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  • IIM Shillong memorialises Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

    Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam will forever be remembered as one of the most beloved presidents of India. Dr. Kalam’s love for teaching was no secret and he was a guest lecturer at IIM Shillong for three years before his unfortunate demise at IIM Shillong, doing what he loved.

    One year hence, IIM Shillong has started a new initiative - the Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Lecture Series, in his fond memory.The day commenced with a remembrance meet at the IIM Shillong auditorium where the entire IIM Shillong fraternity lit candles in fond memory of Dr. Kalam. The first lecture in the series was held at the Meghalaya State Convention Center in the presence of distinguished guests from across the country.

    Students of IIM Shillong prepared a video to pay homage to the Missile Man and also talked about the various initiatives taken by them. Nurturing Minds is a program started to spread Dr. Kalam’s teachings and propagate his ideas, wherein students of IIM Shillong teach underprivileged children from schools across Shillong. Among the other initiatives taken were Prakriti, the tree plantation drive and a canvas painting event which was organized on his birth anniversary.

    The first lecture was delivered today, by Dr. Manas K. Mandal, distinguished Scientist & Director General - Life Sciences, Defence Research & Development Organization, on the topic “To lead change and the changed way of leading”, which revolved around the non-traditional forms of leadership. He mentioned how Dr. Kalam had inspired him and the nation as a whole. He spoke about how Dr. Kalam had a different approach towards leadership and how he subtly changed the thought process of each one of us. He said “A leader can integrate context, content and intent.”

    In addition to the lecture by Dr. Mandal, Dr. Amitabha De, Director IIM Shillong, also addressed the gathering. He announced that various initiatives would be undertaken by IIM Shillong, in remembrance of Dr. Kalam. The permanent campus will house a 2000 sq. metre., 800 student-strong auditorium named after him, with a bust of “Kalam Sir” outside the auditorium. Also, a center will be opened in his name, as the A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Centre for Public Policy.

    Shri Falguni Rajkumar, Chairman, Board of Governors, IIM Shillong gave the closing address in which he said “Dr. Kalam was a bureaucrat and a scientist and had the rare quality of humanity, which distinguished him from the rest.”

    Dr. Kalam will always remain an integral part of IIM Shillong and its students will always try and take forward his legacy.

    “Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended” - Dr. Kalam


  • IIM Shillong Inaugurates its Largest Ever Batch

    Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Shillong, the seventh oldest IIM of the country inaugurated its largest ever batch of its flagship Post Graduate Diploma in Management program. The Batch of 2016-18 comprising of 185 students, is twenty more than the latest previous batch. The Institute, which started operations in 2008 with a batch of 68 students, today has grown to nearly three times that size. Alongside PGDM, the Institute also inaugurated welcomed the fifth batch of its Fellowship Programme in Management (FPM), the doctoral programme of the IIM.

    Speaking as Chief Guest of the event, Mr. Ambarish Dasgupta, Partner and Head, Management Consulting, KPMG India exhorted, “Chase excellence and knowledge, money and career will follow. Dive deep into the subjects you wish to study and question yourself at every step whether you are heading in the right direction.”

    The inauguration function was also attended by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Shri. Falguni Rajkumar who during his address to the new batch stated, “This part of the country denotes immense potentiality for the country. The management students are the ambassadors of this part of the world providing insights into their culture and ethos.” Present amongst others were also the Chairman PGP, Prof Basav Roychoudhury and Prof Pradip Sadarangini, Chairman FPM.

    During the welcome address, Prof Amitabha De, Director of the Institute encouraged the students, “to become part of the system, adapt, and further usher in positive development of self and the Institute as a whole.” The inauguration culminated with the students pledging to maintain integrity, strive for excellence and contribute to collaborative learning followed by the vote of thanks delivered by Mr. H.K. Dutta, Chief Administrative Officer (In-charge) of the Institute.


  • CEDNER of IIM Shillong Concludes Program

    Centre for Development of North Eastern Region (CEDNER), IIM Shillong had successfully organized two training programmes on General Management Program and on Tourism and Hospitality Management held at the premises of IIM Shillong during May to June 2016.

    The first program was designed to help unemployed educated youth to build a business-wide perspective to prepare them to venture into entrepreneurship and start their own business and for the self-employed was to help them to understand and analyze the present business opportunities in North-East. The second program was designed to help those who seek their career in the Tourism and Hospitality sector in developing the management and entrepreneurial skills necessary to work in establishments related to the tourism factor and also to give the knowledge and ability to develop marketing strategies based on a practical business plan.

    The Resource Persons of the two training programs were from a diverse background: academic, government, and industry. Shri. R. G. Lyngdoh, Vice-Chancellor, MLCU and Prof. Amitabha De, Director of RGIIM Shillong, were present during the Valedictory Function of the training program on Tourism and Hospitality Management that was held on the 10th June 2016 at IIM Shillong.


  • Hon’ble Union Minister of Human Resource Development Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani Addresses the Outgoing Batch at IIM Shillong’s 7th Convocation

    In a memorable address to the outgoing participants of Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Post Graduate Programme for Executives at Indian Institute of Management Shillong (IIM-S), Chief Guest of the 7th Annual Convocation, Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani, Union Minister for Human Resource Development congratulated the students and said, “You have crossed the stage of your life till when you could blame others, now you are equally a part of the system. As a member of the society, it is your responsibility to bring about change. The nation needs holistic leaders not just business leaders.”

    The Convocation Ceremony was declared open by Shri Falguni Rajkumar, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Institute, who praised the participants for emerging out successfully through one of the toughest management programmes and urged them to be thought-leaders in the development of the country. The significant achievements of IIM Shillong were highlighted by Dr. Amitabha De, Director, IIM Shillong, as he read out the Director’s Report for the year 2015-16 and emphasized on the growing success of the institute and the major goals that the Institute wishes to achieve in the years to come.

    The graduating batch comprised of 138 students of the flagship Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), and 7 participants of the Post Graduate Programme for Executives (PGPEx). The students donned their black robes to receive the convocation certificates in the Institute’s campus, amidst their proud parents, invited guests and distinguished members of the academia.

    Among the PGP students, Soumya Guha received the Gold Medal for scholastic performance in academics while Pratik Chakrabarti received the Silver Medal. Raghav Bhatnagar was conferred the Gold Medal for the best performance in quantitative finance courses. The Gold Medal for the best all-round performance in terms of general proficiency including character, conduct, and excellence in academic performance, extra-curricular activities and social service was awarded to Soumya Guha. The Institute’s Medal for Positive Contribution to Campus Life was awarded to Pratik Chakrabarti. In the PGPEx batch, Supratim Dutta secured the award for the highest CGPA and Kalpesh Brahmankar bagged the medal for all-round performance.

    Speech by Chairman of the Board of Governors

    Hon’ble Minister of Human Resource Development, Government of India, Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani our Honoured Chief Quest of today’s convocation, distinguished members of the Board of Governors and Society, Director, Faculty members, esteemed invitees and guests, dear parents, members from the press and audio-visual media, dear students.

    There is a story that the British lost America because they taught the English language to the Native Americans. They did not want to similarly lose India. And so, when the question came up for teaching English in India there was a massive debate in the British Parliament, in the various corridors of power and elsewhere, wherever British ‘wise-men’ were around.

    Undeterred and unmindful of all these, quietly, British Christian missionaries started using English and the Roman script for ecumenical and evangelical purposes in places like Cherrapunji in Meghalaya and across the country. It is generally believed that had it not been for this pioneering role of the missionaries’ in introducing English in this manner, India perhaps would not have got English as a language and if it did, at least not as fast as it happened.

    We all know from history how effectively it was used by our national leaders in our freedom struggle and later the transformative role it played in modernising India.

    This story is an analogy to the starting of an Indian Institute of Management in Shillong less than a decade ago. There were plenty of misgivings and apprehensions across the country when IIMS was first conceived and started, as it generally is, on almost all issues and things involving major decisions pertaining to the Northeast. But today, IIMS by its sheer presence and by its performance redefined the Northeast region’s role in nation building. Importantly, it gives the people of the region a sense of belonging and inclusivity; of being an Indian, not often felt in the past. The intangible positive cascading psychological effect is immeasurable. All these give people like me who have been associated with IIMS from the very beginning to where it is today, a great sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

    Today, Madam, as we gather here for the Seventh Convocation, our records reveal that our students are among the best, the country has and much sought after by the best companies and organisations from across the world. In the process, they have not only brought laurels to themselves and the institution but also to the country. This, we believe is proof and testimony of our capability to do what the rest of the country can do - equally well, and in many respects even better. And in all these, credit goes to the Director, the faculty and other staff members who in spite of enormous challenges, have done a marvelous job in making this happen. I wish to compliment them in your presence. Nothing is going to hold them back from achieving higher goals.

    I would be failing in my duty if on this occasion, I did not mention the contributions made by the many distinguished persons and visiting faculty members, many of whom are institutions by themselves. And one of the most distinguished among all of them, is none other than our late beloved former President of India, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, who in his life time ensured that we get propelled into national imminence by his involvement; sharing his learning experiences as a scientist, administrator and above all as a true humanist and patriot with our students on a regular basis. It was in the course of one such lecture that we lost him - from amongst our midst. We shall always remember and greatly cherish his association with us.

    .......Dear students, at the end, as I congratulate each one of you on my personal behalf and on behalf of all the members of the Board of Governors, the members of the Society and everyone from IIMS, on successfully completing one of the toughest management courses in India, remember the challenges and demands on you will be enormous in the road ahead. But what should make you overcome all these and make you stand out among the crowd, is your steadfast determination to reach your goals by doing the right things right, sincerely and honestly. We believe this approach will give you a distinctive ‘unique mix value’, which will not only make you the best, but also the best among the best. As you leave your Alma Mater today, we wish each one of you from all of us in the IIMS family, the very best in life for a very successful career ahead. God bless and Godspeed.

    Speech by Director, IIMS

    It is my privilege on behalf of the Institute to welcome Shrimati Smriti Zubin Irani, Honourable Minister for Human Resource Development, Government of India as the Chief Guest of the Programme. We are grateful to her for accepting our invitation in spite of her extremely busy schedule.

    It is also my privilege to welcome Shri Falguni Raj Kumar, Chairman of the Board of Governors of IIM, Shillong to the Seventh Convocation. Shri Fanguni Raj Kumar has been associated with the Institute right from its inception.

    I also extend my warm welcome to all the members of the Board of Governors and Society of IIM Shillong, invited dignitaries, parents of our students, members of press and media, faculty members, officers, staff and graduating students.

    I congratulate the graduating students of the PGP (2014-16) batch and PGPEx (2014-15) batch. During the course of your stay with us, we at IIM Shillong have tried to provide you the learning of holistic and sustainable development. I am sure that you have fully utilized this opportunity to excel in your career. However, please do not forget the values that we have always strived to inculcate in you, right from the day you have joined the Institute. Your career for which you have been working so hard can flourish and sustain in a meaningful way, only when you strengthen the values of compassion, integrity, honesty, humility and respect for others. Dear students, as you leave this Institute today, please remember, how so ever proud you are of all your achievements, do not get uprooted from the ground reality when you join the corporate world. Do not forget your responsibility towards the Society, and its contributions in making your bright career. Remember your responsibilities towards your Alma Matter, IIM Shillong.

    Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Honourable Former President of India, had visited the Institute on 27th July, 2016 as a Guest Faculty to deliver a course titled “Creating a Livable Planet Earth” to the 2014-16 batch of PGP students. While delivering the lecture he breathed his last. It was the saddest day of our Institute. We lost our ‘Kalam Sir’, as the students of IIM Shillong used to call him. The loss is very personal to IIM Shillong family.


  • CRISIL Young Thought Leader Competition 2015

    IIM Shillong is pleased to announce that the following students from IIM Shillong have been declared winners of the CRISIL Young Thought Leader Competition 2015:

    • Paras Parekh - PGP14
      Topic: What does Chinese slowdown mean for India?
    • Nishiggandha Kerure - PGP15
      Topic: Is Cultural Diversity synergistic for a Global Corporation?

      IIM Shillong has also won the R. Ravimohan Award for maximum number of dissertations submitted and for maximum number of winners across topics. This is the first time the institute has received this award.


  • IIM Shillong completes its first Study Abroad Programme at Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

    Indian Institute of Management Shillong (IIMS), in spirit of its endeavour to promote global learning and to facilitate a better learning process for the participants of its Flagship Programme of Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), strategically partnered with Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore for its first Study Abroad Programme. The IIM Shillong community believes that it is essential for its participants to gain both a worldwide perspective and a global point of view, and therefore in its effort to offer a multi-faceted business training to its students, the Institute signed an MOU with Nanyang Business School (NBS) on November 16, 2015.

    A group of 31 students of the Institute’s Flagship Programme spent two weeks in Singapore, from January 4 to January 16, 2016. The participants attended courses in the key domains of Business Negotiation, Corporate Financial Risk Management and Business Strategy in Digital Era. These subjects were chosen in a bid to study specialised and niche courses aimed at gaining global exposure. The course on Business Strategy in Digital Era was taught by one of the most renowned faculty of NTU, Professor Vijay Sethi.

    The programme enriched the students on the various subjects through classroom teaching supplemented by industrial visits which augmented the students’ understanding of different spheres through ground level exposure in a comprehensive setting. Peer to peer learning and the rigour of studying in the IIM Shillong system, helped them excel at NTU. The initiative also helped students to understand subjects from an array of different cultural viewpoints thereby refining their perspective and giving them an opportunity to interact with students from different nationalities.

    Tushar Singh Verma, one of the participants of the programme described his experience as, “An enthralling experience, where I got a chance to interact with individuals from different realms of academia, experience engrossing discussions and visit the picturesque architecture of Singapore city.” Another participant, Abhishek Jaiswal stated, “The experience was truly global as Singapore is an international cosmopolitan comprised of various ethnicities and corporations from all over the world. This helped us to understand how the world will look like in future.”

    The participants believe that the programme propelled an exchange of fresh ideas and helped to showcase their learnings on the global stage. It gave an opportunity to the students to develop cross cultural skills and contribute to global deliberations, by being responsible ambassadors of the Institute and the country. The participants, fortified with strong encouragement of the Institute, feel enriched by their scholastic experience.


  • First Indo-China Conclave Started at IIM Shillong

    The much awaited Indo-Sino Conclave in partnership with Institute of Chinese Studies flagged of at IIM Shillong on December 10. Prof. Amitabha De, Director, Indian Institute of Management, Shillong gave the welcome address of the first of its kind Indo-Sino Conclave and mentioned that China has made huge change in last three decades and it’s clearly evident by looking at Chinese model that power comes from economy. He mentioned this conclave as an important step in the journey of PGPEx- Managing business in India and China program.

    The key note presentation was kicked off by the most experienced of all the speakers Ex Ambassador and former diplomat Kishan S. Rana who shared his real life experiences about his cultural conventions in different countries. He mentioned his visit as delightful and shared the experiences of his visits to China almost 4 decades back. He highlighted how China has changed from tightly restricted country in 1960s to an open country post-independence. He also advised about how it is important to understand the cultures and socio-economic aspects of a country and especially one like China. The trauma which China faced due to different wars during 1950s-70s is the reason for Chinese being disciplined and organized as perceived by Indians. Ex Ambassador Rana also mentioned various markers ranging from power distance, gratification, contexts to principles of negotiations in China. He mentioned that it’s very important to understand language and cultural interpretation as factors for any country. He stressed that language carries the cultural context within itself and simply translating one language to another will not work and if done so, can have huge negative impact. As per him, “Guanxi” which means relationships in Chinese is the most important part of any businesses done in China. The same is true in Indian context where people utilize the networking capabilities available to them. He also mentioned that offering concessions and courtesies is important in Chinese culture. Another important cultural factor which came out of the discussion was the importance of “face” in China. It’s the social status of the person which matters while doing the business deals.

    Professor Alka Acharya, Director of Institute of Chinese Studies, New Delhi started her dialogue with a very important aspect of how industries and businesses are affected in China because of being state owned in nature. She also mentioned about the commonalities between Indians and Chinese in terms of family values and upbringing. She addressed the problem of mass labor migration in China due to which another problem of children who gets left behind is emerging in China. Continuing with what she had to say about state owned businesses, she also informed the participants on how Chinese have been enabled in such a way that now 60% of their GDP is constituted by the services sector majorly owned by private players. She also focused on two factors which transformed the lives of people in China, first, by opening up to the outside world and second, the revolution in IT and telecom – penetration of internet.

    Prof. Sanjeeb Kakoty and Prof. Rohit Dwivedi who are faculty at IIM Shillong and also were discussants raised questions on the impact of changing ecology of China on other countries, how is India trying to connect culturally with China and how do we design reporting relationships with them. It was well deduced from the discussion that it’s very important to know oneself first before knowing the other country like China.

    The dialogue among the dignitaries was informative and intense which led to question our own notions about Chinese culture and the nature of businesses in China.


  • Understanding the Context in India-China Business

    Over the last few decades, China has proved its efficiency in how a nation can continuously walk on a growth path on its own will. The world is amazed and keen to understand the policies followed by China which made this feet possible for the country. The current Indian government is also taking many steps towards making India a self-sufficient, continuously growing nation. One of the important initiatives in the direction is “Make in India” launched by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in September 2014. This initiative is to encourage multinational as well as domestic companies to manufacture their products in India.

    To achieve this, Indian government is taking sincere steps and trying to learn from China on how a country becomes self-sufficient in terms of manufacturing all the goods and products within its boundaries and minimize the imports. People representatives of both the nations have been visiting each other to understand the nature of businesses and environment.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already been appreciating Chinese model of growth and visited China in the first year of his tenure. Earlier, the Chinese President Xi Jinping also visited India and both the countries focused on increasing co-operation in trade, space exploration, setting up industrial parks and civil nuclear energy. The recent visit of home minister of India, Rajnath Singh, aimed at strengthening mutual understanding, tradition of mutual learning and trust between the two nations. Later, NITI Aayog announced that it will engage in conducting joint studies on economic policy research and development planning with Development Research Commission (DRC), China. The efforts at the national level only reiterate the pertinence of the two nations joining hands in creating an absolutely new world order. A global order which is going to be all compassing of the regional differences and community aspirations.

    The Indian Institute of Management, Shillong on Wednesday announced that it would host a first of its kind “Industry-Academia Conclave: Understanding the Context in India-China Business”, in association with the Institute of Chinese Studies, New Delhi. The objective of this conclave is to develop an understanding about the various aspects of doing business with Chinese organizations in India as well in China. The conclave aims to understand the two different contextual realities and create a new trajectory in the Education and Practice of Management.

    Being a pioneer in developing such a course, IIM Shillong's Post Graduate Program for Executives in Managing Business in India and China, is first of its kind 14 months program which grooms executives in managing transnational businesses. This opportunity of learning from China as part of Indo-China conclave aims at collating the various experiences and achievements of both the Industry and the Academia.

    The conclave is all set to begin on Dec. 10th and conclude on Dec. 11th with a cultural evening dedicated to North Eastern tradition. This conclave will be a unique platform for the industry specialists, academicians and students which will provide most important insights about the businesses in India and China. Many distinguished industry and academia personalities will be taking part in the conclave and speaking on various topics like 'How to bridge Politico –Cultural gap between India and China’, 'Labor, migration and challenges to Chinese development', 'Chindia – Fact or fiction' and alike. The Institute is all set to host dignitaries like Ex Ambassador Kishan S. Rana, Prof. Alka Acharya, Director of Institute of Chinese Studies and ex-member of the National Security Council, Mr. Srinivas Prasad, Vice-President and Head of India-China Business at Sasken Communication Technology Ltd., Ms. Sanghmitra Khanna, Ex-Director Marketing and Consumer Insights at Pepsi Coco Cola, Asia Pacific, Mr. Santosh Pai, Partner at D.H. Law Associates and expert on India-China Legal aspects of Businesses and many more.


  • IIM Shillong Golf Cup Season 8 Concludes Successfully

    It has been a busy, but exciting weekend for the students of the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong hosting eminent guests from various domains of corporate industry, government, and sport, on the lush green carpets of the Shillong Golf Course over two days, 7th and 8th November. This year’s tournament, the eighth edition of The Golf Cup was inaugurated by Dr. Mukul Sangma, the Honourable Chief Minister of the state of Meghalaya on October 29, 2015. The event was kicked off by a fun run organized by the students which started at IIM Shillong and finished at Ward’s Lake on the morning of Friday, 6 November, 2015. Sponsored by Meghalaya Tourism and co-sponsored by The Indian Oil Corporation, State Bank of India and the Royal Wahingdoh Football Club, this year’s event was dedicated to celebrating the spirit of sport.

    The inaugural tee off to commence the game was done on Saturday morning by Shri C. D. Kynjing, IAS (Retd.), the Chief Information Commissioner of Meghalaya, at 6 AM. The two days saw about 120 golfers cover the course over the two days. Representatives from leading corporate houses were Mr. Raman Grover, Vice President at Deutsche Bank, Ms. Era Singh, Director at Oracle, Mr. Prashant M.S., Divisional Vice President at United Spirits, Mr. Amer Warsi, Country Manager at Hewlett Packard India and Mr. Sukesh Choubey from Ernst & Young amongst others. Players from various government ministries and armed forces included Shri. Tony Curtis Lyngdoh of the Indian National Congress, Maj. Geeta Mishra, and Maj. (Retd.) Dr. K. I. Singh.

    With a view to connect top corporate professionals, esteemed government officials, local figureheads, and professional golf players with the management academia in a leisurely setting, IIM Shillong hosts its flagship event on the scenic Shillong Golf Course, known to be one of the few natural golf courses in Asia. IIM Shillong is the first and only Indian B -School to host its own Golf Invitational Tournament with the first edition convened in the year 2009. The game is organized on a stroke play format with players ranked on the basis of finishing the 18-hole course in the least number of strokes played. The players are distinguished on three handicap grades of 0-12, 13-18 and 19-24 for gents, and separate categories for corporate representatives and ladies. Prizes are organized in each of these categories along with separate prizes for the Nearest to Pin, Longest Drive and Straightest Drive.

    The winners from the categories above are Mr. Jonathan Lawphniaw (6) (Gross), Mr. B. Malakar (11) (Nett) (0-12), Mr. Jobeth D. Chyne (14) (Gross), Shri Rajesh Singh IA&AS AG (18) (Nett) (13-18) and Mr. Shri L. Hangsing IA&AS AG (22) (Gross), Shri U. J. Shanpru (24) (Nett) (19-24). The winner in the category for corporate players was Mr. Randhir Mishra (18) and the winner in the ladies category was Ms. D. Shullai (15). Further, the awards for Nearest to Pin, Longest Drive and Straightest Drive was bagged by Maj (Retd.) Dr. K. I Singh, Mr. Batkupar Synrem, Mr. Rocky Hek respectively.

    The event concluded with big smiles from the players who had a great experience competing and interacting with each other over the scenic setting. Mr. Sukesh Choubey from Ernst & Young stated “It has been a wonderful and invigorating experience. Great job by the students.” Prof. Basav Roychoudhury of IIM Shillong said “It’s a proud feeling to see that The Golf Cup has now become a legacy entering into its eighth edition. We are leveraging on our advantage of having the unique setting of the natural golf course and this has allowed great interaction between education and industry.” Abhishek Jaiswal, a member of the Student Council of IIM Shillong stated “It was my first experience in organizing an event of this magnitude. The positive response we have received has given me a sense that all the hard work has paid off.”


  • Players Tee Off as IIM Shillong Golf Cup Season 8 gets Underway

    On a cosy Saturday morning in Shillong, students of the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong were busy hosting eminent guests, from various domains of corporate industry, government, and sport, on the lush green carpets of the Shillong Golf Course as their flagship event, The Golf Cup got underway. This year’s tournament, the eighth edition was inaugurated by Dr. Mukul Sangma, the Honourable Chief Minister of the state of Meghalaya on October 29th, 2015. Sponsored by Meghalaya Tourism and co-sponsored by The Indian Oil Corporation, State Bank of India and the Royal Wahingdoh Football Club, this year’s event was dedicated to celebrating the spirit of sport.

    The inaugural tee off to commence the game was done by Shri C. D. Kynjing, IAS (Retd.), the Chief Information Commissioner of Meghalaya, at 6 a.m. The day saw about 100 golfers from the Northeast region which includes esteemed guests from various government ministries and armed forces such as Shri. Tony Curtis Lyngdoh of the Indian National Congress, Maj. Geeta Mishra, and Maj. (Retd.) Dr. K. I. Singh. Day 2 of the prestigious tournament will see about 20 corporate representatives from industry majors such as Adobe, Aircel, Deutsche Bank, EY, HP, Oracle, Tata, United Spirits and VMWare.

    With a view to connect top corporate professionals, esteemed government officials, local figureheads, and professional golf players with the management academia in a leisurely setting, IIM Shillong hosts its flagship event on the scenic Shillong Golf Course, known to be one of the few natural golf courses in Asia. IIM Shillong is the first and only Indian B -School to host its own Golf Invitational Tournament with the first edition convened in the year 2009. The game is organized on a stroke play format with players ranked on the basis of finishing the 18-hole course in the least number of strokes played. The players are distinguished on three handicap grades of 0-12, 13-18 and 19-24 in separate categories for professional players, corporate representatives, and women. Prizes are organized in each of these categories along with separate prizes for the nearest to pin, longest drive, and straightest drive.

    The day ended with happy faces of the players who had a great experience competing and interacting with each other over the scenic setting. Lt. Col. C. Manish stated “IIM Shillong has done a fantastic job in organizing the event. Great job by the students.” Prof. Basav Roychoudhury of IIM Shillong said “It’s a proud feeling to see that The Golf Cup has now become a legacy entering into its eighth edition. We are leveraging on our advantage of having the unique setting of the natural golf course and this has allowed great interaction between education and industry.” Sharad Srinivasan, a member of the Student Council of IIM Shillong stated “Months of planning and continuous efforts have gone into putting this event together. It was my first experience and I had a lot to learn while having fun all the same.”


  • IIM Shillong kicks off Golf Cup Season 8 with a Run

    The journey to fitness starts with a single step and with this spirit in mind, students of the Indian Institute on Management (IIM), Shillong hosted ‘Run for Shillong’, a 5K run on the morning of Friday, November 6, 2015 to kick start the proceedings for their flagship event, The Golf Cup. The run was conducted by the institute and was sponsored by The Royal Wahingdoh Football Club which is actively involved in celebrating the spirit of sport.

    The run was flagged off by Miss Jessica Ruth Cunville Marbaniang, Winner of the Sunsilk Mega Miss North East 2015. Close to 150 runners comprising students, faculty, staff, and members of other local institutes turned up braving a cold misty morning to share the delightful experience. The idea behind the run was to celebrate the spirit of sport not just within the students, but with the community at large. The run began at IIM Shillong and finished in the heart of the city at the beautiful Ward’s Lake, passing through Dhanketi, Upper Lachumiere, AIR and the Governor's House.

    While a majority of the students enjoyed the weather and the camaraderie, athletes from the sporting community of Shillong and the institute were battling it out for the podium places. Princegarnet Thabah was the first to cross the finish line with Shibor Langki Lruid coming in second and Michael Thongni finishing third from the men’s category. The athletes from IIM were not too far behind with Vishrut Dinesh being the first, Akshay Seth coming in second and Anoop Prakash rounding up the podium. While the boys led the race, the female runners gave them a competitive run with Dr. Kalyani Namshum leading the charge. From the institute, it was Anisha Khurana who won followed by Cheena Pasrija in second and Aabha Kapoor in third.

    All the runners had an exhilarating experience with lead athlete Dr. Kalyani stating “It was a fun run and I enjoyed the experience”. Another athlete, Anoop Prakash said “It’s great to be out here in fresh air. The company of my friends running with me is going to be a lasting memory”. Even the faculty had immense words of praise with Dr. Tapas Kumar Giri stating “I am sure everyone will get a positive message of fitness from this event. It has helped us establish a strong relationship with the community.”

    The run being a student’s initiative was organized by the Student Council and the Sports Committee of IIM Shillong. The organizers and volunteers had put in long hours over the past two weeks to put it all together. Jahnvi Jethanandani, a member of the Student Council said “It has been a crazy experience but to see the smiles today has made it all worthwhile. We had a lot to learn in managing events and it is all a part of the management training”.

    With the success of the run, the atmosphere is excited in anticipation of the Golf Cup which is to take place over the weekend on 7th and 8th November, 2015 at the scenic Shillong Golf Course. The eighth edition of the prestigious tournament would see the presence of leaders from industry majors including Adobe, Aircel, Deutsche Bank, EY, HP, Oracle, Tata, United Spirits and VMWare, along with Cabinet Ministers from the Meghalaya and Manipur Government. The official mascot for this year’s Golf Cup is Minnie, the Hill Mynah.


  • IIM Shillong launches ‘Nurturing Minds’ – a teaching initiative in the memory of Dr. Kalam

    IIM Shillong launched a series of initiatives to commemorate the birth anniversary of Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India, on the 15th October at the IIM Shillong campus. One of the initiatives, ‘Nurturing Minds’, a teaching programme aimed at coaching students by adopting unconventional teaching , kicked off on Saturday, 17 October. The objective of the initiative is to connect with the local community, give back to the society and carry forward Dr. Kalam’s love for teaching. The classes started off with a pool of 30 students from three schools, namely H.Elias, Presbyterian and Dinet Manik School, wherein the students were taught mathematics.

    Before the classes began, the students and volunteers were addressed by the PGP chairman, Dr Basav Roychoudhury. Dr Basav expressed that the initiative should focus upon getting rid of the fear associated with Mathematics among the enrolled students. The official address was followed by an ice-breaking session during which the volunteers and students interacted with each other. The Chairman of Board of Directors, Shri Falguni Rajkumar who was also present during the session emphasised on the need to become a good human being and develop holistically.

    The students were split into two groups, and each group was managed by 3-4 volunteers. The topics chosen for the day were Mensuration and Algebra. The volunteers used innovative teaching aids and utilised the infrastructural facilities available in the classroom to make the session fun and informative. After the two hour session, the students were served snacks and escorted by the volunteers for a campus tour.

    Based on the response of the initial phase the student volunteers plan to scale up the programme, by including other subjects in the course pedagogy.


  • IIM Shillong remembers Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on his birth anniversary

    IIM Shillong commemorated the birth anniversary of Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India, on 15th of October at the IIM Shillong campus. A Scientific Seminar on ‘Science and Humanism for National Development’ was organised, in keeping with his contribution to science and his objective of social development. The event commenced with a welcome address by the Director Dr. Amitabh De, followed by an introduction to the seminar by Shri Falguni Rajkumar, Chairman of the Board of Governors of IIM Shillong.

    The seminar saw eminent speakers such as Dr. W Selvamurthy, Former Distinguished Scientist and Chief Controller, DRDO, Swami Atmapriyanandaji Maharaj, Vice Chancellor, Ramakrishna Vivekananda University, Belur , Dr. Tapan Misra, Director, Space Application Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad and Dr. R A Mashelkar, National Research Professor and CSIR Bhatnagar Fellow, National Chemical Laboratory, who graced the stage and offered valuable insights into the aspirations, achievements, and ideals of Dr. Kalam.

    While remembering the various times that Dr. Kalam had visited the institute and given a lecture to the students, Prof De presented an overview regarding the initiatives to be undertaken by the institute and the students. A 2000 sq. ft. auditorium with the capacity to seat 200 students is to be established by the institute in the name of Dr. Kalam. A bust of Dr. Kalam shall be established in front of the auditorium. A ‘Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam centre for Policy Research’ is to be founded in keeping with his objective of societal development. An initiative ‘Nurturing Minds’, beginning on the 17th October is to be undertaken by the students, to teach Mathematics to school students starting from class VIII. In the initial phase, classes of two-hour duration are to be conducted every Saturday for selected students nominated by local schools. An annual function is to be organized every year to honour Dr. Kalam, who delivered his last lecture in IIM Shillong, hours before his sudden demise.

    The seminar progressed with the speakers giving individual insights into Dr. Kalam’s contribution to the country and his ideas and opinions. Dr. Kalam believed that teaching is a step and not an end. His greatest contribution was seen as the fusion of humanism and science, in keeping with his ideals that love of humanity is humility and that without humanity the world is incomplete. Dr. Kalam was described as a president, a scientist, a teacher, a leader, the father of missile technology of the country, an epitome of excellence and a fusion of science and spirituality. It was mentioned how UNO has declared 15th October as ‘World Students’ Day’ to commemorate him. Details regarding certain landmarks in technology innovation in the country were mentioned. Dr. Kalam’s intiative PURA ( Providing Urban Amenities to Rural Areas) was discussed, along with his contribution to missile technology. It was said that Dr. Kalam was a person who built many extraordinary organisations with ordinary people, through his inspirational leadership. He believed that all technology is useless if it is not simple and does not help to solve a man’s real life problems. His extraordinary leadership skills were attributed to his humility, purity of heart and his ability to connect with every individual at every level.

    Finally, the IIM Shillong student fraternity undertook an initiative in which the students and faculty were involved in spray painting a large canvas, to reveal a sketch of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam underneath. This activity was conducted to salute the 'Missile Man' who inspired a nation till his last breath. This is to be followed by the release of a video tribute on social media platforms.


  • IIM Shillong Inaugurates its 4th PGPEx Batch

    In harmony with the upcoming trends where the world is looking towards India and China as drivers of global growth, Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management Shillong (IIM-S), India and Ocean University China(OUC), Qingdao have joined hands to design the first ever Post Graduate Program for Executives - Managing Business in India and China (PGPEx-MBIC). After the successful international emersion of the previous batches currently in government, private industries and as entrepreneurs both in India and China, the Institute proudly inaugurated its fourth batch on Wednesday October 14, 2015 comprising of 16 participants from a varied range of industry such as IT, Mining, and Petroleum.

    The inauguration session began with introductory remarks by the Chairperson, PGPEx, Dr. Rohit Dwivedi followed by a welcome address by the Director, IIM-S, Dr. Amitabha De who pointed out that despite the recent slowdown in the Chinese economy, the country is still making steady progress. He also highlighted an education policy in China according to which all PhD students have to return to mainland China irrespective of which part of the world they pursue their studies. He stressed on the need for such policies in India.

    The Guest of Honour for the session was Mr. Sunil Kharbanda, Vice President SAP Indian Subcontinent who pointed out that China and India are considered major forces in the global economy and this course would serve the purpose of creating business leaders who have cross-cultural and multi-national managerial competencies to manage businesses across India and China. He also highlighted the value of human capital and the emerging business trend of keeping the customer in focus, with technology being an enabler and facilitator.

    Speaking on the occasion as Chief Guest, Dr. Alka Acharya spoke of how she was pleasantly surprised to know of IIM Shillong’s vision to create business leaders with the capacity and knowledge base of both the Chinese as well as Indian methods of doing business. She felt that the uniqueness of the program should be followed by other Higher Education institutes across the country. Stressing on “What is China, China and India in Competition, and China and India in Partnership, Dr. Acharya remarked that “stability is the key element to achieve holistic and sustainable business development. Both India and China should learn and collaborate with each other for combined progress of the region. Clashes would only pull down the growth.” While modernisation and development are challenges that both India and China face, it is important to understand the collaborative potential of both countries. She further urged the participants to understand the Chinese minds while getting themselves engaged in learning, more so during their stint of internship while in China.

    The 14 month PGPEx program on Managing Business in India and China is a fully residential program spread across IIM Shillong and OUC campus. The structure of the program primarily aims at providing individuals ample opportunity to learn time-tested general management principles as well as current best practices relevant for conducting trans-national business with focus on practical learning through internships and industry visits in both the countries.

14/09/15 - 24/09/15

  • Project Management Program

    Center for Development of North Eastern Region, CEDNER, IIM Shillong had organized a training programme on Project Management from 14th to 24th September 2015 at the premises of IIM Shillong. The Project Management Program covered a number of areas like Operation, Finance, Economics, Strategy and HR.

    The objectives of the programme was to acquaint participants with tools and techniques to develop effective and efficient project planning, implementation and monitoring systems and preparation of project reports, to provide a forum for the participants to discuss various issues and challenges associated with project management, and share their experiences for implementation of projects and to equip the participant with skills and know-how of Project formulation and DPR writing.

    The Inaugural Function was held on the 14th September 2015 at IIM Shillong in the presence of Shri. W. Synrem, Director, Economic Advisor, NEC as the Chief Guest and Prof. Amitabha De, Director of RGIIM Shillong. The training program was officially closed on the 24th September 2015 in the presence of Prof. Amitabha De, Director of RGIIM Shillong. The closing remarks were given by Prof. N. W. Kharkongor, Chairperson, CEDNER and Prof. S. Purbey, Coordinator of the programme.

19/09/15 - 20/09/15

  • IIM Shillong successfully hosts EmergE 2015, the fourth edition of the annual entrepreneurship summ

    EmergE 2015, the annual entrepreneurship summit of IIM Shillong was held on 19th-20th September 2015. This summit was organized by i-Cube - the Entrepreneurship Cell of IIM Shillong which is rooted in the concept—Envision. Engage. Evolve. —and aims to stimulate an entrepreneurial drive in the participants of management education. The summit was inaugurated by the chief guest, Shri M. Rajeshwar Rao, Chief General Manager at the Reserve Bank of India, who discussed the role of micro-financing in helping the underprivileged gain access to cheaper sources of finance and the way forward for banking in India.

    The two day summit kick started with the felicitation of the Vasundhara awardees for 2015, an initiative by the SSM, Guwahati to recognize women entrepreneurs of the North East. The awardees were invited to IIM Shillong to share their journey in front of aspiring entrepreneurs from across the country, who were there to present their own business ideas and plans of turning them into reality.

    The summit started with the Investors’ Conclave, an interactive session with leading venture capitalists—Mr. Rajendra Kalur (Founder Director & Chief Executive Officer, TrustPlutus Wealth Managers (India) Pvt Ltd), Dr. Anju Gupta (President and Co-Founder, IvyCamp) and Mr. Sumit Mehrra (Chief Executive Officer, The Green Umbrella Investment Advisory Pvt Ltd). The conclave delivered insights about the growing entrepreneurial environment in India and a rise in venture capital funding for the same. The Logistics Conclave, which involved discussion with experts—Mr. Sreenivas Saba (Founder and Chief Executive Officer, eCourierz.com), Mr. Sudhakar Vintha (Founder and Chief Executive Officer, ReturnTrucks) and Mr. Nataraja Subramanian (Business Head, Miebach Consulting)—facilitated exchange of diverse ideas on the growth and penetration of the e-commerce industry. The final event, Mobile Space Conclave, hosted eminent entrepreneurs—Mr. Damandeep Singh Soni (Head - India Business, Line Messenger), Mr. Karan Sarin (Head of Marketing, OnePlus) and Mr. Sudhanshu Gupta (Associate Vice-President Business, Paytm). The conclave’s discussion centred around the growth of the smart phone business and innovative transformation within the industry.

    This year, the summit was host to ‘Expert’s Talk’ where eminent speakers like Mr. Vishal Kaul, Category Head for Smartphones and Tablets, Samsung India Electronics Ltd. and Mr. Karan Gambhir, Industry Head for Technology at Google India imparted insights relating to the industry and how to go about an entrepreneurial venture.

    EmergE 2015 witnessed enthusiastic participation from students across B–Schools in R€vo£u$N, the B-Plan Competition. The winner of the B-Plan Competition was ‘Akhil & Sumon’ from IIM Shillong. ‘Kings of Good Times’ from IIM Shillong won Reveal – the Case Study Competition which was organised in association with the Royal Wahingdoh Football Club. The runners-up were ‘Duopoly’ and second runners-up were ‘#Hashtag YS’.

    Finally, the students of IIM Shillong organized a cultural evening where one of the most popular band from Shillong, “Colours” mesmerized the crowd and marked the end of EmergE-2015. State Bank of India were the Title Sponsors of the event while Associate Sponsors were Royal Wahingdoh Football Club, Shillong. Additionally , the event merchandise was sponsored by the Meghalaya Co-operative Apex Bank Ltd. Poptales.

22/07/15 - 24/07/15

  • Leadership Development

    A customized 3 Day (s) MDP on “Leadership Development” was conducted by the Institute on 22nd – 24th July, 2015 exclusively for the 33 Senior Cadre from Eastern Zone of LICI.The program is Inaugurated in the presence of Prof. Keya Sengupta , Dean Academics and Prof. Tapas K. Giri along ,Chairman MDP & Consultancy along with Prof. Rohit Dwivedi and Prof. Sonia Nongmaithem who are the Programme Co-coordinators.

    The programme is facilitated by 7 In-house Faculty along with an esteem Resource Faculty who is an external Consultant, Coach & Facilitator in Organizational Processes.During the program the participants are made familiar with the various concepts of Leadership ,Understanding Leadership , Sector Analysis & Strategy – Emerging Issues in Health Sector and Insurance , Macro and Micro Issues in Insurance Product Design , Understanding Business Dynamics for Indian Insurance Sector , Self and Communication ,Leadership and Communication ,Self Awareness and Being ,Group Process Laboratory - Learning from each other, Creative Problem Solving for Leaders .

    The program is designed so that the participants could develop the perspectives and skills to perform the leadership role effectively. The program, in particular, aims at helping the participants to:

    • Develop an understanding of the leadership context they operate
    • Be able to understand their patterns of behaviour and its impact on others.
    • Develop skills of communications, giving and receiving feedback
    • Make sense of the macro context in which they operate and perform in their company.
    • Understand their self in the context of others in their company
    • Learn the important of being in tune with their selves and connect with their peers

13/07/15 - 16/07/15

  • Entrepreneurship Orientation and Business Management

    Center for Development of North Eastern Region, CEDNER, IIM Shillong had organized a training programme on capacity building for 29 Officers of the Department of Commerce & Industries, Government of Meghalaya from 13th to 16th July 2015 at the premises of IIM Shillong. The programme styled as Entrepreneurship Orientation and Business Management covered a number of areas like economics of entrepreneurship, entrepreneur finance & sources of finance, branding & advertising, crafting business proposal, project execution & monitoring, business policy & business law, strategy, managing teams, ethics, and sustainability. The training program had also covered an interesting session on Face to Face Talk with the representatives of Reserve Bank of India and State Bank of India on various financial issues.

    Taking note of the fact that Entrepreneurship Development is the need of the hour for the all-round development of the State, the course was so designed to equip the participants with skills required to facilitate the setting up of more entrepreneurial units both small - scale and large - scale units. It is equally important for the new set – ups to pass from the survival stage to the growth stage. However, in the practical world some existing units passed the downswings and even remained there for a long time. Hence, the objectives of the programme were framed accordingly to take care of the mentioned concerns which include promoting entrepreneurship; successful entrepreneurship; rehabilitation of sick units; and innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship.

    Smt. M. B. Roy, Director, Department of Commerce and Industries, Govt. of Meghalaya, and Prof. Amitabha De, Director of RGIIM Shillong, were present during the Inaugural Function held on the 13th July 2015 at IIM Shillong. The training program was officially closed on the 16th July 2015 with Shri R. M. Mishra, Development Commissioner, Government of Meghalaya as the Chief Guest. The Chief Guest in his Speech stressed on the necessity of the Industrial Promotion Officers to undertake field visits to understand better the practical problems face by the people in the rural areas. He also reminded the participants their additional role as Rural Development Officers. Prof. Amitabha De, Director RGIIM Shillong, mentioned in his address the commitment given by IIM Shillong towards the development of the Region. During the valedictory session the Director, Department of Commerce and Industries, Govt. of Meghalaya Smti. M. B. Roy thanked CEDNER, IIM Shillong for its service to the Society. She highlighted in her Speech the immense scope of Apiculture in the State, and that more training is required in this sector. The closing remarks was given by Chairperson, CEDNER and Coordinator of the programme, Prof. Natalie West Kharkongor.


  • IIM Shillong inaugurated the 8th batch of PGDM students

    The Indian Institute of Management, Shillong welcomed its eight batch of students on Saturday, 4th July, 2015. Holding on to an incremental consistency in admissions, the inducted batch has an intake of 164 students. The induction program for the new batch was adorned by the presence of eminent dignitaries.

    The Chief Guest for the event was Mr. Shantanu Das, VP – HR, Emami Limited. Mr. Das, busted a few myths about doing an MBA, stressing on the essence of success over and above survival. The event was also marked by the presence of Mr. Barun Prasad Lala, HP India Director (Storage), Guest of Honour for the event, Mr. Falguni Rajkumar, Chairman - Board of Governors, IIM Shillong, and Dr. Amitabha De, the Director of IIM Shillong.

    Mr. Lala, an industry doyen, enlightened the new batch about the potential for management graduates in the technology space and also provided some pointers on personal growth. Mr. Rajkumar, who retired from the Indian Administrative Services in 2009, was enthusiastic about the mutual benefits that both the institute and participants could offer, highlighting the need to go the extra mile in a fast urbanising world.

    Dr. Amitabha De talked about the IIM Shillong’s unique pedagogy, further pointing out the positive behavioural change that the Institute inculcates in its students through the power of education. He said “Students fuel the growth of an inclusive society and IIM Shillong nurtures them at the roots.”

    IIM Shillong has been constantly proving its mettle in the field of management education and has seen a tremendous rise in its performance among all the B-Schools. This year, the increase in batch size stands as testimony of the growth pattern of IIM Shillong as an eminent Indian B-School.

    The induction program proved a memorable occasion for the new participants who took the pledge, becoming a part of the IIM Shillong fraternity.


  • IIM Shillong marks International Day of Yoga

    The Indian Institute of Management, Shillong celebrated the International Day of Yoga held on June 21st, with a yoga program organized at the institute.

    The event, which was attended by students, faculty, and members of the staff, was conducted under the guidance of renowned yoga practitioner, Dr R. N. Sharma. Dr Sharma, an ex-BSF officer, has been actively involved with the field of yoga and health for more than 25 years. The participants were engaged in various yoga postures and pranayamas for an hour, with Dr Sharma highlighting the essence of each pose.

    Director Amitabha De, who inaugurated the event, and has a background in life sciences, encouraged the participants to take up yoga as a daily pursuit with the objective of bringing wholesomeness to life.

    Dr Sharma also provided individual counsel at the institute for the length of the day.

    Indian Institute of Management, Shillong established in 2008, yearns to make progress in various fields in addition to academics in the Northeast. The institute has already forayed into environmental concern and social cause, and now, also looks toward spreading the values of yoga.


  • MDP on Project Management for Executives of AEDC Ltd

    The Programme was a customized MDP on Project Management for Executives of AEDC Ltd conducted in the campus of IIM Shillong .The MDP Program, spanning over the months of April-May 2015,was divided into 3 programs with 10 no of participants in each batch with a session plan of 5 days’ duration as follows:

    Program 1 :20th-24th April 2015
    Program 2 :04th-08th May 2015
    Program 3 :18th-22nd May 2015

    The program was inaugurated by Prof. Amitabha De, Director IIM Shillong , the MDP Chairman- Prof. Tapas K. Giri has given a brief account on the background of the Programme followed by introduction to course content by the three Programme Co-coordinators Prof. Shankar Purbey, Prof. Rohit Joshi and Prof. Neelam Rani .

    The 5 days program was facilitated by seven In-house Faculty with their varied expertise. During the program the participants are made familiar with various areas and subjects pertaining to Project Concepts, Framework, Management Process, Duration and Cost Control, Schedules, Resource Leveling, Project Communication, Management of Computer Based Software and Tools, Project Procurement Management, Project Risk Management, Critical Chain Management, Developing a Project Plan/ Report Submission and Analysis and even a session on an ongoing Project with live examples to integrate the learning process.

    The methodology followed includes Case studies, Classroom Lectures and Management Games are facilitated by the resource faculty bringing a lot of variation and new insights to the training program. Being amidst the hills of Shillong, the participants were also taken for half day outdoor trip, whereby in the quiet and beauty of nature, the participants can work cohesively and reflect on study exercises guided by resource faculty.

    As part of the training program, participants are also taken through the importance of Summary and Reflection which encourages discussion and sharing of learning which was carried forward to the rest of the day. Feedback session is an important part of the MDP highlighting important points for improvement and enhancement of program. The programme concluded with the valedictory session in the presence of many Senior Faculty members.


  • 6th Annual Convocation

    The Indian Institute of Management Shillong, held its 6th Annual Convocation on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 at the Mayurbhanj Complex, IIM Shillong campus in Shillong. Mr. Ramakrishnan Mukundan, Managing Director, Tata Chemicals presided over the event as the Hon’ble Chief Guest. A total of 119 students were awarded the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) while 31 students were awarded the Post Graduate Programme for Executive Diploma.

    The 6th Annual Convocation ceremony commenced with the opening address delivered by Mr. Sanjeeb Kakoty, member of faculty at IIM Shillong. The Hon’ble Chief Guest, Mr. Mukundan, in his address to the audience, spoke about the five guiding principles in life. Encouraging the outgoing batch to have simple needs and to live with a purpose, he motivated them to enjoy this purpose and work towards attaining it. He urged them to pursue their dreams and fulfil it rather than becoming a part of other’s dreams. The significant achievements of IIM Shillong were highlighted by Professor Amitabha De, Director of IIM Shillong as he emphasized on the growing success of the institute and the major goals that the institute wishes to achieve in the years to come. The closing address was conveyed by Shri Falguni Rajkumar, Chairman, IIM Shillong.

    Among the PGP students, Miss Priyanka Garg received the Gold Medal for scholastic performance in academics while Mr. Gautam Jain received the Silver Medal. Mr. Gautam Jain also received the Gold Medal for the best performance by a candidate in quantitative finance courses. The Gold Medal for The Best All-Round Performance by a student in terms of general proficiency including character, conduct, and excellence in academic performance, extra-curricular activities and social service was awarded to Miss Prachi Agarwal. The Institute’s Medal For Positive Contribution To Campus Life was awarded to Mr. Balakrishnan Muthukrishnan for the most significant positive contribution by a student to campus life.

    Convocation Speech by Mr. Ramakrishnan Mukundan, Managing Director, Tata Chemicals

    Greetings and good morning. This is indeed is a great occasion for each and everyone of you assembled here and it marks the culmination of years of toil and sweat and also marks a beginning of a journey.

    At the outset let me thank Shri. Falguni Rajkumar and Dr.Amitabh De for inviting me here to share my thoughts with you and in that I seek your indulgence. Twenty five years ago, I was seated where you are seated and looking forward to life ahead with all enthusiasm and energy and must I add a bit of naivety. It happened to be a time when everything and anything was possible and such was innocence of the thought. Many years later exactly 25 years later, I still feel the same…and it is tough to retain the same energy and enthusiasm but it is that very aspect of you which is important to retain as you move forward. It keeps you energized and focused. You will hear many say it is VUCA world (volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambigious) and your will also hear many say it is a world full of opportunities. Both are right. When did we last hear of Uber, the worlds largest taxi company with no taxis, facebook the worlds most popular media which creates no content, Apple with over 200 million smartphones with no factory, Whatsapp with 3 million messages a day doesnot own servers. Disruptive innovation and collaborative consumption is shifting the lines of economy, Digital world has made usuage more valuable than ownership. That’s a big fundamental shift. However, that is not the only shift, you will see many more in your 25 years and beyond. When I joined we had telex machine, fax machine, cyclostyling of paper, pagers etc. Today all this is history. I call them technology dinosaurs. We will have many more on the way. So with all this how does one cope. How does one make way……This set me thinking and I am going to speak from my life experience uptill now.. It is an experience of working for one Enterprise …TATA and within TATA many companies but still TATA. Sometimes when I tell people that this is my 25th year with TATA, young graduates like yourself look in wonderment if I am one of the museum pieces……But let me assure you that monogamy in career is as good as monogamy in marital life. But you must choose your career well, your firm well just like you need to choose your spouse well.

    Also I cannot forget to mention the many of my indulgent bosses, It is important to have supportive mentors, gurus and superiors in the organization. They have been my pillars of strength in my journey through Tatas. And what a journey it has been after that, I had immense opportunities. That’s what a good organization and mentors can provide. I Thank TATA once again for being that enterprise.

    Just another diversion another anecdote … , when I was 13 years old my dad sent me to typing school in summer and I had to continue to learn typing and short hand. I used to think he was literally nuts to make me go through this. Then one summer day I gathered enough courage to ask him …Why do I have to do this…..He looked at me and said ….Just so that in case you don’t get anywhere and can’t pursue what you need in studies, at least you will have a job as a typist and stenographer. He also used to keep an old cycle at home..I used to ask him why, he would answer if ever we don’t have enough means, then this will cheapest and easy transport for us. That is my third lesson …… Have simple needs and wants and don’t complicate your life by wanting more and more. If your needs are simple then even if you get something or lose something you are not worried. Don’t compare yourself to other in terms ….BMW or Mercedes or bigger house or better house. It is nice to have them but not necessary to have them. I ask you who adds more value…A person who earns Rs 1 crore in a bank sanctioning loans or District Collector who earns probably half of that but takes care of day to day needs of large no of people. Hence what matters is not the Size of the PURSE but Size of PURPOSE.

    You all will lead. You are all leaders of today and tomorrow. You are entering a world full of opportunities and full of difficulties….and you have choices to make……World will be better place because of three forces of Technology & Innovation, Attention to sustainability and tremendous growth in Talent. You have great choices in career as an entrepreneur and as a employee…I have often wondered how do we make choices in our job between good and bad and what principles to apply….But before I go there, let me spend a minute on Sustainability….We all know we have one planet and for our current needs we need 1.5 planets and if we continue on our path we will need 3 planets in next 20 years….which is not possible and hence we must change ourselves. I have great hope from the generations coming now into workforce that you will do what we could not…that you will be sensitive to environment and society/community. We need to focus on energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste reduction and carbon efficiency. We really cannot escape this now. The recent extreme climatic events have show what nature can unleash if we continue to plunder mother earth. In which ever firm or entity you create or you work for please take this up as number one priority. In addition we cannot have the kind of difference between haves and have nots. We are all privileged and we must use our privileged position to make change and contribute to more equitable world. You will have bosses who will come and push your more profits, market capitalization, squeeze juice out of every stakeholder so that share price can move up. This single minded attention to share price today at the cost of long term sustainability is the cause of death of many organisations. Don’t fall for the trap. I have in my own way resisted this trap of being pushed by board/bosses for short term quarterly nos. After all bosses are humans they want to look good and will push you for quarterly results. Don’t fall into that trap. Work towards building an ethical, sustainable and happy organization. You will have long term success. In this the only guidepost I have is to refer back to founder of our nation – Mahatma Gandhi. His principles were 5:

    • Ahimsa – don’t harm anyone
    • Satya – follow the truth
    • Swaraj – freedom at individual level
    • Sarvodaya – serve all
    • Antoyodaya – serve the last person in the queue

    Convocation Speech by Falguni Rajkumar,Chairman, BoG RGIIM Shillong

    ..Dear students; convocation is a time for celebrations, joy, and the time for recognising meritocracy as well as your intrinsic worth. Here in RGIIMS we emphasize on recognising both your management skills as also your qualities as human-beings. Nothing could be better if these two qualities can be combined in whatever you do in your life ahead. Each one of you has proved your ability to balance out both of these. In our considered view, you all are, therefore, worthy of being honoured and rewarded in this function. On behalf of the Board of Governors’ and on my personal behalf, I convey our sincere congratulations to each one of you on your success. I also wish to congratulate all parents, for their support, time and above all their unstinted trust in their wards.

    I take this opportunity to congratulate the Director, the faculty members, all the office and supporting staff of the institute for the splendid job of ensuring that each one of you could successfully reach and cross this extremely important mile-post in your lives. I am sure, you will cherish the moments, and the times, you spent with all of them.

    Amidst all these, as young future corporate and business leaders recharged with ideas and ambitious zeal, it is also the time for you to VIth Convocation - 2015 Address of SHRI FALGUNI RAJKUMAR IAS (Retd), Chairman of the Board of Governors, Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management, Shillong at the VI Convocation on 7 April 2015 2 ponder about, what lies ahead and what should be done in the realtime world of commerce and business. We, in the Institute, can only speculate of what possibly lies ahead and advise you accordingly.

    Today, one of the major issues that confront the business community across the world, irrespective of their size and structure, is how to instill the entrepreneurial spirit; the main driving force behind every successful businessman, among their employees. Organizations, across the world, are trying to change themselves into becoming more agile, innovative and faster in doing business. Today, the faster you accept this reality, evolve and inculcate this habit in your approach, thinking and performance, the better are your chances of contributing positively to your organisation and succeeding as an individual as well. Mere adaptability is passé; a semantics of the past. Something different and distinct is required. The hunger for success, which involves finding innovative new approaches and methods that have made Indians across the world successful businessmen, is in great demand today. Adaptability, versatility backed by new ideas, becomes essential to success. You need restrained aggressiveness in pursuing your goals and ambition, and simultaneously, to be ready and willing to accept and accommodate others’ new ideas and their ways of doing things. We in RGIIMS, are confident that you all will be able to take on these challenges.

    ......The country is poised critically at an important juncture in its growth-story, where emphasis is to make and produce in the country. The reasons for this thrust and focus are known to you; besides other considerations, we need jobs to absorb the burgeoning work force comprising people of your age. People are the demographic capital 4 that India has, provided; we can give them the opportunities and means to contribute positively to nation-building. Each of you has an important role to play in this regard, as nation building is your responsibility, as much as, it is of others. But, in many more ways than one, you have a greater responsibility than other less fortunate, because of the position, each of you will occupy in your life, as you climb up the leadership ladder. Your concern and contribution, in whatever little way in this regard, will go a long way in building a prosperous and happier India. We in RGIIMS will feel proud of such efforts.

    At the end, remember us; your alma mater from where you stepped into the challenging world of business and commerce with a prestigious and coveted Post-Graduate Diploma in hand. Do look back and keep in touch with us in the Institute, because your association and interests with RGIIMS will mean a lot to all of us. We will want you with us, for the times ahead. Always remember that progress of the Institute and your individual successes are conjoined by an invisible synergistic link, as you pass out from the portals of RGIIMS today.

    May I wish each one of you the very best in whatever you do, professionally and personally in your lives? God bless, each one of you.

    Director’s Report By Professor Amitabha De, Director IIM Shillong

    ...It is my privilege, on behalf of the Institute, to welcome The Honourable Chief Guest of the Programme, Shri Ramakrishnan Mukundan, the Managing Director of Tata Chemicals Limited (TCL). Tata Chemicals Limited is a global company with interests in businesses that focus on LIFE: Living, Industry and Farm Essentials. TCL has been recognised for its commitment to sustainability and its environmental management practices. In 1980, Tata Chemicals Limited set up a non-governmental organisation – Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD) – that works towards holistic community development, including managing water, land and other natural resources, encouraging enterprise development, and promoting health and education.

    It is also my privilege to welcome Shri Falguni Raj Kumar, Chairman of the Board of Governors of IIM, Shillong to the Sixth Convocation. Shri Raj Kumar has been associated with the Institute right from its inception and has helped us in building the Institute by his constructive suggestions. He has been a great source of support in all our endeavors in running of the Institute and making it a Centre of Excellence.

    I also extend my warm welcome to all the members of the Board of Governors and Society of IIM Shillong, invited dignitaries, parents of our students, members of Press and Media, Faculty members, Officers and Staff of the Institute and my dear Graduating Students. VIth Convocation - 2015 DIRECTOR’S REPORT 2 I congratulate the graduating students of the PGP 2013-15 batch and PGPEx 2013-14 batch. During the course of your stay with us, we, at IIM Shillong, have tried to provide you the learning of holistic and sustainable development. I am sure that you have fully utilized this opportunity to excel in your future career. However, please do not forget the values that we have always strived to inculcate in you, right from the day you have joined the Institute. Your career, for which you have been working so hard, can only flourish and sustained in a meaningful way, when you strengthen the values of integrity, honesty, self-discipline, humility, compassion and respect for others. My dear students, as you leave this Institute today, please remember, however proud we are of all your achievements, you should not get uprooted from the ground reality when you join as Corporate Managers tomorrow. Do not forget your responsibility towards the Society and their contributions in making your career bright. Remember your responsibilities towards your Alma Matter, IIM Shillong.

    On behalf of the Institute, I want to share with you some of the significant endeavors which we have made over the last one year. The Academic Report of the Institute, which has been distributed, may kindly be taken as read, and, therefore, I am not reading it out, due to time constraint.

    Institute Achievements/Awards
    Like earlier years, in the current year also, IIM Shillong has been recognised for its contribution to the field of management education. Some of the achievements are:

    • Silver Winner 2014: Awarded by Indian Management Conclave- MBA Universe Initiative.
    • India’s Top 20 B-School: Awarded by Business World.
    • Business School which Innovates Teaching Methodology : Awarded by Star Group.
    • Business School with Best Academic Input Syllabus in Finance: Dewang Mehta Business School Award.
    • CSR Award For Excellence 2014: Awarded by Competition Success Review.

    Collaboration Initiatives In addition to the existing academic collaboration with Ocean University of China, we are in the process of expanding our collaboration. We are at the final stage of entering into a partnership and collaboration with BRAC Business School, Bangladesh. Besides, we are having a dialogue with Indiana University, Bloomingdale, USA for partnership with the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) and Nanyang Technical University (NTU), Singapore.

    Faculty members
    The teachers are the main pillars of this Institute. In this Institute, the teachers are respected, talent is recognized, inventions and innovations are supported, openness and forthrightness are 4 appreciated and nurtured. Faculty members of this Institute are in various committees of the Government (both Central and State) and Public Institutions, and through these committees, they help the policy makers to make important decisions for the nation and the society. They bring accolades and honours to the Institute, which the Institute is proud of. Faculty members of this Institute, besides teaching, are involved in research, MDP training and industrial consultations.

    Publications and Research Contributions
    During the period, faculty members published 36 papers in journals, conference proceedings and book chapters and attended 22 conferences.

    Consultancy Assignments
    IIM Shillong provides consultancy services to organizations in different sectors, in a wide spectrum of areas. Some of the consultancy assignments taken up were:

    • A Study of Low CD ratio of Meghalaya, State Bank of India.
    • Report on the Export Potential of North Eastern States, Ministry of Commerce & Industries, Govt. of India.
    • A Study on the Schemes’ of the Meghalaya Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board, Govt. of Meghalaya.
    • Conducting Survey to identify the needs of Local Industries in Meghalaya, NIELIT Shillong.
    • Empanelment for NLM, Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India.

    Externally Funded Research and Other Projects
    Over and above the Institute Sponsored Research Projects (IRS), IIM Shillong is also involved in carrying out research and other projects through external funding. Some of the research and other projects taken up were:

    • Six-Month Full-Time Certificate Program in Tourism & Hospitality Management , NEC, Govt. of India.
    • Development of Best Practices of Demand Chain Management, AICTE, Govt. of India, New Delhi, under Nationally Coordinated Project (NCP).
    • Role of Independent Directors – Enhancing or Otherwise of the Shareholders Wealth – An Empirical Investigation, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India.
    • Awareness of Sanitation and Solid Waste Management: Can it be way forward?, HUDCO.
    • Impact Evaluation Study on Minor Irrigation Projects supported under RIDF, NABARD in Meghalaya, NABARD.
    • Are the Directors Concerned About Their Reputation-Evidence from the Indian Firms, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India.

    Students’ activities and achievements
    We believe at IIM Shillong that our students will be future thought leaders for an economically and ecologically sustainable society. Therefore, students in this Institute are imparted a holistic education towards solving business problems of this millennium and beyond. Besides classroom education at IIM Shillong and internships at industry and business, students of IIM Shillong are involved in other facets of holistic education through various extra-curricular activities organised by them and taking part in such activities organised by other Institutions, Organisations, Industry and Business Houses. Through these participations, they not only showcase their talents but also bring laurels to the Institute. Some of these achievements were:

    • Birla Group Scholarship: Awarded to fifteen Management Students of Top B-Schools including one from IIM Shillong. The Aditya Birla Scholarship eligibility criteria is restricted to top 25% of students from Top B-Schools in India including IIM A, IIM B, IIM C, IIM I, IIM K, IIM L, IIM S and XLRI- Jamshedpur in the management domain.
    • Yes Aspire Scholarship instituted by Yes Bank: Awarded to thirty Management Students of Top B-Schools including one from IIM Shillong.
    • National Final of L’Oréal Brandstorm 2014: Winner.
    • National Final of L’Oréal Brandstorm 2015: Runners Up.
    • TEDEx: Won a scholarship to attend TEDGlobal Conference in Rio, Brazil.
    • Steel-a-thon 2014, a National Level Business Competition organized by TATA Steel: First Runners Up.
    • National Finals of V-Guard Business Challenge: 2nd and 3rd Position.

    Placement Placement like earlier years is 100 percent with mean CTC of Rs. 13.04 LPA and median CTC of Rs. 12.50 LPA, a rise from the previous year.

    PGPEx: Managing Business in India and China IIM Shillong and the Ocean University China (OUC), Qingdao have joined hands to design the first ever Sino-India Executive Post Graduate Program (PGPEx) for working executives. PGPEx is an International Program open to all students from across the globe. The program is designed to provide General Management education in the context of emerging economies in general and in the context of the host Institution Countries in specific, so as to uniquely prepare global leaders to conduct business in such economies. During this Convocation, the 2nd Batch of PGPEx will be receiving their Diploma.

    Fellow Programme in Management
    Fellow Programme in Management at IIM Shillong is to prepare academic leaders for future, who will shape management thought in academic Institutions. Currently nine Fellows are undergoing their fellow programme.

    Vision and Mission of IIM Shillong
    IIM Shillong’s Vision is “To become an internationally recognized management institute with a global outlook grounded in Indian values.” Our Mission is “To generate and disseminate knowledge in all aspects of management education for sustainable development and to develop innovative leaders with strong ethical values” and our Core values are:

    • Openness to new ideas and experiences
    • Intellectual freedom
    • Self-experimentation and creative pursuit
    • Adherence to fair, just and ethical practices
    • Compassion
    I on behalf of the Institute stand committed to make our Vision and Mission the way of our life and the Core Values to be the way we live. We solicit your best wishes.


  • CEDNER, IIM Shillong organized a Special Lecture on “Doing Business in North East”

    The Centre for Development of North Eastern Region (CEDNER), IIM Shillong organized a Special Lecture on “Doing Business in North East” by Mr. Ranjit Barthakur, Chairman – FICCI, North East Advisory Council on the 24th February 2015 at IIM Shillong. The lecture was attended by 70 participants which includes PGP students, Faculty and Officers of IIM Shillong, and representatives from all the north eastern states. In his lecture, Mr. Ranjit Barthakur talked about the strengths, weaknesses, threads and opportunities of the North Eastern Region. He also touched on the pros and cons on doing business in North East Region and reiterated the opening of north east market to the surrounding markets. The event kicked started with a welcome speech by Prof. Amitabha De, followed by the introduction from the Chairperson-CEDNER, Prof. Natalie W. Kharkongor. The event came to a close with an in-depth interaction, and a vote of thanks from the Committee Member, Prof. M. Srikanth.

    On the following day, CEDNER organized a Discussion Forum on “North East Tourism Connectivity” at IIM Shillong. The intention behind the discussion forum is to bring together all the private tourism promoters and the tourism departments of the state government of the north eastern states. The event opened up with a welcome address by the Director, RGIIM Shillong, and with the introductory speech by the Chairperson-CEDNER. The first lecture was given by Mr. Ranjit Barthakur on “Discussion on A Gateway to ASEAN-India's NE Frontier”, followed by active discussion among the participants on a number of issues, mainly subsidy. The event was added weight by the presence and the lecture of an experienced person in the field of tourism sector Mr. P. K. Dong, Chairman-Dong & Associates and who is also a retired Regional Director of India tourism. He gave a dynamic talk on “Discussion on Present Scenario of NE Tourism and the way forward”. Mr. Snarlyne Khyriem, who retired as a Regional Director of India Tourism, delivered a smart talk on “Discussion on Role of Tour Operators in Tourism Promotion” which was followed by heated discussion among the participants from the eight states of the Region. They were of the view that the state governments shy away from coming forward to fully assist and support them in their initiatives. They also felt the necessity of drafting the state tourism policy on their own taking the help of CEDNER, IIM Shillong to promote tourism industry in the Region. Some of the participants expressed the significance of knowing the uniqueness of each and every state and what it has to project to the world. They were also debating and deliberating on the importance of standardization of the services they offer and the launching of a consolidated package to attract more tourist to the different states of the North East. The event came to a close with a vote of thanks from one of the CEDNER Committee Member, Prof. Sonia Nongmaithem.

    The two Events were sponsored by RGIIM Shillong as part of the Institute’s Social Responsibility and was recorded by Prof. Achyanta K Sarmah, a member of CEDNER Committee.


  • See/Saw of Ideas at TEDxIIMShillong 2015

    Shillong 14th February, 2015: After the global success of the previous edition, IIM Shillong hosted the third season of TEDxIIMShillong 2015 on Saturday, 14th February at Hotel Pinewood, Shillong. The theme of the event was ‘See/Saw…and what is yet to be seen.’ The event witnessed participation from the IIM Shillong fraternity and also local institutions.

    TEDxIIMShillong 2015 was introduced by Professor Amitabha De, Director of IIM Shillong. After the introduction, the talks commenced with Mr. Muralikrishnan talking about his failed experimentation with entrepreneurship. Citing examples from his personal life, he underscored the importance of having a Plan C in place as an entrepreneur by stating that Plan A is more often than not, a fiction, while Plan B is the worst case scenario. The talks progressed with ideas pouring in from speakers belonging to various domains – Mr. Varun Jhaveri who gave a talk on global youth leadership, Mr. Nikhil Vij who gave an insight on the transition of jobs, Mr. Lou Majaw defining himself through the world of music – which instigated thought provoking questions. Mr. Nitin Kakkar, a National Award winning film director, took us through an interesting chapter in his life which highlighted the value of humanity over borders.

    Renowned historian and epigraphist Dr. Chithra Madhavan, who has a deep connect with temples and archaeology, took the audience through a journey of sculptural glory and carvings across the centuries and their fading presence. The event also featured stand-up comedian Mr. Azeem Banatwalla, who entertained the crowd with his witty one-liners as he clarified a few stereotypes about stand-up comedy. He explored censorship and its context in the genre of comedy. The event concluded on a motivating note with Padma Shri Bertha G. Dkhar saying ‘inclusive societies are the way forward to integrate all factions of society and ensure that all have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

    Curator, Ms. Prachi Agarwal shared her experience of the event by elaborating on how she used her TEDGlobal experience in this event. She said, “This time we wanted TEDxIIMShillong to address more social issues as was done in TEDGlobal 2014 as I found it to be more impactful and far reaching. We were successful in raising few thought provoking issues and explored solutions to some century old problems. We hope to make TEDxIIMShillong an incubation centre for generating ideas and continue to serve and enrich our TEDx community to bring about a positive change in the society through our efforts.”


  • IIM Shillong hosts third edition of Melange in Delhi

    Melange’15 – the 3rd alumni meet of IIM Shillong was conducted by the Alumni Association of IIM Shillong at Eros International, New Delhi on 1st February 2015. After the previous two successful editions in Mumbai and Bangalore, the third edition of the meet, witnessed an overwhelming response from the alumni of all the previous five batches that have graduated since the inception of the institute.

    The momentous occasion was graced by the presence of Prof. Amitabh De, the Director of IIM Shillong, Prof. Sanjeeb Kakoty, Chairman Alumni Association, and Mr. Hemango Kishore Dutta, Manager Corporate Affairs, Public Relations & Placement. They shared with the alumni, the current developments and achievements of the institute and echoed the importance of alumni to the alma mater while laying emphasis on the need for stronger ties between alumni and the institute. The event also saw unveiling of the official logo of the Alumni Association of IIM Shillong by the Director.

    The attendees had a wonderful time at the meet, engaging in a host of activities conducted during the day which included a video-message montage from the faculty, an informal round of introductions, where the alumni got nostalgic sharing the fond memories of their college life. The participants thoroughly relished a stand-up comedy act which tickled their funny bones. The event was concluded with a constructive discussion and deliberation wherein the alumni gave their valuable suggestions to take the institute to even greater heights.

    The event ended on a high note, with the alumni promising on a closer connect, active participation and to help the institute in every possible way in the future.


  • IIM Shillong wins GIRC East Zone Round

    IIM Shillong won the East Zonal Final of the 8th Annual CFA Institute Research Challenge held on 4th Jan 2015 at Hyatt Regency, Kolkata. The winning team was represented by Gaurav Bhardwaj, Gaurav Pilania, Gautam Jain, Jatin Sethi, and Saket Hawelia. The team presented their research analysis and recommendations in the form of an equity research report for the company – Astral Poly Technik Ltd.

    Other colleges which participated in the event were XLRI Jamshedpur, IIFT Kolkata, IIM Ranchi, and VGSoM (IIT Kharagpur). The distinguished panel of Judges consisted of senior portfolio managers - Mr. Anirban Dutta (Director Jet Age Securities), Mr. Ajay Jaiswal (President and Head, Research & Investment Strategies at Microsec Capital Ltd.), and Mr. Basant Maheshwari (Equity Investor). The corporate partner of this event was Bloomberg.

    The teams were judged on the research report they had submitted earlier and the presentation made in front of the judges. The winning team received trophies and gift vouchers in addition to a certificate of recognition.


  • TEDxIIMShillong Organizer Among the 2 Indians who bagged the TEDxChange Scholarship for the TEDGlobal Conference in Brazil.

    The Curator for the very successful TEDxIIMShillong 2014 event and Second Year PGDM student of IIM Shillong, Ms. Prachi Agarwal, had won a scholarship to attend the 2014 TEDGlobal conference in October 2014 in Rio, Brazil.

    Since 2010, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has partnered with TEDx to raise awareness around global health and development through TEDxChange, and to develop programs to help bring new information and ideas to underdeveloped communities.

    As a part of this ongoing partnership, the Foundation also offers scholarships to selected TEDx organizers to experience an official TED Conference. The 15 TEDx organizers selected for this opportunity were from emerging communities and have put endless hours into organizing TEDx events in their region.

    Ms. Agarwal was nominated after organizing the successful TEDxIIMShillong event in Shillong in February 2014. She was one of the prestigious 15 scholars from all over the globe who attended the TEDGlobal.

    She shared her experience saying “It was opportunity of a lifetime and I am proud to have represented IIM Shillong and my country at TEDGlobal 2014 in Rio. The talks were amazing and the ideas and conversations were inspiring. Meeting Mr. Chris Anderson was another highlight of the visit. I am thankful to my TEDxIIMShillong team for all their support and hard work which made it possible”.

    Ms. Agarwal’s visit ranged from meeting new people to learning better ways of organizing TEDx Events. She also got the chance to network with thought leaders from around the world, TED Fellows and TED Prize winners.

    TEDxChange Scholarships cover the cost of pre-selected TEDx organizers from across the globe to attend the official TED Conference.

    Attendees of TEDGlobal gain a renewed energy and dedication towards TEDx, thereby bringing more opportunities for idea-sharing in their local communities.

    Attending an official TED Conference also gives organizers the privilege of hosting a TEDx event with more than 100 attendees, expanding the reach of TED and TEDx in their communities.


  • IIM Shillong celebrates Rashtriya Ekta Diwas

    On 31st October, 2014 the students, faculty and staff members of IIM Shillong fraternity assembled to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhai Patel, which is also known as the Rashtriya Ekta Diwas.

    The session was hosted by second year student Rohan Modi from the Cultural Committee of the Institute. Professor Sanjeeb Kakoty opened the session by delivering an address on the relevance of the day and on Sardar Vallabhai Patel. He threw light on the life of the great freedom fighter and emphasized the importance of appreciating the great visionary’s contribution to the achievement of freedom.

    This was followed by a pledge for unity, taken by everyone present at the ceremony – which was conducted by the Director, Dr. Amitabha De.

    The Director of IIM Shillong while enlightening the audience, spoke about Sardar Patel, “who is commonly known as the Iron Man of India”, being seen as a national symbol of Unity and hence the day is celebrated as the National Unity Day or Rashtriya Ekta Diwas.

    The pledge was followed by a discourse delivered by Prof. Abhijit Choudhury, retired Head of Department of History of St. Edmund's College, Shillong. He explained the importance of recording even the smallest historical events and efforts of the unheard freedom fighters which have gone into achieving our freedom and encouraged all present to find out from their respective families and friends whose ancestors were involved in the struggle and to record the same. The speech was truly informative and inspiring for the managers of tomorrow, who were driven towards inclusive growth and unity as they embark on their journey of building careers.

    The event was brought to a closure with a classical song performance in Sanskrit by second year student Kamalesh Srinivasan and respect paid to the nation by recital of the national anthem by the attendees.


  • Golf Cup Season 7 concludes IIM Shillong’s Annual Festival in grand fashion

    The seventh edition of the IIM Shillong Golf Cup conducted in association with Meghalaya Tourism on the 11th and 12th of October ended on a high note at the 18-hole Shillong Golf Course. The Golf Cup, which is IIM Shillong’s flagship event, concluded the institute’s annual festival that also featured the third edition of ‘Khlur-Thma’ comprising inter college competitions in different management domains and Udaan – The Business Conclave. IIM Shillong’s Golf Cup has augmented its presence nationally over the years since its maiden edition in 2009.

    This year, on the first day of the Golf Cup, the inaugural tee off was done by Mr. A. L. Hek, Hon’ble Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Information and Public Relations, and Information Technology, Government of Meghalaya and the second day was teed off by Mr. Rajesh Singh, IA&AS Principal Accountant General, Meghalaya. The grandeur of the event was unprecedented with corporates from various industries and golf enthusiasts participating in huge numbers. The mascot for this year’s Golf Cup ‘Pappy, the Golfer’ was inaugurated by Dr. Mukul Sangma on 19th September, 2014.

    About Khlur-Thma
    Run for Shillong, a marathon conducted on 9th October raised the curtains for IIM Shillong’s annual management fest ‘Khlur-Thma’. This year, with the theme ‘Strike to Survive’, Khlur-Thma featured a plethora of events across various management domains. Touchstone, the Marketing Case Study Challenge sponsored by The Shillong Times; decipHR, the HR Case Study Challenge sponsored by the Central Bank of India and Woodland Hospital, and Vishleshan, the Finance Case Study Challenge sponsored by RBI and Corporate Bridge were organised on the 10th October. Khlur-Thma concluded on 11th October with Shrinkhala, the Operations Case Study Challenge sponsored by the Meghalaya Institute of Governance and partnered by Jabong.com. Apart from these events Khlur-Thma also featured other online events like De-Crypt, Samuchit, Saksham and Ariadne's Thread. The event witnessed massive participation of over 8000 students from 80 B-Schools across the country.

    About Udaan
    This year IIM Shillong, organized a Business Conclave ‘Udaan - Wings to a better tomorrow’ on the 11th of October. The theme of the conclave was ‘The Way Forward: Transforming Opportunities into Reality’. The event comprised of the Finance Conclave, the Food Processing Conclave and a guest lecture by Mr. P. R. Ravi Mohan, Chief General Manager, RBI. The discussion in the Finance Conclave was centred around the topic ‘Indian Banking Sector: Driver of the Indian Economy’ and the discussion panel included Mr. Ashvini Bakshi, Vice President, Credit & Risk Analytics, Mr. Sanjiv Bhuyan, Sr. Vice President, HDFC Bank, and Mr. Dipak Kumar Lalla, GM, SBI. The Food Processing Conclave witnessed a discussion—by Mr. Vivek Chowdhary, Divisional Manager - Dairy project, ITC; Mr. Mudit Agarwal, Founder, We-Agri; Mr. Vibhor Laddha, Manager - Projects, Archer Daniel Midlands; Mr. Samrat Deka, CMD, SRD Group; Mr. Avni Bader, Director, Nezone Industries, Tezpur; Ms. Bandita Banerjee, State Coordinator (Meghalaya), NERAMAC and two fellows from the PMRDF—on exploiting opportunities in the Food Processing Industry.

    Valedictory Ceremony

    The valedictory ceremony commenced with the inauguration of Albatross, the annual golf cup magazine by Dr.Mukul Sangma, the Chief Minister of Meghalaya, who was the chief guest for the occasion. The ceremony was graced by the presence of Dr. Amitabha De, Director, IIM Shillong, central and state government officials, and other dignitaries.

    Subsequently, the results of the Golf Cup were announced. In the single events category the Longest Drive Award went to Col. H Panging, the Closest to the Pin Award went to Ms. D. Shullai, and the Straightest Drive Award went to Mr. Anthony Hek. Among the handicap categories, Mr. F. Marbaniang and Mr. L. Hansing were awarded the winner nett and runner-up nett in the 19-24 handicap category respectively, in the 13-18 handicap category, Mr. Kishan Singhania and Dr. Warjri were awarded the winner gross and runner-up gross while Dr. Ashish Kumar and Mr. T. Marwein were awarded the Winner nett and runner-up nett and in the 0-12 handicap category, Rahul Bajaj and Dr. KI Singh were awarded the winner gross and runner-up gross while Mr. Sunshine Marbaniang and Mr. Daniel S. Jyrwa were awarded the Winner nett and runner-up nett. In the ladies category the winner gross award went to Ms. D. Shullai while Dr. (Mrs.) Suzie Syiem was awarded the runner-up gross. In the corporate category, Mr. Kalyan Sahu was awarded the winner gross and Mr. Nikhil Chowdhary, the runner-up gross.

    This year the annual fest of IIM Shillong was flagged off by the marathon – Run for Shillong. The winner in the male category was Mr. B. Khongsngi. Mr. P. Dkhar and Mr. B. Singtham secured the second and third position respectively. In the female category, Ms. D. Iangjuh bagged the first position while Ms. T. Ningshen and Mrs. Apurva Jain from IIM Shillong secured the second and third position respectively.

    The winners of the various case study competitions organised in Khlur-Thma were also felicitated during the valedictory ceremony. ‘The Karmic Connection’ from IIM Shillong was the winner of TouchStone while Team ‘Kya Humse Ho Payega?’ from IIM Shillong secured the second position. ‘The Karmic Connection’ were also winners for Vishleshan while Team ‘Dviti’ from IIM Indore (UAE) was the runner-up. The winners for decipHR was the team ‘The Mystics of Mawphlang’ from IIM Shillong, while team ‘Cloud Capped Stars’ from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar stood second. Team Symphony from IIM Shillong emerged victorious in Shrinkhala, while ‘The Outliers’ from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad secured second. The valedictory ceremony concluded with a cultural programme, and the vision and determination to take IIM Shillong’s Annual Fest to newer heights.


  • IIM Shillong Concludes Its First Ever Marathon : Stage set for Golf Cup Season 7

    The Marathon – Run For Shillong – was organized in association with Red Bull to promote the rich culture and heritage of Shillong on 9th October, 2014. It was a 3.8 km run starting from the campus of IIM Shillong to the Ward’s lake. It supported the great cause of Sustainability by promoting the cleanliness of the Ward’s lake and safeguarding the Golf Course from deterioration. The special guests for the event include Miss Suman Lyngdoh who was crowned as Ms. Shillong in 2013, Mr. Gerald Pde who has participated in various marathons at national and international circuits, Mr. Pradip Kurbah, Director of National Award winning movie – ‘Ri’, Mr. Merlvin Jude Mukhim lead actor of the movie ‘Ri’, and is also the Public Relations Officer at IIM Shillong and Ms. Sweety Jane Pala who is a producer and a renowned artist of Meghalaya.

    The enthusiastic participation of the students of IIM Shillong complimented the theme of the marathon ‘Fly coz you dare, Run coz you care’. Students from colleges like NIFT, NEHU, MLCU, St. Anthony’s College and NIT Meghalaya showed great zeal by participating in huge numbers. Players from Royal Wahingdoh Football Club also participated, showing their support for the cause. Bankyrshalang Khongsni and Darishisha Jangjuh emerged victorious in the men’s and women’s category respectively. Apurva Jain, a student of IIM Shillong secured 3rd Position in the women’s category. The winners will be felicitated on the 12th of October during the valedictory function of the IIM Shillong Golf Cup.

    Mr. Malcom Mylliemngap, Team Manager of Royal Wahingdoh FC Junior team, had this to say about the event. "It was a refreshing and exciting experience for us to be a part of the 'Run for Shillong' marathon organised by IIM, Shillong. We hope that the institute will continue to organise more events that will see active participation by the public. We wish them the best in their endeavours."

    After the huge success of its first ever marathon, the annual fest of IIM Shillong would begin with Khlur-Thma’14. Khlur-Thma meaning ‘war of stars’ in the local Khasi language, was conceived as a Case Study Competition by the Shillong Lajong Football Club from which it has evolved into the annual B-School Fest of IIM Shillong. With the theme of ‘Strike To Survive’, IIM Shillong aims to take this year’s Fest a notch higher by increasing the gamut of competitions. It would see the participation of over 80 B-Schools from all across India and more than 8000 students.

    Khlur-Thma’14 would feature events like Touchstone, the Marketing Case Study Challenge sponsored by The Shillong Times; decipHR, the HR Case Study Challenge sponsored by the Central Bank of India and Woodlands Hospital; Vishleshan, the Finance Case Study Challenge sponsored by RBI and Corporate Bridge.


  • India-China Business Convergence : Redefining Education and Practice of Management

    The vision of the ‘World’s Factory meeting the World’s Back office’ has an immense integration potential for not only both parties but the entire global market. Implementing concrete economic, political, and cultural pacts could help realize this vision, allowing socio-culturally knitted humans working in unison for achieving self-sufficiency, greater prosperity and sustainability. Chinese President Xi Jingping’s recent visit to India, heralds the beginning of an economic and geopolitical power shift towards India and China. Although the Indo-Chinese relationship symbolizes peaceful co-existence of two great civilizations, who have been largely been ignorant of the mutuality which two could have gained with. Being one of the centers of excellence in Management Education IIM Shillong believes that the relationship is bound to be transformed which would not only transpose the world’s economic center of gravity towards Asia but also redefine the very understanding and practice of management science.

    It is time for global leaders to understand that that India and China are not divergent markets, rather, they are distinctively unique yet socio-culturally confluent ones at the core. Beginning with being the extreme East as compared to the West, the two nations have a lot common in terms of social values of preferring relationships over transactions, respecting age more than formal authority, harmony over confrontation besides several others.

    Whether it’s the rapid urbanization, the rising middle class consumers, or the growing strategic regional co-operations, both the nations have steadily progressed towards creating self-reliant, competitive, and harmonious economies. Generations after generations of changing human capital in terms of both knowledge and skills have provided with high quality work force, creating sustainable competitive advantage for their respective countries. Whatever may be the case, both countries have still intact their core societal and cultural structures. This has them to adapt to global changes and further enrich the cultures vis-à-vis familial values, deep reckoning towards history, social and organizational hierarchy, individual and group level trust dynamics, great philosophical belief systems, and highly accommodative mindsets inter alia.

    From the age old agrarian practices to ethnic distinctions, from the street vending practices to international commerce and trade scale, India and China share strong commonalities among their contextually adjusted business systems. Though global corporate giants are rigorously pursuing new avenues to penetrate and sustain in the two markets, many of them are obviously slipping to get a grip over these markets. But, the said distinctive similarities and the cross cultural sensitivity help Indo-Chinese enterprises to successfully establish their businesses in both the geographies. “Leading Indian companies in sectors such as IT, pharma, cinema, and agriculture from India have high regard among the Chinese community. Similarly, India has deep respect for Chinese manufacturing, infrastructure and agro-processing capabilities” asserts Shrikanth an alumnus of the Institute from the PGPEx (Managing Business in India and China).

    Several confidence and capacity building strategies have been designed, developed and deployed on both sides to learn from each other’s strengths. Nevertheless, there still exists huge potential for business growth, trade balance, and people to people interaction. Research, education, tourism and cultural exchanges are avenues continuously sought for fundamental level engagement among both the civilizations. “But effective understanding of foreign business environment comes through contextual intelligence, intelligence developed through sincere understanding of the local agents such as culture, society, tradition, and geography. It is this contextual intelligence that is the thin line of difference between success and failure of any business venture in a foreign market” opines Sunil Malik, another alumnus of the program.

    The big idea that we want the readers to contemplate about is this. Western style management models need to be modified and tailored to suit Indian and Chinese business requirements. And at times there is a need to have managerial solutions which can help design practices only suiting to the contextual cultural realities of the two countries. One such example of an innovative initiative is the Indian Institute of Management Shillong’s executive management program (PGPEx) in Managing Business in India and China. The program allows students to work on projects both in India and China to allow them to absorb and adapt to the cultural contexts and develop an understanding into Evidence Based Contextual Management of Business Problems. Such management programs foster people to people interaction and grass root level study of language, culture, history, economy, and business practices, resulting in a contextual international business management perspective.

    Continuing with the sincere believe in the potential of the MBIC program, the Institute inaugurated the third Batch (2014-15 ) of the program on the 08th of October 2014 in the campus of in the presence of Director of the Institute Prof Amitabha De under the Program Chairmanship of Prof Rohit Dwivedi .

    The Chief Guest for the occasion was Dr. Deepak Gupta, Managing Director, Middle East, PDI Ninth House, A Korn/Ferry Company. Dr. Gupta who is an International renowned expert in Talent Management issues, in his key note address on Managing Leadership Transitions-a critical necessity gave a clear insight on the leadership transition process, implications on organizations and its relevance to growth and sustainability of successful organizations.

    Prof Amitabha De in his welcome address stressed on the importance and responsibilities of IIM Shillong in not only churning out future managers and leaders but also have a higher responsibility to the community and region, particularly to the development of North East. In this regard, he shared few points of the mandates set by the Government for IIM Shillong.

    It was recalled by Prof. Dwivedi about the amount of home work which had gone into in the conceptualization of the program and the farsightedness of the Institute leadership in envisaging a gap in the managerial talent pool to take over leadership position across transnational business operations. He highlighted the relevance for right kind of competencies which the managers need to possess to be able to take the businesses of these two nations to the next level of globally competitiveness. The need also was felt across managerial domains to help design culturally consonant business practices for a Sustainable future of cultures and communities. The participants of the new batch are from different backgrounds bringing with them rich work experiences from various industry and functions elevating the program to newer heights and glocal (Global + Local) expectations.


  • IIM Shillong joins forces on Swachh Bharat Mission

    The state of Meghalaya is recognized for its persistent focus towards cleanliness. Mawlynnong village, Meghalaya, considered amongst the cleanest villages in Asia, presents a strong example of how community participation can ensure realization of the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi’s vision of a clean India.

    Joining the fold of “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”, IIM Shillong launched a cleanliness campaign on 2nd October, 2014, as a gesture to pay tribute to the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. The Campaign was inaugurated by Prof Natalie West Kharkongor, Faculty Coordinator of the EcoBiz Club at IIM Shillong, who stressed upon the importance of cleanliness and motivated the participants to holistically work towards improving the environment. She was joined by Mr. R C Saxena, CAO of IIM Shillong who also urged the participants to focus on building a strong character, and not only the environmental cleanliness, but also of the mind and spirit. The launch of the campaign drew active participation from the faculty members, administrative officers and students.

    Driven by the spirit of sustainability, the participants flagged off the campaign with a cleaning drive, to clean the local streets in nearby areas. IIM Shillong has consistently displayed enthusiasm in taking the cause of ecological awareness forward. The Institute has set examples by establishing rainwater harvesting infrastructure and solar energy platform to leverage on the abundance of natural resources, besides providing well-made dust bins for Lumbasuk –A locality, which houses the Institute.

    The Institute, as a part of the campaign, has set forth a number of key initiatives to be undertaken over the next month, besides currently planning a yearlong calendar of activities. In addition to IIM Shillong, the initiatives will involve the local communities, schools and colleges. Cleanliness of the city will be taken up on priority, which would involve setting up of dustbins in and around the campus, as well as at the important landmarks of the city. Further the dustbins are intended to be segregated as biodegradable and non-biodegradable. A number of competitions and events will also be organised with themes promoting the awareness on environmental sustainability. Other planned awareness programs include cleanliness march—involving local communities and schools—and distribution of posters outlining the importance of cleanliness.

    Indian Institute of Management Shillong, established in 2008 is steadily being recognised as a premier management institution in the country. Within a short span of only five years, the Institution has already made its presence felt in the international global scenario. IIM Shillong’s vision has been to groom young managers with a sense of responsibility to the society and environment, with a sense of diligence and honesty.


  • राजीव गाँधी भारतीय प्रबंध संस्थान में हिंदी दिवस/पखवाड़ा समारोह

    राजीव गाँधी भारतीय प्रबंध संस्थान में 14 से 28 सितम्बर,2014 तक हिंदी दिवस/पखवाड़ा उत्साह्पूर्ण मनाया गया I पखवाड़े के दौरान संकाय सदस्यों,अधिकारियों,कर्मचारियों और छात्रों के लिए हिंदी पाठ, सुलेख, निबंध लेखन, अन्ताक्षरी, गायन, एकल अभिनय एवं मौलिक लेखन प्रतियोगिताओं का आयोजन किया गया |

    अधिकारियों तथा कर्मचारियों को अपने अनुभाग में राजभाषा कार्यान्वयन के लिए प्रोत्साहन पुरस्कार से भी सम्मानित किया गया I प्रतिभागियों को समापन समारोह के दौरान प्रो. केया सेनगुप्ता द्वारा पुरस्कृत किया गया |

    The Hindi Fortnight was celebrated in Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management from 14 to 28 September,2014 with enthusiasm. During Hindi Fortnight, the Faculty members,Officers, staffs and students participated in various competitions such as Hindi reading, handwriting, esaay writing, antakshari, singing,mono acting and original write up.

    The officers and staffs were also awarded with incentives for implementing Official Language in their respective sections. Participants were honored with prizes by Prof. Keya Sengupta during closing ceremony.


  • IIM Shillong inaugurates Capacity Building program under aegis of CEDNER

    Center for Development of North Eastern Region, CEDNER, IIM Shillong had organized a training programme on capacity building for 25 Officers of the Department of Commerce & Industries, Government of Meghalaya from 22nd to 26th September 2014 at the premises of IIM Shillong. The programme styled as Entrepreneurship Orientation and Business Management covered a number of areas like economics of entrepreneurship, entrepreneur finance & sources of finance, marketing, branding & advertising, crafting business proposal, project execution & monitoring, business policy & business law, managing teams, ethics, and sustainability.

    Taking note of the fact that Entrepreneurship Development is the need of the hour for the all-round development of the State, the course was so designed to equip the participants with skills required to facilitate the setting up of more entrepreneurial units both small - scale and large - scale units. It is equally important for the new set – ups to pass from the survival stage to the growth stage. However, in the practical world some existing units passed the downswings and even remained there for a long time. Hence, the objectives of the programme were framed accordingly to take care of the mentioned concerns which include promoting entrepreneurship; successful entrepreneurship; rehabilitation of sick units; and innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship.

    Shri. P. S. Ingty, Principal Secretary, Department of Industries, Government of Meghalaya was the Chief Guest of the Inaugural Function held on the 22nd September 2014 at IIM Shillong. In his speech, he emphasized on the importance of entrepreneurship development in the state of Meghalaya and the rehabilitation of the sick units like MCCL. He also mentioned the importance of taking note of the innovative ideas and thoughts of young people in the State, and to render support and assistance to them whenever required. Prof. Amitabha De, Director RGIIM Shillong, mentioned in his address the contribution made by CEDNER towards the development of North Eastern Region. The Welcome Speech and the Introduction to the training program was given by Chairperson – CEDNER and Coordinator of the programme, Prof. Natalie West Kharkongor. The training program was officially closed on the 26th September 2014 with Shri. Amarnath, GM, RBI, Shillong as the Chief Guest and Shri. C. Langstang, Director, Commerce & Industries Dept. Government of Meghalaya as the Guest of Honour. The issue of the sick units in the State and the issue of willful defaulters were picked up for detailed discussion with all the stakeholders in the second phase of the training programme.


  • IIM Shillong successfully hosts EmergE 2014, the third edition of the annual entrepreneurship summit, on a bigger scale

    EmergE 2014, the annual entrepreneurship summit of IIM Shillong was held on 13th-14th September 2014. This summit was organized by the Entrepreneurship Cell, i-Cube—is rooted in the concept—Envision. Engage. Evolve.—and aims to stimulate entrepreneurial drive in the management education participants. The summit was inaugurated by the chief guest, the Hon’ble Governor of Meghalaya, Dr. K.K. Paul, who encouraged the institute’s participants to adopt the entrepreneurial spirit and stressed on creation of a ‘knowledge society’. Dr. Amitabha De, director, IIM Shillong welcomed the guests and his address focused on the message of creating wealth through entrepreneurship.

    Through this platform, IIM Shillong took the opportunity to recognize tremendous contribution to the development of the North East by the local entrepreneurs. The Hon’ble Governor of Meghalaya, Dr. K. K. Paul, felicitated three such entrepreneurs from Meghalaya. Dr. Helen Giri, founder of La-Riti Foundation at Mawroh, Shillong, was felicitated for her contribution towards the upliftment of Khasi traditional music and development of various art forms prevalent in the state. Mr. Readington M. Marwein, Proprietor of Mawphor Khasi Daily Newspaper, who established the first Khasi daily in 1989 with a four page tabloid, was recognized for his untiring efforts. Mr. John Marbaniang was acknowledged for his work towards promotion of Sharawn Tea.

    EmergE 2014 witnessed enthusiastic participation of students from nation-wide B – Schools in R€vo£u$N, the B-Plan Competition. The winner of the B - Plan Competition was ‘Mystics of Mawphlang’ from IIM Shillong and the runner up was ‘Organic Majoli’ from NMIMS Mumbai. ‘Mimasa’ from IIM Shillong won Reveal – the Case Study Competition which was organised in association with the Royal Wahingdoh Football Club. There was a tie for the runners up between ‘Fence Hitters’ from IIM Shillong and ‘Team Zippo’ from SIMS Pune.

    The summit started with the Investors’ Conclave, an interactive session with leading venture capitalists—Mr. Ashwin Raguraman (Chief Operating Officer, India Innovation Fund), Mr. Sanjay Anandaram (Advisor, Ojas Venture Partners) and Mr. Soumyajit Ghosh (Chief Investment Officer and Head of Financial Planning, Escalated Wealth Advisors Pvt Ltd). The conclave delivered insights around the growing maturity of the Indian entrepreneurial environment and a concurrent rise in foreign fund flow. Media Conclave, which involved discussion with experts—Mr. Anshul Tewari (Founder and Editor-in-chief, Youth Ki Awaaz), Ms. Harini Calamur (Head, Digital Content, Zee Media Corporation), Mr. Aditya Gupta (Co-Founder, Social Samosa) and Dr. Samir Chaudhary (Co-founder, ‘The Media Ant’)—facilitated exchange of diverse ideas of the 3Ps—power, perversion, and promise—of various forms of media. The final event, Edupreneurship Conclave, hosted eminent entrepreneurs—Mr. Arun Raveendran (CMO-India, Foradian Technologies Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. Jagdish Repaswal (Founder, MangoReader), Dr. Deep Lodhari (Founder, Mytestbuddy.com) and Mrs. Uma Shanker (Founder, Uma’s English Academy & EduConTra). The conclave’s discussion centred around the role of entrepreneurs in the education system, which has a tremendous influence on society. Finally, the students of IIM Shillong put together a cultural evening which marked the end of EmergE-2014

    State Bank of India were the title sponsors of the event while associate sponsorship is maintained by Royal Wahingdoh Football Club (Shillong). In addition to these the event’s food partners were Tuborg and Qzine, and media partner was Sahara Samay.


  • Mini Exposition and Launch of Resource book for Livelihood Promotion at IIM Shillong

    A mini exposition for the launch of the Resource Book for Livelihood Promotion was held on 25 August, 2014 at IIM Shillong and was well attended by representatives of various Govt and non Govt development agencies in the city.

    The organizers mentioned that this is a part of many such expositions happening or have already taken place at various colleges, university campuses, and organizations across the country. This is to popularize the Resource Book for Livelihood Promotion promoted by Institute of Livelihood Research and Training (earlier The Livelihood School), authored by Dr. Sankar Datta, Ms. Rama Kandarpa and Mr. Vijay Mahajan.

    This Resource Book describes both theoretical as well as practical approaches of livelihood promotion and provides an enhanced understanding of livelihoods under various lenses of social, economic, cultural and political analysis. It includes cases along with a comprehensive collection of new tools, which will help and support the approaches described in it for practical use by the livelihood promoting organizations. It is one book that is useful for Students, Academics, Researchers and Practitioners in the development domain.

    Jun Joshias Momin, Project Manager at ILRT, gave a brief overview of the Resource Book while Prof Sanjib Kakoty, faculty member at IIM Shillong provided his critical review of the same. Mr. BK Sohliya, OSD at the Meghalaya Institute of Entrepreneurship commented, “ The book is very practical and would be a great asset and applauded the initiatve of ILRT in launching the book.”

    Expert’s Speak: Dr. Vidya Rao, Retired Professor (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai) - “It is an excellent textbook for Universities and colleges teaching rural development, social entrepreneurship, and related degree programs. Theoretically sound, it is a blend of Intellectual history, cases, movements, uses aggregate data creatively to strengthen arguments.”



    The evening in Shillong was filled with the celestial sounds of the sarod as Pandit Buddhadev Das Gupta enthralled an audience at the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong. The concert was organized by the Meghalaya Chapter of SPIC MACAY on account of Janmashtami celebrations.

    SPIC MACAY is a voluntary youth movement which promotes Indian classical music, classical dance, folk music, yoga, meditation, crafts and other aspects of Indian culture. Started in 1977 by Mr. Kiran Seth, SPIC MACAY presently has over 500 chapters across the world and holds around 6,000 events annually.

    Mr. P. K. Swin welcomed the guests on behalf of SPIC MACAY. The event was inaugurated in traditional fashion with the lighting of the lamp by Pandit Buddhadev Das Gupta,Prof. Amitabh De, Director IIM Shillong, Dr. Keya Sengupta, Professor of Economics, Mr Swin, and a member of the Cultural Committee.

    Pandit Buddhadev Das Gupta, fondly called Guruji, addressed the audience on the history of the sarod and its association with Hindustani classical music before engaging the audience.

    The sarod, meaning “beautiful sound”, a lute-like instrument that is believed to have descended from the Afghan Rubab, is one of the most prominent instruments of Hindustani classical music and is sought after for its fretless and deep introspective sounds. Guruji, a disciple of sarod maestro Sangitachrya Sri Radhika Mohan Maitra, was a Padma Bushan awardee in Jan 2012.

    Guruji was assisted on the sarod by Smt. Debasmitha Bhattachariya with Shri. Ashok Mukherjee on the tabla. The audience were in raptures over the Kamod and Tilak Kamod ragas that rented the air with soulful music. Guruji was facilitated by Prof. Amitabh De to tumultuous applause from the guests gathered.

    IIM Shillong, the 7th IIM to be set up in the country with the aim to expand both economic and cultural avenues in the Northeast, collaborated with SPIC MACAY for the 2nd time to coordinate the concert in an effort to inculcate an interest for Classical Indian music in the Northeast.


  • IIM Shillong has won the Silver at Indian Management Conclave Awards 2014 for the theme ‘Deepening Industry-Institute engagement: New Models for Greater Connect’

    We are pleased to announce that IIM Shillong has won the Silver at Indian Management Conclave Awards 2014 for the theme ‘Deepening Industry-Institute engagement: New Models for Greater Connect’ at the IMC Conference that was held on August 8-9, 2014 in New Delhi.

    IMC Awards, an integral part of IMC Conference, is a platform to recognize the Best-practices and successful initiatives by B-Schools. IMC Award 2014 received a participation of 50+ nominations from leading B-schools like the IIMs, XLRI, SPJIMR, NMIMS, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), TAPMI, MICA, Symbiosis University and many other institutions.

    The 5th edition of the Indian Management Conclave (IMC), the flagship event of MBAUniverse.com which began on August 8, came to a befitting conclusion on August 9 with the IMC Awards 2014 being conferred upon the winners by Shri Sunil Kant Munjal, Jt. Managing Director, Hero MotoCorp and by Dr Subramanian Swamy, Former Union Minister of Commerce & Industry and Senior BJP Leader. The finalists from different B-schools from across the country presented their case-studies, including presentations by Deans of IIMs, XLRI, SPJIMR, NMIMS, and Symbiosis, talking about the best practices for improving the landscape of management education in India. The two day conference saw several workshops being conducted including on Curriculum Development, Business Simulation, Case Study Teaching, MBA Education in SAARC Countries etc. The Conclave came to a close with the IMC award ceremony as an initiative to recognize the best practices in Curriculum, Pedagogy & industry engagement in Indian Management Education.

    The IMC Award were judged by three respected MBA educators – Dr. Bakul Dholakia, Former Director, IIM Ahmedabad; Dr. Rajan Saxena, Vice Chancellor, NMIMS University and Dr. Rishikesha Krishnan, Director, IIM Indore. Global publisher McGraw Hill will be publishing ‘IMC 2014 Conference Proceedings’, a hard-copy 200 page book, documenting and highlighting the learning’s from each of the IMC Award Winners. This in turn, will help B-schools in the future to learn and adopt these best practices.

    The first day of the conclave also saw the unveiling of the EPSI-MBAUniverse.com approach paper -‘Vision 2025 for Indian Management Education’, by Mr. Amit Agnihotri, Convener, Indian Management Conclave (IMC) and Dr. H. Chaturvedi, Alternate President, Education Promotion Society of India (EPSI). The document examines the history, progress and current state of Indian management education, and also provides the much needed recommendations to improve the current state of affairs in next 10 years by taking policy measures which are aligned with the Government of India’s National Vision & Priorities. Vision 2025 became the topic for many a discussions during the two day conclave, for taking steps towards improving the future of the management education in India.


  • Two-day International Seminar on Green Economics: “The Road to a Balanced and Healthy Economy”

    Countries have developed during the past 22 years since the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 but many questions have remained unanswered. Questions like: What kind of development have we had? What has really happened in past 22 years? Have things got better or worse for most people and most things on the planet and its systems? What kind of growth we have had? Does the sustainable development concept make societies from developed, developing and undeveloped countries wealthier, happier or healthier?

    At the global level the gap between richer and poorer sections of society has increased.s World economies have grown and developed in terms of and in relation to their GDP. On the one side, there is poverty (deficit) and on the other side, there is wastage (excess). The global economy witnessed a high degree of imbalance in terms of extraction and usage of resources. The state of nature and its natural resources like the quality of water and air are on a downward spiral and have reached an alarming point.

    Taking note of the above questions, the Meghalaya Economic Association (MEA), Shillong under the leadership of its President, Dr. Natalie West Kharkongor in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Shillong under the leadership of its Director, Prof. Amitabha De organized a two-day International Seminar on Green Economics: “The Road to a Balanced and Healthy Economy” on the 7th and 8th August 2014 at the State Convention Center, Pinewood Hotel, Shillong. Academicians, research scholars, government officials and corporates’ representatives from various parts of the world presented various papers and debated on the different approaches towards achieving a healthy green growth in the global, national and regional markets in 6 different technical sessions held during the two days.

    Prof. Graciela Chichilnisky, Colombia University, the Lead Author of Kyoto Protocol and the Architect of carbon credit market was the main international Guest Speaker during the event; her presentations covered Green Capitalism and the Carbon Negative Solution. The Speech of Miriam Kennet, Founder of Green Economics Institute, UK was also read during the technical session two. Rachel Rasmussen, Head of Business Development, Wildlife Works, USA also made a video presentation at the International Seminar.

    A discussion forum was also held on the “Ecological issues of the state of Meghalaya” which was moderated by Dr. Bremley W.B. Lyngdoh, Founder & CEO, Worldview Impact, UK to find practical solutions to local problems. About 50 participants were broken down into 3 working groups to come out with tangible green projects to address water management, waste management and alternatives to the NGT mining ban to secure sustainable livelihoods for the rural poor of Meghalaya.

    Dr. K. K. Paul, Honourable Governor of Meghalaya was the Chief Guest and Prof. Graciela Chichilnisky, Colombia University was the Guest of Honour at the inaugural session while Mr. Rowell Lyngdoh, Deputy Chief Minister, Government of Meghalaya was the Chief Guest and Mr. Sanjay Goyal, IAS, Deputy Commissioner East Khasi Hills, Government of Meghalaya was the Guest of Honour at the Valedictory Session. The event drew together academicians, government officials, political leaders and key institutional, business and sustainability practitioners to create, explore and share experiences related to the subject. The Seminar was sponsored by the Planning Department and the Department of Forest & Environment, Government of Meghalaya and the North Eastern Council, Shillong.


  • Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam visits IIM Shillong, teaches the Dimensions of National Development

    “I want to see all of you as the creative leaders to bring about the required change”, said Dr. Kalam, as he addressed the students of IIM Shillong on Thursday morning in the Institute campus.

    Dr. Kalam is at the Institute for a course on the “Dimensions of National Development”. During his session with the students today he talked about the challenges that our country and the world is facing at large and emphasized on the role of leadership to tackle these issues and develop possible solutions.

    Dr. Kalam talked about his concept of PURA (Providing Urban Amenities to Rural Areas) which focuses on rural development by providing opportunities through cooperative working of resource and social entrepreneur. This would enable our country to grow by shared efforts and overcome the challenges faced by the society.

    Dr. Kalam charted out the link between creative leadership & economic development. He emphasized on the importance of the role that change in leadership would play for ensuring the success in future. He also accentuate on the role of integrity among leaders for sustained success and development of the society.

    Dr. Kalam also met with the faculty members of IIM Shillong to discuss on the role of academicians in promoting creative leadership among the students for the betterment of the society in the future.

    This is the second time that IIM Shillong has hosted Dr. Kalam as a Guest Faculty to deliver a course to its students. The sessions conducted by Dr. Kalam, truly enlightened the students about the changing demographics and needs of the society, serving as an inspiration to them to be an enabler for the better future of the country and the world.


  • IIM Shillong welcomes its seventh batch

    As in the past, the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong welcomed its seventh batch with strength of 146 students. Encouraging in mentioning the least is the increase in intake by IIM Shillong in comparison to previous years, holding on to incremental consistency in admissions. The induction program for the new batch was adorned by presence of eminent dignitaries.

    The Chief Guest for the event was Dr. Anjan Ghosh, Vice President (TQM), Exide Industries. Speaking about the challenges that India is currently facing, Dr. Ghosh stressed on the opportunities available for managers & entrepreneurs and the scope for improvement through dynamic leadership. Dr. Anjan Ghosh was joined by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of IIM Shillong, Shri Falguni Rajkumar and the Institute Director Prof Amitabha De.

    Prof. Amitabha De, talked about the uniqueness that IIM Shillong has in its pedagogy further pointing out the positive behavioral change that the Institute tries inculcate in its students through the power of education. He said “The aim of education is to have humility in your conduct, passion in your lives and inclusiveness in your thinking and most importantly in striving to be a good human being.”

    IIM Shillong has been constantly proving its mettle in the field of management education and has seen a tremendous rise in its performance among all the B-Schools. This year, the increase in batch size stands as testimony of the growth pattern of IIM Shillong as an eminent Indian B-School.

    The induction program was thoroughly enjoyed by the new batch in the presence of their respective parents.


  • Felicitation Of Ecobiz Club, IIM Shillong By Meghalaya Aids Control Society On World Blood Donor

    Every year, on 14th June, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day. This year this auspicious day bought some very proud moments for ECoBiZ Club of IIM Shillong. In an event organized to observe World Blood Donation Day, which was organized by Meghalaya AIDS Control Society, Meghalaya State Blood Transfusion Council in collaboration with Meghalaya Legislative Forum on HIV/AIDS and Licensed Blood Banks, East Khasi Hills District, ECoBiZ Club of IIM Shillong was felicitated for its continuous and dedicated efforts towards encouraging voluntary blood donation and spreading awareness about the same. The event was attended by many prominent dignitaries of the Meghalaya government, medical institutes and organisations involved with the noble cause of blood donation. The Chief Guest in the event was Shri A L Hek, Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Meghalaya. Other guests included Shri K.W. Marbaniang, Secretary, Health and Family Welfare, Dr. D. Tariang, Medical Superintendent Dr. H Robert Hospital Shillong, Project Director of Meghalaya AIDS Control Society and several other prominent dignitaries. The program included presentations by prominent doctors of Shillong including Ms. E. Lingdoh, Deputy Director (BS) and Dr. Hughbert Dikhor from Nazareth Hospital. They talked about the importance of ‘Safe blood for saving mothers’ - the theme for this year and how different organizations and individuals can help in this initiative. This was followed by felicitation of the contributing organizations of Shillong. The efforts of ECoBiz Club of IIM Shillong in this area were also recognized. ECoBiZ Club of IIM Shillong organised the 3rd blood donation camp on 22nd February, 2014. The camp was organised in collaboration with Pasteur Institute, Shillong under the expert medical guidance and care of Dr. Momin and her nursing staff. The members of the club were called on stage and were given certificates and mementos by Mr. A L Hek, Honourable minister of Health and Family welfare, Meghalaya Government. It was extremely encouraging for the Club to see their efforts being appreciated by the Government of Meghalaya at this prestigious event. The ceremony was followed by some performances by the local bands of shillong. At the end the Chief Guest, Shri A L Hek said he was really happy to see youth organizations taking up such a noble cause. He called for a dedication towards blood donation from top officers and organizations of the state. His extremely motivating speech gave the various organisations the impetus to make Meghalaya a perennial source of safe blood.


  • Global and the Indigenous: Connecting the Discourses

    The Two Day Workshop on “Global and the Indigenous: Connecting the Discourses”: June 6 – 7, 2014, IIM Shillong was something out of the ordinary. The presentations and lively participation at the end of each session over the 2 day discourse brought to the fore a range of noteworthy issues at the global context, at the national level and also from nooks and corners of the North East in particular.

    At a personal level, my perception is that people, in general, may not actually care or even be aware of the ills of globalization / capitalism as long as the benefits are conveniently consumed. The exponential growth of consumerism is an undeniable fact. Slowly but surely there has been a gradual invasion, an invasion of mono culturalism that is considered a threat to the diversity that exists in multi-lingual and multi- cultural societies. Closer home at the North East, indigenous cultures and identities are already vying for spaces of their own. While the reasons may be multiple and varied, at the heart of these is the drive to exploit the abundant resources to feed the growing needs of time driven by consumerism. While the exploitation and use of resources are not necessarily bad, it is in the existing manner done or sought to be done. These central pieces or agents wear many guises and one needs to be wary.

    As an educator, syllabi and time constraints are my biggest enemies. There is also a regular need to upgrade one’s knowledge on relevant issues (social, economic, political....) which are often pushed under the radar and deemed to be “anti – development”. Discussions on such crucial matters (some encouraging, some precarious) in the 2 day discourse need more space and time and an appropriate platform with representations from various sections of society as we are all stakeholders. Only then such voices are amplified and abundant reasons collectively provided to the ears of decision makers. In this respect, IIM Shillong has done an admirable job in providing a platform for a range of participants from students to educators to activists, journalists and social commentators. This helped me soak in a multitude of issues and views from different standpoints and across age. Our concerns are similar but the road map to raising greater awareness and solutions will vary given the context.


  • INDEST Best Users Award

    Knowledge Centre has been awarded the INDEST Best Users among all New IIMs for the year 2013

    The award received by Dr S.K. Jena, Librarian from the Director of NIT Srinagar (J & K) in the presence of Director IIT Delhi, Director NIT Silchar, Vice Chancellor Assam University and some invited guests along with an official of MHRD Govt. of India, and all the librarian of NITs, IITs, IIMs, IISER, NISER, NIETE Mumbai , some librarians of Central University of India and some Librarians of reputed private universities during INDEST-AICTE meeting, held at NIT Silchar (Assam), from 5-6 May, 2014.


  • Fifth Annual Convocation

    The Indian Institute of Management Shillong today celebrated, amidst much splendor, its 5th Annual Convocation at its current campus. Altogether, 107 students of the Post Graduate Diploma in Management program received their certificates on the day. In addition, 35 students of the Executive Post Graduate Diploma in International Business (PGPEx) program for the year 2013 also received their passing out certificates on the day, in presence of Society and Board Members of RGIIM Shillong, proud parents, Faculty Members, Officers and staff of the Institute.

    While delivering the welcome address and presenting the Director’s report, Prof Amitabha De urged the students saying, “Please remember, however proud we are of all your achievements, but do not get uprooted from the ground reality when you join as corporate managers tomorrow. Your career for which you have been working so hard can only flourish and sustain in a meaningful way, when you strengthen the values of compassion, humility, integrity and honesty.”

    Delivering the Convocation Speech, Falguni Rajkumar, Chairman of the Board of Governors remarked, "Convocation is also an occasion when each one of you must ponder and chalk out the future course, the goals and objectives for yourselves in the years ahead. You are now the final chiseled potential future business leader because of the efforts made by each one of your teachers. In IIM Shillong we believe that true business leaders need to have a fine balance between the dictates of the head and heart in whatever they do."

    Prof. Jahar Saha, former Director IIM Ahmedabad and chief mentor during the initial stages of IIM Shillong, and one amongst those who took the Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabad to the level of creating an exemplar of a great Indian Institution. Speaking as the Guest of Honour Prof. Saha dwelled at length on the need to introspect, and utilize energies towards positive contribution.

    The Convocation Chief Guest, Mr. Madan Mohan Mohanka, an Alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad , and Chairman of MM Group of Industries, is the pioneer in bringing new technologies, viz. wear resistant lining systems used in mining, material handling and mineral processing industry, cross fluted fill media for cooling towers and waste water treatment plants and belt cleaning and tracking system in the country.

    TEGA Industries Limited, the flagship company of which Mr. Mohanka is also the Chairman & Managing Director exports to 68 countries, has 17 marketing offices and 3 manufacturing plants outside of India, enjoying a great brand image in the mining sector.

    Speaking from his years of experience as a business leader Mr. Mohanka exemplified himself to each aspect of his words of encouragement to the students. On his many failures in the initial stages of setting up business, Mr. Mohanka remarked, "Learn to tread a path of risk. Never fear failure. Be courageous and take decisions, leave problems behind and go forward, always keeping your purpose, values, integrity, passion, and hard work intact."While congratulating the passing out students he added, "People will expect a lot more from you. Use your education towards bringing societal equity. Do not look only at self, but society and the larger issues." Mr. Mohanka is known for walking the talk, and is involved in various social service activities in the Education sector and development of the underprivileged. He is also a recipient of numerous awards and accolades in the field of business and societal transformation.

    Apart from the certification, there were also medal winners from amongst the students consisting of the following:

    • Chairman’s Gold Medal awarded to a graduating student for securing the Highest CGPA among all the students of the batch receiving the diploma - Gaurav Sachdeva
    • The Institute Silver Medal awarded to a graduating student for securing the Second Highest CGPA among all the students of the batch receiving the diploma - Anchal Khaneja
    • Director’s Gold Medal awarded each year to the Best All-round Performance by a student in terms of general proficiency including character, conduct, excellence in academic performance, extra-curricular activities and social service - Lijosh Jose
    • The Institute’s Medal for Positive Contribution to Campus Life awarded each year to the most significant positive contribution by a student to campus life - Lijosh Jose
    • Shri Rathindra Nath Datta Gold Medal awarded to a graduating student for securing the highest cgpa among all the students of the batch receiving the diploma - Gaurav Sachdeva
    • Prof. Ashoke k. Dutta Gold Medal awarded each year to the best all-round performance by a student in terms of general proficiency including character, conduct, excellence in academic performance, extra-curricular activities and social service - Lijosh Jose
    • The Math Finance AG Gold Medal awarded each year to a graduating student for securing the highest cgpa in quantitative finance courses - Ahmed Arsal Sayed

    Also amongst the students of the Executive Post Graduate Diploma in International Business (PGPEx) program for the year 2013, the following students received the respective medals

    • Chairmans Gold Medal for the class of 2013 & rupees two lakhs - Nishant Kimothi
    • Award of rupees Two Lakhs awarded to a graduating student for securing the Second Highest CGPA among all the students of the batch receiving the Diploma - Sai Chandan Duggirala
    • Director’s Gold Medal for the Best All Rounder for the class of 2013 - Nishant Kimothi

    It may be mentioned that IIM Shillong in the recent past had received the Dainik Bhaskar National Education Leadership Award as Outstanding B-School (EAST), Business School with Best Academic Input (Syllabus) in Finance, and the LOKMAT National Education Leadership Award as Outstanding B-School (EAST).

    IIM Shillong Continues its Successful Placement Trend

    On the day of the 5th Convocation, the entire IIM Shillong fraternity is extremely pleased to announce the successful conclusion of Final Placements 2014. Regular as well as new recruiters have shown a huge amount of faith in the talent pool at IIM Shillong. This year has been a significant year in terms of the quality and the number of offers extended to the participants. A total of 53 companies participated in the Final Placements process including 25 new recruiters. Finance emerged as the most sought after domain with 28% of the batch securing offers in this domain, followed closely by Sales & Marketing with 27%. The average CTC stood at 12.49 LPA, while the median CTC is 12 LPA. 18% of the batch secured Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs). This stands testimony to the brilliant performance put up by students of IIM Shillong during their Summer Internships.

    New recruiters included companies like Aditya Birla Group, KPMG, IBM, Trident Group while some of the largest recruiters on campus are Tata Steel, Cognizant, Wipro, ICICI amongst others. Renowned recruiters like Aditya Birla Group, Mahindra GMC, Tata Administrative Services, Robert Bosch recruited for the respective leadership development programs. Prominent recruiters in the Finance domain are HSBC, ICICI, Nomura, SBI Capital Markets, Yes Bank. Companies like Amazon, GSK Pharma, Maruti Suzuki, Wipro were sought after the most for roles in Sales & Marketing. This domain also saw students secure international offers. In the Operations & Supply Chain domain, major companies like Tata Steel, Daimler, Dr. Reddy's recruited in numbers. IT/ITES domain witnessed participation from large companies like Fidelity Investments, Cognizant, HCL, Infosys BPO, Tata Motors amongst others. Major recruiters in the HR domain were IBM, Titan, UST Global. Prominent PSUs like Powergrid, BPCL also recruited students from IIM Shillong for multiple roles.

    Prof Sanjoy Mukherjee, Chairman Placement expressed his satisfaction. "We once again thank each and every recruiter for giving the students of IIM Shillong an opportunity to lay a solid platform towards a successful career. We eagerly hope to expand our association through other avenues also, hence continuing our symbiotic relationship with all our recruiters. As we hope to host all our recruiters once again in the next academic year, we are sure that the graduating batch of 2014 will live up to the standards of the extremely competitive corporate world."


  • National Workshop cum Training Programme

    The Three day long workshop cum training programme on “Management of Library and Information Centre in Digital Era” was held at IIM Shillong in collaboration with National Library, Kolkata Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India during 25-27 March 2014. The workshop saw active participation of subject experts, academicians, invited speakers, researchers and students from various Institutions, Universities, Colleges, etc. besides IIM fraternity. There are 60 participants attended from all part of the North Eastern States. The Programme covered 6 technical sessions which included 03 key note lectures, 16 paper presentations, besides a cultural evening.

    The workshop started with a short inaugural session presided over by Prof. Amitabha De, Director, IIM Shillong. IIM Shillong in which Prof. Sanjoy Mukherjee, Chairman Library graced the occasion and Prof. Pravakar Rath Dean School of Economics, Management and Information Science, Mizoram University, Aizawl graced the occasion as Chief Guest. The welcome address was delivered by Dr. Ramachandran, Principal, Library and Information Officer, National Library Kolkata. Dr.Sudhir Kumar Jena, Librarian IIM Shillong, Organizing Secretary spoke about the workshop and its objectives.

    The inaugural session also included a key note address delivered by Prof. Pravakar Rath, Dean School of Economics, Management and Information Science, Mizoram University, Aizawl.

    The Said workshop cum training programme concluded with a short valedictory session presided over Prof. Sanjoy Mukherjee, Chairman Library in which Prof. Moses Naga, Dept. of Library and Information Sc. North Eastern Hill University graced the occasion as Chief Guest. The Welcome address delivered by Prof. Moses Naga, Dept. Lib. & Inf. Sc. NEHU, gave his remarks on the occasion while Prof. Sanjoy Mukherjee, Chairman, Library gave his concluding remarks. The participants gave their feedback about the programme. Prof. Sanjoy Mukherjee distributed the certificate to the participants. The programme concluded with Vote of thanks offered by Dr. Sudhir Kumar Jena, Librarian & Organizing secretary.


  • General Management and Leadership Programme

    RGIIM Shillong organized a 14 days customized residential training programme titled “General Management and Leadership Programme” for the executives of Oil India Limited during 10-25th March 2014 in Landmark Hotel, Nongrim Hills, Shillong. The registration and inauguration was held at RGIIM, Shillong, on 10th Mar, 2014 at 10am with six participants from Oil India Ltd. Prof.P.Saravanan (Chairman-MDP) welcomed the participants and other dignitaries followed by the inaugural address delivered by Shri D. Deka (Senior Manager Learning and Development, Oil India Ltd) as the Chief Guest. Prof. Amitabha De, Director RGIIM Shillong, highlighted the significance of the programme and Prof. Tapas Kumar Giri (Programme co-ordinator) delivered vote of thanks.

    The 14 days programme was facilitated by thirteen faculty members from both academia and industry. During the programme, the participants are exposed to the issues related to globalization and its impact on the Indian economy in general and petroleum industry in particular. They were also sensitized to the rapidly-changing business dynamics and its impact on organization.


  • IIM Shillong in association with ISAS, National University of Singapore & FICCI holds a workshop on ‘Looking East through Northeast: Development & Connectivity’

    Taking forward the two decade old policy launched by Government of India ‘Look East’ in order to bolster relationship of India with other South Asian countries to develop synergies and strategic advantages for a holistic growth, IIM Shillong in association with ISAS, National University of Singapore, and FICCI today organized a workshop focusing on development and connectivity issues restricting the growth of North-Eastern India.

    While delivering the welcome remarks, Prof De highlighted the conviction and desire of IIM Shillong in providing avenues for learning and development to the entire NER through various meaningful programs and initiatives, while Mr. Falguni Rajkumar, Chairman of the Board of Governors spoke about the need to look back and analyze the effectiveness of the Look East policy through its existence.

    Eminent personalities were invited for the workshop. Dr. Mukul Sangma, Chief Minister, Government of Meghalaya was the Chief Guest of the event. The conference saw participation from Mr. Ranjit Barthakur, Chariman of NAC, FICCI, Prof. Tan Tai Yong, Director-Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore and Prof. Amitabha De, Director-Indian Institute of Management Shillong.

    Dr. Mukul Sangma in his keynote address pointed out the strategic importance of presence of an eminent institute like IIM Shillong that can aid north eastern states of India in their growth and prosperity by organizing platforms and forums for engagement and dialogue by inviting prominent personalities. He discussed the importance of engagement and dialogue with management institutes and emphasized on the role that these institute can play in changing socio-economic landscape of various states. Dr. Sangma also discussed about the infrastructure issues leading to connectivity problems faced by northeastern states in India. He emphasized on programs that must be developed in order to solve issues related to ideological disconnect between North Eastern States and Rest of India.

    Mr. Ranjit Barthakur from FICCI talked about the significance of two decade old ‘Look East’ policy and problems with its delivery, while also suggesting possible solutions to the problems. He also discussed about the importance of PPP models in order to develop infrastructure of the state.

    Professor Yong, the Director of Institute of South Asian Studies discussed the importance of such conferences and series of research programmes that helps in growth and prosperity across nations. Such events create a platform for picking up perspectives from academicians, policy makers and journalists.

    In conclusion it was discussed that North Eastern states of India have huge potential and appropriate opportunities can give right direction to the overall growth of people, and the North Eastern region of India.

    Other dignitaries present include Mr. M P Bezbaruah, Member, North East Council, Ms. Patricia Mukhim, Editor of the Shillong Times and others.

    Presenters in the workshop include Faculty Members of IIM Shillong namely, Prof Keya Sengupta, Prof Sanjib Kakoty, Mr MP Bezbaruah, Member NEC, MS. Patricia Mukhim, Editor- The Shillong Times, Mr. Samudra Gupta Kashyap, The Indian Express, Dr. CJ Thomas, ICSSR – Shillong while moderators include Mr. Ranjit Barthakur, Chairman NE Advisory Council – FICCI, Mr. Falguni Rajkumar, Chairman BOG, RGIIM Shillong and Dr. Sinderpal Singh of ISAS. The closing remarks was presented by Prof Natalie West.


  • Blood Donation camp

    In line of its continuing efforts to serve the society around it the ECoBiZ Club of IIM Shillong organised the 3rd blood donation camp on 22nd February, 2014. The camp was organised in collaboration with Pasteur Institute, Shillong under the expert medical guidance and care of Dr. Momin and her nursing staff. The students, faculty and the staff members all actively came forward to donate blood. All the donors were filled with a sense of satisfaction and were glad to be a part of this simple act of kindness. The ECoBiZ club organizes such blood donation camps regularly as one of its many initiatives to support the society around it. Blood donation is a simple act of giving for the young and healthy, but to sick it might a hope of life. It might be possible that someday a mothers tears might not save her child’s life, there family prayers might not save a patient but a bottle of blood from your generous donation just might. It is this realization of being a ray of hope for someone dire need is what drives blood donors. Probably, that’s why we received such an active participation from every one. In all 42 people donated blood during the camp. The Pasteur Institute and ECoBiZ club was really glad to see such enthusiasm in the students for donating blood and saving a life. The donated blood would be meticulously stored with the Pasteur Institute in proper care of the medical staff. This blood would be prudently used to save the lives of people in dire need of blood in emergency situations. We hope that this priceless donation of all the donors could give many people the gift of life.


  • TEDxIIMShillong rides the eclectic bandwagon, spreading the power of ideas

    IIM Shillong hosted its second TEDx event on 15th February 2014. The event saw nine esteemed speakers sharing their ideas and experiences on the theme "Riding the Eclectic Bandwagon". The event received enthusiastic participation from the students and faculty of IIM Shillong, students from other local institutions and officials from the Government of Meghalaya. The wheels for this event had been put into motion several months ago. A series of promotional activities, such as ‘Know Your Speakers’ contest and Eclecti‘click’ – a photography contest, had generated great enthusiasm among the students, which culminated in the event held on Saturday at Pinewood Hotel.

    Nine speakers, from a variety of fields like science, social service, food & travel, business, entertainment and music, shared their experiences on how they charted their own paths on grounds thought to be familiar. The first speaker Dr. B.N.Suresh, Director of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), explained through his own experiences at the IIST, how to face challenges and create opportunities from them. The second speaker to take the stage was Mr. Sridhar Rangayan, a filmmaker and LGBT activist. In a powerful and thought-provoking talk, Mr. Rangayan shared with the rapt audience the social taboos and problems faced by people with different sexual orientation. He talked about laws and societal norms that impose perceptions and challenge the freedom of individuals.

    Prukalpa Sankar, founder of Social Corps, took the stage next and charmed the house with the tale of her journey, from being a concerned citizen to becoming a founder of a technology social enterprise. She urged the audience to challenge themselves in the ‘Game of Life’ and defy the conventional rulebook. The next speaker, Mr. Robert Lyngdoh picked up from where Prukalpa had left- daring to jump off the cliff. In a riveting talk, he analysed the reasons for the alienation faced by the people of the North-East from the rest of India, and the possible remedial measures for that. He pointed out that Eco-tourism and inclusive tourism were the way forward for the north-eastern states.

    There was a one and a half hour break for lunch, during which the attendees interacted with the speakers. Post-lunch, the hall at Pinewood Hotel burst into melody. All the attendees were literally on song, as Ms. Pauline Warjri, freelance musician and founder of the Aroha Choir, created magic with music as she talked about the power of music educators. Her talk ended with an amazing performance by the Aroha Choir to a song composed by her.

    Next up on stage was the duo of Rocky and Mayur, hosts of ‘Highway On My Plate’. They talked about Indian food and eating habits-‘from evolution to revolution’. The talk was eclecticism personified- for the palate! Dr. Dinabandhu Sahoo, inventor of the “Carbon Dioxide Capture Box”, was the next speaker, and talked about ‘farming the sea’, using the algae for a greener and better world and fostering a ‘Blue Revolution’ in the process.

    The last speaker of the day was Mr. Roshan Abbas. He talked about an often discussed term, although in a different way. Talking about the ‘Roadless’ travel instead of the road less travelled, Mr. Abbas emphasised on the need to ‘fail fast’ but ‘learn faster’ and to aim high all the time. He captivated the audience, urging them to look for newer goals to conquer every time, using instances from his own life.

    When asked about the event, the licensee, Prachi Agarwal said that “TEDxIIMShillong was able to do what it aimed at, spark and ignite meaningful discussions. Audience appreciated the variety of speakers and topics which they had chosen to talk about.”

    Thus ended the second edition of TEDxIIMShillong. The talks were powerful, evocative and in line with the theme of ‘Riding the Eclectic Bandwagon’. Speakers, from fields as different as food and music, gave talks that somehow seamlessly fused into one another. Notes found their way to taste, freedom of expression to concern and the need for action, as the audience soaked in the questions raised and the answers offered. The event ended on a resounding note of success, with a promise for the TEDxIIMShillong of the next year to do the same-bring people together to share their ideas worth spreading-albeit, on a larger scale.

    About TEDx, x = independently organized event

    In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized. (Subject to certain rules and regulations.)

    About TED

    TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. Started as a four-day conference in California almost 30 years ago, TED has grown to support those world-changing ideas with multiple initiatives. The two annual TED Conferences invite the world's leading thinkers and doers to speak for 18 minutes on a diverse mix of topics. Many of these talks are then made available, free, at TED.com. TED speakers have included Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sir Richard Branson, Nandan Nilekani, Philippe Starck, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Isabel Allende and former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The TED2014 Conference will take place in Vancouver, British Columbia, along with the TEDActive simulcast in neighboring Whistler. TEDGlobal 2014 will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    TED's media initiatives include TED.com, where new TED Talks are posted daily; the Open Translation Project, which provides subtitles and interactive transcripts as well as translations from volunteers worldwide; the educational initiative TED-Ed; and TEDBooks, short e-books on powerful ideas. TED has established the annual TED Prize, where exceptional individuals with a wish to change the world get help translating their wishes into action; TEDx, which supports individuals or groups in hosting local, self-organized TED-style events around the world; and the TED Fellows program, helping world-changing innovators from around the globe to amplify the impact of their remarkable projects and activities.

    Follow TED on Twitter at http://twitter.com/TEDNews, or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TED.

    For information about TED's upcoming conferences, visit http://www.ted.com/registration


  • IIM Shillong hosts its second Alumni Meet at Bangalore

    The Alumni Association of IIM Shillong successfully conducted its second edition of Alumni Meet- Melange 2014 on 2nd February 2014 at The Taj Vivanta, Bangalore. After the striking success of the first ever Alumni Meet held in Mumbai last year, the second edition witnessed a huge participation from all the batches of IIM Shillong that have graduated since its inception in 2008.

    The event marked a significant step towards strengthening the bond between the IIM Shillong Alumni and their alma mater; a brilliant exercise for shaping the future of the institute. More than fifty IIM S Alumni from the last four batches, spanning across various cities in India and abroad, made it to the gathering. The occasion served as an opportunity for the alumni to rekindle old memories and relive the magical moments all over again.

    The Director Prof. Amitabha De, Prof. Sanjeeb Kakoty from the faculty and Ms. Emica from the administration facilitated the meet and apprised the alumni of the current achievements of the institute, urging them to come forward and help take the institute to greater heights Bringing the IIM Shillong community of alumni, students and faculty together, the event saw lively discussions and deliberations on various issues regarding the institute.

    IIM Shillong recognizes the importance of this association and holds its Alumni very dear. Going by the enthusiasm among the alumni, there will be continuous efforts from the institute to foster this channel for partnership and association on a continued basis.


  • IIM Shillong emerged as National Winners of Wipro Earthian

    Team from IIM Shillong emerged as the winner of Wipro’s Earthian, a sustainability program aimed at fostering better sustainability thinking among young people. Standing tall on its objective to develop managers who promote sustainable development, two entries from IIM Shillong reached to the finals of the Wipro Earthian competition. Out of 600 entries that were received this year, 25 were shortlisted in the first round and finally top 9 entries were declared as national winners. Team consisting of Rutwik Phatak, Vijendra Kumar, Shupriya Singh and Himanshu Singh, second year participants at IIM Shillong, guided by Prof. Sanjeeb Kakoty worked on the issue of ‘Alternative Systems for Development’.

    In the paper titled ‘A study on societal transformation through efficient management of commons’, the team explored how communities can be empowered by encouraging community based resource management. For analysis the participating team from IIM Shillong visited two villages: one in Meghalaya and other in Maharashtra. The competition not only brought pride to the institution, but the winning team also won a sum of INR 150,000 to be invested in societal development activities. Mr. Anurag Behar, Chief Sustainability Officer at Wipro acknowledged IIM Shillong for having won the competition for consecutive two years now.

    Along with the national winning prize, IIM Shillong also won T N Khoshoo Trophy this year. The TN Khoshoo-Earthian Trophy recognizes one school and one college from among the short-listed Earthian winning submissions, for higher degree of feasibility, practical implement-ability and contextual understanding. Another team from IIM Shillong consisting of Apurva Jain and Varsha Poddar worked on the issue of water shortage.

    Wipro Earthian is a sustainability program for schools and colleges aimed at fostering better sustainability thinking and doing among young people. This unique initiative consists of a competition that is open for colleges all over the world, followed by a Continuous Engagement Program (CEP) with the winning colleges. A team of maximum 5 members, guided by a faculty member, is expected to study a particular issue related to sustainability. The organizers outline basic themes from which the teams can choose one or more of their choice. The most important aspect of this competition is that it does not make it compulsory for the participants to reach a solution in haste.

26/11/13 to 31/11/13

  • Leadership Programme for Schools’ Principals / Headmasters/Education Officers of Meghalaya

    Center for Development of North Eastern Region, CEDNER, IIM Shillong achieved another milestone by organising a Five – Day Leadership Training Programme for Schools Principals / Headmasters/ Education Officers of Meghalaya during 26th to 30th November 2013 at IIM Shillong. Realizing the importance of the administrative as well as the academic roles of the Heads of Schools, CEDNER felt it necessary to conduct the training program. The main objective of the programme is to bring about transformable leaders who can be role models and bring about positive changes in the school and society at large. The programme started with an inaugural function on the 26th November 2013. Prof. Amitabha De, Director, IIM Shillong, Prof. Natalie West Kharkongor, Head, CEDNER, Prof. Rohit Dwivedi, Convener of the Programme and Shri. L. S. Lorit, Joint State Project Director, RMSA, Education Department, Government of Meghalaya were among the others present during the function.

    The course content was designed to ensure learning which would enable them to understand the effective functioning of schools and their role as a School Leader in the four major domains: Contemporary Challenges in School Education; Leadership and People Management in Schools; Strategy and Decision – Making for School Leaders; School Operations and Performance Management. During the five days, topics like state of education in the country and the state; purpose of education: beyond subjects – happy learning outcomes; changing paradigms of education; strategic planning; performance management; financial management; building schools through people; bridging the digital divide; innovations in teaching; and conceptualizing a model school were covered.

    Thirty Headmasters, Principals, and Education Officers from all over the State attended the training programme. The programme was organized by Prof. Natalie West Kharkongor, Head, CEDNER and financed by State Education Mission Authority Mission (SEMAM), Education Department, Government of Meghalaya. Prof. Rohit Dwivedi was the programme convener. The event came to a close on the 30th November 2013. .Shri. F. R. Kharkongor, IAS, State Project Director, SSA & SEMAM, RMSA and Secretary, Education Department, Government of Meghalaya was the Chief Guest in the official closing ceremony.


  • EcoBiz Club of IIMS organises Leadership Summit

    IIM Shillong has turned its attention towards nurturing the young students in Shillong in a right direction. ECoBiZ club of IIM Shillong under the faculty co-ordinatorship of Prof Natalie West Kharkongor along with Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI) conducted a pioneer leadership workshop for the local students of Shillong from various colleges and schools. The one day workshop, supported by Lions Club of Shillong mainly focused on bringing out leaders in Shillong in the field of environment. The workshop was inaugurated by Prof Amitabha De, Director of IIM Shillong, Mr. Arun Das, Lions Club President and Mr. Arun Krishnamurthy, EFI president. Prof. De highlighted the importance of this initiative and stressed upon how development should go hand in hand with conservation. He told the students that conservation should begin from each individual.

    During the course of the workshop, various engaging activities were carried out to hone the leadership qualities of students. Towards the end of the session, a Shillong chapter of EFI was launched which will be driven by the students. This chapter will work on projects related to environmental conservation in Shillong like lake restoration, solid waste management etc. The first program of this chapter is most likely to commence on January 2014. The students of this workshop went back with passion to do something for environmental upgradation.


  • Members of the Parliamentary Standing Committee of the Ministry of HRD visiting IIM Shillong

    A team of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Human Resource Development recently visited Shillong on a two-day visit to the State to review the functioning and performance of higher educational institutions in the State to get an idea of the functioning of premier institutes such as IIM Shillong. During their visit, the team is gathered information about the challenges faced by the higher educational institutions in the State and accordingly will prepare a report on the same.

    The Committee also met representatives of other North Eastern states to discuss the functioning of Central institutes located across the North East region.

    The Parliamentary Standing Committee was led by Rajya Sabha member Birender Singh.

    Senior officials of the Rajya Sabha Secretariat, HRD Ministry and Autonomous Bodies as well as the Central Board of Secondary Education and various other officials accompanied the members.


  • Nation wide Candle Light march

    The Manjunath Shanmugam Trust is an international pan-IIM alumni initiative that pledge to fight against corruption and works to improve governance in Indian public life. The trust was instituted in the memory of Manjunath Shanmugam, an alumnus of IIM Lucknow, who sacrificed his life while carrying out his professional duty as an honest individual. The trust worked relentlessly on Manjunath's murder case and succeeded in bringing all the 8 accused to book in a record 9 months' trial. The key accused was awarded death penalty and the rest were awarded life imprisonment.

    Like every year, the trust is organizing a nation-wide candle light march on November 19, the death anniversary of Manjunath. We, at IIM Shillong wholeheartedly support the cause and would support the trust along with all other IIMs. The march would take place at 6.30 pm, followed by taking a pledge of integrity and help in awakening nation-wide consciousness about widespread corruption prevalent in the country.


  • IIMS celebrates Diwali, spreads cheer beyond the confines of its campus

    The dipping temperatures and chilly winds of the undulating terrains of Meghalaya could not dampen the spirits of students of IIM Shillong who celebrated the festival with great pomp and splendor.

    The celebrations began with the students of IIM Shillong visiting the children of SOS Children's Village, Shillong and contributing their bit by means of a donation, and spreading the festive cheer. With people living in interior villages where proper medical facilities have not been able to reach and shortage of gainful employment, the State of Meghalaya has many under privileged and orphan children who need a home and help for a hopeful future. SOS Children's Village Shillong has been established to take care of such children and is situated on a beautiful hillock overlooking the picturesque Umiam lake spread over 11.4 acres. It was a truly elevating experience for the students who got the chance to visit the Village and meet the children.

    Back at the Institute, the campus was brightly lit up with diyas and lights, adding to the festive mood. The weekend was packed with a series of engaging competitions and events which saw enthusiastic participation from both students and faculty members. The festivities kicked off on Saturday with the Mehendi competition. While some seasoned participants drew beautiful and intricate patterns, the amateurs also tried their hands at it and enjoyed thoroughly. This was followed by an exciting game of Antakshari.

    The Rangoli-making competition saw innovative and creative designs put together by the teams. There were diverse themes from the festive theme to social awareness themes from ‘Quit Smoking’ to women empowerment and even modern art.

    Students took part in the cardboard house-making competition – from country houses to full-sized apartments, their inventiveness was put to test and it yielded many striking exemplars.

    The most awaited event was the Great Diwali Marathon which was a team-based event with interesting tasks and hurdles including multiple concentration and coordination games thoroughly enjoyed by all participants.

    Later in the evening, the Director of IIM Shillong – Dr. Amitabha De, along with the faculty members joined the merriment with their families and also participated in the games. The celebrations with the faculty members were followed by the Laxmi pooja and a bonfire, where the final round of Antakshari was played and drew to a nail-biting finish.

    The night came to a close with everyone sharing moments of festivities and reminiscing about previous Diwali celebrations. Diwali was celebrated at IIM Shillong with great enthusiasms by all students endorsing the institute’s belief in sustainable measures..


  • IIM Shillong Golf Cup Season 6 off to a great start

    Golf Cup season 6, the flagship event of Indian Institute of Management Shillong, got off to a spectacular start at the Shillong Golf Course on Saturday morning. Shri A.L. Hek, honorable Minister of Health and Family Welfare and Department of IT, Government of Meghalaya, declared the tournament open with the ceremonial tee off at 6:30 am. Day 1 saw an active participation by officials of government, army personnel and local golf enthusiasts in Shillong.

    Meghalaya tourism is the title sponsor for the event. With Meghalaya Tourism being the title sponsor for the event, IIM Shillong looks forward to strengthen its relationship with Meghalaya tourism by organizing events to provide visibility to Shillong for the growth and development of the tourism industry. Mahindra Rise, Budweiser, State Bank of India, Star Cement, Golf Lounge and Ballantine were the event sponsors among others. The event is widely covered by its media partners DY365 and Golf Plus Magazine.

    The day also saw the presence of Secretary, Ministry of HRD, honorable Shri Ashok Thakur enjoying a day of golf at IIM Shillong Golf Cup. The tournament follows “Stableford” format in the 18 hole Shillong Golf Course, which is one of the oldest golf courses in the world apart from being the largest in Asia. For evaluation of the players, the tournament uses Peoria scoring system. The tournament, now, awaits its second day which would see the presence of top corporates across the industry.

    Khlur-Thma: Annual Management Fest of IIM Shillong

    Khlur-thma, the annual management fest of IIM Shillong, commenced on the first day of the IIM Shillong Golf Cup Season 6. This time Khlur-Thma was fortified with a series of events. There were four on-campus events namely, Professional Golf –The India story- a case study, VainQueur, Touchstone, and Vishleshan. In addition to it there were two video conferencing events named, Shrinkhala, De-Crypt and online events DecipHR, Samuchit, Envisage and Adriane’s Thread respectively.

    Vainquer, ‘From battleground to the boardroom’ is the annual consulting event that saw tremendous participation from premier B-schools like, ISB Mohali, MDI Gurgaon, IIM Shillong and VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur. Presenters came up with extremely ebullient ideas that held tremendous business potential. The event was sponsored by ONGC and supported by the online knowledge partner, MBA Skool. The second event that simultaneously shot off with Vainqueur was “Touchstone” the annual marketing event that saw extremely competitive participation from premier B-schools like IIM Indore, IIM Shillong and SIBM Bangalore. Shillong Lajong FC supported the event by sponsoring it. To follow suit was “Vishleshan” the annual finance event that gives an individual the opportunity to step into the shoes of a banker. The event was sponsored by NTPC and saw voluminous participation from institutes like SPJIMR, ISB Mohali, VGSOM, IIM Shillong and Goa Institute of Management. The Professional Golf Tour of India (PGTI), the controlling body for professional golf in India, sponsored the ‘Professional Golf - The India Story’ an engaging case study competition for the best brains in the country to compete for. This marked participation from B schools namely, ISB, MDI Gurgaon, IIM Ranchi and IIM Shillong.Shrinkhala, a supply chain case challenge, presented an apt platform for all operations enthusiasts to showcase their skills. This event was carried off in association with SC Next. In addition to this, De-Crypt brought out the technical expertise from amongst all technical enthusiasts.

    Ariadne’s Thread, a 24-hour online quiz, instigated the knowledge quotient of all quizzing enthusiasts through a plethora of challenging questions spread across all domains. Samuchit, one of its kind green business plan event, provided a scope to differentiate an individual from the rest by providing innovative solutions to convert a real-time problem into a business opportunity via a path of righteousness. DecipHR, an HR case study competition, demanded individuals to don the mask of an HR manager and address pertinent yet challenging dilemma’s thrown at them.

    Overall Khlur-Thma presented a series of tantalizing and yet challenging events that brought in an array of diversity and excellence into the event.

    Later in the evening, a business summit was organized which comprised of two conclaves: the Finance Conclave and the North East Conclave. The topic for the Finance Conclave was ‘Financial Markets: Issues, Developments and Regulatory Aspects’ while the topic for the North East Conclave was ‘Balanced development of North East: Issues and Reforms’. The panels gave insights into the root of the problems and suggested solutions for the same.

    The second day of the sixth season of Golf Cup, flagship event of Indian Institute of Management Shillong, started with light drizzle and overcast skies but it did not deter the golf enthusiasts. On an early Sunday morning, the Shillong Golf course was abuzz with activity. The day saw voluminous participation from corporates and military personnels. Industry stalwarts from multinationals like DBS Bank, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Deutsche Bank, Avon Cycles, and Yen Capital Advisors among others were seen enjoying a day of golf.

    The first day had ended with the Business Summit which comprised of two conclaves: the Finance Conclave and the North East Conclave. Panel members for the Finance Conclave were Mr. G. Mahalingam, Principal Chief General Manager, Finance Market Department, Reserve Bank of India and Mr. Sunil Shirole, Managing Director, Yen Capital Advisors. The North East Conclave witnessed the presence of Mr. Larsing Ming, Owner, Shillong Lajong Footbal Club, Mr. Rajiv Gerela, Vice President, Deutsche Bank and Mr. Chandra Nataraja, Managing Director, IAV Automotive.

    Closing Ceremony:

    The closing ceremony saw the presence of dignitaries like Honorable Chief Minister of State of Meghalaya, Shri Mukul Sangma, Honorable Minister of IT and Health and Family Welfare, State of Meghalaya, Shri A. L. Hek, Chairman, Board of Governors, Shri Phalguni Rajkumar, Owner of Shillong Lajong Football Cup Shri Larsing Ming and Professor Amitabha De, Director, IIM Shillong.

    The closing ceremony commenced with a performance by dance troupe sponsored by Ministry of Art & Culture, State of Meghalaya, showcasing the culture and tradition of the region. This was followed by a spell binding musical performance by the students of IIM Shillong. Professor Amitabha De, then presented the Director’s address wherein he emphasized the importance of interactive learning beyond the confines of the classroom. He thanked the honorable Chief Minister Dr. Sangma and the Department of Tourism, Government of Meghalaya for their continued support. He also commended the organizing committee for putting up an excellent show. Next to address the audience was Shri Phalguni Rajkumar who again commended the organizing committee for their commitment despite obstacles. He thanked the corporates and the B-school participants for having graced the occasion with their active participation.

    This was followed by honorable Chief Minister’s address. Shri Mukul Sangma stressed blending education and corporate interactions through the game. He congratulated IIM Shillong for evolving rapidly from a humble beginning to a magnificent display of organization and commitment over the six editions of Golf Cup. He thanked the guests who had travelled from farther lands to the beautiful city of Shillong. He closed on an optimistic note of making the Golf Cup bigger and better with every passing year and assured full support from the Government of Meghalaya in the same.

    Awards Ceremony:

    The game of golf was played in the following categories: 0-10 handicap, 11-18 handicap, 19-24 handicap, corporate, longest drive, straightest drive, closest to the pin and women’s category. Mr. Michael Hek won the prize in the 0-10 handicap category. Mr. Amit Shukla Baidya bagged the prize in the 11-18 handicap category. The winner for 19-24 handicap category was Mr. R. K. Thakur, IG BSF retired. The winner of the corporate category was Mr. Sanjay Goenka, Verity Ventures. The women’s category was won by Dr. Suzie Syiene. The prizes were given away by the esteemed dignitaries present.

    Winners of on-campus case study presentations in Khlur-Thma, the annual management fest of IIM Shillong, were also felicitated during the closing ceremony. Vishleshan, the finance case study competition sponsored by NTPC, was won by team from ISB, Hyderabad followed by team from IIM Shillong. Winners of VainQueur, the consulting case study competition sponsored by ONGC, was team from IIM Shillong and runner up team was from MDI Gurgaon. Touchstone, the marketing case study competition sponsored by Shillong Lajong Football Club, was won by team by IIM Shillong followed by team from SIBM, Bangalore. Winners of Professional Golf-the India Story, sponsored by PGTI, was won by the team from IIM Ranchi and the runner up team was from IIM Shillong.

    The event ended with a promise to be back the next year, with IIM Shillong Golf Cup season 7, committed to be of a greater magnitude and ensuring higher levels of participation from the corporates and B-schools.


  • Spic Macay Media Release

    IIM Shillong hosted SPIC MACAY program of the Meghalaya Chapter of SPIC MACAY on 27th September 2013. The program comprised of a soulful performance by Dr. Alankar Singh who specializes in Hindustani Classical (Vocal) and Gurmat Sangeet. He was assisted artistically by Dr. Rajvinder Singh and Dr. Balwinder Singh in his rendition of Gurmat Sangeet. Dr. Alankar Singh is the first and only recipient of Sangeet Natak Akademi’s prestigious Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar for Gurbani Kirtan and presently works as Assistant Professorof Music (Vocal) in the Department of Music, Punjabi University, Patiala. Besides being an expert in notation and as a music composer and music arranger, Dr. Alankar Singh is an approved artist of All India and Doordarshan for Classical Music, Shabad Gyan, Bhajan and Geet. A pioneer in his field, Dr. Singh had the audience in raptures as he led his team through the alleys of the spiritual music. SPIC MACAY has been conceptualized to promote classical music and culture amongst the youth and is a movement with chapter in 200 towns and cities all over the world. It seeks to foster the exchange of traditional Indian values and to generate awareness of the cultural traditions and heritage of India. IIM Shillong being the center of educational excellence in the North East India, promotes activities that are instrumental in keeping the rich cultural heritage of India alive. Prof. Keya Sengupta, Faculty Member at IIM Shillong and the present Chairperson of the Meghalaya Chapter of SPIC MACAY asserted that the institute would continue to host SPIC MACAY programs and other such initiatives in years to come. The program ended with a musical note and an audience enthusiastic for more such programs that keep alive the rich musical culture of the nation.


  • RGIIM Shillong Hindi Divas/Pakhwada Celebration

    On the occasion of Hindi Divas,Hindi Pakhwada (Fortnight) was celebrated in Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management Shillong from 14th to 28th September 2013. At the inaugural programme the Director RGIIM highlighted the significance of Hindi as the national language, and its role in day to day life.

    Various competitions such as dictation, handwriting, reading, singing and antakshari to mark the commemoration was organized for the employees of the Institute. The competitions witnessed an overwhelming participation, which at the same time showcased the abundance of talent amongst its employees.

    The Closing ceremony was held on 27th September 2013 where participants were honoured with prizes by the Director RGIIM and encouraged to further strengthen the knowledge of Hindi as a tool in day to day functioning.


  • EmergE 2013 – Envision, Engage, Evolve with the Entrepreneurial Summit of IIM Shillong

    EmergE 2013, the Annual Entrepreneurship Summit of IIM Shillong commenced on 14th September, 2013. The event was inaugurated by the honourable Director – IIM Shillong, Dr. Amitabha De whose motivational words focused on the importance of grooming an individual to be a job creator rather than being content as a job seeker. Dr. Keya Sengupta, Professor of Economics, and Faculty coordinator, EmergE congratulated the students on the excellent execution of an event of such magnitude. She brought to the attention of the audience that such an event was ideal to serve as an excellent platform for the exchange of ideas.

    The session meandered into the intricacies of ‘Social Entrepreneurship’ marked by a conclave, which was moderated by Dr. Sanjeeb Kakoty, Assistant Professor – IIM Shillong, who has significant experience in the field of documentary making and writing. The esteemed speakers of the conclave were Mr. Arun Krishnamurthy, Founder-Environmentalist Foundation of India, Mr. Parag Mankeekar, Founder-Director Neeti Solutions and Mr A. Muruganantham, Founder-Jayashree Industries; all ace entrepreneurs in their respective domains.

    The event that commenced with the launch of the inaugural edition of INCUBATOR, the annual entrepreneurship magazine of IIM Shillong was followed by the conclave discussion. The panelists raised concerns about the inability of the people in understanding the environment, thereby stressing the necessity of entrepreneurs who can garner public interest and contribute towards the improvement of the environment. Due importance was given to proactive entrepreneurship, with special focus on choosing the right team to work with and the significance of smooth team dynamics. The panel also discussed the importance of a complete business model and its role in attracting investors for any startup business. The speakers motivated the audience to learn the art of ‘achieving’ rather than ‘surviving’. They urged the audience to stop seeking financial benefits and to implement their problem solving acumen for the larger benefit of the society.

    "You've got to learn to dream while you're awake, those are the dreams that will come true", with this inspiring quote, Dr. Parag Mankeekar asked the audience to shed its inhibitions and follow dreams.

    REVEAL, the inter B-school Case Study Competition, conducted in association with POLARIS as part of EmergE 2013 saw Team Khublei from IIM Shillong emerging as the winners while Team Core Bankers from NMIMS securing the runners up position. The winners took home a plum prize of Rs. 40,000 while the runners up won Rs. 20,000.

    The event was followed by the e-commerce Conclave, which took place on the evening of 14th September 2013. It witnessed the participation of three experts in e-commerce: Mr. Anaggh Desai - Advisor, Retailers’ Association of India, Ms. Rubia Braun – CIO, Metro Brava and Mr. Parikshit Borkotoky - Founder, Kraftinn. Prof. Tara Shankar Shaw, Assistant Professor – IIM Shillong, moderated the discussion.

    The discussion analyzed various logistics problems in e-commerce and possible ways to deal with them. The participants of the discussion gained valuable insights into the operational problems in e-commerce in India and the benefits that the removal of the obstacles would give to the Indian consumers. Also, the discussion explored consumer behavior and the role of the government with respect to e-commerce in India.

    The panel unanimously decided that e-commerce is the way forward but it must brace the present hurdles and come up with innovative solutions in order to grow and tap the huge market potential in India.

    The second day of Emerge 2013 commenced with an expert talk by Ms. Rubia Braun – CIO, Metro Brava who spoke on “30 things to learn before you are 30” – some serious food for thought for all future entrepreneurs. The engaging, motivational and insightful discussion revolved around revamping oneself as an individual such that it readies him or her for taking up future entrepreneurial initiatives.

    "There are no fairytales unless you make them yourself. Be the exception, and know that you're probably not the exception!” said Ms. Braun, encouraging the audience to stand out from the crowd and to follow one’s dreams despite the many hurdles the world might stow in one’s way.

    The next expert talk by Dr. Parag Mankeekar focused on how a certain incident or event changes the course of one’s life. He shared his life experiences at various disaster sites and spoke about the importance of disaster management in a country like India with a huge population.

    The final event of Emerge 2013 was the Investors’ Conclave. The speakers who graced the podium were Mr. Abhijit Ray, CEO - Unitus Capital, Mr. Prajakt Raut, VP - India Angel Network, Mr. Shyam Menon, Investment Director - Infuse Ventures and Mr. Kunal Upadhyay, CEO - CIIE, Ahmedabad.

    Important and crucial decisions relating to fund-raising for setting up an entrepreneurial venture were focused upon. The insightful session concluded on the notes of innovation, commitment, decisiveness, awareness and creativity, the five major facets that can drive any business plan to obtain adequate funding and encouragement from the investors.

    EmergE 2013 came a close with a series of entertaining performances by the students, bringing the perfect finish to the action packed weekend. State Bank of India was the Title Sponsor and the summit was co-sponsored by Central Bank of India and The Meghalaya Co-operative Apex Bank Ltd. and POLARIS was the Event Sponsor for REVEAL, the case study competition


  • The Podium 2013 Inauguration Ceremony

    Dr. Amitabha De, Director IIM Shillong, inaugurated the second edition of the Podium, the Annual Corporate Interaction Series of IIM Shillong on 3rd August 2013. The ceremony witnessed the presence of corporate stalwarts Mr. Satya Poddar, Partner at Ernst & Young and Mr. V.K Sharma, Assistant Vice President, Alkem Labs, who engaged the students in interactive sessions after the ceremony. Dr. Amitabha De felicitated the corporates with the Podium 2013 mementos and hoped for a symbiotic relationship between the institute and the corporate world.

    The Podium, which was conceptualized last year by the students of the institute promises to be more insightful and enriching by building upon the success of the first season. The Director, IIM Shillong in his address to the students described the Podium Series as a platform bringing together students and the corporates. He stressed on the significance of mutual benefit with students getting to know the intricacies of the corporate world and the experts getting an opportunity to interact with the bright minds of the country.

    He urged the students to make the most of this opportunity as they are at the juncture where they have to make important decisions of life and learning from experiences shared by industry facilitate the decision-making process. To conclude the ceremony, he congratulated the team of students for their efforts in organizing the Podium 2013 in a smooth manner and hoped that this endeavor will continue to grow over the coming years.


  • IIM Shillong Faculty Presents Jyrngam Benefits at Oxford University

    World economies have grown and been developed in terms of and in relation to their GDP. Many countries developed during these 20 years but questions have remained unanswered: What kind of development have we had? What has really happened in past 20 years? Developed countries became wealthier but not happier: undeveloped countries haven't become either wealthier or healthier. The gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have – nots’ has increased. The state of nature, natural resources, the quality of water and the air are on a downward spiral and have reached a peak of peril. To bring back the economies to a state of balance, the Green Economics Institute, UK was instituted. The Institute organized its 8th Annual Conference at Oxford University and Oxford Union on The Economics of Resilience, Survivability and Sustainability, Rethinking and Reforming Economics and Fixing Global Finance during 17th to 20th July 2013.

    Dr. Natalie West Kharkongor, a faculty of IIM Shillong attended the Conference and presented a paper on "Sustainability Reporting" as a sine qua non for balancing global economy in the present day. During the presentation Dr. Natalie coined the word ‘Sustain – Ability’ from the word Sustainability and has defined ‘Sustain – Ability’ as "to sustain the ability to cater to the needs of the present as well as the future generations". She opined that this is feasible as long as we meet the need and not the greed of mankind.

    Dr. Natalie during the course of presentation at Worcester College, Oxford University emphasized that a green activity adds value to the ecosystem and hence carries remuneration. Accordingly, Dr. Natalie styled the incentive as "Jyrngam Benefits". Jyrngam is a Khasi word which means green. It also means sustainability, hope, life, and future. Jyrngam Benefits refers to incentives in cash or in kind provided by the Government or any Institution to public sector, private sector, households and civil society for a green activity or for any contribution towards enriching biodiversity or maintaining ecological balance. The benefits can be fixed after assigning a specific value to a green activity, she added. The four identified areas are environment, economic, social, and governance. The fixation of "Jyrngam Benefits" will vary from place to place, from sector to sector and from activity to activity. Dr Natalie concluded her presentation by saying that the mentioned benefits will motivate every stakeholder to contribute to making this world a green, balancing, and healthy place to live in.


  • Inauguration of PGDM & FPM IIM Shillong Students

    Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Shillong has inducted 119 students in the sixth batch of students for its flagship Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) programme. During the inauguration ceremony, the Director of IIM Shillong, Prof. Amitabha De focused on the overall development of the participants citing that it was essential to develop oneself as a manager in today’s world. In the new batch, there are at least 10 students from Northeast India.

    Mr Aseem Shrivastava, the Chief Guest for the ceremony spoke about the steps taken by IIM Shillong towards sustainable development. He stressed on the fact that unless measures are taken, the world could soon be witness to calamities like those that happened in Uttarakhand. Aseem Shrivastava wrote his doctoral thesis in environmental economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Mr. Aseem Shrivastava has taught economics for many years in India and the US. Most recently, he taught philosophy at Nordic College, Norway. He has written extensively on issues associated with globalization.


  • Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam lecturing IIM Shillong Students

    Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, former President of India is delivering a Lecture on the subject "Societal Transformation Through Technology & its Applications" for the PGP and PGPEx Students of IIM Shillong from June 23, 2013 to June 25, 2013.


  • Visit of Union HRD Minister Dr. M.M. Pallam Raju to IIMS

    The visit of Union HRD Minister Dr. M.M. Pallam Raju to Shillong marked to be auspicious for IIM Shillong. The Institute witnessed the first ever visit, though informal, of a Minister holding the HRD portfolio since its inception. Dr. Raju was accompanied by Dr. R.C. Laloo, Deputy Chief Minister, Govt. of Meghalaya, and officials of NCERT.

    To mark his visit the Minister had a brief interaction with IIM S Director, Prof Keya Sengupta who apprised him of the developments, achievements, and future course of action of the Institute. The meeting was followed by a brief interaction between the Minister and participants of the second batch of the One Year Executive MBA program being offered by IIM Shillong titled PGPEx Program on Managing Business in India and China.

    It may be highlighted that the PGPEx program being offered by IIM Shillong is seen across the country as one of the most innovative modules for education in the area of business management, with a concentration on Chinese methodology of doing business and its trends of success. IIM Shillong in collaboration with Ocean University China, Qingdao began with the first PGPEx Program which commenced on 15th June 212 with 35 participants successfully completing the course on 30th April 2013. The executive Program aims at equipping the participants with adequate knowledge and business skills for managing business in India and China, and also enabling them to operate at strategic levels with a global outlook by synergizing all functional areas of management, besides offering internship opportunities with various Chinese corporate houses.

    In brief, the objectives of the PGPEX program centers around facilitating understanding of cross cultural, multi-functional business operations and progress across India and China, nurturing a holistic approach towards global responsible leadership, equipping participants with necessary knowledge, skills and attitude for decision making in a complex environment and integrating sustainability (which is IIM Shillong’s core area of focus as an Institute) as a driving force in management practices.

    Dr. Raju while interacting with the participants mentioned, "I am happy to meet all of you, and I believe the results have been good from this IIM. You are in such a lovely environment that you can focus and utilize the facilities of the campus to the best of your capabilities. It is an attractive campus to invite faculty, retain faculty, invite visiting professors, invite distinguishes guest lecturers. I donot want to profess any words of wisdom except that you are privileged to be in this generation, exposed to so much, in the process knowing so much where all the tools are at your disposal to shape your individual careers, and to think collectively on what you can do, not only in terms of enterprise but in terms of taking this nation forward. The theme of the Director’s Conference in Goa recently was that the Institutes of higher learning like the IIMs and IITs, apart from exceling in academics, also be able to make a larger contribution in terms of getting involved with real issues affecting the overall quality of life in their respective areas of operations. You must become the objective repository that is needed by the Government and planners by directing towards viable solutions. That is how we are encouraging our Institutions to get involved with real issues. There are also meaningful collaborations, especially with international universities which we can find. I think it is also very important to build a strong linkage with Industry, where students and Faculty can work towards building an effective interface with the industry."

    He further remarked, “As business students it is important to tune oneself to a particular environment and assess the potential. In Shillong the first thought that strikes me is that Shillong is an ideal place for institutions driven towards capacity building. As brilliant young minds you must come up with ideas and see what is viable.”

    While commenting on the course during her brief interaction with Dr. Raju, Prof Keya Sengupta, Director IIM Shillong emphasized, "The program includes understanding of emerging economies with a focus on India and China due to the emergence of these two countries as giant economies in the world today. Their continued growth is likely to dominate the course of the world economy in the coming several decades. The growth potential in these economies has not only opened up new business opportunities but also new challenges."

    Answering a query on his thoughts about this PGPEx program initiative of IIM Shillong, Dr. Raju ramarked, "Sustainability is definitely a global concern. As nations, as growing economies, the focus on sustainability and how it affects the environment is a must for understanding. Moving towards international relations, I think that the course on offer is a very relevant subject, wherein we can learn from our neighbours as well as try to innovatively leverage upon our own traditional strengths also."

    The Sino-Indo Reciprocal Advanced Management Program earlier launched and pioneered by IIM Shillong and OUC, China has been emulated by newer IIMs.

    Dr. Raju completed his visit of IIM Shillong by planting a sapling at the campus premises in respect to the Institute’s thrust and drive towards overall sustainable development.


  • Training for Transformation of Assam PSUs by IIM Shillong

    IIM Shillong the premiere management Institute located in Northeast India recently concluded a Five Day Management Development Program on "Transformational Leadership & Enterprise Resource Planning," for senior manager level employees of various Public Sector Enterprises of the Government of Assam at its Mayurbhanj Palace campus. The program was aimed at exposing participants to topics like Business Process Re-engineering, Change Management, ERP implementation and selection strategies, appraisal of Global business environment and performing sustainable business activities by ways of interactive sessions and group exercises.

    The program was inaugurated by the Shri Nityananda Borkakoty, IAS, Commissioner & Secretary to the Govt. of Assam, Public Enterprises Department (PED) and Shri T.C. Saharia, Adviser, Public Enterprises Department, Govt. of Assam.

    It may be mentioned that the Government of Assam sponsored 20 participants through the Department of Public Enterprises from the different Public Sector organizations to attend this unique program. The program participation level comprised of Chairman, Director, Managing Directors and General Managers from various PSUs of the Government of Assam like Assam Petrochemicals Limited, Assam Industrial Development Corporation, Assam State Ware Housing Corporation, Assam Mineral Development Corporation, Assam State Film ( F & D ) Corporation, Assam Urban Water Supply & Sewerage Board to name a few.

    The program was conducted by an experienced team of faculty members of IIM Shillong namely Prof. Harsh V. Samalia, prof. Rohit Dwivedi, Prof Basav Roychoudhury, Prof. Rohit Joshi, Prof. Sanjib Kakoty, Prof T.S. Shaw and Prof P. Saravanan.

    The valedictory function was held in the presence of Prof Keya Sengupta, Director IIM Shillong, Shri Nityananda Borkakoty, and Shri P.K.Das, Advisory Finance, PED, Govt. of Assam. The function also witnessed sharing of learning experiences from the participants further suggesting similar programs for the middle management employee of the Public Sector Enterprises.


  • 4th Annual Convocation
    Welcome Address By Falguni Rajkumar,Chairman Board of Governors, RGIIM Shillong

    "It is indeed my privilege to warmly welcome Shri. Sudhir Jalan our honourable Chief Guest of today’s Convocation. I also welcome all the distinguished dignitaries, respected parents, academics, wellwishers and students. I am grateful to each of you for being present on this very important and momentous day."

    I take this opportunity to thank the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India and the Government of Meghalaya for their unstinted support in our endeavours. I like to thank the Director, each and every faculty member and the entire support staff for their unstinted hard work, diligence and sincerity of purpose both individually and collectively. It is also with a sense of gratitude that I acknowledge the understanding, support and cooperation of people of Shillong especially those residing in and around this institute.

    Today standing on this dais I feel proud to be part of this momentous day because unlike many of my distinguished colleagues who made this institution a reality I am privileged to be here to be part of this important celebration. It is indeed a moment of personal joy and happiness for me also because having been involved in different capacities ever since the idea of this institution was conceptualised an occasion like this makes the association worth the while....

    ...Today as you leave the portals of this institute we feel proud that we could help and facilitate each one of you to discover yourself; your potentialities and abilities. If you have been inspired, learnt how to go about it, our efforts have been worthwhile-because success and achievement is not merely moving ahead, but also how one achieves it. For this you have to believe and have faith in yourself first and foremost, believe in what you can do-because out of this conviction will grow determination and out of determination success is the natural corrollary. I say this because convincing others may be easy for people of your calibre and intelligence, but convincing yourself, and discovering your own hidden ability can often be not so easy. In our assessment you already have made an impressive beginning in this direction...

    ...Road to success is not only trying to be, or competing with the best but often it pays to be different. It may mean a little extra investment of your time and costs but be assured that it can often be the way to discover one’s core competencies. In life you have to be prepared to expect the unexpected because success is not always trudging through the beaten path that others have already tread.

    In the end and in the final consideration, always remember that the institute does not wish to be the star, for us you are our starswe only made you realise that each one of you are one. We wish each one of you to prove us right.

    Once again on behalf of the Members of the Board, my personal behalf, all your teachers and staff I extend my best wishes for success in all you do. We know you will make a difference and hope you will remain connected to your alma mater here in Shillong.

    Convocation Speech by Professor Keya Sengupta Director, IIM Shillong

    It is my privilege on behalf of the Institute to welcome The Honorable Chief Guest of the Programme Shri Sudhir Jalan. An MBA from IIMC, Sudhir Jalan has served as President in various distinguished organizations such as Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), The International Chamber of Commerce, All India Management Association.

    Currently, he is the Chairman of Meenakshi Tea Company, Neo Foods PvtLtd, Bells Softtech Ltd, Sublime Agro Ltd. Shri Jalan is also the Hony. Consul General of Greece in Kolkata and is Board member of several other companies of repute.He is also involved with quite a good number of charitable Institutions.

    It is also my privilege to welcome Shri Falguni Raj Kumar, Chairman of the Board of Governors of IIM Shillong to the Fourth Convocation. Shri Raj Kumar has been associated with the Institute right from its inception and has helped us in building the Institute by his constructive suggestions. He has been a great source of support in all our endeavors in running of the Institute and making it a Centre of Excellence.

    I also extend my warmest welcome to all the members of the Board of Governors and Society members of IIM Shillong, invited dignitaries, parents of our students,members of our Press and Media and my dear Graduating students.

    First of all, let me congratulate the graduating students of the PGP 2011-13 batch. During the course of your stay with us over the past two years,we have tried to provide you with the experience of and in depth learning of holistic sustainable development. I am sure that you have fully utilized this opportunity to excel in your academics and future career. However, please remember that you must not forget the values that we have always strived to inculcate in you, right from the day you have joined the Institute. Your Career for which you have been working so hard can only be sustained in a meaningful way, only when you strengthen the values of integrity and honesty.Do not aim at short term gains or compromise with values to achieve your goals. Have patience, and you will be rewarded.

    On behalf of the Institute, I want to share with you some of the significant strides which we have made over the last one year. The Academic Report of the Institute which is distributed for your ready perusal may kindly be taken as read, and therefore I am not reading it out due to time constraint.

    One of the most significant events of the Institute has been the visit of the former president of India Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam very recently, to inaugurate the International Conference on Sustainability which the Institute has been regularly organizing. I am also proud to inform you that Dr. Kalam will be teaching our PGP students from next term as a Visiting Faculty.

    Another milestone in the journey of five years of the Institute was the first Alumni Meet at Mumbai in February, 2013.The meet witnessed the gathering of five batches of IIM Shillong students at one place. It provided the most needed common platform for the students to exchange their ideas on the emerging trends of the corporate world and academics.

    Another significant and unique Programme of the Institute has been the launching of the Sino Indian Programme the PGP Ex, from June 2012, which IIM Shillong is organizing jointly with Ocean University, Qingdao, China. The Chinese Module of the Programme has been successfully completed in December 2012. The Certificate Distribution Programme held at China witnessed persons like the Director General of Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, Ministry of Education, China and also the Counselor of the Embassy of India.....

    ...IIM, Shillong is taking equal interest in entrepreneurship development both for our students and the local community. The first ever entrepreneurship Conclave “Emerge” a totally student driven effort, was organized last year. Renowned venture capitalists of the country discussed the ways and means of developing entrepreneurship in the country and North East in particular.The Conclave was inaugurated by the then MoS for Rural Development Ms Agatha Sangma. Our efforts at developing entrepreneurship was further evident with organizing two six months course on ‘Developing Managerial Skills for Entrepreneurs”.The courses which were fundedby the Ministry of DONER New Delhi, culminated in August last year.

    The Institute also organized two six months Course on “Tourism and Hospitality” funded by the North Eastern Council...

    ..We have also created a significant mark in the area of sports. Apart from the annual Golf Tournament which the Institute has been organizing right from its inception, as an interface between corporate and the academia, IIM Shillong for the first time has constituted the “IIM Shillong Amateur Golf Club” for our students. The club develops the golf acumen of our students and the interactions with the Corporate sector. The club is now providing a platform where our students can learn and play golf at the Shillong Golf Course...

    ...We believe that we can become a Centre of Excellence not only with the help of our students and faculty members, but the administrative support for this is equally important. The Institute has therefore not been lagging behind in terms of HR Management. We have been regularly sending our officers and staff to various parts of the country for training. We are also holding two days foundation training programme at the Institute itself for all our staff and officers on “Government Rules and Office Procedures,”so that all our staff develop professionalism and efficiency in their work, and they can be identified as one of the best in the country.

    Therefore, my dear students as you leave this Institute today, please remember, however proud we are of all your achievements, but do not be uprooted from the ground reality when you join as corporate managers tomorrow. Do not forget your responsibility towards the common man and the society, and their contribution in making you the bright corporate managers of today.

    Therefore, my dear students as you leave this Institute today, please remember, however proud we are of all your achievements, but do not be uprooted from the ground reality when you join as corporate managers tomorrow. Do not forget your responsibility towards the common man and the society, and their contribution in making you the bright corporate managers of today.

    My good and parting wishes to each one of you.

    Student Medal Winners

  • Chairman Gold Medal for Securing Highest CGPA In PGP (2011-2013) to Deepika Sinha
  • Chairman Gold Medal for Securing Highest CGPA In PGP (2011-2013) to Tarun Gupta
  • Director Gold Medal for Best All-Rounder In PGP (2011-2013) to Harshali K Damle
  • The Institute Gold Medal for Positive Contribution to Campus Life (2011-2013) to Ajay R
  • Math Finance Ag Gold Medal for Securing Highest CGPA In Quantitive Finance Course of PGP (2011-2013) to Nilkesh Patra


  • Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Inaugurates Third Suscon Meet at IIMS
    Students enthralled over Dr. Kalam’s assurance to serve as Visiting Faculty

    The third annual international sustainability conference of IIM Shillong, SUSCON, was inaugurated today in the gracious presence of former President Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam along with Prof. Keya Sengupta, Director of IIM Shillong, Mr. Peter Pruzan, Professor Emeritus Copenhagen Business School. The inauguration witnessed a packed house with the audience eager to listen to Dr. Kalam’s take on Sustainability. The event was initiated by offering a prayer to the almighty followed by the lighting of the inaugural lamp by Dr. Kalam and the other dignitaries. Prof. Keya Sengupta then extended a warm welcome to the former President and Bharat Ratna Awardee and thanked him for taking time out of his busy schedule to attend the institute’s endeavor towards sustainable development. She further proceeded to explain the institute’s efforts towards developing a sustainable future starting with the two-week long foundation program to integrate the necessity of sustainability within the young and dynamic minds of the participants. She also applauded the EcoBiz Club of IIM Shillong, which, under the mentorship of the faculty has initiated many projects that integrate business in a sustainable manner, collaborating with the local community.

    Prof. Sengupta, then announced the remarkable news that Dr. Kalam has consented to facilitate the students of IIM Shillong as a visiting faculty on the subject of Societal Transformation with Technology and its Application. The news was received with a sense of thrill and a wave of frenzied excitement went through the assembled students. The feeling that a person of Dr. Kalam’s stature would be mentoring students was hard to sink in but it definitely has given the students an experience to look forward to.

    Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, then graced the podium and presented his thoughts and ideas on what he believes to be sustainable development integrating every strata of the society. He focused his talks on PURA ( Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas), a sustainable development system to empower three billion. He talked of India aiming to bring sustainable development through rural and urban infrastructure, quality education, healthcare, environmental upgradation, bringing vibrancy in the public institutions for better and enhanced delivery of essential public services on time, reforming the financial system for better global integration and a proactive regulatory system. Dr. Kalam stressed " that India’s core competencies majorly lie in the sectors of Agriculture and food processing, Education and Healthcare, Information and communication Technology, Reliable and Quality Electric power, Surface transport and Infrastructure for all parts of the country and Self-reliance in critical technologies and if these five areas progress in a coordinated way, will lead to food, economic and national security and help in achieving energy independence."

    Dr Kalam further explained the functioning of the PURAs and the anecdote as to how they can successfully be used to bring about sustainable development. The PURAs, he explained, require four levels of connectivity which have to be customized according to local competencies and needs. The connectivity are physical connectivity via good roads and railway networks, electronic connectivity by providing latest information through teachers and researchers on their pursuits like agriculture, fishery, horticulture and food processing and finally, knowledge connectivity. He spoke about three of his dreams which have taken shape as vision, mission and realization - Space programme of ISRO ( Indian Space Research Organization), AGNI Programme of DRDO ( Defence Research and Development Organization) and PURA.

    The entire event was webcasted live, and witnessed throughout the world at real time so that it was not restricted within the walls of the auditorium of the insititute. The inaugural event ended on a high note with the audience looking forward to interactive sessions with speakers, where stalwarts like Professor Peter Pruzan, Mr. Allen Sequeira, Advisor-Group HR, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Jayanta Bandyopadhyay, Advisor, International Union for Conservation of Nature would be deliberating over topics like : The future in our hands: Conceptual, economic, Ecological and Spiritual, Sustaining Himalayan Ecosystems: Futility of the traditional conceptual framework for development to name a few.

    The three day event is expected to witness such interesting discussions which would provide burning thoughts to contemplate upon. IIM Shillong, as an institute hopes to achieve its aim of spreading development in the local and global front in a sustainable manner.

    It may be mentioned that various PSUs, State Government agency and like minded corporate houses like NEEPCO, Department of Forest, Govt. of Meghalaya, UCO Bank, State Bank of India, Max Cement, BSNL, Meghalaya Cooperative Bank have joined hands with the Institute to ensure the successful conduct of the conference.


  • IIM Shillong on an unprecedented path of progress- receives accolades

    IIM Shillong has recently been the recipient of a plethora of awards for excellence in various domains. The institute was awarded the Innovative B-school Awards presented by DNA & Stars of the Industry Group for Innovation in Placements. IIM Shillong was also recognized as the B-school with the best Industry related curriculum in Operations Management by the Bloomberg UTV B-School Excellence Awards.


  • ET NOW National Education Leadership Awards

    Prof. Keya Sengupta, Director IIMS won the Education Leadership Award. during the ET NOW National Education Leadership Awards which was scheduled on 16th February, 2013 at Taj Lands End, Mumbai from 7.00 pm onwards.

    The following were also being awarded during the Award ceremony :

  • Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management, Shillong with the Outstanding B-School (East).
  • Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management, Shillong with B-School with Industry related Curriculum in Information Technology.


  • IIM Shillong Alumni Meet 2013 - Mumbai

    IIM Shillong added yet another milestone in its journey on February 16th, 2013 by successfully hosting its first Alumni Meet at Hilton Mumbai International Airport Hotel in Mumbai.

    The Meet was a grand success, witnessing participation from all the batches of IIM Shillong that have graduated since its inception in 2008. It was a momentous occasion with five generations of IIM Shillong gathered at one place, the current two batches being present there to facilitate the meet. It was organized by the Alumni Association of IIM Shillong and marked a significant step in the institute's march towards excellence.

    The event provided a platform for the students who have graduated from the institute to be able to strengthen ties with their Alma Mater. It also enabled the Alumni to keep in touch with the current batches and know about the ongoing activities in the college.

    The Director, Prof. Keya Sengupta, graced the meet with her esteemed presence and apprised the Alumni of the current achievements of the Institute, urging them to come forward and contribute to the institute building process. The meet also saw participation from other administrative officials with whom the Alumni connected instantly. There were also discussions and deliberation on various topics revolving around how to take their Alma Mater from strength to strength.

    Taking this as the first step forward, the institute will be carrying out more such programs with the aim of firming the bond with the alumni. There will be continuous effort to facilitate this dialogue for partnership and association on a continued basis.

    Mr. Falguni Rajkumar, Chairman, BOG, IIM Shillong congratulated the IIM Shillong fraternity for successfully organizing the Meet, inviting young managers to come forward and jointly strive to make IIM Shillong one of the top Management Institutes in the country.


  • IIM Shillong triumphs again- Wipro earthian Sustainability Program 2012

    Continuing on the path of garnering accolades, students of IIM Shillong added another feather to their hats by emerging among the ten winners of the “Wipro earthian Sustainability Program for Schools and Colleges”, competing against the renowned talent throughout the world. The vision of this program was based on the challenging task that humanity faces of finding solutions to several sustainability issues such as climate change, water scarcity, rapid urbanization and biodiversity loss, to name just a few. The fact that these issues need to be addressed to ensure balanced and inclusive economic growth need leadership of the highest caliber and students from schools and colleges are expected to become such future leaders. The competition required the participants along with faculty to address one such environmental issue and present their ideas about the same. IIM Shillong’s idea about “Water in Shillong- A critique on the current situation” helped them sail past other competitors securing them a spot among the top ten along with the like of University of Houston, IIM Kozhikode, IIT Delhi to name a few. Mr. Azim Premji, Chairman of Wipro Limited handed over the award to the winners. The concept of sustainability that is endorsed enthusiastically by IIM Shillong as well was well projected in Wipro earthian Sustainability Program and students plan to carry forward the idea to emerge as true winners as responsible members of the community at large.


  • IIM Shillong arranges for voluntary blood donation camp

    The EcoBiz Club of IIM Shillong organized the 3rd Voluntary Blood Donation Program on 10th February in association with Pasteur Institute and Lions Club. Like the previous years, this year too, saw enthusiastic participation from the participants. The students, staff and faculty came forward to be a part of the event as an attempt to contribute back to the society. The belief that ‘donate blood to save three lives’ was ingrained in the minds of the donors and they came forward without fear or inhibition to donate their blood in order to save someone else’s life. The process was a thoroughly scientific one, with doctors being present to approve the health of the donors and to ensure high quality of donated blood. The students claimed to experience a sense of satisfaction after the drive and expressed willingness to do the same the next time. EcoBiz Club of IIM Shillong undertakes numerous such social activities and the blood donation drive is one of them. After the stupendous success, the students here are waiting in eager anticipation to be a part of many more social activities.


  • Focused Group Discussion (FGD) held for PGPEx students

    First batch of PGPEx of Indian Institute of Management Shillong hosted a Focused group Discussion (FGD) on its learning from China. The participants of the batch returned back to Shillong after 5 months of rigorous business education in China after strengthening their understanding of diverse business practices & cultures prevailing including 2 months internship in various Chinese multinationals like Haier and Hisense etc. IIM Shillong had signed a MOU with Ocean University of China for 1 year full-time PGPEx program for executives having significant work experience in various sectors.

    Three distinguished guests from the industry Dr. AK Chattopadhyay (Managing Director- TRL Krosaki Refractories Ltd), Mr. Benoit Valdelievre (Senior Technical Director- Kerneos India) and Mr. Pravin Kumar (Director- Magus Marketing Pvt Ltd, Kerneos Aluminate Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Kyanite Mining India Pvt. Ltd) were invited to participate and share their experiences with the batch. The guests had done significant amount of business in China over the past decades. Topics like China’s role in world economy, doing business in China and Sino-Indo synergies were discussed by the panel comprising of the guests and four students of the PGPEx batch. The discussion was also attended by the PGP participants who wanted to learn from the panel’s experiences.

    The program was very well coordinated by the participants and drew accolades from the faculty and the guests.


  • INDEST AICTE Consortium 2013

    IIM Shillong gets the Award for Highest user of EBSCO e-Journals & Digit Library at a function of the INDEST (Indian National Digital Library in Engineering and Science & Technology) AICTE Consortium 2013 held at IIM Ahmedabad


  • Closing Ceremony of Sino-Indian Executive Postgraduate Program (PGPEx) at Ocean University of China

    The closing ceremony of the Chinese Module of the first ever Sino-India global post graduate program of management for executives (PGPEx), an endeavor the Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management Shillong (IIMS), India and the Ocean University China(OUC), Qingdao have joined hands for, held on 18th December 2012 at OUC, Qingdao, China.

    The Closing Ceremony was graced by Honorable Shri Liu Baoli, Director-General of Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, Ministry of Education of China, Mr. Li Yuanzheng, Division of Asian and African Affairs, Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, Ministry of Education of China. Mr. Arun Kumar Sahu, Counsellor, Embassy of India, Beijing, Prof. Keya Sengupta, Director, IIM Shillong, India, Prof. Rohit Joshi, PGPEx Chairman, IIM Shillong, Prof. Li Huajun, Vice-President of OUC, Mr. Dai Hua, Director of International Office, Ms. Ning Aihua, Director of International Education Centre, Mr. Gao Jintian, Head of Department of International Economics and Trade, Mr. He Yiming, Professor from College of Economics and the 35 Executive participants of Executive Postgraduate Program.

    The closing ceremony started with a welcome addresses by Prof. Li Huajun (Vice-President of OUC). Prof. Huajun in his welcome address stated that this is the new beginning for IIM Shillong and OUC, China. He stated that with this successful completion of the PGPEx (China module) IIM Shillong and OUC marks a new beginning for a long-term relationship of camaraderie and trust between the two institutions. Further he thanked Prof. Keya and participants for their active support to the program.

    The chief guest of the occasion, Honorable Shri Liu Baoli, Director-General of Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, Ministry of Education of China, underscored the point that the successful completion of PGPEx course marks a new beginning not only for the two institutions but also among the two countries. He said that the course entails to develop international business leaders and hoped that the candidate will take forward the hospitability of the two nations into the paradigm of new business ventures. He congratulated OUC to have collaboration with one of the premier institutions of the world.

    Prof. Keya Sengupta, Director, IIM Shillong in her address emphasized that the participants have successfully understood the Chinese way of life and business culture and thus enabled them to be the ambassador of Sino-India way of living into the Global business community. She further mentioned that this is a history creating moment for the two institutions and for the two countries associated with the PGPEx programs. She congratulated the students to be the part of this history creating moment.

    Mr. Arun Kumar Sahu, Counsellor, Embassy of India, Beijing expressed his gratitude towards OUC and IIM Shillong organizers to invite him for this gracious moment. He showed his happiness that the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong, one of the flagship management institutes of India has collaborated with Ocean University of China to provide their executives the much needed cross cultural management experiences. He wished that, this engagement will serve as a model for other educational institutions in India and China to adopt new collaborations for exchanges in the field of education.

    At last on behalf of the participants, Ms. Kanchan Phogat, Class Representative of the PGPEx participants showed her gratitude towards OUC, China, professors, and industry people for their support and guidance during participants’ stay in China. The part of her speech she spoke in the Chinese language.

    The program came to an end by issuing certificates to the participants and a Group Photo followed by the farewell lunch.


  • Workshop on Leadership and Management in 21st Century at IIM Shillong

    Adding significance to the remarkable day of 12-12-12, IIM Shillong organised a workshop on ‘Leadership and Management in 21st Century: Insights from Swami Vivekananda’. The workshop opened the doors by looking at the management education from the perspective of Indian Ethos. The speakers of the workshop include Swamy NIkhileswarananda - Secretary Ramakrishna Mission, Vadodara, Swamy Sumanasunanda – Secretary ,Ramakrishna Mission-Cherrapunji, Swamy Achyutesananda- Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission Shillong. India is a land of Vedic wisdom, applying this Vedic knowledge to the contemporary management scenario would add value to the domain of management. ‘Indianisation of global management’ would be the apt solution for challenges of the present business world. Business ethics and value - based management is required for sustenance of any business establishment. The workshop concluded with a positive note of “Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu”. An individual can attain the pinnacle of happiness by being a source of happiness for his fellow beings. Drawing an analogy with the business establishment, a successful business is one which caters, cares and imbibes the need of the society as a whole.


  • Video Conferencing with Mr.Dharmendra Satapathy, Vice President and Head of Marketing – Tata Asset Management

    Continuing with its tradition of being in constant touch with the corporate world, IIM Shillong student fraternity had a video conferencing session with Mr.Dharmendra Satapathy, Vice President and Head of Management - Tata Asset Management. Mr.Satapathy emphasized the importance of adaptability in business management in the current scenario where change is a prime driver. The process of learning and unlearning is indispensable for any business.

    In order to facilitate efficient dexterity for the business, the proper use of technology would streamline the process of information flow and add significant knowledge value to the existing business processes thus benefiting the business establishment. The pace of change in technology domain is happening at an immense pace. Identification and implementation of technology as a business driver requires focus and commitment of strategic decision makers. Mr.Satapathy stressed upon the significance of leadership, a quality which should be practiced from the very beginning of individual’s career. Leadership is about building collaborative relationship with people, and humanity added with humility is mandatory for successful leadership.

    The students had an interactive and insightful session with Mr.Satapathy. The necessity of FDI for Indian economy, the aptness and versatility of marketing domain for a financial firm like Tata Asset Management and the strategies adopted by Tata Asset Management to reach out to the rural and urban India went a long way in expanding the horizon of students’ knowledge space.


  • IIM Shillong hosts Mr. Harsh Shrivastava, Consultant, Planning Commission of India

    IIM Shillong hosted Mr. Harsh Srivastava, Consultant to the Planning Commission of India for a special lecture on “The making of India’s 12th five year plan and how Meghalaya can benefit from the Plan”. Esteemed dignitaries such as Mr. R N Mishra, Director General, Meghalaya Institute of Governance (MIG), Mr. Vijay Kumar, Deputy Director, MIG and Padmashree Ms. Patricia Mukhim, Editor of Shillong Times attended the lecture.

    Mr. Srivastava, currently the Independent Director at Meghalaya Institute of Entrepreneurship and a Consultant for the Planning Commission of India since July 2010 is currently managing the process of making India’s 12th Five-Year Plan. He shared interesting insights about India’s 12th Five-Year Plan and stressed the need to increase productivity as the major objective of the Five-Year plan. He shared his learning from the 11th Five-Year Plan and laid stress on the fact that better governance at all levels is the key to success. He also laid emphasis on the fact that India’s 1.25 billion citizens have higher expectations about their future today than ever. The 12th Five Year Plan outlines faster, more inclusive and sustainable growth as its objectives. He identified renewable energy, nutrition, banking, healthcare and other social sectors as the areas for which the Planning Commission would increase spending by as high as 2.25 times compared to the 11th Five-Year plan. He also believed that with the government’s support of FDI, spending on infrastructure by the private sector would increase.

    He appreciated the Government of Meghalaya on the recent growth measures and maintained that the biggest challenge for Meghalaya is to increase the net per capita income, attract private investors for building infrastructure and to curb the growing traffic jams in Shillong. He also shared the view that the Government of Meghalaya has to work closely with people in order to overcome the challenges.

    The Programme was jointly organized by IIM Shillong and MIG and it was coordinated by Prof. Natalie West Kharkongor.


  • Godsellers 2.0

    GodSellers 2.0, one of the most awaited intra - college events at IIM Shillong organized by the Marketing Club, was recently concluded with active participation and unprecedented enthusiasm from IIM Shillong student community. The four -hour event with participants in teams putting up stalls in the Institute campus managed to earn a whopping half a lakh of rupees as revenue. The event started with a truly professional touch with teams playing their stake in a bidding process to book their stalls. With a total of ten stalls, the event saw huge footfall from IIM Shillong and its neighboring institutes like NIFT and North Eastern Hill University to name a few. The guests gorged on the delicacies offered by different food stalls on offer to their heart’s content and tried their luck at the variety of games that were organized by the teams. The event on a whole was a tremendous success that left the teams and the guests in eager anticipation for the same in the coming year.


  • IIM Shillong Amateur Golf Club

    IIM Shillong has taken the initiative to start a Golf Club, the first of its kind in any IIM .The Golf Cup is the flagship event of the institute and is a huge draw for both corporates and students. Taking forward the association with Golf, the Institute has decided to form IIM Shillong Amateur Golf Club (IIMSAGC), which will be responsible for developing the Golf acumen and corporate interactions of the students on the greens.

    The 5th season of IIM Shillong Golf Cup which was organized during the first week of October was a huge success which not only saw corporates participating in large numbers but also the first and second year students who got the rare opportunity to interact with corporates on the Golf Course. Being in a management program which seeks to merge academia and corporate, it is natural that the students will be inclined towards learning the nuances of Golf. It was during the tournament that most of the participants developed an interest and showed enthusiasm to learn the game. Under the able guidance of Ms. Keya Sengupta, Director - IIM Shillong and Col D. Nagarajan, Campus Development Advisor, the IIM Shillong Amateur Golf Club was instituted to specifically tailor to the interest of the aspiring Golfers.

    The Shillong Golf Course where the club activities will be conducted is one of the largest golf courses in Asia and enjoys the distinction of being among the few natural courses in the world. It provides a unique opportunity to the students of IIM Shillong in terms of availability of infrastructure to learn and practice the sport that would help them in their corporate life since Golf is considered as a networking tool by the corporates.

    IIMSAGC plans to provide a platform where members can learn and play Golf at the Shillong Golf course. The club will be responsible for all the golf activities and events that take place in the institute, and will be responsible to promote corporate interaction of the students. The Honorable Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Dr. Mukul Sangma, at the time of Golf Cup had spoken about the benefit of the game and his vision to increase the visibility of Shillong as a tourism destination by organizing Golf tournaments. With the encouraging support from Shillong Golf Club, IIMSAGC will strive to take the Golfing activities at IIM Shillong to a new level.


  • A Sufi Evening in IIM Shillong

    On a chilly evening of November 27th, IIM Shillong in collaboration with SPIC-MACAY witnessed the first ever performance of the famous Bharti Bandhu in North-East India. The famous and renowned Bharti Bandhu mesmerized one and all with their soulful music and ferried everyone into the intriguing world of Sufism and shayari.

    The famous troupe from Chhatisgarh is known for their Kabir Gayaki and has represented their state and the nation in over 5500 programs. They have been awarded with various awards like The Lata Mangeshkar Puruskar and The Lokmanya Puruskar and have also represented India in International Sufi Festival, Lucknow.

    The event that observed enchanting performances was attended by dignitaries like the Director, IIM Shillong Professor Keya Sengupta, the Campus Administrative Officer Mr. R C Saxena, faculty and students of IIM Shillong. The Bharti Bandhu gave all their songs and shayaris a managerial twist to engage the management students and compelled everyone to ask for more and more. The evening ended with the singers chanting famous Sufi masterpieces like dama dam mast kalandar and mera piya ghar aaya oo lalani that left everyone spell-bound.


  • IIM Shillong conducts Media & Entertainment Industry Workshop

    IIM Shillong conducted a workshop on ‘Digitisation of the Media & Entertainment Industry,” on 25th November, 2012. Ms. Sujata Dev, Jt.MD, Third Generation Mobile Pvt Ltd, Co-Chairperson, ASSOCHAM (M & E), VP, IPTV Forum India and Mr. Raman Kalra, Director & Partner, M&E, Industry Leader, IBM graced the occasion as the speakers of the workshop

    The speakers spoke on the relevance of media and entertainment in the present business world. Any business establishment of today has a component of media associated with it. The current scenario of the business demands the implementation of consumer centric strategies for developing the sustainable solutions for customer acquisition and retention. The importance of social media and the digital media in the current business world and the impact of viral marketing on the consumers mind. The success of the “Gangnam” video across the world stands as the living example for gauging the impact of social media and the viral marketing. Although the roots of internet have spread wide across the world, the print media i.e. the newspaper is still an important medium of information transfer across some of the countries in the world .On the other hand, online transactions have become the norm of the present day, internet is the platform which offers plethora of solutions for consumer convenience. With the advent of smartphones and the 3G technologies’ the consumer has been given the boon of convenience for exploring various dimensions of internet.

    The workshop talked of the changing trends in the digital media and the means by which management students can be a part of it. The digitization in all spheres of life is having an impact on the overall lifestyle of the people across the world. Digitisation of data could offer a feasible solution to the problem of information scarcity in the rural areas and the success of such a solution could turn around the growth story of countries like India.

    Driving the point home the workshop left the audience with prominent note that the media and entertainment industry which were content based have now transformed to a business space which treats the end user i.e. consumer as the King who can make or break the success story of any business establishment.

    On the sidelines of the workshop, the Director had a fruitful discussion with both invitees on matters related to future course of action, and tie ups for various forthcoming initiatives


  • IIM Shillong pays homage to Shri Shanmugam Manjunath

    IIM Shillong was awarded Best Business School With Best Academic Input (Syllabus) in Finance at the 20th Business School Affaire & Dewang Mehta Business School Award held on 24th November, 2012 at Taj Lands End, Mumbai.


  • Mahindra War Room: From the other side

    Mahindra War Room, 2012 was launched with much fanfare by a group which personifies unity in diversity. Since it was launched at IIM Shillong for the first time in its history of 5 glorious years, the enthusiasm was contagious. Being one of the most prestigious B-school competitions in the country Mahindra War Room was one more opportunity for the institute to prove it as one of the best educational institutes in India.

    As the deadline for submission approached, there was a frenzy all participants put up their best show. The campus presentations invited practical questions from the esteemed panel from Mahindra Group. By discussing aspects of implementation and feasibility on the ground level the questions aimed to improve the solutions presented by the students. The campus winner was the team "The Winnovators", with their sector being Mahindra Logistics.

    The pass to the big event arrived with detailed instructions. The Mahindra group was hospitable, but the competition was heating up. 21 top B-School campuses were competing for the top 7 spots. The stakes were high, presenting your suggestions to the Group Executive Board of Mahindra chaired by Mr. Anand Mahindra himself. The glory of a War Room winner is unmatchable and so are the efforts which go in to being one. The competition was intense, 4 teams fought out in the sector of our choice. For the team representing the institute, as IIM Shillong participants their moment had arrived.They made a good impression with their presentation, viewpoints. The confidence gained from answering the questions of industry experts who had implemented similar ideas and invested their hard- earned money further fuelled their confidence about the results. In a closely fought round, they made it straight to the final rounds, in their debut appearance stunning many fancied Institutes.

    The adrenaline rush on the day of the final was immense. Mr. Mahindra, a leader who cuts across generations helped the participants calm down by interacting with all the participants. A knowledge session has never been so insightful and fun at the same time. In the presence of the esteemed Director of IIM Shillong as a guest, the team went on to the stage with a desire to be the champions of the War Room-2012.

    The first team on stage they finished well within the stipulated time. The questions thoroughly tested the belief they had in their solutions simultaneously testing their hold on the subject matter, with a strong focus on implementation. The other teams did equally well and some even performed better.

    At the end of the day we saw FMS, Delhi winning the trophy but we became richer. Richer in knowledge, learning and in believing in the conviction of being a warrior for life. As correctly put by Mr. Mahindra himself ‘Defeating defeat’ is the biggest take- away from this experience of a life time at the Mahindra War Room of 2012.


  • IIM Shillong pays homage to Shri Shanmugam Manjunath

    The faculty and the students of IIM Shillong paid their respects to Mr Shanmugam Manjunath on his seventh death anniversary by conducting a candle light march. Mr Manjunath, an alumnus of IIM Lucknow, was working to curb oil malpractices. During his fight against corruption and dishonesty, he was murdered on 19th November 2005 by a petrol pump owner and seven accomplices. Every year, on this very day, students across all IIMs and other B-schools participate in this endeavour of awakening nation-wide consciousness, through a candle light march. This memorial is conducted in collaboration with the Manjunath Shanmugam Trust (MST), an international corporate community initiative; which works to improve governance in Indian public life.

    This year too, IIM Shillong students showed their solidarity towards the cause. Over 100 participants assembled well before the scheduled time of 6:30 pm with resonating silence and sincerity, depicting their heart felt veneration for this great person. The march started from the campus of IIM Shillong and culminated at the church in Nongthymmai.

    After the march, a short address about Mr. Manjunath and the trust was given. Then, a pledge of commitment towards not succumbing to corruption and upholding integrity at any cost was taken by all students. This was followed by the National Anthem that instilled among each one present, a sense of true national pride. The tribute concluded in the church, with all the candles placed around a large photo of Mr Manjunath followed by a minute of silence, paying homage to him. Mr. Manjunath is a symbol of courage and values to every single citizen of India, more so, to the students of the IIMs. Through this endeavour, students of IIM Shillong, took a vow to honour integrity and fight corruption.


  • IIM Shillong bags first place in V-Guard Big Idea Business Plan Contest 2012

    IIM Shillong bagged the first place at the prestigious V-Guard Big Idea Business Plan Contest 2012. V-Guard's Big Idea Business Plan contest 2012 (Season 2) prods students from B-schools across India to get creative and come up with new business avenues for V-Guard.

    The business plan contest witnessed an active participation from 110 teams Pan India. The contest comprised of different phases. The top 20 teams out of 110 teams were shortlisted after the comprehensive evaluation of their executive summary. These top 20 teams advanced to the contest's finals. As a part of the final round, the top 20 teams had to submit a written report of their business plan and present their idea on the Grand Finale at Kochi.

    The Business Plan Contest Finals were held on November 9th and 10th 2012 at Kochi. The judging panel included Mr Mithun Chittilappilly, Managing Director of V-Guard Industries Ltd and the top management of V-Guard Industries Ltd. The evaluation was based on the feasibility, quality of analysis and the oral presentation of the business plan. Staying ahead of the stiff competition, the team comprising of Karthik Venkateswaran, Nandha Kumar R, and Rajan Chakravarthy A.P from IIM Shillong were declared the winners of the V Guard business plan contest 2012. The winning team was awarded a cash prize of INR one lakh and the Winners trophy.


  • IIM S Golf Cup brought to a grand finale

    The final day of the 5th season of the IIM Shillong Golf cup saw enthusiastic participation from the corporates and the defense personnel. The tournament started off early in the morning with top shots of the corporate world coming up to test their golfing skills. The students mixed freely with the players, gaining valuable insights about the business world over the highly regarded game of golf. The day was packed with a flurry of activities with organizers working with utmost efficiency to keep the things running smoothly. Social interaction amongst one and all present took a new dimension and magnitude over breakfast and lunch on the course itself.

    Closing Ceremony:The 5th season of the IIM Shillong Golf Cup ended on a high note amongst the presence of dignitaries of the stature of the Honorable Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Dr. Mukul Sangma, the Honorable Deputy Chief Minister of Meghalaya Mr. Bindo.M.Lanong, Minister of IT and Water Resource Mr.A.L.Hek, DG Assam Rifles Mr. Ranbir Singh, Mr. Larsing Ming Sawian, owner of the Shillong-Lajong Football Club and the Director of IIM Shillong, Professor Keya Sengupta.

    The closing ceremony started with Professor Sengupta heartily congratulating and thanking the participants and invitees for their graceful presence. She then went on to elucidate how the Golf Cup, the flagship event of the IIM S has become a unique platform for the amalgamation of sports, academia and the corporate world. She stressed on the event as an occasion to gather, deliberate and sketch out a road map for the future. She congratulated the organizing committee on successfully organizing the event that promised to be ‘sharing wisdom on the greens”. She thanked the Government of Meghalaya, in particular the Department of Tourism, for their unwavering support in the entire tournament and ascertained future collaborations with the government for the development of the Northeast and designing a sustainable business and economic environment.

    Dr. Mukul Sangma also spoke of how the event managed to bring the budding entrepreneurs and managers on the same platform as the corporates. He appreciated the efforts of IIM Shillong in the field to initiate strong corporate interactions among the government and the corporate players. He stressed on the need for the industrial and tourism development of the Northeast and expected to see his wishes come true through future alliances with the institute and the corporates.

    The event closed with the participants being awarded for their skills in golf in categories like 0-12 handicap, 13-18 handicap, 19-24 handicap, longest drive, straightest drive , closest to pin and the women’s category. The winners of Khlur Thma, the B-school case study competition were also felicitated in the event. Teams from IIM Shillong and ISB Hyderabad were declared joint winners in the same.

    The event ended with a promise to be back next year with IIM Shillong Golf Cup Season 6 of a greater magnitude and higher levels of participation from the corporate world as well as the management students.


  • International Symposium – "Global Initiative for Sustainability and Human Development: Envisioning the Planetary Future"

    Prof Sanjeeb Kakoty attended a three day International symposium entitled ‘Global Initiative for Sustainability and Human Development: Envisioning the Planetary Future’ held from the 1st to 3rd October 2012, at Guwahati. The symposium was organized by: North East Centre for Research and Development (NECRD), Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) New Delhi In Collaboration with a number of other institutions like the Tata Institute of Social Science, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Indian Council of World Affairs and the University of Berkeley California.

    The Inaugural saw the participation of a number of distinguished speakers which included Shri Pradyut Bordoloi, Minister of Power, Government of Assam, Shir P.P. Srivastava, Member , NEC, Prof Gautam Baruah, Director of IIT Guwahati, Prof Om Prakash Mishra, Prof V. Xaxa, Director of TISS, Guawhati, Shri Dipak Chakravarty, CMD of Numaligarh Refinery , Noted Gandhian Shri Natwar Thakkar, Prof Martin Sanchez of UC, Berkeley and others.

    Prof Kakoty presented a paper on “Sustainabilityand Governance: Public Policy and Democratic Justice”, in a session that was chaired by Shri B.P.Muktieh, CMD of NEDFI.

    Prof Kakoty also chaired a session entitled “ Sustainabilityand North East India: Balancing Trium of Environment , Society and Economy” in which papers were presented by Mr A.K.Johari, IFS, Chief Conservator of Forest, Dr Sanjoy Barbora, Associate Professor , TISS, Dr Smita Talukdar, Project Manager, Govt. of Assam and Dr Partha J.Das of Aranyak.


  • Celebration of Hindi Divas/Pakhwada

    On the occasion of Hindi Divas, first ever Hindi Pakhwada was organized under the chairmanship of Director, RGIIM Shillong from 14-28 September 2012 in the institute. During Hindi Pakhwada various competitions such as; Hindi Dictation, Reading and Application Writing were organized, in which several enthusiast staffs participated and the winners were awarded with cash prizes as incentives by the chairperson.


  • PT Expo 2012, Beijing, China

    "Posts and Telecom EXPO COMM China 2012" is sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China.The Expo was attended by Sai Chandan D and Brahmaiah P, PGPEx Batch of 2013, IIM Shillong. It is held in Beijing on September 18 to 22. As per the data provided by them, from January to July of 2012, the total revenue of ICT (Information & Communications Technology) industry reached 745.86 billion RMB; the total telephone users increased to 1.345 billion, about 9.925 million of them are new telephone users including 10.048 million new mobile phone users. The total revenue of mobile phone business is 446.03 billion RMB, which increased by 11.3% compared to last year’s numbers of same period.

    According to them, the market situation will continue to improve, infrastructure construction will progress steadily, and internet application develops speedily. In their words, the largest and influential ICT and electronics science and technology exhibitions in Asia, PT/EXPO COMM CHINA 2012, focused on the industrial theme of great development, great convergence and great innovation to present the fruitful achievements of industrial integration, including: construction of "Broadband China", cross-industry ICT application, three-networks convergence, and the application software; to introduce cutting-edge technology development including: LTE, mobile internet, cloud computing; to showcase the successful transformation of telecom operators and telecom equipment providers, the boom development of small-medium enterprises; the new trend in renovation and transition of the energy conservation and environmental protection concept and application.

    There are a total of 8 exhibition halls of approximately 500 exhibitors coming from about 16 countries. Apart from the exhibitions, events like contests, seminars, forums were also organized. Companies vied to attract attention with their stall designs and innovative approaches in delivering content. Of the biggies present, Huawei took the limelight with majority buzz inside its stall.

    Other companies like Lenovo, ZTE, Alcatel, Tencent, Ericsson, Nokia, UT Starcom and HiSense were present. Though most of the demos are in Chinese, all of the stall owners know English and they readily translated everything to English.

    We also found one stall by Beijing University of Post and Telecom who were marketing their Executive MBA degree program. There is a possibility of opening one such stall in future where we can market our degree while marketing the batch profile for internships and placements. We enquired about the cost which is around USD 525 per square meter.

    Companies arranged display of their products and demonstrations through projectors on their future technologies. They used to give out handouts and business cards to whoever visits their stalls. They have also arranged their personnel to get a glimpse on their technologies. We have visited many companies irrespective of their business size.

    Most of the companies are very well aware of BSNL-MTNL from which Brahma hails from. We understood that they have a lot of respect for Indian telecom companies which are the major clients for their products. They asked for our business cards to maintain contact. We used this opportunity to let them know about our program and institute. We made them aware that every year a batch of 35 Indian executives will be in China during this period to do internship. They promised to help by forwarding our email to the concerned department. One company also showed interest in organizing a product demonstration in OUC campus.

    We are grateful to Professor Rohit Joshi for letting us participate in this event. We also hope the next batches utilize this expo to become aware of the trending technologies in Telecom sector while building contacts in the rapidly growing industry.


  • IIM Shillong successfully concludes EmergE – The first of its kind Entrepreneurship Summit

    The closing ceremony of the two-day Entrepreneurship Summit at IIM Shillong culminated with words of wisdom by the Director of IIM Shillong, Professor Keya Sengupta and the eminent panel of guests. The guests included Mark Kahn, Venture Partner at Omnivore Capital and Executive Vice President at Godrej Agrovet; Emily Harrison, Executive Director & Founder at Innovaid Advisory Services; Bhavna Toor, Investment Manager, Design for Social Change; Prajakt Raut, co-founder, The Hatch for Startups and Angel Investors Consortium; and Anil Joshi, President of Mumbai Angels.

    The ceremony started with an Investor Conclave wherein the guests, who are country’s leading venture capitalists and angel investors, engaged in an insightful and an interactive session with the participants. The guests mentioned that an ideal entrepreneurship venture would consist of two or three partners who have the passion and commitment to turn a good idea into a successful business. Another highlight of the conclave was the discussion on upcoming Clean Technology ventures in India.

    In her address to the participants, the Director emphasised the responsibility of IIM students towards the society as future entrepreneurs. She stressed upon the challenges faced by the North -East community and the constructive role to be played by IIM Shillong students in the inclusive growth of the remote corners of North-East. She called upon the students to nurture their entrepreneur ideas into feasible businesses, and become job providers rather than job seekers.

    Mark Kahn, the mentor of EmergE challenged the conventional thinking of Indian management students by asking them to travel the path of entrepreneurship and become the Captain of one’s own ship. He was optimistic about the scope of capital procurement for the budding ventures of the students. He believed in the latent potential of the North - East region and urged the students to capitalise on the increasing state and private investments.

    The winning team – Team SoAp of the EmergE Reveal Case Study competition (in association with ZEE Learn) comprised of IIM Shillong students, Arpit Tripathi and Sowmya Ramanathan. The runner-up team was Team Revealedfrom Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar. The winning team of the EmergE Business Plan competition was Team WeInnovators from Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research and the runner-up team was Team HC from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.

    The participants of EmergE were enthralled by a scintillating performance organised by the Cultural Committee of IIM Shillong. The huge success of first entrepreneurship summit of IIM Shillong sets the tone for budding entrepreneurship ventures of tomorrow.


  • Inauguration of Emerge, IIM Shillong’s first annual entrepreneurship conclave at IIM Shillong

    Emerge, the first annual entrepreneurship conclave of IIM Shillong, was inaugurated by Ms. Agatha Sangma, Member of Parliament and Minister of State for Rural Development and Professor Keya Sengupta, Director of IIM Shillong. Other diginitaries like Ms.Emily Harrison , Executive director and Founder at Innovaid Advisory Services, Padmashree Patricia Mukhim, Editor of Shillong Times, Ms. Bhavna Toor, Director of NSEF and Mr. Anil Joshi, President of Angel Investors, Mumbai also graced the event with their presence. The occasion, the first of its kind in IIM Shillong, started off with the guests being welcomed followed by the lighting of the inaugural lamp by Ms. Sangma and Prof. Sengupta.

    Prof. Sengupta then addressed the audience, bringing to notice the iconic fact that the Ms. Sangma, being the youngest Member of Parliament was present at the inauguration of an event that stood for youth development and entrepreneurship. She stressed, as always, on the need for youth involvement in sustainable economic development which would focus more on entrepreneurship creating employment opportunities in the North East rather than depending on the government for providing jobs. She congratulated the students for successfully organizing such an event that provides a platform to young enthusiasts to prove their mettle in being a successful entrepreneur.

    Ms. Sangma, on her part, expressed her happiness at being able to attend the unique event. She too held the view that the North East is in need of budding entrepreneurs who would utilize untapped resources, so abundant in the region. The young MP stressed on the need for a balanced economy contrary to the presently prevalent economy that is characterized by concentration of wealth in the hands of a fortunate few. She urged the participants to strive to change the present skewed economic and social development in India to a more micro level development. These words of wisdom inculcated within all present, a sense of responsibility to contribute towards the society. The event ended with a high tea leaving the participants excitedly speculating about the happenings in Emerge over the coming two eventful days.


  • Future of ICT in Meghalaya and the Role of IIM Shillong

    Prof Keya Sengupta delivered a talk on "Future of ICT in Meghalaya and the Role of IIM Shillong" at the One day Conclave of Meghabyte-NICT 2012 at the Yojanan Bhawan,Meghalaya Secretariat.The conclave was organized by the Telegraph Group on 14th September,2012 in collaboration with the govt of Meghalaya


  • IIMS successfully concludes its Second Edition of Entrepreneurship Course

    Right from its inception Indian Institute of Management, Shillong has been actively involved in organizing both short term and long term programmes for the upliftment of the local community and society of the state and the North East region. The Centre for Development of North Eastern Region (CEDNER) was constituted with the objective to respond to the local needs and make the facilities of the Institute available for the training of the local talented youths of the region. Developing Managerial Skills for Entrepreneurship (DMSE), funded by the Ministry of DoNER is a programme organized by CEDNER for budding entrepreneurs in the North East. It enhances the capability of the youth of the region encouraging them to lean away from the dependence on government jobs.

    A colourful ceremony marked the successful completion of the second edition of the DMSE programme in the esteemed presence of the Chief Guest, Padma Shri Manas Chowdhury, owner of Shillong Times and Professor Keya Sengupta, Director, IIM Shillong. The ecstatic participants shared their experiences about the course and expressed their gratitude to the institute and the faculty for instilling in them the spirit and zeal of an entrepreneur. Toni, a student from Manipur, on behalf of all the participants thanked the institute for giving them the confidence to create jobs rather than to seek jobs in the North East and contribute to the development of the region that is abundant in resources. Another student, Mitali Agarwal expressed how the programme has brought in them a complete transformation that inspires them to be a part of the system that concentrates not only on making profit but also in sustainable growth. Students were of the opinion that the course has equipped them with better knowledge and stronger base on which they could develop their existing or new ventures.

    The Director, Professor Keya Sengupta congratulated the participants on their successful completion of the course and encouraged them to be independent, and contribute to the development of self, region and country. Addressing the participants, the Director said, “North East cannot develop without the contribution of people like you (young participants) and you should not rely solely on government initiatives“. The Director expressed her wish to continue the association with the participants and extended unconditional support from the institute in all their endeavours.

    The Chief Guest, Padma Shri Manas Chowdhury, who himself is a great inspiration for many, expressed his profound happiness to be amidst the young, bright and bubbling spirit of North East. He stressed on the fact that in order to prosper the people of North East need to aspire for more and take care of their own destinies. He encouraged people to rise above their egos and imbibe themselves a sense of humility. With his own experience as to how he converted Shillong Times from a weekly to a daily newspaper, he shared with the gathering the importance of ‘commitment to a cause’ and to ‘stand by one’s values’. He concluded his speech by motivating everyone to dream big and lead a life driven by a sense of purpose. The ceremony ended amidst loud applauds as the participants, kindled with a spark to rise and make a difference, collected their certificates and headed for an informal interaction session over high tea.


  • Review of the Sino-India Executive Post Graduate Program in International Business

    Prof. Keya Sengupta, the Director, RGIIM Shillong visited Ocean University China, Qingdao, during 16-18th of August, 2012, to have a firsthand review of the Sino-India Executive Post Graduate Program in International Business, an endeavor the Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management Shillong (IIM Shillong), India and the Ocean University China(OUC), China have joined hands for. Prof. Rohit Joshi (Chairman, PGPEx) and Prof. Debasis Chanda (Chairman PGPEx placement) accompanied her.

    Prof. Sengupta and the team members met with the PGPEx participants and discussed and addressed their concerns related to the improvement of the ongoing courses, corporate lectures and business excursions of the China Module.

    On 17th August 2012 the Director had a meeting with Prof. Dai Hua, Director, International Office, OUC Qingdao, China, on the current status of ongoing course. Others members present in the meeting were Prof. Aihua (Iris) NING, Professor, International Education center, OUC China, Prof. He Yiming, Director, Sino-US dual Degree programs and In-charge international MBA program, OUC China, Prof. Gao Jin Tian, Head of Economics and trade department, OUC China, Prof. Su Meng, Economics and Business Department, Mr. Jesse Chen, Coordinator, International Program, Prof. Rohit Joshi, Chairman, PGPEx, IIM Shillong, India, Prof. Debasis Chanda, Chairman, Placement (PGPEx), IIM Shillong, India.

    Both the directors marked this program as a new beginning for a long-term relationship of camaraderie and trust between the two Institutions. Prof. Hua ensured to develop international business leaders and hoped that the candidate will take forward the hospitality of the two nations into the paradigm of new business ventures. He further emphasized that the participants will understand the Chinese way of life and business culture and thus enabling them to be the ambassador of Sino-India way of living into the Global business community. Prof. Dai and Prof. Yiming praised the PGPEx students on their sincerity, handwork, punctuality, attendance and self behaved manners.

    Prof. Sengupta praised the efforts that OUC professors are putting to make this program successful. She put forward the concerns of PGPEx students for OUC professors’ perusal. Prof. Dai and the team took those suggestions in very positive note and promised the Director, IIMS for necessary improvements. Prof. Yiming, briefed about the Internship details for which the duration is 10 weeks. Prof. Yiming is still working on it and shall coordinate with the PGPEx Students’ placement committee.

    Prof. Sengupta stated that RGIIM Shillong shall start working on the next year’s MOU and by September, a draft of the MOU would be sent to Prof. Dai and the OUC professor for necessary comments. The meeting ended with a very positive and affirmative note. Prof. Dai Hua hosted the dinner to honor Prof. Sengupta, Director IIM Shillong and the other IIM Shillong team members.


  • IIM Shillong celebrates Independence Day

    15th August, the day that marked the 66th Independence of the nation, was celebrated with much zeal and enthusiasm by the entire IIM Shillong fraternity. It was an occasion when the campus came alive with the spirit of the day, soaked in patriotism. From the decorations to the dresses donned, everything reflected the mood of the day, the atmosphere was charged up with a feeling of pride. The event was attended by the participants with much enthusiasm who battled the pangs of morning sleep, usual for a holiday, to pay their respects to the tricolor and the nation. The security guards, by performing a march past demonstrating excellent sync and perfection, offered their salutations to the tricolor. Every person present there - participants, faculty, their families and the administrative staff experienced a feeling of immense pride and a zeal to give back to the nation in their own way.

    The tricolor was hoisted by senior faculty member Professor P. Saravanan and the CAO of IIM Shillong campus Mr. R.C. Saxena amidst the hymns of the National Anthem.

    Prof. Saravanan then addressed the gathering by wishing everyone a very happy Independence Day. He shared with everyone his concern, how the young bright brains of the country are all running behind just corporate jobs. He inspired the gathering to contribute back to the society by preparing for the Civil Services Examination and the likes of it. He motivated one and all to be a part of the governing system and contribute to the progress of the nation.

    The ceremony ended with refreshments being served over informal interactions and left each and every one charged up with a sense of patriotism.


  • The Green initiative organized by the ECoBiZ Club, IIMS & SBI

    It is said that "the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is now." Taking forward the vision of sustainability, IIM Shillong students came out with a tree plantation drive named ‘Prakriti’, which saw a huge participation from the students and the faculty. As part of this initiative, more than 80 saplings of fruit bearing trees like oranges and guavas were planted in the campus. This green initiative was planned and organized by the ECoBiZ Club, IIM Shillong in collaboration with SBI, which were the chief sponsors. Anderson Biotech Pvt. Ltd. too supported the cause by providing biodegradable manure.

    The Chief Guest of the event, Mrs. Rose, AGM of SBI expressed her happiness in being part of an initiative which would enrich the ecosystem. She added that it was not only important to plant trees but also to take care of them and to ensure that they grow into healthy trees. Prof. Keya Sengupta, Director IIM Shillong applauded the initiative and the well thought choice of fruit trees which besides giving fruits will also attract birds and thus enrich the ecosystem.

    Also present on the occasion, Prof. Sanjeeb Kakoty and Prof. Tapas Kumar Giri guided the students with the right way of planting saplings and also apprised them of the various precautions to be taken.

    Prof. Natalie West Kharkongor, the faculty advisor of the ECoBiZ Club, provided all her guidance to the team. She has been a great source of inspiration for the students to carry out various activities ranging from teaching initiatives to blood donation and planting trees. The zeal of the students of PGP11 and PGP12 in planting and adopting a tree each was appreciated by the guests and the faculty.


  • 7th Annual Green Economics Conference

    Manan Jain, a second year PGP participant, presented a paper on "Gifting: A new approach to Economy" in the "7th Annual Green Economics Conference" organized by the Green Economics Institute (GEI), UK on the 19th,20th and 21st July 2012, at Oxford University. Invited as a speaker, one amongst the two selected from India, he delivered the presentation over skype on the 1st day of conference. He deliberated about the present economic system, its effects on the environment and society and how the concept of Gift Economy can be applied to address these socio-economic problems. His views were well received by the audience which included academicians and policy makers from around the world. Based on the feedback from the imminent personalities present, he would like to take this further and start a non-profit organization based on the ideas presented.


  • Inauguration of the PGPEX Program in Ocean University China, Qingdao

    The Chinese Module of the first ever Sino-India global post graduate program of management for executives (PGPEx) was inaugurated on 15th of July 2012 at OUC, China. The group of 35 participants of PGPEx program reached Qingdao, China on the previous night and the mood among the participants was one of elation for the forthcoming venture into the Chinese module. The inauguration program was attended by the faculty member of the Economics department of OUC, China and by the two member delegation of IIM Shillong faculty members including Prof. Basav Roychoudhury and Prof. Tara Shankar Shaw and the PGPEx participants. The inauguration included welcome addresses by Prof. He Yiming (Director Sino-USA Management program), Prof. Dai Hua (Director International Office, OUC) from OUC, Prof.Basav Roychoudhury from IIM Shillong and Ms. Kanchan Phogat , Class Representative of the PGPEx participants. The inauguration function was also attended by Prof. Ning Aihua, Director International Education Center, OUC; Prof. Gao JinTian, Director , Department of International Economics and Trade, OUC. Following the welcome address there was a formal introduction by the students and the evening ended with traditional Chinese dinner hosted by OUC. Prof. Dai. GuiLin, Dean College of Economics, OUC joined during the dinner.

    Prof. Yiming in his welcome address stated that this is the new beginning for IIM Shillong and OUC, China. He stated that after the three short-term Advanced Management Programs between IIM Shillong and OUC, China the PGPEx marks a new beginning for a long-term relationship of camaraderie and trust between the two institutions. Prof. Hua underscored the point that PGPEx course marks a new beginning not only for the two institutions but also among the two countries. He said that the course entails to develop international business leaders and hoped that the candidate will take forward the hospitability of the two nations into the paradigm of new business ventures. He emphasized that the participants will understand the Chinese way of life and business culture and thus enabling them to be the ambassador of Sino-India way of living into the Global business community.

    Prof. Roychoudhury stated that it is a history creating moment for the two institutions and for the two countries associated with the PGPEx programs. He welcomed the students and said that they should be proud of themselves to be the part of this history creating moment. He said that the group of the thirty five students is selected through tough competition. Out of one thousand candidates who applied for the course five hundred were selected for the interview and out of these five hundred only thirty five were selected into the course. In the end he thanked OUC in behalf of IIM Shillong and he mentioned that his visit to Qingdao is always being like home coming due to their hospitability. M. Kanchan Phogat showed her gratitude towards IIM Shillong and OUC, China and showed the enthusiasm, on behalf of the student, to learn about the business practices of two large growing economies of the World.


  • IIM Shillong’s First Global Executive MBA Inaugurated advisor To PM lauds IIM S Innovation

    Having been recognized as a constant innovator in terms of program designing, IIM Shillong today formally launched its first Executive Post Graduate Program (PGPEx) on International Business with a special reference to China already dubbed as the first ever, and one of its kind in the area of Business studies. The program as such is an outcome of visionary leadership paving the way for a fruitful collaboration with the Ocean University of China located at Qingdao.

    While speaking at the inaugural session, Prof AK Dutta, the main architect behind the successful launch remarked, "This is a strategic move, and we have chose deliberately to tie up with OUC’s Economics department rather than its business school. We are of the opinion that this will help enhance synergies, and derive better insights into the Chinese economy, and business culture. Our believe is to never duplicate resources but in fact synergize to get the best out of collaborative efforts in terms of expertise and use of resources."

    While addressing the first batch of 35 students undertaking the PGPEx, Prof Dutta’s words of encouragement was," We expect you to be morally upright, intellectually competent, socially committed, and spiritually inspired, all the while taking advantage of being a member of the IIM S community."

    Mr. TKA Nair, Advisor to Prime Minister, while lauding the innovative approaches of IIM Shillong in terms of its use of technology, and more so its programs said, "These are remarkable changes for the better, and the remarkable progress achieved at large goes to the credit of Prof Ashoke Dutta and his committed faculty colleagues, who have served the Institute in the last four years with exemplary commitment and vision. It is quite evident that Prof Dutta has put in a very significant effort bringing in programs, which very longstanding institutions have not been able to achieve."

    While commenting on the improved relationships with neighboring China, Nair observed that in a changing global economy in the context of changing relationships with China, the avenues for carrying business opportunities with it must be grasped to ensure a sense of wellbeing for the general populace of both countries.

    "China’s role and global economy is bound to grow in the days to come, and we have to learn to live, and compete as a friendly neighbor." Nair reminded the gathering about the Prime Minister’s constant reminder to interlocutors that India cannot choose its neigbours but instead take advantage of current developing scenarios where economy, and trade & commerce shall serve as a determinant towards growth in positive relationship.

    The Advisor to the Prime Minister portrayed that the program being launched by IIM Shillong is "extremely timely, will benefit institutions and the country at large."

    Inspiring the students, Nair categorically stated that the 35 founding participants would be the torch bearers in terms of strengthening relationships between the two countries, and serve as ambassadors of the country in true spirit.

    Earlier, Shri TKA Nair had visited IIM Shillong's permanent campus site located at Umsawli and planted a sapling keeping in tune with IIM Shillong's thrust on sustainable development, and also serving the purpose of marking in the Institute's history the visit of the Advisor to Prime Minister to its upcoming campus.

    The program also witnessed a short film on the recent efforts of The World Business School Council of Sustainable Business (WBSCSB) at the Rio 50+20 Conference where IIM Shillong helped in formulating the ideas for sustainable management education for the world as a founding member. Prof Sanjeeb Kakoty shared the experiences of the Rio 50+20 summit wherein IIM Shillong represented India as the only academic institute from the country. Following this a shawl of honour presented to IIM Shillong during the recently concluded summit at Rio was presented by Shri TKA Nair to the Director IIM Shillong. Interestingly, the shawl has been made out of recycled plastic waste.

    Prof S. Shajahan, Chairman of the newly launched PGPEx presented the gathering with an overview of the program, before the founding batch of students were administered a pledge.

    The closing remarks and vote of thanks was delivered by Prof HS Chhabbra, Dean Academic of IIM Shillong.


  • IIM Shillong signs MoU with SAP India Pvt. Ltd.

    RGIIMS and SAP have decided that it would be in the furtherance of their respective objectives to collaborate and cooperate with each other and undertake certain activities jointly in the area of facilitating the CSR projects of SAP relating to the e-enabling of few local village administrations in the Shillong area on a cloud based model.

    Bringing this into effect, an exchange of the duly signed MoU was undertaken on July 4th 2012 at the RGIIMS Board Room between Mr. Deepak Kumar, Director – Government Relations representing SAP India Pvt. Ltd. and Prof AK Dutta, Director IIM Shillong in the presence of Shri DP Wahlang, Commissioner & Secretary, IT Department, Govt. of Meghalaya, senior faculty members including the Dean (Academic), Dean (Research) & Chairperson FPM, Head - CEDNER and the Officer (Corporate and Public Relations) – IIM S.

    The project is expected to roll out in the next coming days.


  • IIM Shillong Felicitated at the ABP News B School Awards

    Indian Institute of Management, Shillong, has been honoured with award of B-School with Industry Related Curriculum in Operations Management from ABP NEWS in their National B-school Awards. The glittering awards ceremony held at the Taj Lands End, Mumbai on June 30th, 2012 was attended by Shri Merlvin Jude Mukhim, Officer - Corporate & Public Relations and Nilkesh Patra, Member of the Student Council (2011-2013). The ABP News National B-School Awards recognises institutions that are innovative, modern and industry related in their curriculum.

    Also present was Shri Ashok Venkatramani, CEO of MCCS India Pvt. Ltd.


  • NSE and IIM Shillong join hands to offer first PG programme in financial markets at IIM Shillong

    The National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong (IIMS) have partnered with the intention of starting the first two-year full-time post-graduate programme in financial markets (PGP-FM), offered by an IIM.

    The government has been focusing on developing infrastructure and creating job opportunities in the North East. Since education and skill development is one of the focus areas, this tie-up with IIM Shillong is a move to contribute towards the development of this region.

    NSE MD & CEO Ravi Narain said in a statement: "We hope that this post graduate programme will help in honing the trading and investment skills of students and working professionals and make them more eligible for the job market.''

    "The collaboration will go a long way towards capacity building and creat-ing expertise in areas in which the demand exceeds supply. This will help accelerate the development of the financial sector and the growth of our economy," said IIM Shillong director Ashoke K Dutta.

    In addition to the two year PG programme, NSE and IIM Shillong will also offer a number of advanced level certifications and Management Development Programmes in financial markets.

    The PGP-FM course will be a combination of general management subjects and highly specialised subjects in financial markets such as financial valuation and modeling, equity research, technical analysis, derivatives trading strategies and financial engineering.

    The PGP students will be able to get a global perspective as the programme will include a visit to international markets. The students will be able to simulate market conditions and develop trading, investment and portfolio management skills through simulated market software, specially designed by NSE.

    Standalone management development programmes and certification courses, to be offered jointly by NSE and IIM Shillong in financial engineering, risk management, capital markets, and derivatives will help professionals to sharpen their skills. Students from other streams who are interested in taking up certificate courses will also benefit from the certification courses.


  • Rio 50+20

    Professor Sanjeeb Kakoty attended the RIO+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro. The conference saw the formal presentation of the much awaited report regarding the transformation of management education world over. Known as the 50+20 Agenda: Management Education for the World – a summary vision document and short film, was shared with attendees of the 3rd Global Forum for Responsible Management Education, including more than 300 Deans, Directors and representatives from Business Schools and companies attending the United Nations Global Compact RIO+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum. The vision and film was simultaneously launched online at www.50plus20.org

    It may be mentioned that The 50+20 Agenda was developed over the course of 18 months through a series of consultative workshops, retreats and meetings across 5 continents with contributions from more than 100 thought leaders and academics, with many more participating in online stakeholder surveys. Prof Sanjeeb Kakoty was part of the teams engaged both in preparation of the report as well the film.

    Providing management education for the world, according to the 50+20 Agenda, involves three fundamental roles:

  • Educating and developing globally responsible leaders
  • Enabling business organizations to serve the common good and
  • Engaging in the transformation of business and the economy

    50+20 is a collaborative initiative between three organizations: the World Business School Council of Sustainable Business (WBSCSB), the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI) and the Principles of Responsible Management Education (U.N. backed PRME).

    The following institutions generously provided financial assistance and are recognized as official co-authors of the 50+20 Agenda: Business School Lausanne (CH), CENTRUM Católica, (PE), Concordia University (CA), Copenhagen Business School (DK), Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, ESADE (ES), ESSEC (FR), ICN Business School Nancy-Metz (FR), Leuphana Universität Lüneburg (DE), Queensland University of Technology (AU), Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management (IN), Swinburne University of Technology (AU), University of Pretoria (ZA), University of St Gallen (CH), Vienna University of Economics and Business (AU), Zermatt Summit (CH/FR).


  • IIM Shillong – Rendezvous for major IT Conference with NER focus

    IIM Shillong, Academic Partner and host of the E18 – CNN IBN program titled NORTH EAST E-GOVERNANCE SUMMIT 2012 witnessed key Government and Corporate leaders apart from Network 18 leadership attending the event being held at its picturesque campus setting. Union Minister of DONER – Government of India, Shri Paban Singh Ghatowar, Dr. Mukul Sangma, Chief Minister Government of Meghalaya, Shri A L Hek, Minister for IT Government of Meghalaya, Bhudeb Chakravarti – Senior General Manager & Region Head – National Institute for Smart Government, Mr. Ravindra Maurya, Chief Technology Strategist, Redhat, and Mr. Karma Paljor, Editor – Business and Specials, CNN IBN, Shri UK Sangma, Secretary North Eastern Council, and Shri DP Wahlang, Commissioner & secretary IT, Government of Meghalaya were the few amongst the diverse and prominent attendees and Speakers during the course of the summit.

    Network 18 Media and Investments Limited, in association with the Ministry of Communications and IT, Govt of India through its news channel CNN IBN brought into action the strategic meet to not only highlight the achievements of the Government, but also to deliberate on key issues and challenges that the Federal and State Governments face in the day to day execution of the e-Governance initiative in the North East Region (NER).

    The event provides a platform for an interface between the senior leadership of the North East Region and to create awareness on some of the e-Governance projects that have been implemented successfully in other Indian states. This Mega Colloquium is seeing participation of key stakeholders from the Industry, ensuring knowledge sharing in terms of newer technologies and processes which can be deployed to overcome the hurdles that are faced by the State Governments in the NER.

    Academic expertise and inputs from IIM Shillong were provided by Dr. Basav Roychoudhury on ICT for Quality Education and Human Resource Development and Prof. Natalie Kharkongor on Livelihood Promotion: Leveraging ICT and Internet Technology respectively.

    Prof Ashoke K. Dutta, Director IIM Shillong delivered the opening remarks and Valedictory address while bringing the Summit to its conclusion.

    This is perhaps a landmark event not only for IIM Shillong, but NER as a whole and the state of Meghalaya in particular.


  • Workshop for Educators on Open Source Technology for Education

    Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Shillong conducted a one day workshop on May 29, 2012 titled “Workshop for Educators on Open Source Technology in Education”. With the educational institutions slowly ensuring Internet connectivity to their students, and with the plan of MHRD to ensure that every student has an access device like the “Aakash” tablet, the question that arises is how to use these available technologies. The workshop focused on getting the best out of technology by integrating aspects of its utility into the pedagogy of various courses. Also, in view of reducing cost of owning such technologies, the focus of the workshop was on Open Source systems which can be freely downloaded from the Internet without any licensing cost.

    IIM Shillong, known in the country as one of the most tech savvy campuses has been experimenting on use of various technologies to enhance pedagogy, and the same has been appreciated by the students. This workshop was an initiative to share these experiences with faculty/administrators of other educational institutions of the region, under the Institute’s efforts to make a difference to the location in which it is located so that the benefit can reach a larger number of stakeholders. The workshop was attended by faculty of colleges, universities and other teaching institutions of repute from the region. The workshop allowed the participants to work hands-on on the open source technologies discussed during the day. These included the use of learning management systems, web conferencing, social bookmarking, and other related technologies.

    Speaking about the workshop, the Dr Basav Roychoudhury, Program Director commented, “The pedagogy currently used by most of the educational institutions has not changed much over decades. The only perceptible change in many cases is the introduction of Powerpoint Presentation to augment blackboard. However, the students have moved ahead from memorizing texts to living on Facebook. The age old pedagogy fails to appeal to this group of students. Moreover, technology can aptly be used to make the pedagogy interactive and two-way, where the teacher becomes a facilitator and the student takes up the responsibility of learning. Thus, pedagogy tailored for the ‘Facebook generation’ need to be put in place at the earliest. This needs a change in the attitude and expectation of the teachers and also a re-evaluation of what type of education will prepare the current generation of students for their future.”


  • Management Development Program on Contemporary Project Management

    Under Prof. Ashoke K Dutta's guidance, Prof. Santosh K. Prusty, Prof. Shankar Purbey and Prof. Rohit Joshi successfully conducted a Six Days Management Development Program on Contemporary Project Management and Execution for Senior Executives of Oil India Limited, Guwahati, during 30th April 2012 to 5th May 2012.

    Prof. S.K.Majumdar (MDP Chairman) inaugurated the program and Prof. D.K Agarwal (Officiating Director) presided over the Valedictory program. RGIIM Shillong faculty members were also invited to deliver lectures on their expertise domain. This course was specially designed for the Senior Executives of Oil India Limited, Guwahati to provide understanding of concepts and contents of contemporary project management. The participants were exposed with all the four (Financial, Technical, Personal and Organizational) dimensions and three phases (formulation, financing and execution) of project life cycle that includes the journey that starts from project planning till project executions. This comprehensive training program was consisted of three modules. Proven industry-leading technology specified for design, materials and construction to support safe, reliable and cost-effective operations were discussed in detail. Each module intended to acquaint the participants with the latest tools and techniques of project management. The group was also taken to the new campus site and the details of the project were discussed by Col. Nagarajan and Mr. Sunshine Marbaniang. All participants appreciated the program and promised to send the next group for the same program soon.


  • German Student Exchange Programme 2012

    Like the previous year, this year too IIM Shillong was host to students from the Hamburg Media School, Germany, for a Students’ Exchange Program. An eighteen member team consisting of both regular and executive MBA students, lead by the Mr Nils Grannemann, Head of the International Office of the Hamburg Media School, arrived in Shillong on 21.4.2012, for a week long intensive course on Indian Media Markets. It is a credit course and student performance is assessed jointly by IIM Shillong and HMS, Germany.

    Apart from internal faculty of the IIM, a number of experts, which included Dr Subir Bhaumik, former East Asia Correspondent of the BBC and currently Editor of the Seven Sisters Post, Padmashree Patricia Mukhim, Editor of the Shillong Times, Mr Asish Batnagar, Deputy Director of the AIR, and Shakil Ahammed, IAS, Secretary IPR, of the Government of Meghalaya, took part in the programme. It was inaugurated by Mr James Sangma, MLA, who also has a Post Graduate Degree in Media from London.

    The Students were divided into six teams and each team was assigned with a project that was presented at the end of the course. Apart from classroom learning, the students were also taken on field visits in and around Shillong to be followed up by visits to media houses in Kolkata and Mumbai.

    The Programme was co-ordinated by Prof Sanjeeb Kakoty, who was previously appointed as the International Consultant of Indian Media Markets to the Hamburg Media School and also Faculty Mentor to guide their students. In the meantime, three students of the earlier batch have successfully completed their Master Thesis under his guidance.


  • MDP on Finance for Medical Professionals

    RGIIM Shillong commenced its five day Management Development Programme on Finance for Medical Professionals on 16th April 2012. The programme is daily scheduled for five days from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. The programme was inaugurated by Prof.Ashoke Kumar Dutta, Director, RGIIM Shillong highlighting the contribution of RGIIM Shillong towards the local community in various segments. In spite of the location lacuna, he mentioned that RGIIM Shillong is organising programmes for various professional people.

    The participants of the programme include eminent doctors and administrators of reputed government and private hospitals of Shillong.

    The programme directors were Prof.P.Saravanan and Prof.N.Sivasankaran, faculty members of the Institute specializing in the areas of Accounting and Finance respectively.


  • IIM Shillong Third Convocation
    Lessons from the Infosys marathon
    A lecture delivered by Shri N. R. Narayana Murthy, Chief Guest, IIM Shillong Third Convocation

    The Chairman, Members of the Governing Council, the Director, faculty, staff, guests, students, parents of the graduating students, and, most importantly, the graduating students, it is a pleasure to be here with the future managers and business leaders of our country. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to be with you on this joyous occasion. Congratulations to the passing out students. Every one of you has the potential to lead world-class companies and contribute to India’s competitiveness. Today, I will talk to you about the Infosys journey. There may be some generic lessons for you, the future business leaders.

    Infosys was founded in 1981 by a team of seven. The founding team had a mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive set of skills, expertise and experience. There were people, who, in addition to their expertise in software, had some experience in human resources, finance, strategy, technology, sales and marketing. This is one of our success factors. At that time, there were no venture capitalists to connect us with prospective key employees. Hence, we had to start with such a complementary founding team. The common attributes of the team were aspiration, hard work, meritocracy, integrity, honesty, confidence, commitment, passion, hope and enthusiasm.

    We realized that our dream had to be based on a lofty vision, something larger than ourselves. Our aspiration derived strength from Leo Burnett’s words: When you reach for the stars, you may not quite get one, but you won't come up with a handful of mud either. We wanted to create India’s first company of the professional, by the professional and for the professional. We also wanted to create high disposable income jobs for young men and women in India. Above all, we wanted to demonstrate that wealth could be created legally and ethically. We longed to disprove the stereotyped view that all businessmen were crooks. Therefore, we chose respect from every stakeholder as our corporate objective.

    Building a business is all about great aspirations and about deferred gratification. My colleagues had to trust the leader’s words and sacrifice upfront with the hope for a better tomorrow. I found out pretty early that the best way to obtain the trust of younger colleagues was to lead by example. This is particularly true in an environment where educated people observe, collect data, analyze it, and come to conclusions. My inspiration for leading by example came from Mahatma Gandhi’s words that one must be the change that one wishes to see in one’s followers.

    The odds were against us. We had very little money, just US$ 250. In fact, we borrowed the initial capital from our generous and trusting wives. It was difficult to attract good people. We had neither a decent infrastructure nor a brand name. The market for customized software did not exist in India. The Indian rules and regulations in the 1980s were far too bureaucratic. India had an inward-looking economic policy. The bureaucrats just did not trust the private sector. Businesses faced difficulties in obtaining even basic infrastructure like phones and data communication lines. We believed that our aspirations were our possibilities.

    We worked hard and built the organization, step by step. Infosys grew from US $ 0.13 million in revenues and 12 employees in 1982 to just US $ 3.89 million and 300 employees by 1992. The economic reforms of 1991 reduced the friction for conducting business in India, and improved the velocity of decision-making in organizations. We used this opportunity to grow. We recognized the need to adapt to change and acted according to the words of Charles Darwin that it was not the strongest of the species that survived, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change. We took the opportunity afforded by these reforms to globalize our operations. We focused on exports, conceptualized and implemented the Global Delivery Model (GDM), built world-class infrastructure, and became the first Indian company to be listed on NASDAQ.

    Infosys has grown its revenues consistently for the last 75 quarters in a row since we went public in India in 1993. By March 2012, we estimate that our annual revenues will cross US$ seven billion. Today, we have over 130,000 employees, around 90 overseas offices, and more than 700 active and satisfied clients.

    Let me now discuss some of our core beliefs and principles of Infosys. I believe that these are useful for every young business leader.

    The goal of a corporation is to maximize shareholder value ethically, legally and on a sustainable basis while being fair to its stakeholders – customers, employees, investors, vendor-partners, government of the land, and the society-at-large. The clause sustainable basis is important. Sustained growth requires the company to have a strong value system – a protocol for behavior that enhances the trust, confidence, commitment and enthusiasm of the team members in each other. The value system of a company builds its character and ensures longevity. At Infosys, our value system can be summed up by our belief that the softest pillow is a clear conscience.

    Simple rules are easy to understand, easy to follow, and easy to communicate. Above all, you cannot cheat with simple rules. Hence, companies should concentrate on simple business rules. If you want to implement complex rules, you should first understand them and translate them into a set of simple rules that your stakeholders can understand.

    A company has to be fair to every stakeholder. I do not know of a single corporation that has a stakeholder-short-changing policy and survived in the long term. Such focus on global stakeholders requires that we follow the highest degree of transparency and the best principles of corporate governance. It is best to bring bad news to the investors early and on a proactive basis. That is why we, at Infosys, believe that it is best that the bad news takes the elevator while the good news can take the steps. Investors respect organizations that disclose their mistakes, and make sincere efforts to improve. At Infosys, we have consistently adopted world-class transparency and disclosure standards, even before it was mandated by law. For instance, in 1995, Infosys suffered losses in the secondary market. Under the then prevailing rules, we were not required to make this information public. Nevertheless, we published it in our annual report. Our philosophy towards transparency is based on the adage: When in doubt, disclose.

    In order to attract and retain the best, you have to uphold the respect and dignity of your employees. There must be merit, fairness and transparency in all decisions. Every decision must be based on data and facts to eliminate biases. That is why we believe in the adage: In God we trust, everybody else brings data to the table.

    Respect your employees. Provide them with challenging work. Create good career prospects for them. Share wealth with them. Empower them with world-class infrastructure and technology. This will enhance their performance, and also help you attract and retain the best talent. We have shared about 35% of equity of the company with our employees.

    Peter Drucker says, “The most important thing to remember about any enterprise is that there are no results inside its walls. The result of a business is a satisfied customer”. I add that there is only one entity that pays a corporation month after month. That is the customer. Therefore, a corporation’s survival depends on satisfying and exceeding the expectations of its customers. Unless we live up to the best examples of customer focus and customer fairness, we cannot enhance / maintain our market share. My role model in customer orientation is Sam Walton who says, “The customer is the only boss. He can fire everybody including the chairman simply by spending his money somewhere else”. Historically, revenues from existing clients account for 90% of our revenues at Infosys. We take care to deliver on time and within budget while meeting the highest quality standards.

    In these days of complex problems, every company has to collaborate with the best in the world to solve these problems. If you want trustworthy partners, you have to live up to your partner’s expectations in honesty, fairness, transparency and accountability.

    The government of India has shown faith in us by implementing favorable policies for our growth. It is our duty to justify this faith. Pay your taxes and win the trust and confidence of the government of the land. Do not violate any laws.

    Society contributes customers, employees, investors and bureaucrats. Society elects politicians. Therefore, society is an important stakeholder for the success of a corporation. A core value of Infosys is a strong sense of societal responsibility. Infosys Foundation addresses the basic needs of the poorest of the poor.

    I am reminded of Harry Fosdick’s words that the world is moving so fast that the man who says something cannot be done is interrupted by someone doing it. Peter Drucker’s words that innovation and selling that innovation must be remembered as time-invariant and context-invariant by every one of you. Another set of such attributes for the enduring success of a corporation are openness to new ideas, meritocracy, speed, imagination and excellence in execution. In fact, speed in imagination is the most critical success factor. The challenge of Indian companies is to create powerful international brands that are recognized globally. To do this, we have enhanced our investments in sales and marketing even in an uncertain economic environment.

    Benchmarking on a global scale is the only way to compete internationally. To do so, companies need an export orientation. At Infosys, we benchmark with the global best in every dimension.

    Risk recognition and mitigation are important functions for a corporation. Our PSPD model – predictability, sustainability, profitability, and de-risking – helps us achieve this. We de-risk our business by taking action to reduce risks identified through our weekly, monthly and quarterly analysis.

    To operate in a globalized world, Indian companies have to learn to leverage the power of multicultural teams operating seamlessly across nations and bringing diverse expertise. This is especially important since the stakeholders of the company – clients, partners, suppliers, employees and investors are global for today’s corporations. At Infosys, we have leveraged the strengths of professionals of various races, genders, religious beliefs, and nationalities.

    You have a rare opportunity to be passing out at a time when India’s confidence is at an all-time high, when we have a reasonable chance of realizing the dreams of our founding fathers and when the world expects India to lead. Therefore, aim high, embrace good values, and make India a better country and this world a better place to live.

    Speech by Rathindra Nath Datta
    Chairman, Board of Governors, RGIIM Shillong

    May I, on behalf of the Institute and on my personal behalf extend a warm welcome to our honourable Chief Guest who has taken out from his busy schedule to grace this occasion – and to all the honourable dignitaries, parents, academics, well wishers and students who have assembled here today.. I am deeply grateful to all of you.

    My mind harks back to 2007 when I first came to this frontier saddled with the task of building this Institution. I was told that this institution would not be incubated by any existing IIM. So we had to start from scratch reinventing the wheel – and we did it in record time. And today, as I stand in our 3rd Convocation - and see that within 5 years of inception this Institute is being counted among the best - let me to express my deep gratitude to all who made this possible -the MHRD and the State Government for their unstinted enabling support – to the founder director, faculty and staff for their pioneering efforts – and most importantly to you, the students who chose these beautiful hills in preference to large cities with superior facilities - and proved your brilliance (Ashwamedha’11 et all).

    To those passing out, let me tell how proud I feel seeing you in your ceremonial gowns. I congratulate all of you on your success.

    But do remember - success is a journey, not a destination. You are privileged to be passing out in the threshold of an era which has the potential of seeing this country catapulting to great heights – and you will be participating in making this happen. Jawaharlal Nehru once famously said that "the hand that is dealt (to) you is determinism: how you play it is free will. It is in this context that I wish to remind you that privileges come with obligations and Article 51A of our Constitution enjoins on you a Fundamental Duty, inter alia, "to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity, so that the nation constantly rises to higher levels of endeavour and achievement."

    Have you wondered what will make you, your parents, your alma mater and your nation, proud? Three things –

  • Work with Integrity. Succeed with Integrity. Do what is Right - not what is convenient.
  • Use the candles which you have lit here and are taking out of these portals, not just to glow in isolation, but also to light other candles. That is the best candle which lights the most number of candles.
  • Get inspired by the great purpose of building the nation. 2500 years ago Maharishi Patanljali said
    "When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bounds. Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents come alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamt yourself to be."

    Speech by Prof Ashoke K Dutta
    Director, IIM Shillong

    We are privileged to have with us as Chief Guest Shri N. R. Narayana Murthy. While Mr. Murthy needs no introduction, but as is the convention I will briefly introduce you Sir to the audience.

    Mr. Murthy served as the CEO of Infosys for 21 years wherein he articulated, designed and implemented the Global Delivery Model which has become the foundation for the huge success in IT services outsourcing from India. He held the position of Executive Chairman of the Board from 2002 to 2006, and then became the "non-executive" Chairman of the Board and Chief Mentor. In August 2011, he retired completely from the company and took the title Chairman Emeritus.

    Amongst the many recognition and accolades he has received, the most recent ones include CNBC Lifetime Achievement Award, Forbes Lifetime Achievement Award, NDTV Indian of the Year's - Icon of India and India’s privileged Civilian Awards namely Padma Vibhushan and Padma Shri. Shri Murthy is also the author of A Better India, A Better World, published in 2009. He has also guided the destiny of IIM Ahmedabad as its Board Chairman from 2003 – 2007. Thank you, Sir, for sparing your valuable time to be with us on this memorable occasion.

    I would also like to welcome our very respectful Chairman, Shri R N Datta who through his untiring efforts, guidance and support has made it possible for IIM Shillong to start up in such a short span of time. A world renowned taxation expert he has been the Chairman of Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

    I extend a warm welcome to the Members of the Board of Governors, distinguished Guests, parents and relatives of our dear students, Members of the Press, students of the graduating class, ladies and gentlemen.

    Customarily, the academic report along with some of the major events of the year is presented at the Convocation. However, in view of the time constraint I shall only highlight some landmark events in our journey to establish ourselves as one of the most important centres of management education in this part of the world. Please allow me to consider the academic report as read, a copy of which is placed.

    Before going straight into my report highlighting some of the achievements that the Institute has made over the past one year, I would like to congratulate the graduating class of 2012. I am of the belief that you shall utilize the enabling culture provided to learn and grow fearlessly and continue to aim for excellence. The institute has taken steps to inculcate in you, values of personal integrity and concern for others, the foundation for egalitarian values which helps society build and manage ecologically responsible organizations. It is with some concern dear students that I wish to advise you that you must also learn not to place too much importance and measure success based on income and financial rewards but instead be open minded to opportunities. Money is important, but more relevant is the social outcome of your professional engagements to the Society. One must keep the good of the Society in mind and always remember that the Nation is Supreme and that the Nation must always stand tall.

    Besides the usual flagship program we have had some innovative and new offerings and I would like to just mention briefly a few of those.

    A landmark journey was accomplished through the MoU signed with Ocean University of China at Qingdao, China following which a number of new programs has been initiated such a the first of its kind one year Executive MBA in International Business with a China focus, and a series of Advanced Management Programs with a focus on understanding and doing Business in and with China through our collaborative efforts with OUC. The first one was conducted for Academic Leader, followed by another for senior bureaucrats.

    We hope to strengthen this relationship in the coming days with similar programs for educating different segments of our society into understanding the Chinese systems which have led them to an unprecedented growth and development. This, I would like to emphasize is IIM Shillong’s contribution in the year 2012, operationalizing the Government of India and Government of China declaring the year as Indo-China Friendship year.

    The other significant contribution has been strengthening CSR activities with the first of its kind agreements signed between IIM Shillong and HCL which is the result of the successful conduct of a Roundtable discussion to address the low rate of employability of youths of the North East.

    The MoU signed in the presence of the Hon’ble Union Minister of DONER Shri Paban Singh Ghatowar, you will be happy to know, saw representation from HCL including its President & COO, Vice President and Chief of Corporate Relations. This was achieved post their visit and evaluation of the campus and its activities wherein HCL appreciated that the Centre for Development of NER under IIM Shillong is the proper vehicle for their CSR activities. This is a remarkable recognition of our efforts to make ourselves relevant to the community, the foundation for which was laid and accentuated during the first stages of inception itself. The first program organized as a result of this MoU, saw over 70 Principals of school gather in Don Bosco at Dibrugarh for orientation into using digital materials for increasing learning outcome.

    To add further to the firm commitment to work towards the upliftment of the youth of Northeast, CEDNER has successfully conducted the six month Certificate Course for Developing Managerial Skills of Entrepreneurs and Tourism and Hospitality Management inaugurated by Shri BK Handique the then Minister of DONER, and current Minister of DONER Shri Paban Singh Ghatowar respectively. A repeat of the program is currently on.

    In addition to our usual activities of the Annual IIM Shillong Golf Cup, and MDPs, the Institute has also successfully conducted the International Conference on Sustainability which witnessed the participation of eminent personalities which include the Chief Guest Shri Sanjib K Bezbaroa, Vice President, Corporate Environment Health and Safety of ITC Limited and Shri Hasit Joshipura, Vice President and Managing Director of GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

    We as an Institute are equally proud of the acknowledgment received from various ranking agencies placing us in the top 10 within three years of existence.

    IIM Shillong in its stride as a Centre for Quality Management Education has won itself numerous awards and accolades at the National and Asia Pacific Level.

    From the perspective of Faculty Development, a “Faculty Workshop on Case Method” was held in IIM Shillong to develop participants’ understanding of the Case Method as a pedagogical tool facilitating students’ learning rather than teaching by the faculty members, and to delineate the academic, administrative and infrastructure requirements for case writing and provide support to the participants in case writing. We are extremely thankful to Professors Jahar Saha, Abhinandan Jain and Mukund Dixit from IIM Ahmedabad for facilitating the workshop. Also Sri Aurobindo Foundation of Integral Management (SAFIM) conducted a workshop on creating awareness of faculty members on Management by Consciousness.

    In what has already been looked at as a new dimension in Higher Education, IIM Shillong and the National University of Juridical Science, West Bengal had formally signed a historic MoU to start a Post Graduate Executive Diploma in Business Management and Law with the philosophy centered around preparing participants to earn a professional qualification in Business Management and Law by virtue of gaining in depth understanding of various concepts in these areas, thereby fulfilling a need felt by Corporate, practitioners and the Judicial systems in the country.

    I am pleased to inform you that IIM Shillong is set to become one of the few elite Management Institutes in the country to establish a financial Simulation Laboratory at its campus by virtue of collaboration with the National Stock Exchange India Limited, the MoU for which was signed during the year.

    You will be happy to know that our efforts to work after the welfare of the outsourced employees was lauded by none other than the Principal Accountant General (Audit) Shri Andrew Langstieh who termed the initiatives of providing mid-day meals, Christmas presents, medical facilities, computer literacy programs, and ensuring better service conditions, and creating a corpus for health benefits as an exemplary innovation in HR management.

    Apart from structured education, IIM Shillong has always strived at creating world class management professionals who are aware about their responsibilities towards the environment and society. In line with this, I am proud to state that our students have kept up with this spirit in organizing socially meaningful, and brand building activities ranging from Club, Committees to individual initiatives and achievements which overwhelmingly adds up to innovative student driven activities, further helping in positioning the Institute as a sought after Centre for Management Education by the youths of the country.

    This being my last Convocation as Director of the Institute I feel nostalgic that it seems just the other day when we went about setting up this Institute and I recall the support of the entire student community when we did not have the required infrastructure and necessary support staff, and laying the foundation, building brick by brick the edifice on which IIM Shillong stands today. Since the early days, IIM Shillong has always taken into account the role of Information and Communication Technologies and aimed at identifying essential aspects that must be pursued by the stakeholders (entrepreneurs, government, universities, press and others) involved in promoting the institutional incubation time. We have never been afraid to innovate and bring into play new thoughts, the foundation course on Sustainability being one of them, and this has been well recognized through the Innovation Leadership Award, Award for Innovation In Building Academic & Industry Interface received very recently under the aegis of Asia’s Best B-School Award ceremony Singapore, and also the Asia’s Visionary Leader award received on my behalf by a former pupil in Dubai.

    Leadership being built around the spirit of Innovation and Service, our core belief, is what distinguishes the success of IIM Shillong. The IIM Shillong Golf Cup is building bridges between all stakeholders in the business world and is a key differentiating factor.

    What we are today is only because of the intense dedication and desire of our faculty members, staff and students who roughed it out in very trying conditions to ensure that we were able to meet the deadline positioned by the Government in a few months to set up and operationalise a Centre of National Importance. It is here that the students helped to play a leading role in organizing themselves into sub groups looking after areas like maintenance, Library, Secretarial services and general organizational management. I am also grateful to my wife for her unstinted support, chipping in at a crucial time of need by taking care, and mentoring the girl students of the Institute. I would be failing if I did not mention the support, mentorship and guidance given by our Chairman Shri Rathindra Nath Datta and the full faith and confidence members of the Board of Governors had in me to deliver.

    I have always shared a point that if your integrity is intact, never be afraid of taking decisions and that, though you may be faulted in procedure, the results remain achieved. Energies have gone into tackling unforeseen problems, but our steady resolve to make a difference has kept us on course. I can only wish that the Institute remains to be consistently recognized as a trendsetter rather than a follower.

    I must mention the earnest contribution during the initial days put in by Biswajit Nandi, Shri Velanand, Col KP Ghosh, Dr. Chattopadhyay, Shri R. Thangkhiew, Shri KM Deb and Faculty Members Manoj Bayon, Suvendu Bose and Padmashree Prof. Helen Giri. I would also like to put on record my deepest appreciation to Prof Pramod Tandon, Prof D T Kathing, and Prof Gautam Barua for providing me with valuable counsel.

    It was a pleasure mentoring the Rangers Security Service Organization and P. Kharshiing caterers headed by Shri T. Pathaw and Ms. Phirikerlin, and ensuring their contribution in the start up and fulfilling the commitment made to the then Hon’ble Chief Minister Dr. Donkupar Roy and then Chief Secretary Shri Ranjan Chatterjee that the Institute would strive to build local entrepreneurship, and whose guidance and support acted as a catalyst.

    I sincerely thank each one of you who have been part of my journey in leading the Institute towards a decisive vision, desired goal, and competitive edge with the faith that each one of you, irrespective of position, will continue to reinforce the foundations on which this invaluable Institute was built in the coming days and years for the overall benefit of quality higher education for the youth of this country and the development of the Region.

    Before I conclude, I would once again like to congratulate the graduating students of the batch of 2012 and wish you constant success in the days to come.


  • 8th National Student Management Quiz 2012

    The All India Management Association, apex body of professional management with active support of the Government of India recently, on 18 Feb, 2012 conducted the Eastern Regional Round of 8th National Student Management Quiz 2012. The event was hosted by IIM Shillong amidst it’s lush green milieu. Renowned national Quiz Master Adittya Nath Mubayi was impressed with the overall conduct and logistic arrangements, going further to state, “I would love to visit IIM Shillong in the near future. The ambience and settings for the Quiz has been nothing short of remarkable.” Adittya was Content Editor for the popular television shows Kaun Banega Crorepati, Kamzor Kadi Kaun, and Mastermind India, with regular appearances in Star and Zee TV.

    Amongst contestants from renowned B-Schools, Universities and Colleges of North East India, IIM Shillong backed all six finale seats on stage defeating others. The two top teams will be representing IIM Shillong at the AIMA NSMQ National Finals on March 24, 2012.

    Winners include Jitesh Patel & Somjeet Behera (Batch 2010-12) , and First Runners- Up Shashank Singh & N Krishna Chaitanya (Batch 2011-13).

    The prize distribution was held in the presence of Ms. Sherry Lalthangzo, Director (Manpower Development & Employment) of North Eastern Council, Prof DK Agrawal, Officiating Director and Prof HS Chhabra, Dean Academics. While speaking during the occasion, Ms. Lalthangzo expressed her happiness over the overall turnout of contestants, and wished IIM Shillong the very best in its future endeavours. “ IIM Shillong since inception has pioneered in creating meaningful avenues for the students and general population of NER , harnessing their inert talents,” were her words during the address.

    Chief Coordinators of the event include Mr. Mantosh Singh, Manager CMD – AIMA and Mr. Merlvin Jude Mukhim, Officer (Corporate & Public Relations) – IIM Shillong.


  • Workshop on ‘Modernization of Education’ by IIM Shillong and HCL Infosystems Ltd. in Dibrugarh

    A workshop on ‘Modernization of Education’ for the Principals and Heads of schools was jointly organized by CEDNER, IIM Shillong and HCL Infosystems Ltd. on the 13th February 2012 at Don Bosco H. S. School, Dibrugarh. The workshop was attended by the Honourable Minister of DONER, Shri. Pawan Singh Ghatowar, the Director of IIM Shillong, Prof. Ashoke K. Dutta, the Deputy Commissioner, Smti. Aruna Rajourie, the Inspector of School, Dibrugarh District, Shri. P. Doley, 65 Principals and Heads of schools, and 21 schools representatives. The main objective of the workshop was to equip the teachers with technical skills to making classroom learning effective, interactive, and interesting.

    Prof. Ashoke K. Dutta delivered the welcome address. In his speech he highlighted on the activities and the projects undertaken under the auspices of CEDNER, IIM Shillong in developing North Eastern Region. He also thanked the Principal of Don Bosco School, Fr. Jose for hosting the workshop in his school. After the welcome speech, Fr. Jose felicitated the Director of IIM Shillong, DC of Dibrugarh, and Inspector of School of Dibrugarh District with a bouquet and Phulam Gamaso, a tradition practiced in Assam. The felicitation was followed by an inspiring talk from Smti. Aruna Rajourie. She urged the 86 participants to take the workshop seriously and to gain from the resource persons’ delivery. In her address she also emphasized on acquiring more skills by having the desire to learn.

    Mr. B. Gopala Krishnan, the GM of HCL learning made the technical presentation. He elaborately explained the significance of technology in making learning effective. At the end of his talk, a demonstration of the Smart Board was made where the participants could see the various applications of the tools in imparting education in the different functional areas of study.

    The DONER Minister, Shri. Pawan Singh Ghatowar addressed the gathering and urged the participants to avail of the necessary training for the purpose of better teaching and improving the quality of teaching. He lamented that most of the teachers are not interested in acquiring a higher qualification like B.Ed., which is an area of concern he said.

    Special thanks goes to Mr. D. K. Das, Chief-Corporate Relations & Placement Officer, IIM Shillong and Shri. Hemant Subramanian, Regional Manager, HCL Learning for their relentless efforts to make the event a grand success.


  • Azim Premji Foundation Outreach Events in Northeast India in Collaboration with IIM Shillong

    With the initiative taken up by the Director, Prof. A K. Dutta, the Azim Premji Foundation (APF) team visited the Indian Institute of Management Shillong on the 6th of February 2012. The team also made a visit to the two colleges, K.C. Das Commerce College and Pandu College in Guwahati, on the 8th February 2012. The team members were the three resource persons from the Azim Premji University, Chandan Gowda, Vikas Kumar and Malini Bhattacharjee; and Bijoy Das, the Field Institute, Rajasthan, (APF)

    The APF visit to the IIM Shillong and the two colleges in Guwahati was made as part of APF mission to reach the North Eastern Region. Two events in IIM Shillong and two events in K. C. Das and Pandu College resectively were organized in collaboration with the Centre for Development of Northeastern Region (CEDNER), IIM Shillong under the directorship of Prof A K. Dutta. Professor Natalie West Kharkongor, the Chairperson of CEDNER coordinated and organized the events in Shillong and Guwahati.

    The objectives of the visit were to intellectually engage with the educational institutions of Northeast India; to create an awareness about the Azim Premji Foundation and the Azim Premji University amongst faculty members, students and other members of civil society in the Northeast; and to discuss about the details of admission procedure, courses and scholarship opportunities of the Azim Premji University with students who may be interested.

    On 6th Feb, 2012, the first session began with a welcome speech by the CAO, IIM Shillong, Mr. C Saxena. The session was attended by some faculty members of IIM Shillong along with faculty members of colleges in the Shillong city. About ten students from B.Ed and MSW courses also attended this session. Vikas Kumar, from Azim Premji University gave a talk on the topic: Winning Censuses: The Political Economy of Nagaland’s Demographic Somersault in which he examined demographic, political geographic, and political economic explanations of Nagaland’s recent decline in population, as revealed by the 2011 census. The lecture was followed by a talk from Prof. Natalie West Kharkongor. In her talk, Dr. Natalie focused on the challenges to development in the Northeastern region, with specific regard to Meghalaya. She also spoke about the role of teachers and educators in catalyzing social change through conducting research. Following this, Malini Bhattacharjee from Azim Premji University provided an overview of the Azim Premji Foundation’s work in the last ten years and the genesis of the Azim Premji University. She also outlined the courses being offered at APU, scholarships and assistantships available to students of under privileged backgrounds, process of application, criteria for selection and admission etc. At the end, Bijoy Das from the Foundation’s Field Institute, Rajasthan, spoke about the relevance of the Foundation’s work in the context of the Northeastern region and how the educational institutes and civil society agencies could network with the former to catalyze social change in the region.

    The evening session at IIM Shillong was attended by the CAO, Mr. R C. Saxena, the Dean, Academics, IIM Shillong Prof. H S. Chhabra, Prof. Natalie West Kharkongor and about 70 students of the Institute. The session began with introductory remarks by the CAO and the Dean of IIM Shillong. This was followed by a brief introduction of the Foundation and APU by Malini Bhattacharjee. Vikas Kumar then made a presentation on Cartels in Kautilya's Arthasastra in which he examined the legal-economic dimension of collusive manipulation of prices from the perspective of Kautilya's Arthashastra. Chandan Gowda then presented a paper titled “Birmingham in Mysore”: The Cultural Logic of a Developmental State in which he demonstrated how cultural mechanisms play an important role in state-led development, though a detailed analysis of the Bhadravati Iron Works, an ambitious industrial project in the state of Mysore in colonial India.

    On 8th Feb, two sessions were held in two different colleges in Guwahati. The first session was held in K.C. Das Commerce College and was attended by the Principal, faculty and about 50 students from the college. A large part of the event consisted of an interactive discussion, initiated by Vikas Kumar and Chandan Gowda, with the students on what development meant to them, what they felt were the challenges to development in Northeast India and the reasons for the same. The students participated enthusiastically and their responses were then used to re-examine the uniform, traditional and top- down understanding of development. This was followed by a brief presentation of the Foundation and the Azim Premji University, given by Malini. The presentation consisted of the work of the Foundation in the past ten years, reasons for a change in its strategy and the genesis of the University. Details about university courses, scholarships and assistantships available to students of under privileged backgrounds, process of application, criteria for selection and admission etc. were also touched upon.

    The second session was held in Pandu College and it was attended by about ten faculty members and few students of the college. The session began with an introduction by Chandan about the broad debates around development. This was followed by a verbal presentation by Malini about the Foundation and the Azim Premji University.

    The students and faculty in all the four events responded positively and enthusiastically. They displayed curiosity and stated that they wished to engage with the Foundation/ University through joint research projects, participation in workshops, internship projects and by inviting the members of the Foundation for their internal events as resource persons. One thing that was unanimously suggested by all the four audiences was that the Foundation should consider opening a Field Institute in Guwahati/ Shillong, given that the educational and developmental challenges in this region are huge and in many ways different from other parts of the country.


  • IIM Shillong Student Wins Flagship event at Symbiosis

    Akhil Tandon, a first year student of IIM Shillong brought accolades to the institute by being declared the ‘Last Man Standing’, at the flagship event of SIBM Pune. The formidable event puts every contestant through a series of rigour, judging their potential in every single aspect, to ensure that the winner is indeed the perfect student manager.

    Akhil was one among the 510 candidates who cleared the initial screening rounds of quiz, video making and the likes to make it to the campus round. The Day 1 of the campus round began at a rooster-crowing 5:30 am. There were several events lined up such as group based activities, elevator pitch, technical interviews, treasure hunt etc. which lasted till 3:30 am of Day 2. With hardly 2 hours of sleep, the contestants were to face the challenges of Day 2 which saw a social case study, a b-plan preparation, stress interviews, company valuation and product sales in the streets of Pune etc. At the end of Day 2, on consolidated point’s basis, Akhil topped the list.

    The final Day was to test the top 8 who were judged based on the performance of the first two Days. This again had a series of events which concluded with a quiz. Here, the top two qualified for the final round, an on-stage interview, where they had to tackle the questions fired by the jury. This was to test the mental acumen of the contestants after three Days of deprived sleep and brain-whacking activities. The questions in the final round were based on CV of the finalists, general knowledge and Logic & reasoning. Mr. Akhil, who is known for his poise and humour tackled the round with aplomb and emerged as the winner.

    Besides being a recipient of Rs 1.5 Lakh, Akhil Tandon brought back laurels to IIM Shillong by enduring hassles with optimism, grit and fortitude and in winning The Last Man Standing.


  • Doctors of Garo Hills examine their own hospitals and evaluated health infrastructure under IIM Shillong’s guidance

    NRHM and State Govt. have taken the advice of IIM Shillong for designing and delivering hospital care system more patients friendly and also socially responsible. IIM Shillong has trained the second batch of 14 doctors (Garo Hills) under 15 credit IIM certificate programme –Sustainable Healthcare Management System. During this process doctors learned how to lead from the front during crisis, motivate their staff under stress, read financial statements and preparing zero based budgets and making financial planning for their units/hospitals by utilizing NRHM schemes, WHO norms, MCI guidelines, Government regulations. They also realised the potential of their own health infrastructure for grooming a disease free healthy population in Meghalaya during 2020.

    The participants underwent self analysis on their personality, professional growth/exposure, SWOT analysis of their capabilities for building a new patient friendly healthcare system in Garo Hills during their stay in IIM Shillong. Now all of them will undergo for a post training evaluation under Prof. Shajahan for assessing the impact of training in their working environment. The Training for next batch of Doctors will commence in June 2012 for a period of 30 days.

    The invited audience during the valedictory function included Chief Guest Shri PBO Warjri Additional Chief secretary to Govt of Meghalaya, Guests of Honour Shri KW Marbaniang Additional Secretary Health & FW, and Dr. Shobha Varthaman ( President AOWWF(R) , and other officials from NRHM and Govt. Of Meghalaya.


  • Press Conference of IIM Shillong

    IIM Shillong led by its Director Prof AK Dutta conducted a Press Conference on January 24, 2012 for National Media Houses in Guwahati to highlight the achievements of IIM Shillong and also to share salient features of the recently conducted Indo Sino Global Reciprocal Advance Management Program at China, and the upcoming Executive Post Graduate Programme in International Business to be conducted jointly with Ocean University at Qingdao, China this year.

09/01/12 to 15/01/12

  • Sino Indian Global Reciprocal Advanced Management Program
    IIM Shillong Leads The Way

    Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management- Shillong successfully conducted the first of its kind Advanced Management Program Series at Qingdao, China viz., the Sino-Indian Global Reciprocal Advanced Management Program in collaboration with the Ocean University, Qingdao, China on "Understanding China: Business and Culture", during the 9th to the 15th January, 2012. Participation included heads of institutes of international and national repute, businessmen, bureaucrats and other Govt. Officials. Prof. Ashoke K Dutta the program Director of this program series remarked, "This is only the beginning. We are positioned to conduct the second program of this series during 17th to 21st February, 2012, given the popularity and demand for the program."

    Prof. Dai Hua, Director of International Office, OUC, China and Prof. Ashoke K Dutta from RGIIM Shillong inaugurated the program. Prof. Dai during the inauguration mentioned, "This is a beginning of a long term relationship between OUC and RGIIM," adding further "OUC China offers MBA and PhD programs for Indian students at subsidized rates." Prof. Hua stated that India is a talent office and China has abundant facilities, and if we collaborate we can ensure competitive advantage over the West. Prof. Ashoke K Dutta suggested OUC to start the exchange program of PGP students for 15 days to understand the business and cultural dimensions of the two countries. The Chinese professors were very much impressed about the IT facilities RGIIM Shillong has in terms of video conferencing, virtual classrooms etc. Further Prof Dutta extended an invitation to the OUC China professors to visit RGIIM Shillong and experience firsthand a technologically advanced college in India.

    The program was a mix of an effective forenoon classroom lecture series followed by afternoon learning through business excursions to one organisation every day. The program focused on refining participants’ knowledge and managerial skills by providing a better understanding of China’s way of managing its business and addressing the challenges of poverty mitigation and equitable wealth distribution. The participants comprehended the social and economic development and enterprise culture of contemporary China as it opens up its market for additional products and services. One whole day of the program was dedicated for the cultural discovery of China.

    The various lecture series included Lessons Learnt by CEOs about Doing Business in China, China and India: Comparison of Economic Strategies and Future Cooperation, The Role of Government in Chinese Business Affairs – Tips on How to Successfully Navigate the Chinese Government/Bureaucratic System, FDI in China, Chinese Innovative Culture, etc. The business excursions included companies like Haier Group, Tsingdao Beer Co. Ltd., and KAISA Pvt. Ltd, a medium sized company.

    The experiences and lessons gained by the two countries are worth expanding and assimilating. Even for the much talked about ‘Look East’ policy, China is going to be an important factor to take into account. The policy makers face certain challenges in the North East towards optimal implementation of the policy. This program was viewed as potentially capable of dealing with problems that decision makers are facing in this region.


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