedabad’s Knowledge partner, Frost & Sullivan
  • After a critical evaluation of the detailed business plan, the top 7 teams from IIM Ahmedabad (2 teams), IIM Khozikhode(1 team), IIM Shillong(2 teams), ISB Hyderabad (1 team) & IIFM Bhopal(1 team) were shortlisted for presenting the final B-plan in front of the eminent judges. These seven teams had to also go under a mentorship phase by a team from Frost & Sullivan before the final presentation.
  • After 15 minutes of the final presentation in front of a panel of judges from Frost & Sullivan and SBI, the teams had to undergo a 15 minute Q & A round for a critical evaluation of the B-Plans.

    Thereafter the team Enventure from IIM Shillong & ISB Hyderabad were jointly declared as winners of Masterplan 2009.
    This is the second win of a flagship event for team Enventure, Prior to this they have won the prestigious social venture challenge event “Kalpavriksha” at IIM Indore.

  • Ashwamedha 2009

    IIM Shillong Stands Tall Amongst All (Others)

    • The Flagship Event:Ahvan: IIM Indore’s Annual Business Summit
    • The Location: Over 500 participants; 14 non stop rounds over 2 days; 1 winner
    • The Competition: Glory of beating all IIMs and the other top 30 B Schools across India
    • The Stakes: Ashwamedha;– “Think. Act. Lead”, In search of the Best Leader for India among all Business Schools
    • The Takeaway: Ashwamedha Crystal Trophy; Prize money of Rs. 1,50,000

    With the underlying theme of “Ekameva Jayate” - One Alone Triumphs; the event draws a parallel to the ancient Vedic ritual of the same name, performed to attain power, glory, fame and prosperity. Ashwamedha pacifies the eternal human search for greatness and immortality. It is an event where friends are made; relations are immortalized but a place where no one gives an inch to the other for there is no place for second best.

    About the overall festival - Ahvan:

    This year the overall theme for IIM Indore fest was ‘Imagining India’, inspired from Mr. Nandan Nilekani’s book by the same name. It was a conclave of the sharpest minds from both academic and corporate world. The events integrated all disciplines of management to provide a platform for the best of B school talent to showcase acumen on campus.
    About Ashwamedha – “Think” .“Act”. “Lead”: In Search of the Best Leader
    Known as the “Mother of all B school events”, Ashwamedha is the Flagship event of IIM Indore and has grown from strength to strength over the past 8 years.
    The first round of Ashwamedha, ‘Hurdle’ was an aptitude-based round that stressed on out-of-the-box thinking. 70 successful soldiers crossed over to ‘Ignite’ where they were assigned topics for which ideas had to be presented on 1 out of the 7 topics like irrigation management, river pollution etc. Allowing readers and fellow participants to comment on the presentations uploaded on the ’Ignite’ blog received huge support & enthusiasm.
    The campus rounds began on 19th November with 30 finalists and included unconventional quizzes, public speaking, extempore, strategy games, marketing campaigns, negotiation skills, objective critiquing, creative writing, outdoor performances, community service and the final stress interview. The underlying common theme across most events was the ability of participants to manage between conflicting personal and team objectives across the rounds.
    One had to excel in every department before making it to the final spotlight round. The theme of Ashwamedha had shifted from identifying the best manager till last year, to identifying the “Best Leader” among all participants, this time around.
    The top 30 were finally reduced to 5 who were taken to a nearby village for a task. Provided with 100 rupees and 4 hours of time, they had to constructively contribute to the village in any way that they deemed appropriate.
    The top 5 were finally reduced to top 3 in the final round and that included : Ashutosh Dikshit from IIM Shillong, Raghav Sehgal – a corporate participant (IIM Ahmedabad alumnus) and Vivek Menon from IIM Indore.
    The spotlight round followed which was a Personality/Stress interview conducted by the eminent jury of Prof. Chandrashekhar from IIM Indore, Prof. Vijay Menon (HR Consultant and Pioneer of the concept of Ashwamedha) and Mr. Arvind Sharma, Chairman and CEO of Leo Burnett.
    After the spotlight round that lasted for almost an hour per participant, Ashutosh Dikshit of IIM Shillong was declared as the final winner of Ashwamedha 2009.
    One of the highlights of this round was the response to the question on whether IIM Shillong would live up to the standards set by Brand IIM, to which Ashutosh replied:
    “Completeness and Nothingness are two sides of the same coin. In the same vein, standards are defined by perceptions that people have. For some, academic excellence might mean setting high standards while for others it might mean extra curriculars. IIM Shillong’s two batches has more than 30 gold medalists in combination among the two batches. As far as IIM Shillong is concerned we have been firsts in a lot of initiatives where other B schools are yet to begin – being the first centrally funded institute to have implemented ERP; taking sustainability from concept to execution; to being the first B school in the nation to host the Inter B school and inter corporate golf tournament…”
    He later added that.. “In the short span of 1.5 years of operations, having won Cult Icon (another flagship event at IIM Indore which incidentally was also won by Ashutosh Dikshit himself last year); and winning Ashwamedha and Kalpavriksha (also another event won by IIM Shillong) this time around; all this has not just been demonstrative of IIM Shillong living up to the IIM standards, but creating new ones at that…”
    A small but meaningful felicitation program was organized at IIM Shillong to honour the winners in various events of Ahvan 2009.

    Kalpavriksha 2009
    Team Enventure from IIM Shillong wins Kalpavriksha ‘09

    Bright Ideas: Better World – That is how IIM Indore describes its Flagship Social Venture Challenge event known as “Kalpavriksha”.
    Team Enventure (comprised of Mentor & Guide: Prof. Swapan Kr. Majumdar, Team Representative: Neeraj Sharma and Team Member: Hari Krishnan G) from IIM Shillong won the prestigious Kalpavriksha’09 event organized by the Indian Institute of Management Indore, on the 19th & 20th of November 2009.
    Team Enventure’s Social B- Plan that won the competition aims to provide sustainable energy solutions for the North East while maintaining the triple bottom-line of Socio-economic-environmental balance. Team Enventure feels that the North East India, despite richness of natural resources as well as scenic beauty, remains much bereft of the economic development. Inspired by IIM Shillong’s core theme of sustainability and also vested with a sense of responsibility as well as opportunity to contribute to the development of the region , team Enventure conceptualized sustainable energy as a driver of sustainable development in the region.
    Kalpavriksha is a showcase event of IIM Indore’s annual management summit. This year the summit, known as “Ahvan '09”, was held on the 19th, 20th, and 21st of November 2009.
    Kalpavriksha strives to create a positive societal impact by providing a forum for self-sustainable business plans which seek to sensitize its participants about their responsibility and the potential difference ideas create.

    The Kalpavriksha’09 event consisted of the following gruelling phases:

  • Submission of executive summaries of the Business Plans by over 150 teams from across India’s top B-Schools
  • After evaluation , top 20 Teams were shortlisted after this phase for submitting a detailed Business Plan
  • After a critical evaluation of the detailed business plan , the top 5 teams from IIM Ahemdabad, IIM Khozikhode, IIM Shillong, FMS New Delhi & SIIB Pune were shortlisted for presenting the final B-plan in front of the eminent judges. These five teams had also to go under a mentorship phase by a team from Ashoka Fellows & FINO
  • After 15 minutes of the final presentation in front of a panel of judges comprising of an eminent academician, a venture capitalist and a field expert in the area, the teams had to undergo a 15 minute Q & A round on the B=Plans.

    Thereafter the team Enventure from IIM Shillong was unanimously chosen as the winner.

    As a winner of Kalpavriksha ’09, the team Enventure has also secured a direct entry into the finals of the prestigious “Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition” (GSEC) organized by the Foster School of Business, University of Washington, USA, to be held in March, 2010.

  • Candle Light March On Manjunath Shanmugam’s Death Anniversary

    Manjunath Shanmugam was a well known and respected alumnus of IIM Lucknow, batch of 2003. His was an unwavering voice that spoke out fearlessly against the oil adulteration practices that he observed in his area, as a Marketing Manager of IOCL in Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh. On November 19 2005, the light was blown out and the voice silenced forever when he was brutally murdered, his body riddled by six bullets.
    On November 19 2009 IIM Shillong organized a Candle Light March in memory of Manjunath Shanmugam reiterating our resolve of fighting against corruption and unethical practices and keeping up the name of IIM not only in academic achievements but also act as a guiding light to the society.
    The march started with the Director emphasizing on how the character of a person is the most important asset of his. His speech on maintaining the integrity of an individual gave us important insight on what is essential to survive in this world. No matter how much you are troubled and under pressure it’s the character of a person which will ultimately stand out in these times.
    On the occasion, the student community of IIM Shillong took a pledge to abide by values and ethics no matter how much compelling the situations are. A silent prayer was served to remember the sacrifice Manjunath undertook.
    The march ended with one of the faculties reciting us a few pages of a book written by a mentor and professor of Manjunath. As per his views “I never had such an experience in my whole teaching career and this was indeed a moving moment for me and we should keep the candle burning in our hearts”.
    An MBA from an IIM does not only make you an intellectual in various subjects but also instill values and ethics which act as guiding light to not only the individual but to the society as a whole. IIM Shillong believes in this philosophy and under the presence of a motivating Director and the faculties the Institute thrives towards making a difference.

    Exotic Echo completes one year of existence

    India to become a developed nation requires a higher Human Development Index. The demographic size of our country makes it infeasible for the government to be the sole developer. There is a need for an integrated approach towards development. This challenge has been taken up by Indranil Biswas - a participant of the first MDP by IIM, Shillong, by starting Exotic Echo.
    Exotic Echo plans to bring about a planned development to rural India by forging positive partnerships between people, government and other organizations. Exotic Echo aims at creating localized jobs by means of projects which utilize inherent skills of the people in an innovative and productive manner. This would increase income leading to grass root economic development. The new empowered community would be in a position to self-sustain the maintenance of infrastructure created by the government.
    Exotic Echo presently has presence in 15 villages of North East India and is growing. It focuses on the weaving skills of the region. It is also involved in diabetes screening program to spread awareness and in employing local health educators. This shall slowly be broadened to include all types of basic health related diagnostic tests.
    A number of separate self help groups have joined hands with Exotic Echo. Together they have come up with a Five-year development plan and a One-year action plan to achieve the goals. They organize training programs, workshops, seminars and conferences almost every month.

    Within one year of its inception,it has been able to come up with four product ranges :

  • Kemehi Collection: A limited edition of hand woven home furnishings.
  • Samuh Collection: Collection of bright traditional garments in contemporary styles for children.
  • Classic Tribal Collection: It includes more than 40 designs of traditional designs, symbols and colours; for furnishings, utility items and garments. Good quality yarn and bright colours are used for the same.
  • Zeniho Collection: A range of decorative items made from teak wood, agri-products and wax.

    Future plans include providing easy access to filtered drinking water, energy security, hospitals, roads, schools and sports-cum-cultural convention center to all the villages.
    IIM, Shillong congratulates Exotic Echo on completing one year of existence and wishes it success in all its future endeavors.

  • Entrepreneur on campus

    “Only if you live through it do you understand a business” – words one can expect from an entrepreneur who has built from scratch one of the most talked about and successful dot coms of India- Naukri.
    Sanjeev Bikhchandani, CEO of Infoedge (parent company of Naukri.com) was on a visit to IIM Shillong campus on 18th November and these words of wisdom were part of a presentation he made to the students about his journey thus far in life which he called “Wisdom in Hindsight”. His informal style, filled with humor, instantly engrossed the students listening to him. As he talked about his life, career and how he built his small start up into the highly successful business that it is now, one could gauge the visionary behind the humble personality. He mentioned about the small businesses he did prior to 1997 when he launched Naukri.
    As Sanjeev said, “Best businesses are built on deep consumer insights” – Naukri was also positioned on a keen insight of consumer needs. He narrated the course of his business and asserted to the eagerly listening students the importance of persistence, hard work and innovation in building an enterprise. To conclude he advised the prospective entrepreneurs that they should focus on solving a hitherto unsolved problem and address a scalable opportunity.
    He entertained several questions from the audience comprising, besides students from the junior as well as the senior batches, faculty members and the PGP chairman, Prof. S. Majumdar. After the program, he was joined by all members of IIM Shillong for a high tea. The students were specially eager for a chance to speak with the iconic entrepreneur and discuss their ideas with him. That was followed by an informal discussion between Sanjeev and the faculty and the Director, Prof. A.K. Dutta. With that, his visit came to a conclusion. He departed but left behind an inspiration for all to follow.

    "IIM Shillong signs a MOU with Drexel University, Philadelphia. USA"

    ERP knowing Why and How

    Every organization today is under constant pressure to outperform its competitors, and make a place for itself. Even if the organization is a leader in its area of operation, there is always requirement for improving the processes by making them simpler and faster - while capturing all the data from its various units so as to help in future decision making.
    In essence, the practicality and formulation of a comprehensive approach towards understanding Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was brought to completion on November 12th, 2009 through one of IIM Shillong’s ongoing Management Development Programs titled ERP: Why and How. The two day program which commenced on November 11, 2009 had participants in the capacity of University and college representatives, Govt officials, and private consultants amongst others.
    Prof Roychoudhury while sharing inputs explained that “Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is such an IT system which encompasses the entire organization - be it the finance, production, human resource, planning, academics - just name it. Thus, with such an integrated system, the organization can have all the data at fingertips, while ensuring that data is fed in only once into the system - thus avoiding duplication or multi feeding of unnecessary data through different departments. This system helps in the process workflow - whereby the approvals for different processes can be obtained online, even when the approving authority is not in station.”
    However, experience shows that while ERP provides the above mentioned benefits and much more - implementing it in an organization often becomes a challenge, and if not handled properly may soon snowball into a organizational disaster. With the experience gathered from its own ERP implementation, IIM Shillong felt that a Management Development Program in this area will go a long way in making managers in different organizations aware of the various facets of ERP and its implementation.
    The intention of the program, according to the understanding of a participant was “to allow the managers to lead such an implementation process with considerable ease, and we feel this has been achieved.”
    Areas of focus during the two day program include:

  • Introduction to ERP and current status across industries
  • Business functions, processes and reengineering
  • ERP Modules
  • Vendor Selection
  • ERP Computational Infrastructure
  • Implementation Issues
  • Go-live and post implementation
  • Extending beyond ERP
  • Managers looking at aspects of office automation
  • Managers/teams/Consultants who plan to implement ERP
  • Managers/teams keen on improving the efficiency of their workplace by inducting technology.

    The Program Directors include Prof Ashoke K Dutta, Dr. Basav Roychoudhury and Shri Santosh K Prusty.
    Incidentally, IIM Shillong is enjoying a good response to its MDPs with programs such as Business and Social Challenges for Women, Finance Skills for Non-Finance Professionals, and Customer Relationship Marketing as a Strategic Tool During Economic Meltdown slated for the immediate future.

  • Chinese Language Course

    Indian Institute of Management is one of the first management Institutes to organize a Course on Chinese language, from 1st-14th October,2009. The name of the Course Elementary Chinese Language and Business Chinese, was meant as a add on Course mainly for the PG Students of the Institute. In view of China being one of the most important emerging markets in the modern market economy, there is immense potentiality and vast business opportunities with China. India with its growing emphasis on the Look East Policy is much better placed in comparison with most other nations of the world to avail of such growing business opportunities and establish trade relationship with her neighbor which is today the world’s fastest growing economy.
    Therefore equipped with a preliminary knowledge of Chinese language particularly the business language will be an added advantage for the students .It is expected to be of great help to those who have undertaken the Course and avail of the vast business opportunity that exists at present with China.

    3rd National Conference on Education

    The conference was inaugurated by Prof Ashoke K Dutta, Director, IIM Shillong, who emphasized that education, should move away from the rote methods to methods that develop critical skills. In his well articulated speech he referred to organization, teacher, student and curriculum as the four pillars on which excellence in education is built.

    IIM Shillong Initiates Seminar For Better Health Services

    Continuing in its quest to be socially relevant and responsible to the region, IIM Shillong successfully organized a one day seminar on “Improving Health Care Services through Management Information System”. This program was targeted for health service providers both in the private and public sector. Given the difference in the emphasis and span of these two sectors, the seminar was held on the 6th and 7th of October for each of these sectors separately.
    Apart from administrators of major private hospitals and government health establishments in Shillong, the seminar drew participants from Meghalaya, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and other parts of North East India.
    Bearing in mind the fact that Health Care Management requires a palate of information for its efficient functioning, policy decision & intervention for all kind of services, both curative & preventive, IIM Shillong had managed to rope in Shri Debasis Mullick, IT-Consultant, who had been instrumental in implementing a comprehensive Health Management Information System for the Government of West Bengal developed under World Bank funding.
    Shri Mullick, the main speaker during the seminar, shared well accepted views on the concept, approach, implementation road map, hurdles, and a real time problem solving experience using Efficient Hospital Management System, and addressed the core issue of optimum utilization of resources & generation of a blue print for effective intervention.
    Case after case has shown that lack of information leads to under utilization of scarce resources like – Hospital Beds, Operation Theater, and Diagnostic Tests etc. Hence, effective knowledge of burden of disease helps in effective service planning & controlling of epidemic and endemic diseases. Moreover, effective drug management can help ensure optimal utilization and increases availability therefore reducing wastage.
    “Effective HMIS, as a tool in the hands of policy makers & administrators can bring about a significant change in service quality,” stressed Prof Ashoke K Dutta, founding Director of IIM Shillong while speaking during the inaugural launch of the seminar.
    From a much broader perspective, the seminar on utilization of an Effective Health Management Information System revolved mostly around issues and concern of health service management, problem solving techniques, implementation hurdles, change management & work flow planning.
    At the end of the seminar, the participants thanked IIM Shillong for playing a proactive and supportive role in trying to bring about an effective change in Health Care Services especially in the North East.

    Management Program for Local Entrepreneurs and Promoters of Entrepreneurial Activitie

    The Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management, Shillong in keeping with its vision of imparting quality management education in N.E. Region and with a purpose of inclusive growth and a commitment to social responsibilities, conducted a two – day “Management Program for Local Entrepreneurs and Promoters of Entrepreneurial Activities” on the 22nd and 23rd September 2009. The Program was offered under the aegis of the Accelerated Learning Centre (ALC) of IIM Shillong.
    Prof. Ashoke Dutta, Director of IIM Shillong delivered the key note address in which he emphasized the need for local entrepreneurs and self-help groups to understand the concept of business in order to be successful and engage in fruitful endeavors.
    The Program familiarized and enhanced the skill levels of the 31 participants - small and marginal entrepreneurs involved in sectors like horticulture, floriculture, traditional handicrafts & handlooms, tourism, scientific farming, animal husbandry, local diary product, bakeries etc. The Program also helped the participants in expanding, refining, and increasing profitability of their units through the well researched tools, case studies, class lectures and business solutions provided in the Program. The objectives of the program were to:

  • Understand their existing business scale vis –a- vis their competitor
  • Identify competition and ways to diversify business
  • Get tips for successful marketing of their products
  • Get to know the means of availing financial assistance at lowest rates
  • Manage interpersonal relationship
  • Understand legal issues relating to business
  • Managing money and maintaining Book of Accounts

    Participation certificates were distributed to the participants by Prof. Helen Giri.
    Prof. Natalie West Kharkongor was the Co-ordinator of the Program, along with Anoop Abraham (Academic Associate) as Joint Co-ordinator.

  • Workshop on Effective Management

    Held amidst varieties of other Management Education programs, the 5 day Workshop on Effective Management organized through the Accelerated Learning Centre of IIM Shillong concluded on 05 September, 2009.
    The program led under the Program Directorship of Dr. S S Sarkar, Faculty Member saw a total number of 28 local entrepreneurs, business stalwarts, and eager future managers participating in 10 sessions that aimed at both intense and thought provoking learning to capacitate the participants with knowledge in future prospects of establishing business ventures.
    Such programs are organized by IIM Shillong with the concept of being socially relevant. They are primarily targeted at the local youth populace encompassing the entire Northeast where there exists the potential to share various aspects and concepts of management education. Such programmes are necessary to address the need of the growing number of business enthusiasts. Graduates from various disciplines with an aptitude to harness their managerial skills are being encouraged to participate in such programs.
    The workshop was designed mainly to cover various facets of management viz. finance, marketing, human resources, economic, legal and ethical issues, information technology etc. The course content elaborated on General Management, Marketing & Research, Human Resource Management, Business Planning and Emerging Financial Services. The inaugural session was taken by Prof. A. K. Dutta, Director, IIM Shillong who interacted with the participants and provided necessary inputs for enhancing managerial effectiveness. Other sessions were taken by faculty members of IIM Shillong and invited guest speakers.
    Participants’ feedback reflected the expected outcome of enhancing their respective knowledge base with regards to the latest concept of management and which, in turn, will help them to become better managers and leaders in future.
    Prof AK Dutta, founding Director of the Institute presented the participants with Certificates of Participation on the concluding day of the workshop amidst an enlightening speech.

    Anniversary Edition release ceremony of IIM Shillong’s Finance magazine, “Niveshak”

    IIM Shillong recently hosted 2 distinguished guests, Mr. Geert Linnebank, ex- Editor in Chief of the Reuters group and Mr. Prabhat Sawian, President of the Shillong Lajong Football Club. They were at the IIM campus to grace the Anniversary Edition release ceremony of IIM Shillong’s Finance magazine, “Niveshak” and also to address the students. Also present at the occasion were Professor SS Sarkar, Faculty Mentor for Niveshak, Lt.Colonel Matthew Thomas, Chief Administrative Officer at IIM Shillong and Professor D K Agarwal, Dean (Academics) and Chairman of the PGP programme.
    Mr. Linnebank, a noted figure in the world of media was the Chief Editor of the Reuters newsgroup from 2001 to 2006 and also was the chief architect in the founding of the Times Now channel in association with the Times of India Group. Mr. Sawian is the president of the Shillong Lajong FC that has recently become the first football team from the North East to qualify for the I-League.
    The release of the finance magazine of IIM Shillong, “Niveshak” (the intelligent investor) was clearly the highlight of the event. This magazine that is currently circulated in the top 50 B- schools of the country is a symbol of the tremendous progress that IIM Shillong has made within the first year of its establishment. A completely online magazine, the Niveshak team led by its Editor Mr. Biswadeep Parida, second year student of the PGP programme has managed to garner a huge following in this short span of time. The magazine is a completely student driven activity with everything from the designing and editing to the distribution being done in house.
    The guests interacted at length with the students of the PGP programme and discussed topics as varied as upcoming trends like social media to ideas for development of football in India. Mr. Linnebank spoke about the state of news media in India and the lack of it that exists between journalism and management parse. Mr. Sawian focused on the sports dimension and talked of the evolution of football in the North East and the Shillong Lajong club that is currently being partnered by IIM Shillong in their effort to win the I league.

    IIM Shillong goes Live with Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions
    ndia’s youngest IIM undertakes end-to-end automation to enhance education standards and improve resource management

    IIM Shillong, also known as the Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management, has successfully completed the implementation of the world’s leading student system and alumni development solution for higher education. The institute has implemented various modules from Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and Oracle Applications with the help of Citagus India Private Ltd., a leading IT solutions and services company with specialized experience in implementing PeopleSoft solutions. Incidentally, IIM Shillong becomes the first among India’s Centrally Funded Technical Institutions and Universities, which include IITs, IIMs etc., to complete implementation of a comprehensive ERP solution.
    “In today’s fast changing and highly competitive environment, we are determined to provide quality education to our students,” said Prof Ashoke Dutta, Director IIM Shillong. “IIM Shillong has taken a big step to implement a comprehensive IT solution with the help of Oracle and Citagus. We have sought to reduce manual processes as much as possible, and provide access to real-time information for students and the college management and faculty. This will enable us to focus completely on education programmes for our students and excel in quality and accessibility. It will put us at the forefront of the technology adoption initiative envisaged by the Govt. of India for higher educational institutions in the country.”
    “IIM Shillong is yet another great example of the proven value Oracle can deliver to higher education institutions through our all encompassing PeopleSoft Campus Solutions family. Oracle software has a great track record, successfully being used in more than 800 campuses across more than 20 countries,” said Mr. David Redden, General Manager - Asia Pacific Education Sector, Oracle Corporation. “We are proud to partner with IIM Shillong in their mission to usher in a technology adoption revolution to help drive the enhancement of education standards in India.”
    Excerpts from Mr David Redden’s remarks during the Go live and Press Conference ( Mr David Redden is the General Manager, Asia Pacific Education Sector, Oracle Corporation):

    “ I must say we are extraordinarily impressed with how quick this institution has moved to first of all to select this product and then to implement it and my belief is that, this is the fastest implementation of this solution of any other customer in the world. So I think that comes down to the strong leadership from the Professor (Prof. A. K. Dutta ) as well as his very capable team...

    ....Prof. Dutta, I know that you do a lot of work in U.S. I request you to change the thought of some universities there too. Some institutions carry on for years before taking any decision, and go on for one or two more years to implement the same.... Talking about educational institutions across the world, they face different business challenges. These business challenges are different in different parts of India, different in various types of institution, different in China, in Hong Kong. People are increasingly adopting IT solutions for this....”

    Seminar on Export Potential of Mizoram

    A participant’s feedback to Prof. Ashoke K. Dutta’s speech during Seminar on Export Potential of Mizoram Organized by Exim Bank at AIZAWL on 3rd August, 2009:
    “Your speech at the seminar held by EXIM bank & MEN inspired me a lot. First, thank you for your openness towards developing Mizoram.
    As you see, Mizoram is a young state and all development activities are at its basic. Most of our potentials are yet to be tapped out…We need mass awareness and political will to succeed in this aspect. To have awareness among the people and press the Government small steps taken by MEN & EXIM Bank yesterday is an inspiring landmark in the history of Mizoram. As for your presence I would like to give you a special thanks to you as Mizo people could greatly benefit from your institution regarding your expertise, experience, knowledge, faculty, advice, recommendation and much more. I hope that you stick to what you are saying.
    I on behalf of Mizo people thank you for your enthusiasm to help us. I see that Mizoram can greatly benefit from your help.
    God Bless you.”
    J. lalbiakthanga sailo

    Worshop On Increasing Media Profitability

    IIM Shillong on July 31st, 2009 organized a workshop on Increasing Profitability of Media Organizations. The one day workshop, an initiation of the visionary leadership, is one of the many varieties of capsule programs organized by the Institute as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility effort.
    Participation included CEOs, Senior Managers, Producers and decision makers of various media organizations of the region, wherein deliberation and thought was mainly built around topics such as Understanding Media Business, Revenue Earning Strategies, Cost Reduction Strategies, and New Media and its implications. Intellectual input from Prof Ashoke Dutta, Director IIM Shillong, and Mr.Arijit Majumdar, stalwarts in the field of Media Management, and Dr.Basav Roychoudhury, IT Specialist was well appreciated by the participants.

    Launch Of Symphony Magazine

    T S Elliot wisely said “the experience of achievement, like any other experience, is partially translatable into words.” What started as a dream an year ago, has become a reality.
    Symphony is a milestone in the journey of IIM Shillong and reflects its ethos in myriad senses. It is an attempt of the PGP participants to further enrich the potential of IIM Shillong to become the Mecca of Management Education. Symphony is a mission to reveal the obscurities of the management science with panacea. Right from its inception, IIM Shillong has focused on the concept of sustainable development. This theme is further reflected in the articles that adorn the pages of our experiences over the past year. The magazine presents the reader with articles covering a wide variety of topics ranging from finance to marketing and from strategy to HR.
    The maiden issue of the magazine has been successful in bagging a sponsorship of more than 1 lakh from SBI, United Bank of India, including an international sponsor – the Tolaram Group of Singapore.
    Maiden issue of Symphony was launched by Mr. V.K. Abbey Chairman & Managing Director NEEPCO in presence of Guest of Honour, Prof Satyajit Chakrabarti, who is Director of IEM, Kolkata and Prof. Ashoke K Dutta, founding Director, IIM Shillong.
    Prof. Dutta stressed on more initiatives from participants of PGP for their overall development. Mr. Abbey told that NEEPCO is ready to extend its support for the next issue of Symphony and would like to gain from the expertise of the students of IIM Shillong. Prof Chakrabarti stressed on the importance of 1st and 2nd batch of any Institute in building it. Editorial board told that this is a milestone in IIM Shillong in its quest for excellence.
    Also present on the dais was Dr. Naliniprava Tripathy who extended the vote of thanks, and congratulated the Editorial Team for their remarkable effort.
    Symphony depicts harmonious combination of sounds and colours which gives a true picture of Meghalaya where it is located. Situated in the serene environment of the North eastern part of the country, IIM Shillong aims to become a global Centre of Excellence for the 21st Century Management Education and Research.

    Team Symphony comprises of:
  • Mentor :
    Prof. Ashoke K Dutta
  • Faculty Advisor :
    Prof. Naliniprava Tripathy
  • Editorial Board:
    Aditya Prakash Gore Asit Jain
    Kumar Abhishek
    Pranab Talukdar
    Rashi Agarwala
    Saugat Das
  • Concept Team :
    PNV Kannan
    Manjunath M
  • Circulation Team :
    Gaurav Arora
    Sarvesh V Chowdhary
    Tripurari Prasad
  • Website Team :
    Harsha Jhunjhunwala
    PNV Kannan

  • Foundation Course On Leading And Managing For Sustainability

    Faculty : Jamie Hendry, Ph.D. Management,Associate Professor,Bucknell University, Lewisburg,PA,USA.
    Goals for the seminar : Participants in the seminar began by exploring how personal and organizational values are relevant to organizational functioning and how various types of cultures influence individuals’ actions. And also explored on how to apply stakeholder theory to manage organizations in ways that benefit the organization, society, and the natural environment.
    Participants identified some of the most significant socio‐economic and (separately) environmental challenges facing humanity and India in specific, looked at ways some organizations are addressing these challenges, and will be prepared to begin thinking about how their own future organizations might take action.
    Participants were able to develop an introductory understanding of sustainability (whether viewed in a personal, community / social, organizational, national, or global context), saw why acting sustainably is vital to the future flourishing of human society, and understood how various types of organizations have roles to play in creating a more sustainable world.

    Areas covered in this seminar :

  • History of Organizing and Managing
  • Values and Cultures
  • Managing for Stakeholders
  • Leading and Managing for Sustainability
      a.General questions about sustainability
      b.Social Challenges
      c.Environmental Challenges
    Seminar Resources : In order to model sustainable behaviors and life‐long learning activities, the seminar avoided paper handouts whenever possible, instead employing videos, readings, and cases.
    Seminar Pedagogy : Years of educational research have demonstrated that people learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process; further, more often than not, peers learn and retain information gleaned from their peers better than from those whom they do not consider peers. Thus, participants in this seminar were involved their active engagement in conversations about topics relevant to sustainable management. The professors only did minimal lecturing; they helped stimulate discussion, refocus the class as needed, correct misinformation when appropriate, and otherwise mentored the conversation.

  • SPANDAN – 1st Cultural Nite for the academic season 2009-10

    SPANDAN – 1st Cultural Nite for the academic season 2009-10

    The 1st Cultural program for the academic session 2009-10 called “Spandan” was organized on 22nd July, 2009 by the Cultural Committee of IIM Shillong at the Institute auditorium. It was an evening filled with the traditional colours of Indian Culture as well as the exhibition of the profound talent of the newly arrived 2011 batch.
    The evening started off with a welcome address by the Director of the Institute, Prof. Ashoke. K. Dutta. A Rajasthani troupe of Folk Music & Dance had been invited from SPIC MACAY (Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth). The troupe led by Shri Roze Khan Mangiar is internationally renowned for their portrayal of the rich cultural heritage of the Folk music & dance of the vibrant land of Rajasthan. The group consisting of 7 male singers & musicians and 2 female dancers has performed in Germany, France, Holland, UK, Russia, USA, Japan, among more than 50 different countries. The group has also been featured several times on Television by various channels. The far-famed artistes enthralled the audience with a host of song & dance sequences. The music was primarily played with traditional Rajasthani instruments hand made by craftsmen and the two dancers displayed one of the finest forms of dance prevalent today – the Rajasthani folk consisting of dancers balancing up to 7-9 brass pots on their head while showcasing their graceful dance moves, dancing on top of sharp-edged swords and glasses. The male singers, on the other hand, kept the audience’s excitement high with famous numbers like “Nimbuda”, “Padharo Maro Des” and “Damadam Mast Kalandar”.
    After an entertaining performance by the troupe, it was time for some local action. The newly arrived PGP batch of 2011 got an opportunity to show what they had in them in terms of their cultural talent. And the performances they gave to the crowd were indeed show-stopping. Be it the sizzling dancers, the rocking singers & musicians, the innate stage actors, they had them all. The scintillating act by a world-class pianist among them is worth a special mention here. The PGP ’11 batch, with their brilliant entertainment, kept the crowd on its feet from start till the end.
    “Spandan”, an evening of Indian cultural grandeur and the talent exhibition of IIM Shillong, finally came to an end, with the images of the pulsating evening etched in the minds of the audience for eternity!

    Video conferencing with SAP

    On July 22nd,2009 The Operations and Systems club IIM-Shillong (OASIS) organized a video conference session for the PGP 2010 and PGP 2009 batches of IIM-Shillong with Mr. Ramakrishna Potluri, Head of SRM Regional Group, SAP Asia-Pacific & Japan at SAP Labs.
    The session was for about 70 minutes and Mr. Ramakrishna explained the various career opportunities available for MBA Graduates in the Information Technology sector, he also explained in detail about the various aspects of IT Project/Product Management. This included the roles and scope available with each career opening for the management students of B-schools like an IIM. He related the discussion to his experiences in the industry and the kind of growth and skill sets required for different roles. This was followed by an interactive Question and Answer session.
    Mr. Ramakrishna was appreciative of the various topics and ideas that came up during the course of the session. The students too were very appreciative of the discussion and OASIS efforts.

    Vision To Victory Research Agenda for Sports

    The Indian Institute of Management, Shillong (IIM-S) and the International Sports Tourism Research co-Laboratory (i-Team) of Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA have jointly proposed a research project on the Commonwealth Games to be hosted in New Delhi in 2010.
    As a part of the exploratory discussions, a round table conference on the proposed project was organised by IIM, Shillong here on 20th July, 2009 at the India International Centre, New Delhi.
    The IIM Shillong and Drexel University’s i-Team will join hands to plan and execute an international research programme for scholars and graduate students titled ‘Sports India’.
    The objective of the project is to expand know-how on professional management in sports through field and case studies as well as allied research in India. This research project on 2010 Commonwealth Games is a part of this contrive. Another notable aspect of this research project is to expand local experiences globally by sharing the experience of the 2010 Commonwealth Games to other sports organizations and academic institutions in India and abroad. The medium of sharing this experience will be through presentation of research findings, website postings, reports and scholarly in-depth articles in relevant journals.
    There are four research components in the 2010 Commonwealth Games project. These will include resident perceptions study, consumer profiles and economic impacts, social-cultural impacts and an analysis of the organizing committee’s function.
    The one day program was initiated under the leadership of Prof Ashoke K Dutta, Director IIM Shillong and Prof Douglas Turco of Drexel University.

    Orientation Programme on Microsoft Dynamics

    The Institute has tied up with Microsoft to participate in Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance. With this alliance, the Institute will use Microsoft Dynamics (the ERP solution from Microsoft) for teaching purposes. The entire Microsoft Dynamics package is now available with the Institute.
    In this regard, an Orientation Program was conducted from 15th to 17th July 2009 by Shri S Tiwari, a consultant from one of the Microsoft’s Gold Partners. The idea behind this program was to provide an overview of the package and the ways of configuring the same for different businesses.
    The orientation program was attended by Prof. B Roychoudhury, Shri Shankar Purbey, Shri Achyanta Sarmah, Shri Zicco Shira and Shri Banteilang Syiemiong.
    Prof. Ashoke K Dutta and Shri A Mazumdar attended the inaugural session

    Sports Sponsorship Management

    Douglas Michele Turco, Ph.D., an associate professor from Drexel University's Sport Management program. Prior to arriving at Drexel University, Turco taught sport and tourism courses at Illinois State University, where he was named the University’s Outstanding Teacher in 2002, and at DeSales University, where he received two teaching awards. Turco is also a faculty at IMC FH-Krems (Austria) and IESE Madrid. He has advised more than 50 students on research projects, thesis, and dissertation committees.
    Turco teaches courses on sport event marketing, international sport management, sport tourism, and sport management research. He has authored more than 40 research articles in journals including Sport Marketing Quarterly, International Journal of Sport Management, Journal of Travel Research, and the Journal of Sport and Tourism. In addition, he has also authored several books, including Sport Tourism (2002, with R. Riley and K. Swart - 2nd Ed. in 2009) and Sport and Event Marketing (2001, with N. Pope), and presented at research conferences in Canada, South Korea, South Africa, Taiwan, Germany, Cyprus, Spain, Poland, Hungary, and Portugal.His current and most recent studies involve the impact of sport tourism at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, 2009 U.S. Open Golf Championship, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2007 Cricket World Cup, 2006 Torino Olympic Games, 2005 Little League World Series, and Highland Athletic Games National Championship.

    Video conferencing with Hero Honda Motors Limited

    The students of IIM-Shillong, had an interactive video conferencing session with the Director-Operations (Mr. V.Khasbekar) and the Senior Manager-Planning (Mr.Amit Agarwal) of Hero Honda Motors Limited (HHML).
    The video conference was arranged by the Operations and Systems club IIM-Shillong (OASIS). In a video conference that lasted 35minutes in the board room, with one of the top management person in HHML. The students gained invaluable insight on operational strategy in the face of recession, supply chain issues, vendor management, consulting, business processes and the utility of ERP in the real world applications of an auto-maker that has showed 30% growth in sales despite recession.
    The Hero Honda team was happy with the new ideas and perspectives that came up in the course of the discussion. The session ended with a note that the event is a predecessor for more important interactions between companies and IIM-Shillong.

    Sports As An Agenda For Employment Generation
    (Organized by IIM Shillong in association with Assam Sports and Youth Welfare Department) Venue: Assam Administrative Staff College, Assam

    With sports and its related activities being identified as a potential area for employment generation, RGIIM Shillong has roped in Prof Doughlas Michele Turco, a sports management specialist from Drexel University, USA to discuss and chalk out a framework for generation of employment through sports gauging the potential available in the North East of India.
    The conference organized by IIM Shillong in association with Assam Sports and Youth Welfare Department was attended by sports department officials of the northeastern states of India, viz., Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Nagaland and Assam.
    During an interactive session, Prof Turco suggested involvement of other stakeholders including chambers of commerce and tourism department. He added entrepreneurship in sports has increased manifold with non-competitive and recreational sports becoming overwhelmingly popular across the world.
    Prof Ashoke K Dutta, Director IIM Shillong also elaborated on the potential of the region and said that proper marketing of sporting events, whether professional or indigenous, by roping in competent expertise could draw attention and help create tourist friendly atmosphere.

    Induction Ceremony Of II Batch Students And Celebration Of The Institute’s First Anniversary

    The induction ceremony, which was graced by Dr. D. D. Lapang, Chief Minister of Meghalaya as Chief Guest was an event where the bright- faced future managers and leaders of the country were blessed with words of encouragement and counsel.
    “It has been a long struggle and now dreams have emerged into reality. Meghalaya is proud to have facilitated the start up of a world class IIM in this part of the country. Determination to succeed is your right and no one can take that away from you,” were expressions of Dr. D.D. Lapang during his address, wherein he accredited praise to the visionary leadership of the Institute.
    Success and accomplishments should not be our only source of contention. Instead, we should learn to appreciate the unseen activities done by others which leads to a result, were the words of Prof. Ashoke K Dutta, founding Director of the Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management, Shillong during a stirring gathering on the eve of the Institute’s first anniversary on July 3rd, 2009. Prof Dutta during his address recounted the contributions of past colleagues and friends who urged him forward by able support work.
    Earlier during the occasion, the new batch of students were administered a pledge by Prof D K Agarwal, Dean Academic Affairs. Other significant dignitaries present were Shri Rathindranath Datta, Chairman of IIM Shillong, Shri Ranjan Chatterjee, Chief Secretary and Member of the Board of Governors, and Shri Falguni Rajkumar, former Secretary NEC.

    Certificate Distribution & Passing Out Ceremony

    IIM Shillong awarded certificates to successful candidates of the Certificate Course in Retail Management and Sustainable Enterprise and Retail Management at the passing out ceremony on its campus on June 12th, 2009.
    Shri Shekhar Dutt, Deputy National Security Advisor who was the Chief Guest handed over the certificates in the presence of Prof A K Dutta, Director IIMS. Also present was Shri DAJ Sawkmie, Deputy Director North East Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences as Special Guest.

    Small Business Management

    Going beyond its conventional styles of organizing various training programs, this time around IIM Shillong has initiated a training program of local relevance titled “Small Business Management.”
    In its quest towards contributing management inputs to the local youth population of Meghalaya and North East as a whole the Institute, continues to take responsible steps in enhancing overall development and adding to the local business acumen, this time, by organizing a 5 Day Training programme on “Small Business Management” at its campus at Nongthymmai, Shillong from May 25-29, 2009.

    NrityaSandhya, Cultural programme by Spic Macay and IIM Shillong

    The Students of IIM Shillong, in association with Spic Macay had organized Nritya Sandhya on April 20th, 2009 at the Institute Auditorium.
    The Cultural Event was an attempt to reduce the onslaught of rapid change and global homogenization, and more importantly the marginalization and dilution of our multifaceted Indian heritage. The Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical and Culture Amongst Youth, often known by its initials (SPIC MACAY), is a non-profit organization which promotes classical Indian music, dance, and Indian culture, established by Dr. Kiran Seth in 1977 at IIT Delhi. Ideally, SPIC MACAY seeks to conserve and promote awareness of our rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry amongst the youth of this country, and to facilitate an awareness of their deeper and subtler values.
    During the event, the audience was treated to a splendid performance by senior dancer of Jaipur Gharana of Kathak , Prerana Shrimaliji. Preranaji  whose endeavour is to expend the Kathak repertoire by choreographing new and highly acclaimed compositions based on ancient, medieval and modern poetry was accompanied by Fateh Singh Ganganji the famous tabla vadak and Pakhawaj exponent, and Shri Ehsaanji who played the dual role of a singer and a sarangi player.
    The evening also witnessed the joyous dance of Bihu, a folk dance of the State of Assam which was performed by young men and women characterized by representation of youthful passion and rhythmic exuberance.

    IIM Shillong Golf cup Season 1

    In order to foster teamwork and ability to bring out individual through sports, IIM Shillong Golf Cup was held on the 18th and 19th April, 2009 at the Shillong Golf . The tournament that saw 120 golfers participating was organized by the students and alumni of IIM Shillong (Officers of Assam Rifles) under the leadership of the Director himself, Prof Ashoke K. Dutta.
    The entire tournament was layed in the Stableford format. Shri Ranjan Chatterjee, Chief Secretary, Government of Meghalaya was the Guest of Honour at the inauguration, while Shri Ashok Thakur, Additional Secretary, Ministry of HRD, Government of India was the first to tee off.
    The first day witnessed a competition among the leading business schools of the country. The high tea hosted by His Excellency, the Governor of Meghalaya and also a patron of the IIM Shillong Golf Cup was the highlight of the first day.
    On the second day, the competition intensified as participants from leading corporates entered the fray. The event concluded with a grand prize distribution ceremony with Major General K.S. Sethi as the Guest of Honour. The dignitaries who graced the occasion praised and encouraged the efforts of the organizers who achieved this within a year of its operation and with such unique thinking and precision.
    Dr. Pankaj Chandra, Director, IIM Bangalore said, “A unique approach by the pioneer batch is applaudable.” Mr. Ashok Thakur mentioned that “IIM Shillong has been able to differentiate itself from the cutthroat competition by taking a much more cooperative effort.”
    The delighted Director of IIM Shillong, Prof Dutta congratulated the students and the Shillong Golf Club for bringing this event to a successful conclusion. The tournament as such is an attempt to facilitate an interface between the cream of the Corporate and Academic worlds. The way forward is to make this tournament the most talked about amateur golf tournament within the next coming years.
    The list of winners in the tournament are as follows:

    B Schools

    Closest to pin:

    Col. Sampath Gopalan

    Longest Drive: Mr. Hironmoy Chatterjee

    Corporate + B school

    Closest to pin:

    Mr Suresh Singh

    Longest Drive:

    Lt. Col. Ahlawat

    Club Members

    Runner Up Individual: Col. Tejinder Kumar
    Winner Individual:

    Anthony Hek



    Ms. D. Passah

    Saturday Prizes

    Individual Runner Up: Lt. Col. LM Sharma (IIM Shillong Alumnus)
    Individual Winner: Mr Pradip Das (IISWBM)
    Team Runner Up: Mr. Asim Chatterjee & Mr. Hironmoy Chatterjee (IISWBM)
    Team Winners: Lt. Col. LM Sharma & Lt. Col. Ujjal Singh (IIM Shillong Alumnus)

    Sunday Prizes

    Individual Runner Up: Wng Cdr R Sahoo
    Individual Winner: Capt. P. Mishra
    Team Runner Up: Mr. Raikhan & Mr. Nagarajan
    Team Winners:

    Col RS Kang & lt. Col Ahlawat.


    Minutes of the Faculty Round Table held on November 21, 2008

    Speaker : Prof.  S K Prusty
    Topic of discussion : Interactive session on Archives of US-China Virtual Symposium on “Building Virtual Global Communities"

    The faculty members of IIM Shillong had an interactive discussion session on the archives of the panel discussion of US-China Virtual Symposium on “Building Virtual Global Communities" held at Drexel University on November 11-13, 2008. Prof. Ashoke K Dutta, Director, IIM Shillong had attended the Symposium at US. His views on the digitalization of higher education, including management education in India were discussed in the faculty round table. He explained the cost-benefit model of digital university campus and emphasized its need and utility in India in 21st Century. Prof. Dutta also briefed about the IIM Shillong’s initiative towards the making of fully digitalized campus. The faculty members of IIM Shillong critically discussed the opinions of different panel members of the Symposium and finalized the coming course of action in line of the digitalization process.

    Fin Games:
    The Finance Club organized two games namely “Discovering Harshad Mehtas" and “Discovering Warren Buffets" on 11th November 2008 to give its members a real time hands-on experience on the Stock market and Portfolio building. The first game was about aggressive day trading while the second was on developing long term investment strategies.

    ConQuest, The Consulting Club organized ConQuer, A set of events to give insights into the world of consulting. The events comprised of: ConQuiz,  A quiz about various consulting verticals, Industry Insight, a sector analysis competition about how the US meltdown has affected various sectors in India including Oil and Gas, Financial Services, Real Estate, Retail, Logistics, Telecom, IT and Media & Advertising and Negotiation, an event aimed at giving hands on experience to students about how negotiations actually takes place.

    Diwali Celebrations:
    The festival of Diwali was celebrated with great zeal and vigor. The whole campus was lit up with sparkling diyas and decorative lights. Creative rangolis made by the IIMS students added colours to the occasion. The students presented themselves in traditional outfits setting the atmosphere for a cultural get together. The evening was initiated with the lighting of the borne fire by IIMS Director Prof. A.K.Dutta, which was followed by various fun activities involving the student and the faculty community. The sky was decorated with the colourful blast of fire crackers.

    Cult Nite: 
    The Institute organized its 1st cultural night on 20th October, 2008, which consisted of the performance by the famous Rock band “SNOW-WHITE". The events took off with the classical performances such as BharatNatyam and Drums Ensemble by the students of the Martin Luther Christian University, Shillong. This was followed by singing, dancing and mimicry performances by the IIMS students. A small show by the IIMS band increased the liveliness of the crowd. The night was concluded with a Rock show by SNOW-WHITE who rocked the college for 3 hours. All the students including the faculty members were exuberated, showing their enthusiasm by thumping their feet to the beats of the rock music. That night was the first cultural landmark in the history of IIM SHILLONG portraying not only a thrust on academics but also in extra-curricular activities.

    IIM Shillong on “Events that shook the Wall Street":
    The month of September was marked by fall of iconic banks across the world, primarily the wipe out of the last of the standalone I-Banks of Wall Street. On 9th October 2008, The Finance Club of IIM-Shillong organized a session on the events that led to the worldwide disaster, how the story unfolded, the possible implications on the world of Finance and also the placement scenario at B-Schools after Wall Street. This was presided over by the finance Club mentor Prof. Suvendu Bose.  Prof. Dipak Gandhi also joined the party and threw light on “Casino Capitalism"- how actually is the financial system in the US governed and how did these I-Banks “gamble" their money in the market which led to the biggest crisis of our time. 

    Niveshak Wall Street Special Edition released:
    The Finance Club also came out with a Wall Street Special Edition of “Niveshak –The Investor" which was released by the esteemed professors after the brainstorming session. Niveshak is a students’ driven financial monthly magazine of IIM Shillong.

    DGQA Seminar on Quality & Security

    DGQA Seminar on Quality & Security held in the presence of Prof Ashoke Dutta, Director and faculty members of IIM Shillong

    Brain Storming Session

    Held, Brain Storming Session on the ways and means to overcome the Faculty Shortage in the Management Institutes in India. Participants expressed their grave concern over the growing disinterest in Research works in Management Studies.The Director highlighted the desire of IIM, Shillong to tackle this major problem facing the Management Institutes. Mr Shantikam Hazarika of the Assam Institute of Management and Father Joseph,Vice Principal of St Anthony’s College expressed their opinions that students already holding  a PhD degree in other subjects could be inducted for pursuing PhD in Management Studies. Dr Shrivastava, Member NEC, Shillong appreciated the achievements of IIM Shillong and assured the assistance of NEC in all respects. . Among the others who participated in the Session were Prof K.K. Choudhury, Director Army Institute of Management, Prof Petiya, Director, Indian Institute of Forest Management, Mrs Rekha Modi, Founder of Stree Shakti etc. A Videoconferencing with Prof Galen Godbey of DeSales University on “Peep into the Future of Management Education“ was also organized on the occasion. It was participated by the Director of IIM, Shillong the faculty and the students. The discussion centered on the scope and opportunities of Research Collaboration in Management Studies between India and America.

    Group Discussion of Principals of Colleges

    Held, Group Discussion of Principals of Colleges in Meghalaya on “Challenges in the Field of Higher Education.” During the GD, for the first time in India a software based video conference was held using Intellisys Vennfer software where the participants interacted with Mr. Soumen Chakraborty of Intellisys Vennfer, Kolkata.

    MDP programme on “Best Business Practices for Project Management”

    Held MDP programme on “Best Business Practices for Project Management” designed for Meghalaya State Civil Service Officers.




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